Best Travel Pillow Reviews 2016: Traveler Tested Essentials & The Buying Guide

A comprehensive reviews of best travel pillow with great deals!

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The Best Travel Pillow can make your journey even better. Many travel pillows could be found in the market. They are all different in size, color, shape and features. Each and everyone is special but you just have to pick up the right one for you. A travel pillow should be good enough for sleeping or relaxing for a long time without sweating. Also, it should be given full support of your neck, head, shoulder, and back. And the smoothness and comfy of a travel neck pillow is the must, although, it should be made of quality material for long durability. Try to choose a Travel Pillow which comes from the well-known manufacturer and reviewed best. But that not always means, referred by other people may always work for you. Research a product as much as you can and finally choose a right one for you.

Best Travel Pillow

Therefore, you will find the enormous type of travel pillows with many features and cheap price also. You could have thought that travel pillow is not difficult to choose. How hard could be select this simple and tiny product? Well, it’s may be a simple product but the working effort of this product not so simple.

An Important:

Imagine you are seating on the airplane seat for more than 8 hrs, your body become so tired and on that moment you could not think anything except going home and laying your bed for rest of your life! A neck rest pillow can make the situation even better; you can travel with your neck pillow and spend happy relaxing hours during the travel. No exhausting or pain on your neck or back. So choosing a perfect travel pillow for your entire journey will bite complex. But don’t worry at all. Here we bring for you some top rated and best travel pillow which is qualified all by side.

Types of Travel Pillow Available On the Market

There are many types of best travel pillow can be found on the market. Some traveling pillows are a little bit special than others. We can try to find out them to clear concept for them. Actually, I am afraid lest it will be time worthy decision. Therefore, we have categorized them in 5 different types for your proper acknowledgment.

Head and neck pillow

Head and neck pillows are bit different and big in size. Some are narrow and large in shape some are square but average in shape. It’s particularly made for supporting your head and prevents falling when you are sleeping. It is comfortable to use and easy to carry. The best travel pillow for head and neck comes with automatic and manual inflate and deflates system. Some also contain with bag sack. They may make with polyester or nontoxic foam. Head and neck pillow don’t give lumber support. It just helps you to sleep well on your seat.

Head neck and lumbar pillow

Head neck and lumbar pillow support perfectly your neck, back shoulder, and head. It helps to align your back so you can relax, sleep easily. Also, it prevents from muscle stiffness, back pain, neck pain or any other problem which causes from long time travel. You can use it both inside and outside as your travel pillow. It can be used on car, bus, train, airplane or your office even home also. Most of them come with an elastic band so you can hold the comfort position of the pillow on the chair while you are moving. All they come with a different shape, size, and color. They are very light weight stays cool for a long time and doesn’t get dirty for a long time.

Head neck and chin pillow

Head neck and chin pillows are supportive for your head, neck, and chin. It holds four faces; head still one place so your head never moves forward or side. It can be comfortable for those who suffered from neck injuries and not want to move their head while sleeping. But it not might comfortable for every person. It sometimes it becomes hot. The reason that most of the pillows made from foam and there not enough space to breathe. So the heat stores easily on those pillows and getting hot if there is no air conditioner on your place. It also can be used both inside and outside as the best travel pillow.

Head/wedge rest pillow

Head/ wedge rest pillow are big in size. They usually made with the airbag or lean foam. A big size of the pillow may not easy to carry so this travel pillow comes with inflate and deflating system. So you can easily carry a deflate pillow on your luggage or backpack and inflate it when you need. This large pillow is suitable for sleep during the airplane, bus, or train. You can have enough space to keep your head on this pillow and fall asleep just sitting on a chair. It is cozy and easy to carry because of its lightweight. But its biggest advantage has become its disadvantage sometimes. Most of the people like to carry smaller object during the travel. Also, it inflates it takes much time rather than other pillows.

Kid’s neck and head pillow

Kid’s neck and head pillows are small and size and made the quality material. It helps to hold your kid’s head and neck from falling. It comes with the velcro strip and can be converted easily into a small bag. It is very comfortable and easy to use. To keep in mind about kids it comes with vibrant color and cozy feeling. It has a small pocket to keep a thing like their iPod, mobile etc and you can easily turn this pillow into a large pillow. It can be easily folded and keep it a said whenever you want.

Recommended 5 Best Travel Pillow for You

I feel like to introduce with 5 best travel pillows to make you easy to decide which one is right for you. Yes, the pillows that are listed here as a top five best travel pillow is highly recommended from me. It is not a hundred percent grantee quality certification from us. Our research from online and customer reviews who already used the products and expressed their feelings makes us trust for that.

AirComfy Travel Pillow

air comfy travel pillow

AirComfy Travel pillow- one of the superior travel pillow which gives you complete support of your head, neck, and shoulder. It prevents unpleasant kinks and strains. This is ideal to use as a neck pillow for sleeping wherever you want. It can be used as an everyday car pillow or just occasionally for traveling. So, whenever you want, take this lightweight lumber supportive pillow on its large pack-sack and enjoy your travel much longer.  

Its expandable elastic band holds the pillow in the place so you can move around without losing your comfortable placement, also, its luxurious interior foam gives you support without the bouncy hollow feeling. You can use it on traveling bus, train, airplane, car for a long time. Also, if you wish then it can be used in your office on working or home also.

You won’t have to worry about a heavy pillow that takes too much space. It’s a lightweight travel pillow which comes with a packsack.

It’s come with just one standard size. Some people who may like to use big pillows they may not like its size. Otherwise, it is perfect for everybody for heir lumber support. Read My Full Reviews

Travelrest – Ultimate Travel Pillow
Travelrest Travel Pillow

Our next travel pillow is not only for neck rest but also for full lateral support. Travelrest - Ultimate Travel Pillow can help you to relax, fall asleep and stay asleep longer more easily by supporting your upper body. It’s ideal for chronic pain sufferers also. It’s an only multi-use and adjustable neck pillow, which can serve you both inside and out. Adult or children all can use it easily. You can easily roll it and take on your backpack.

Travelrest – Ultimate Travel Pillow is very light weight and inflates easily with just a few breaths. It keeps your head from falling and helps you to relax easily. It is firm enough to keep you asleep for a long time or fall asleep. You can easily take it on an airplane, airport terminal, bus, train, camping, and backpacking. You can also use it on watching TV, office chair or wheelchair.

This travel pillow may slip sometimes while you are sleeping for a long time. It did not occur always. Improper placement may cause this situation. To avoid this kind of situation place the pillow in right position. Read My Full Reviews…

Daydreamer neck pillow
Daydreamer Neck Pillow

This Daydreamer neck pillow is a perfect match for you travel sleeping pillow which can be easily used in the car, bus, airplane, train or any place you wish. This neck pillow can maintain the proper alignment of your neck, head, and body. It’s specially designed to support your neck more comfortably. It has a special push button so doesn’t need anymore to put your mouth on unsanitary valves. Another special feature of this pillow id, you can easily adjust the air in your pillow without taking it off from your neck.

Daydreamer neck pillow provides you the luxury comfort during the travel. Its innovative ergonomic design helps to raise neck and hold your head upright.

It comes with a removable washable cover so that you can clean it always during the travel. It’s stylish micro-velvet pillow cover with carabiner clip easily adjust any of your bag sack, luggage or purse.

It’s new features push button to allow you to inflate the pillow easily and more quickly. Also, you can adjust the air of the pillow on your suitable position without taking off the neck.

It’s special push button which is made for inflate the pillow and adjust the air may loosen the air more than you need. But it occurs when you hold the button continuously for a long time. To avoid this circumstance, find the comfortable level of your pillow and don’t press the button for a long time. Read My Full Reviews

Therm-a-Rest Lumbar Pillow
Therm-a-rest lumbar pillow

Therm-a-Rest Lumbar Pillow is for your proper lumber support, especially on your travel time. Unlike another travel pillow, it gives you full lumbar support on a long time sitting on the chair and reduces the pressure on your spine. It’s unique ergonomic support design keep your neck shoulder and back align so you can relax or sleep during the travel. It’s very lightweight and It does not get too dirty because of its material you can just simply wipe out it for cleanliness.

Therm-a-Rest lumbar pillow made with self-inflate technology so you do not have to waste time and energy to inflate it. Also, it die-cut foam down the center to reduce pressure along the spine. It gives you full lateral support by maintaining density from both sides. This polyester made lumber supportive pillow also gives you to personalize the comfort level of support and can be adjusted just in one hand.

The air valve of the Therm-a-Rest lumber pillow may weaken after long time harsh use. If it is, it can loosen air and get deflate. So when you inflate the pillow just keep the air valve tight and not fill the pillow with too much air. Avoid hash usages also. Read My Full Reviews…

Wall-Pil-O the best rest neck pillow
Best Cervical Pillow

Wall-Pil-O the best rest neck pillow is 4-in-1 cervical neck rest pillow which relieves discomfort from a tension headache, arthritis disorder of the neck, nocturnal and early morning pain or discomfort. This therapy pillow will keep you away from your headache, neck or back pain. It’s also good for those patients who broke their shoulder or neck bone during any accident. This neck pillow is best for properly supports and aligns off the head, neck, and shoulder when you are laying bed on your side or back. It is very light weight and comfortable to use. It comes with a full-size rectangular shape. It can fit on your regular or standard size pillow cover.

Wall-Pil-O the best rest neck pillow- made with hypoallergenic polyurethane and polyester fiber so it’s not only comfortable but also healthy to use. Also, it has two type of center section. Both soft and medium center give you a proper depth of keeping your head on the pillow and helps to align the back. Also, it’s very lightweight, just 1.8 pounds so you can keep it on your luggage while you are traveling. So you don’t have to adjust with a new pillow in new place.

It’s a standard size standard thick pillow. It’s suitable for all kind of people. But if anyone loves to sleep on large and very thick sleeping pillow then it may be not suitable for them. But sleeping on big, thick pillow is not so healthy so try to change this type of habit and try to adopt on sleeping on medium size of the pillow. Read My Full Reviews…

Where to buy the best travel pillow

You can buy your desired travel pillow from any local market or order it from online. There are many well recognized local websites offer you to buy best travel pillow in cheap price. You can choose them also. Or you can choose any reputed worldwide inline shopping website like Amazon.

It’s best to buy any product from Amazon website including travel pillow. Amazon offers you a full description, rating, review, option manufacturer details of any product. Also, they offer many deals, sale in many options. You can choose a product compare with thousand of the similar product. So for the best deal and genuine product you can shop with Amazon.

Buying Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying Best Travel Pillow

Before buying any travel, neck, sleeping pillow you should follow some important things so you can make a right decision to spend your money on a right place. There are some important things are given bellow for your consideration to buying your best travel pillow.

Let's Know What's the Important Things Are They!
    • Find the actual need of buying the travel pillow, if you need a travel neck pillow then don’t bother to search therapeutic neck pillow which good for patients only.
    • Try to choose a standard size pillow, too small or too big will not give you much comfort for a long time.
    • See what type of material use on the pillow you choose. Memory foam will help you get more firmness. It’s very comfortable so you may choose one of it.
    • Air pillows are great for carry. Also, it can be adjustable so you can use it on your desired size anytime.
    • Before you buy a travel pillow be sure of its proper lumber support. For a long time sitting you must need a lumber supportive pillow.
    • Be sure of your firmness choice about the pillow. If you like too thick pillows then find out the maximum firmness of the pillow.
    • Many pillows inflate automatically. If you choose that one be sure its air valve is made with strong materials.
    • Packsack or any pouch may give you extra benefit during the travel. So try to choose those travel pillows which comes with a free pouch. It’s alright if you choose without packsack pillows if they are good enough from your views.
    • You can choose a pillow within your budget but the investment of good pillows will not regard you on future. So feel free when you are choosing a pillow with good price.
    • Keep an eye on sale which offered by much online shopping sites. You can grab a great pillow in cheap price by this.

Final word About The Best Travel Pillow

Therefore, you may find various types of travel pillow available in the market. They have come from the various manufacturer, many size, color, and features. From all of this option it can be hard to select an ideal one for you. The easy way to getting a right one read the feedback of a product, it’s rating and full configuration. Although a travel neck pillow should be supportive more. So focus on its comfort level, health issues, and the size.

All travel neck pillow is not the same size. Size matters when you are much taller than average or fatty, or may be fond of large, thick pillows. Some pillows are made with polyester and inflate easily with few breaths. This type of pillow can be adjustable easily on your comfort position. Although they don’t usually get dirty. They are easy to clean also. Just wipe out the pillow if it gets dirty. They come with automatic or manual inflate-deflate option. On the other hand, some of the travel pillows come with foam which is hypoallergenic and non-toxic. This type of option also is good enough for resting. They are very firm and can take any pressure easily. But sometimes they may not stay cool for not breathing. This type of pillow may not comfortable while there is no air condition around you.

So with the basis of all these facts chose a right one from the best travel pillow for you and make your travel much better.

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