Best Down Alternative Comforter Review 2020

When it comes down to allergic people, choosing the right comforter is very crucial. A huge number of people suffer greatly from traditional down comforters, as they are made from first duck or goose feathers.

Well, don’t worry fellas! Today I am going to review a different product. It is for those people who critically allergy-probe to down comforters. It’s the ultimate hypoallergenic double brushed down alternative comforter brought by Lavish comforts LLC.

Yes, my friends, this down alternative comforter brings in the superior comfort with a promise of zero allergies.

Problems With Down Comforters

You guys must be wondering, why you should choose a down alternative comforter when you can go for the ultimate comfort of down comforters.

I get that it is comfortable and gives the purest feel of comfort. But unfortunately, there are some significant causes for not going for the traditional one. Let me tell you some notable ones-

Can be Allergic

A lot of people are allergic to ducks or goose. As these comforters are made from duck or goose feathers, they might cause extreme harm to these sensitive people.

Chances of Getting Overheated

One of biggest problems of traditional down comforters is that they get overheated. It creates a significant issue in those confusing seasons when you are not sure whether to put the comforter or not.

Tougher cleaning

While these down comforters are comfortable, they are hard to clean. They soak a lot of water and tough to clean in a washing machine. Some users have switched to down alternative one just for their easier cleaning opportunities.

Best Down Alternative Comforter Review

1. Hypoallergenic Double Brushed Down Alternative Comforter?

For me, Lavish Comforts’ down goose alternative comforter is a must buy. There are some reasons for that. 

Those who seek for ultimate comfort without the hassle of allergy, this hypoallergenic double brushed down alternative comforter is a perfect choice. Let me clarify the more-

If you are looking an out of the box down alternative comforter, this is it!! Its users have already commented it was softer than Egyptian cotton. It is made with premium quality double brushed 1800 series fibers. After those long and hard working days, this beauty will surely take you to the heavens.

A high number of customers said that they are going to buy the product that ensures luxury. Who doesn’t like owning a superior quality comforter? Products that we use define us! Be a proud owner of Lavish Comforts’ Hotel Luxury 1800 Series Collection down alternative comforter.

As I have said before, the greatest problem with down comforters is their maintenance. They are pretty darn tough to clean. This hypoallergenic double brushed down alternative comforter ensures the ease to clean it with your washing machine.

This is probably one of most desirable features that you should give importance to. Mark my words, if your comforter is not washable then you are going to regret. Make your bedding life easy and hassle free.

Allergy! One of the most unpleasing words in some of our life. People being allergic to duck or goose feather is a very typical scenario.

This real beauty has poly fiber fill that is completely allergy free. Doesn’t accumulate dust or any allergenic materials. Yes, my friends, you can now say goodbye to allergy and feel the heavenly comfort of down goose comforters.

Say bye bye to filling shifting! This hypoallergenic double brushed down alternative comforter is made from luxurious quality fiber fills. The excellent quality baffle box construction will ensure zero clustering of the fills. So you can stop panicking about your precious comforter being rugged. The easy care fabric is loved its users.

The comforter has the perfect queen sizes. The dimension is 90”x 90”. The comforter being perfect in size is vital to a lot of buyers out there.


  • 100% hypo-allergenic Poly fiber fills
  • Baffle box construction ensuring zero shifting of fills
  • Lightweight
  • Superior fluffiness and comfort
  • 74 oz. fill
  • Machine washable


  • Attracts animal fur which can be very irritating for a lot of people
  • Doesn’t have all season usability, a bit warm for the summers

2. Hanna kay Year Round Down Alternative Comforter 

Who doesn’t love the warmth and heavenly comfort in the chilly mornings? I bet all of you want to be a sloth at those moments. Curling up in bed, diving inside the comforters, yawning like a sleepy puppy defines the ultimate happy laziness.

And as far as I care, comforters are the key to this happiness. Don’t worry! Hanna Kay Year Round Down Alternative Comforter is here. They promise to give you the utmost pleasure of sleep with the finest quality comforters. Let these comforters make you lost in the silky softness.

These gorgeous looking comforters guarantee you all year long quality assurance.

Customers these days are hard to satisfy. People want their comforters to be fluffy, non-allergenic, lightweight, wrinkle-free and having the traditional cotton like feeling. Hanna Kay has taken their customers desire pretty seriously.

They created a masterpiece having all the desired qualities that the consumers demanded. But what excites me is their entirely reasonable pricing.

What Makes Hanna Kay Year Round Down Alternative Comforter so Desirable?

Okay, let me tell you some amazing features that make this comforter so unique-

Many of you suffer from allergies using cheap underrated comforters. Not anymore! These beauties are completely moist-resistance, 100% hypo-allergenic, and offers amazingly comfy fillings.

So no more damp swampy smell or unwanted allergies especially for those of you who suffer from acute dust allergies. This comforter is sure to give you sky-high feelings of comfort.

Another significant problem that we face our comforter’s fillings getting clogged up in one place. This causes a great disturbance while sleeping. This mainly happens because of poor stitching quality.

The good news is that you won’t have to worry about your comforter maintaining a proper shape. This comforter come with closed box double stitching. This improved stitching method ensures that your comforter’s fillings kept in shape even after a heavy wash.

I know how it feels when your comforters get crinkled after every time you turn over. I bet you are tired of your old regular cotton bedding that scares away your sleep. It occurs basically for poor fabric quality of your comforter’s cover.

An Imperfect fabric tends to get crinkled more. Regarding that issue, I have some great news guys! This comforter has supremely soft microfiber covers that ensure no crinkling at all.

Have you ever felt that confusion about should you put your comforter or not? It’s always chilly without and too hot with the comforters. Now take a moment and think about comforter that might use all years long.

It is a unique feature that makes this comforter so attractive. This comforter is 77 oz. The filling is so perfect that it will do the job of the jack of all trades. It will keep you warm is colder seasons and fresh in summer days. Time to ditch other comforters, right?

Who wants a heavy, clumsy comforter that might be ruining his or her good night sleep? This luxurious comforter weighs only 7.5 pounds. Comparing to its competitors, this is as light as it gets. You would feel like sleeping in clouds!

In spite of their superior quality, This comforter is quite affordable comparing to its competitors. Many users have been surprised at its pricing.

This cotton fiber made majestic beauty will add up a new level of comfort in your bedding.

This Comforter has been designed to exceed the standard of any alternative product in the current market. They are so confident that they are offering a full refund if the experience is anything but comfortable.PI


  • Moist-resistant
  • 100% hypo-allergenic
  • Closed box doubles stitching
  • All season usability
  • Fluffy
  • Microfiber alternative down comforter


  • This comforter didn’t leave us any idea on washing and cleaning of this comforter. A clearer message should have been given.

3. Clara Clark Alternative Goose Down Comforter

It’s a surprising thing that, already the huge number of customers discussed and commented about Clara Clark Alternative Goose Down Comforter and most of them seems pleased. That’s why we started this Clara Clark Alternative Goose Down Comforter Review to take a deep look what’s inside this.

We all know that alternative comforters are now the best thing for our households. Because when we need to buy a comforter, then we find goose down comforters is expensive. If you are on a tight budget, then alternative comforters are the best thing to get the much-needed heat, softness, and comfort especially during the freezing nights of winter.

Here’s another issue we need to think before purchase an alternative comforter, is it goes high quality with low price? That’s the point, what made the king size Clara Clark Alternative Goose Down Comforter the most popular comforter on Amazon.

This Down Comforter is a budget-friendly comforter option with super quality. We would like to suggest you to scroll down and read the full review to know if this is the expected comforter that will perfectly fit your home and budget.

Not too heavy but soft and fluffy:

Usually, alternative comforters are lighter than the down comforters. Remarkably, I have found the Clara Clark King Alternative Comforter is warm enough in different weather especially during the cold winter evenings.

No need to add another thing like the extra layer of any fleece blanket underneath. However, I was missing the slight heavy feeling under the covers while using the goose down comforters. Enough soft and fluffy but not heavy.

So have to leave my loving sleep under a heavy comforter. However, for the price range it comes with, without any hesitation I can say that I can’t make any complaint.

The Clara Clark’s comforter made from the polyester fabric that is soft to touch. Moreover, the filling is equally distributed across the whole comforter shell. As it is lightweight, I hope easily anyone can enjoy using this bedding all year round.

Made from hypoallergenic materials

As like other alternative comforters, this Clara Clark Alternative Goose Down Comforter is also made entirely of polyester.

And its comforter shell is nicely made with top-notch quality and double-brushed super microfiber polyester. That’s why I have found the comforter shell completely smooth and silky to touch.

This is nearly similar to the cotton feels underneath the fingertips. I have found the materials here that comfortable enough to use for everyone even without a duvet cover.

The polyester is completely allergy-free. And, this turns Clara Clark Alternative Goose Down Comforter is a perfect alternative for people who were suffering from disturbing allergic reactions to any goose down comforters.

Smaller size than the other comforters

Clara Clark Alternative Comforter are smaller in size (product dimensions) compared to other down comforters. For example, the Queen size Clara Clark comforter measures just the dimension is 88″ x 88″. So, the comforter will not be suitable if you use a standard Queen sized duvet cover. In this case, some people (like me) think this is a bit irritating. No one likes to shift it every morning.

End to End Box Stitched

This King Clara Clark Alternative Goose Down Comforter is designed correctly and very carefully. Its end-to-end box stitches design and mitered border help to keep the fill distributed equally on the surface.

Exceptionally Budget Friendly

This particular thing I have found in Clara Clark alternative comforter that a better option in comparison to another alternative down comforters sold in other retail outlets.

For example, the alternative comforters sold in Costco’s a bit expensive than this but feels similar to this Clara Clark comforter. It’s a simple calculation that, if Clara Clark alternative comforters were able to complete my demands at a cheaper rate, I’d prefer it every time.

Made from super quality double brushed microfiber grains.

  • Excellent Gift Option
  • Specially designed to avoid shifting.
  • Machine washable​I


  • Super plush and comfortable
  • Special designed to avoid any shifting
  • Smoothest and relaxed sleeping experience
  • ultra comfortable and super strong linen
  • Most comfortable comforter on Amazon
  • Breathable and more durable than cotton


  • The size of this smaller than the other comforters.
  • Some purchaser claimed about that. If you check product description carefully you will get this point in details.

How To choose a down alternative comforter

It’s not such an easy task to find out a perfect Goose Down Alternative Comforter within a short time.

The combination of budget and quality is a significant problem for the purchase. In this point, The Clara Clark Goose Down Alternative Comfort perfect and a better option out of alternative comforters.

If aiming to have an alternative comforter the colder nights of winter, then this goose down comforter seems perfect because it has an excellent combination of performance and lower price.

So the final verdict is that, if you are someone looking for an allergy-free ultimate comfort, this is it! Among all the hypoallergenic double brushed down alternative comforter, this comforter will ensure the best kind of coziness.

Enjoy the comfort of down goose comforters with a choice. It's feather light weight has charmed almost every buyer. So what are you guys

A comfortable comforter can make a real difference in your sleeping experience. All Seasons Alternative Down Comforter has those qualities that only available in more expensive goose down comforter but without the price tag, allergies or heaviness.

This expertly tailored alternative down comforter cover is made of 100% cotton with polyester fill that provides complete allergy relief for those who has allergies to down comforter as well as resistant to an allergen, dust, mites, and bacteria.

The comforter comes in different sizes to meet your demand for different size bedding such as Queen/Full, King or Twin/Twin XL. The Comforter is lightweight, easy to wash and has baffled box construction so that the fillings stay in place and prevents it from creating cold gaps in the comforter.

The price is very affordable, and you will get the most bang for your bucks with this comforter because of the superior materials with made it. Hope, this alternative down comforter review could help you most to get a profound idea about this one and contribute to compare with another one.

Hypoallergenic Materials:

This down alternative bedding is made with hypoallergenic materials and sanitized properly with the industries leading methods. It ensures a good night’s sleep without any allergy. Get the feeling of down bedding when you have a sensitivity to goose down comforter.

Very Affordable:

All season Alternative Down Comforter is made with the best materials, but it is very affordable comforter than the other similar products. You will get the best polyester filling loft that will last for a long time and stay puffed up. The cover is made of cotton fiber to make the bedding more comfortable and eye catching.

Easy to clean and maintain:

This Alternative Down Comforter is very easy to clean and maintain over time. The best thing about this comforter is that this is machine washable and dryable.

But it is recommended that you place a few tennis balls in the dryer to help maintain the loft. The manufacturer recommended gentle machine wash without bleach. Some users were reporting aggressive with it while washing but that did not cause any damage.

Baffle box construction:

With the end-to-end, sewn through box construction, the fillings stay at the same place and do not move which is necessary to maintain comfort level throughout.

No colder gaps in the comforter because of this excellent feature in it. Must-have features to look for in any alternative down comforter that you were looking for.

​100% Alternative Down Comforter:

Those who are looking for a high quality down alternative comforter because of any reason (such as allergy, weight or price) rest assured that you would get the best quality product.

Original Down Alternative Comforter is always lightweight and more comfortable and puffier than other down comforter. Moreover, it’s cheap too! Why would you look any further?

Important Q & A

Que: Can I wash this comforter in my home washing machine?

Ans: Yes. Many users have used their regular sized washing machine, and it worked great! When they are drying it in the dryer, right to throw in some tennis ball to keep the filling evenly distributed while drying and fluffy.

Que: How does it hold up to washing? I know things look great when they are new but can mess up when washed.

Ans: I replaced this for one of my old comforter that was coming apart after washing. This was holding up great.

I wash it on a tumble-style (front loader) washer in my apartment in every week. Although I am not supposed to add bleach, I do and found no problem even after doing this for a year!

Que: Is this comforter warm enough not to use any other blankets in a mid/cold winter?

Ans: Yes! It is very warm even if you do not use any other blankets with it.

Que: Does All Season Down Alternative Comforter have loops in the corner for duvet cover ties?

Ans: No. It does not have any loops for a duvet cover.

Que: Is this as fluffy as the picture shows to be?

Ans: It is.

Que: I live in Florida and wake up during the night overheated but love comforters, does this one breathe a little?

Ans: Breaths a lot. It’s like having a cloud on you.

Que: How come in some pictures the squares look smaller than the video someone posted?

Ans: Maybe for a weird angle. The product has squares has exactly shown in the pictures.

Que: Is the comforter very thick with a high volume?

Ans: No but it is thick enough.

Que: I was wondering if this blanket is vegan-friendly, is the fabric just cotton or there are feathers added?

Ans: No it is entirely cotton. Does not have any feather.

The Final Say

Final Verdict

With this imported All Season Comforter, you are sure to have a great comfortable sleep that you always wanted with your bedding.

The hypoallergenic materials are suitable for those who have the sensitivity to other types of the comforter, and the cotton cover makes sure you have a comfortable sleep. 

The baffle box construction with double needle stitching prevents the polyester fill from shifting so there would not go to be any uncomfortable gaps. It is very easy to wash in home washing machine and dryer.

Experience the feeling of sleeping in luxurious hotels with this affordable comforter in your home for over years, even after cleaning it regularly. This Alternative Down Comforter is made to be used all year round and already have a big reputation on Amazon. That’s why we would like to recommend it

Alternative product

I hope this comforter is best for you. But If you are searching for a goose down comforter, you can read out best Hungarian goose down comforter review.

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