Are Microfiber Sheets Hot?

Everyone wants a nice set of sheets that is not only warm but comfortable and safe for human use. This is the reason why cotton is so popular. It is an organic material. And if you can get it in a high thread count, you are guaranteed a soft, smooth surface with breathable, moisture-wicking properties.

But good cotton is expensive which is why so many people are turning to microfiber. But microfiber sheets are synthetic which is why people cannot help but worry that they might be too warm. But is that true? Are microfiber sheets hot? To answer that question, you need to understand the following:

1). Microfiber sheets are made from synthetic materials like polyester and nylon, though you can find the fabric in other variations. Microfiber consists of very fine fibers whose thickness is measured in denier.

A higher denier translates into a greater thickness. The reverse is also true. A low denier speaks to a lower thickness. Microfiber strands are finer than even silk. The average microfiber strand has a diameter of less than 1 denier. Silk strands stand at 1.25 denier.

That difference in size is only possible because silk strands are natural, sourced from the cocoons of silkworms. Microfiber strands, on the other hand, are made in a lab from the polymers of synthetic materials like polyester.

2). Not only are microfiber strands extremely thin but they are woven very tightly. This is the reason why microfiber fabrics are so strong and smooth.

3). The popularity of microfiber sheets can be imputed to the fact that their strands are thinner than fine silk and yet they are more reasonably priced.

4). The fact that microfiber is so tightly woven means that it is going to repel water. To be more specific, it will prevent liquids from passing through it. This tells you that microfiber is not that breathable, at least not when compared to cotton, bamboo and the like.

As such, it isn’t good for hot sleepers. Microfiber sheets can get quite hot. A fabric like cotton is suitable for hot sleepers because it is breathable, allowing air to circulate through it. This keeps sleepers ventilated in the process.

Microfiber doesn’t have that ability. The strands are too thin and tightly woven to permit air to circulate sufficiently.

5). The fact that microfiber sheets are hot isn’t necessarily a bad thing. While people will hate them in the summer, they will appreciate their capabilities in the winter.

They do a better job of trapping your body heat than cotton. That being said, even in cold conditions, personal preferences are going to affect your experiences with microfiber. If you are a hot sleeper, microfiber sheets could become a little too stuffy for your liking despite the low temperatures.

Even in the dead of winter, breathability still matters. This is why conversations about microfiber always mention cotton. Not only does it retain body heat but it will continue to permit air circulation, keeping you warm enough to sleep comfortably in the winter but also preventing the heat from growing to unbearable levels.

Microfiber is primarily suitable for people that struggle to get warm. They will appreciate the toasty experience offered by microfiber sheets.

6). What does all of this mean for you? You need to determine whether you are a hot or cold sleeper. Cold sleepers will get more out of microfiber sheets than hot sleepers.

However, hot sleepers can still keep a set of microfiber sheets on hand just in case temperatures drop drastically. Even though they can get quite stuffy, microfiber sheets have decent moisture-wicking properties. If you sweat a lot, they can be trusted to keep you relatively dryregardless of the temperatures in your surroundings.

Of course, those moisture-wicking properties will do little to cool you down. Ultimately, you shouldn’t rely on microfiber if you need breathable bedding items.

You have plenty of other bedding options. The same goes for people with sensitive skin. They are better off using organic fabrics like cotton and wool.

Microfiber has other attributes that make it attractive for users, even hot sleepers. The fabric is extremely soft to the touch. It is also durable and easy to clean. You can trust it to survive extensive washing and use.

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