balichun luxury polar fleece blanket review

Balichun luxury polar Fleece Blanket is the number one selling blanket in the world. You can use this regularly. It is all season blanket. If you have an air-conditioned room, you need to control the temperature of the room to use this blanket throughout the year.

Moreover, Balichun luxury polar fleece blanket is a natural blanket. That means without an electric heat this blanket warms you in all season.

Balichun Luxury 330 GSM Fleece Blanket Super Soft Warm Fuzzy Lightweight...

  •  This blanket is made of hundred percent polyester.
  •  330 GSM= It measures the weight of the per square meter. 
  •  If this blanket is 330 GSM, that means 330 grams is the weight of per square meter of the fabric.

Five Important Questions

balichun blankets

balichun blankets

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Q-1: What does the higher GSM effects?

Answer: The higher the GSM the higher the raw materials are used to manufacture the blanket. The higher the materials are used the warmer and loft you can expect from the blanket. 

Q-2: Is Balichun Luxury super soft Fleece Blanket durable?

Answer: This blanket is durable enough to pass your life if you use it with proper care. It is made of very soft materials that last for a long time.

Q-3:Is Balichun Blanket soft?

 Answer:This blanket is soft enough to provide you a cozy and warm night. According to the customer review, this blanket is super soft.

Q-4:Where we can use this blanket:

 Answer: You can use this blanket in the day and night throughout the year. This luxurious blanket provides you warm touch where you required. Here are a few examples:

  • You can use this blanket regularly.
  • It is best for household uses.
  • You can also use it at the time of traveling by bus, Air, train, car etc.
  • It is also provided good warm touch in the camping on forest or something like that.
  • It is also suitable for office rest.

Q-5: How to store it:

Answer: If you do not want to use it in the summer season, you can pack it easily by plastic. It is very lightweight. So without any hassle, you can store it in any suitable area. But do not store it in a humid area. Try to store it in a dry area.

Prepare your blanket for storing:

  • Before storing it on summer, you need to dry wash the blanket.

 The available color of this blanket

  • Grey
  • Dark Grey
  • Ivory
  • Lake Blue
  • Royal Blue
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Silver Grey
  • Tan

 How to wash

 It is machine washable. You need to select the air cold and air dry cycle to wash this blanket. Do not place more than one blanket in the dryer at a time. If you have more than one blanket, you should wash one by one.

 30 Days full Refund Policy:

 The manufacture of this blanket ensures the money back guarantee. They love the use of this blanket more than the blanket. They want to see you happy with this blanket. So they confirm 30 days full money refund guarantee.

 The polyester of this fabric will not shrink by machine washing as this fabric is shrink resistant.

Balichun Luxury 330 GSM Fleece Blanket Super Soft Warm Fuzzy Lightweight...
1,737 Reviews
Balichun Luxury 330 GSM Fleece Blanket Super Soft Warm Fuzzy Lightweight...
  • FEATURES and DURABILITY - Stay warm and cozy all year long with Balichun Super...
  • Material- Made of 100 percent polyester, 330 GSM, with great quality and...
  • EASY WASH and CARE - Very easy to care for your blanket. Just machine wash on...
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We think you're going to love this blanket as much as we...
  • SIZE COLOR and COZINESS - Balichun Super Soft Fleece Blanket is available in...

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  •  Do not use bleach detergent to wash this blanket.
  •  To avoid abrasion always wash this blanket alone.
  •  Do not use hot water in the washing machine. Lukewarm water is best to wash this blanket.

 How to care:

After using, you should fold it with proper care to maintain it's shape.

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