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benifits of platform beds

There are different types of bed frame available in the market. Among all of them, it is difficult to choose the right one for you. Now a day’s platform beds are getting popularity. By reading our article, you will be able to learn about the benefits of the platform bed. And also you can discover which platform bed is the best platform bed for you.

The design of the platform bed is fitted with any types of the decoration of your own room. You can match your tables and other furniture with platform bed easily.

2. Stylish looking:

Platform beds have a stylish and modern look. Normally it does not require bed skirts. This is a type of bed, which updates your room decoration and looking.

3. Save your money:

You will not need to spend a lot of money to buy a platform bed. It is less costly than any other types of bed frame available in the market. Only some specific kinds of metal bed frame are less costly than platform bed.

You will find a flat platform in the platform beds. This flat platform supports the mattress. There are no requirements of box springs foundations or other types of foundations. And for this, you will get a comfortable sleep. You can save your money by buying platform beds rather than box spring bed. After saving money, you can go for buying a high-quality mattress or other home decor items.

4. Supportive:

The platform bed is very supportive of the users. Normally, most of the mattresses fit with the platform beds. It will provide firmness to the sleeper. The people who are usually a side sleeper, they can use other types of bed frame such as, box spring bed.

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5. Firmness and Stability:

Most of the platform beds having a low height. Low height makes the platform bed stable to the ground. So it is very useful for heavy people. It provides firmness as well as stability to the sleeper. Forgetting the highest amount of firmness, you can use memory foam mattress with your platform bed.

6. Storage benefit.

Now a day, you will find storage drawers with most of the platform beds. You can save some space of your room by storing bedding, toy items, extra clothing under the platform bed. You can order an extra drawer for your platform bed.

Other important benefits are:

  • You can find available size in the market.
  • Many types of designs are also available.
  • Easy air circulation.
  • Adequate slat support.
  • For beatification, you can add headboard on the back wall of the bed.
  • You can get a solid wood piece.
  • Any types of mattress support platform bed. Most common are latex and memory foam mattress.
  • You can customize your bed design, sizes, colors, a wood requirement by direct contact with the manufacturer.
  • Packing, changing, transporting and assembling the platform bed are easy.

Types of platform bed:

Solid platform bed:

It is the most traditional types of a platform bed. It is made of some types of solid raw material. You can go to wooden platform bed or metal platform bed or plastic platform bed.

Slat platform bed:

Just slats are used to form a slat platform bed. Just over the solid surface slats frame is used. You can go for wooden slat or metal slat or plastic slat for your platform bed.

This slat can be:

  • rigid
  • flexed

Metal platform bed:

The metal platform bed is formed by assembling steel. Sometimes wire supported platform can also find in the market.

DIY platform bed:

Few budget is required to buy this types of a platform bed.  Just you need a Bunkie board made of wood, metal, plastic or composite material. And support is needed only at each corner under the bed.

You will get the detailed knowledge about benefits of platform bed by going through our info-graphic below.

benefits of platform bed

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