Benefits of Wool Comforter

Benefits of Wool Comforter

People were using wool in mattresses and pillows for centuries. But wool was eventually replaced by synthetic fibers. Now it has made a comeback.

Wool comforters are all the rage because research has shown that they tend to optimize sleep. But that begs the question: what makes wool comforters so special?

Top 7 Benefits of Wool Comforter

Are wool comforters truly superior? Well, that is what a lot of research seems to say. Studies specifically suggest that a wool comforter can elicit the following benefits:

1). Sleep

Wool comforters tend to improve the quality of sleep. Studies say that they add 25% more deep regenerative sleep. This is the stage of the sleeping cycle where the body undergoes repair.

In other words, people who use comforters feel more rested when they wake up.

2). Allergies

You have to worry about mold and mildew with most other fabric. Any comforter you choose to sleep under will absorb the sweat and oil your body secretes. And over time, if you don’t maintain it, the comforter will attract mildew which tends to contribute to allergic reactions.

But Wool absorbs moisture in a manner that doesn’t encourage the growth of mold and mildew.

3). Temperature

Wool has special thermo-regulating properties that will keep you cozy and comfortable no matter the season.

In other words, the comforter will adapt to your situation. If the weather is hot, the comforter will still keep you warm but it won’t make your body hotter.

On the other hand, if the weather is cold, the wool won’t overcompensate by making you too warm or even clammy. It will keep the temperature steady.

Other fabric traps moisture and warmth and, as a result, it creates an unstable environment under the sheets. Synthetic comforters, in particular, will make you excessively hot in response to the cold.

With wool comforters, the temperature is just right, hence the enhanced quality of sleep.

4). Fire

Wool comforters have a natural resistance to fire. Some of them have a special organic coating that will repel combustion. Wool doesn’t rely on the toxic chemicals traditional comforters use to stave off fire.

5). Organic

Wool comforters are eco-friendly, or at the very least, the best ones are made using environmentally friendly methods.

So you can buy your Organic wool comforters knowing full well that you haven’t contributed to the destruction of the planet.

To be clear, no one kills sheep to acquire the wool that companies use to make comforters. Humane methods are used to retrieve the material. And the sheep in question grow new coats of wool every single year.

6). Durability

Wool comforters have amazing longevity. They are designed to last years, if not decades. And it doesn’t even matter whether or not you air them out. They have special moisture-wicking properties. Some people like silk bedding more than wool bedding.No matter which bedding you choose both of these organic bedding contains Moisture-wicking properties. 

They also feature inherent breathability. So they are basically built to counter the wear and tear that emanates from touching the human body.

7). Community

Wool comforters are great for farming communities. Every time you buy a wool comforter with one or two wool pillows, you can take comfort in the fact that you are supporting farmers and ranchers in rural locations whose livelihood comes from the sheep whose wool they sell.

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