Best Adjustable Bed Reviews 2020

After a long hectic day come back home to cook, clean or whatever it could be the last thing when you end up with an uncomfortable bed is very pathetic. In this case, to improve the quality of your sleep you can't go wrong with an adjustable bed setup. Rather it will give you more options to do everything you want to do in your bed more comfortably. Moreover, we have taken the time to analyze the best adjustable bed on the market in terms of features, quality, and price. We hope this will be helpful for you for your upcoming journey.

Introduction To The Best Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds are simply the best comfortable beds. In this regard sleeping on an adjustable bed has many advantages. Do you know due to interrupted sleep and improper sleep posture you can develop a sickness called a lack of REM sleep?

The first thing an adjustable bed ensure your deep sleep comfortably. So that, you can wake up fresh for the next morning without any muscles sores or stiffness.

Secondly, it maximizes comfort for people with body aches and pains.

Thirdly, it offers many therapeutic massages and multi-positioning features that reduce snoring, neck or hip pain.

Last but not the least they help to improve your muscles, joints, breathing and let your blood circulate more freely.

Without any hassle, here are my to 6 best adjustable beds

Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base with...
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DynastyMattress S-Cape 2.0 Adjustable Beds Set Sleep System Leggett &...
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Leggett and Platt S-Cape Split Adjustable Bed Base, Wireless, Wall Hugger,...
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Reverie 5D Adjustable Bed Base, Wireless, HD Massage, Wall Hugger, Zero...
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TEMPUR-PEDIC Ergo Plus-Grey Adjustable Base, Queen
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43 Reviews
Ease Adjustable Base 1.0, Twin XL/Split King (Purchase Two Bases to...
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Reviews of Top 10 Adjustable Beds

Here are our recommended Top 10 adjustable beds reviews for giving you with an array of options to choose.

1. Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Bed Base with Massage Review

Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base with...

In the collection of our adjustable bed reviews, the first name added to our list is Classic Brands Adjustable Bed. This is a fantastic adjustable comfort bed for those customers who need to elevate due to a medical condition.

Or for them who just want the lifestyle benefits of having an adjustable bed, both users will get the best benefit from this. From now, just by adding this adjustable comfort bed, you can transform your bedroom into the most used room of your house. There exist many benefits of using this adjustable bed; once you start using it you’ll feel the need yourself.

Facilitate Medical Support

Classic Brands Adjustable Beds not only work great for medical needs but also has many lifestyle benefits. Whenever you want, you can position yourself for any ultimate comfort just with a touch of the button. Suppose you are studying, reading, talking on the phone, watching TV, playing video games or using your laptop's these times you will get tremendous comfort in its lap.

You will be glad to know the classic brand's adjustable bed base is easy to sync. As a result, each side of your king bed can raise and lower at the same time.

Equipped With Modern Features

It has a lot of good technical specifications like massage and custom positions and leads many consumers to report health benefits. Further, the classic brand's adjustable bed king features USB ports, wireless remote, programmable elevation areas, head and foot massage and so on. The programmable settings work for the lounge, TV/PC, and zero gravity positions. Besides, the whisper quiet base works with separate ergonomic head and foot elevations.

Adjustable Leg Height

It has adjustable legs for three different height options. In particular, the heights are like 4, 6.5 or combined for 10.5 inches includes mattress retention rail to keep your mattress in place. You can raise or lower the head and legs by using the wireless remote control according to your needs. Nonetheless, the classic brand's adjustable bed twin XL is a perfect choice for watching TV, reading or working on the computer while the massage unit adds soothing comfort.


  • Ensure quiet performance.
  • Easy to assemble and ship directly to your door.
  • Lightweight, easy to move.
  • Let you control your positions easily.
  • Best choice for budget-oriented users.


  • Few users claimed “flat” is lower than the foot part.
  • Issues with inconvenience instruction.

2. DynastyMattress Leggett & Platt Sleep System S-Cape Adjustable Beds Set Review

DynastyMattress S-Cape 2.0 Adjustable Beds Set Sleep System Leggett &...

It is one of the new adjustable bed come in the market from DynastyMattress. To start with Dynasty mattress adjustable bed utilizes a fully adjustable frame to raise and lower itself according to needs. Talking about its dimension that is 80 inches length and 76 inches width gives the entire bed a standard height to make it easier getting in and out of the bed.

At the same time, it can comfortably handle a maximum weight of 500 pounds. 

Set it up is not difficult, in many conditions the bed frame can fit inside your existing bed frame with no adjustments. In fact, the frame comes with batteries for wireless remotes.

Enhance Airflow System

There includes two 12’’ Cool Breeze Gel Memory Foam Mattress in this dynasty mattress s-cape adjustable beds set. It beautifully designed with High Quality 1’’ Gel Memory Foam, 4’’ Visco-Elastic Memory Foam and 2’’+2’’ Air Flow 3’’ High Resilience Polyurethane Base Foam.

The materials are very good at absorbing energy and hold its shape. Forthwith we hope you know the essentially of using memory foam. As it comes with a mixture of cooling gel beads, it can enhance the Air Flow system and allow you to stay calm throughout the night.

Technically if you judge it then we would say it feels medium firm, too much firmness is not comfortable to use.

Split Controls Mechanism

Do you know what makes the s-cape adjustable sleep system remote control a fresh choice for your needs? Well, that is the split controls mechanism of the dynasty mattress split king adjustable bed. You will get two separate remotes with the bed that will give you complete control over your respective sides. Besides, you will get multiple of options to adjust head and foot elevation as well as enjoy head and foot massage.

Contour Your Body

The s-cape adjustable bed remote control equipped with ultra quiet high-performance motors of 850 lb. You will be glad to know Dynasty mattress split king adjustable bed will allow you from many different combinations of positions. The mattresses it used are memory foam and do contour to your body. Moreover, it is fundamental, practical, and efficient, offers the best facility for the price. To get such stunning operation you might like to give the bed a few tries, right?


  • The USA made adjustable bed ensures durability.
  • Wallhugger, provide dual massage with the wave.
  • Made of quality materials, ensures quietest performance.
  • Anti-snoring, flat, zero gravity and operate by two custom programmable buttons.
  • Offer 25 years limited manufacturer warranty.


  • Few users claimed it has plastic out-gassing smell though it faded away after a while.
  • The price might feel beyond expectations.

3. Leggett and Platt S-Cape King Size Split Adjustable Bed Base Review

Leggett and Platt S-Cape Split Adjustable Bed Base

Though adjustable beds were only common in the hospital before with the flows of time it has become a part of home-care. People are now more intend to buy an adjustable bed for their personal comfort at home. Such like a super adjustable bed is Leggett and Platt adjustable beds.

It provides a more luxurious feeling than ever according to many Leggett and Platt adjustable base reviews.The structure defines this is pretty much a slatted base with a twin drive of a triple drive motor. 

Further, the slats are flexible as are the elastic mountings on the frame. The overall dimension of the bed is 80 x 76 x 15 inches, that is pretty wide and weighs not more than 380 pounds. Afterward, the base is also flexible and provides much support to the mattress in every pressure point.

Relieve Lower Back Pain

Do you know Adjustable beds are beneficial for heartburn and acid reflux? Well, if not then let us know many real users claimed in their Leggett and Platt 100 series adjustable base reviews about its remarkable benefits. According to the manufacturers, it results perfect for people who suffer from sleep apnea, GERD, and heartburn.

At the same way sleeping over it also help eliminate snoring and can temporarily relieve lower back pain. You will also get a better result regarding you are suffering from poor blood circulation of legs.

Relax Your Tired Muscles

The Leggett and Platt adjustable beds feature dual full body massage to relax your tired muscles and lull you to sleep. You will get two custom preset memory buttons and one touch flat button to run it. Users are very happy using it and in their Leggett and Platt adjustable bed reviews, they appreciated the way its vibratory massage soothes them to sleep with auto shut off. Another thing is its bed base works perfectly with two wireless remotes and with a king memory foam or two twin xl mattresses.

Release Night Time Discomforts

In case you are not sleeping well or fond of spending time in bed doing other things then you can try using this adjustable bed base would be an excellent choice for you. It can control snoring, leg cramps or any kind of nighttime discomfort and help you wake up fresh in the morning.


  • Reduce shoulder and back pain.
  • Engineered with wall hugging design.
  • Relax your tired muscles and lull you to sleep.
  • The mattress is not too hard not too soft, perfect.


  • Only issues to improve, it is a little low.
Leggett and Platt S-Cape Split Adjustable Bed Base, Wireless, Wall Hugger,...
  • Dual full body massage to relax your tired muscles and lull you to sleep
  • 2 wireless remotes so you can select your own favourite positions

4. Sleep Number with Split King Adjustable Massage Base VS Split King 12" Air Bed

No products found.

If you are ready to spend any amount to get the best service then nothing could be beatable with sleep number adjustable beds. It can give you those cool features you are expecting to have in your bed since so long.

It has adjustable headboard brackets, under bed lighting, dual massage with a wave, customizable buttons, and more features that are exciting.

Above all using every day, this bed will make sure you can maintain a healthy body and good health. It has abilities to give you pure comfort sleep without any hustle.

Not only can this it bring an appreciative result against lower back pain or acid reflux. The mattress used here is very comfortable so far and has a built-in dual cool airflow system to resolve any heat problem.

Adjustable Base Features

The sleep number base alternative features 70 degrees head adjust ability and 47 degrees foot adjust ability. Its steel balanced leg stability is high to support with locking caster. It also features a Therapeutic dual body massage.

Another thing you probably like is its wall hugger glide design. Moreover, this adjustable bed would be most suitable for those who used to spend a lot of time in bed during daytime and has different types of needs from day to night.

You will find here a foot lowering function for exact Lounge Positioning and relaxation.

Wireless Backlit Remote

Many users appreciated in their sleep number bed base review that the wireless backlit soft touch remote makes it easier to operate the bed.

It also comes with three preset memory positions, one is one touch auto flat feature, and another is two-zone body massage with variable styles.

Hypoallergenic Materials

The materials used to make the adjustable beds are 100% hypoallergenic and dust free. If you have issues with allergens and expect something supportive for your health, then it is advisable to use. Users mentioned in their sleep number adjustable bed reviews that it does an excellent job regarding isolating motion. They mostly recommend this for couples.


  • Come with 50 settings of air dual remotes.
  • Can lessen snoring.
  • Provide couples different mattress sleeping positions.
  • Hypoallergenic materials.
  • Offer users 20-year warranty.


  • Very expensive, not suitable for all.
  • It is not for those who want a pure tech free bed.

No products found.

5. Smart And Controlled Comfort Amerisleep Adjustable Bed Review

Amerisleep Adjustable Bed

The adjustable beds which offer the best quality for health improvement Ameri sleep adjustable bed are one of them. 

The technology earlier used in hospital beds has improved enough now for home use. But, of course, it doesn't mean the adjustable beds will look like medical equipment as its technology came from the medical field.

In particular, these beds are beneficial for young couples giving you the ability to deal with pressure point pain before it figures into a big issue. For this reason, the experts suggested using this type of adjustable bed, which will give you a proper support both in your back and in the head. They incorporated with much latest technology and bundled with many exciting features. At the same time, you will not feel offended with the Ameri sleep adjustable bed prices; most probably, you can buy one under $2000 as per your requirements.

Modern MicroHook™ Retention System

To add a modern look in your bedroom the Ameri sleep adjustable bed brings a visible change in its architectural design. In this addition, the MicroHook™ Retention System keeps your mattress from slipping down.

Amerisleep Adjustable Bed

It removes the need of maintaining the bar at the foot of your bed since the base articulates. Rather it adds a sleeker and modern view in your room. By the way, to make all the operations easy, you will find two 4-port USB hubs on the side of the base. These will allow you to charge up to eight USB devices from the comfort of your bed.

Full Body Massage Feature

Amerisleep Adjustable Bed

For the price, amerisleep may be one of the great adjustable beds on the market. The features it offered are commendable and to know more about its performance you can follow some other amerisleep adjustable bed review in online.

In case you are not able to afford a masseur on a daily basis, its head to toe bed massage will do wonder to relax you down after a long hectic day.

Customizable Memory Positions

Not all the adjustable bed will adorn you with this feature. Users mentioned in their Ameri sleep adjustable bed base reviews that they are happy with its Customizable Memory Positions. It allows them to place it on any side of their choice.


  • Elegant appearance.
  • Provide maximum comfort from head to toe.
  • Very quick and easy to assemble.


  • Few claimed it feels too firm.
  • Issues related odor.

6. iDealBed Queen Size 4i Adjustable Bed Base, (Wireless with Head and Foot Articulation) Review

iDealBed 4i Adjustable Bed Base, Wireless, Head and Foot Articulation,...

Having an adjustable bed within $700 is not easy. Sometimes we need to compromise with quality for the price, but in this case, you neither have to compromise the quality nor price.

It is an excellent choice for them who are looking to buy a perfect adjustable beds for seniors at an affordable price. In this addition, the ideal bed adjustable bed comes with a robust construction, well-engineered frame and a truckload of features.

It has all the abilities to fulfill your need of sleeping peacefully without disturbing your partner.

High-Performance Motor

You might already know that the more powerful a motor is the quietest performance it can provide. With this intention, the ideal bed 4i adjustable bed designed with an ultra quiet high-performed motor of 700lb.

It found out in a report of Sidney Ross Singer, a renowned researcher lying flat during sleep could affect the gravity of brain circulation.

So as a solution, she suggested using an adjustable bed where legs can raise into 10-30 degrees. This bed will help you sleep in a right position that you feel comfortable.

Wireless Ergonomic Remote

The bed has six button control individual or simultaneous head and foot control. Being that it enables you to save your favorite positions for both sleeping and reading by a wireless remote. You will get the full access at the touch of a simple button. Many real users recommend in their

Ideal bed adjustable bed reviews to try it once. According to them, it does a great job regarding speed recovery, especially in leg muscles.

10 Years Warranty

The brand is very sure about durability; keeping this in mind, they offer their respective users 10 years limited warranty. Regardless this, the beds are very quick and easy to assemble.


  • Affordable adjustable bed.
  • Even can fit inside in an existing bed frame.
  • Keep body fresh.
  • Vigorous and last long.
  • Luxurious micro suede fabric matches any decor.


  • Issues related maintenance.
  • Difficulties of parts availability.

7. Reverie 5D Deluxe Split King Adjustable Bed From Tempurpedic Ergo Review

Reverie 5D Adjustable Bed Base, Wireless, HD Massage, Wall Hugger, Zero...

Reverie adjustable bed is something incredible you might not meet before. It is a luxurious choice to raise a person's upper and lower body for improved support and comfort. The bed has everything you would look for in an adjustable bed. That's why the manufacturer claimed it worth some extra investment.

Along with the latest bedding technology, many adjustable beds have come into the market, spending on the right one makes it challenging. 

In this reverie sleep system reviews; you can get to learn how effectively it enhances your sleeping experience. It is an important fact for any adjustable bed that is the firmness.

In this regard, this model will give you the proper adjustability for each side of the bed. It has standard stability and let you match with the comfort and support you need.

Anti Snore Preset Position

This feature of the Reverie adjustable bed split king is ideal for them who wants to get rid of snoring or tired of the snoring next to your partner. You can preset the program to raise the head and open airwaves to eliminate snoring.

Support Up to 850LBS Weight

The Reverie adjustable bed queen comes with 4 corner retainer bars to hold you firmly on the bed. It allows individuals to adjust the firmness of bed with a push of the remote.

For example, you do a lot of things on your bed at day time and want a different stiffness for the day vs. night.

Here you will be able to do it according to your preference. Even if you have to share your bed with your partner, you can adjust your side of the bed, and your partner can change separately his/her side of the bed without any complication.

Quiet Performance

As Reverie adjustable bed remote control is a motorized bed, so it needs to consider how much noise it creates. But thankfully the bed produces zero noise and features 10 different intensity levels. The Reverie adjustable beds reviews let you know it will prop your head up a bit to watch TV or read. As well as it elevates your legs for keeping in the zero gravity, the position to reap numerous health benefits.


  • Moving one place to another is easy.
  • Made in the USA and ensures to last long.
  • Convenience and improve sleeping quality.


  • Issues related vibration.
  • Foam border folds weirdly.

8. TEMPUR-Ergo Plus-Grey Queen Size Adjustable Bed Base Review

TEMPUR-PEDIC Ergo Plus-Grey Adjustable Base, Queen

The queen size Tempur-Pedic adjustable beds are fashionable enough to fit any bedroom. To sleep and relax in virtually unlimited ergonomic positions this model is just perfect. It restores the peace of both body and mind and provides you a luxurious sleeping experience.

Before buying, you can follow the Tempur-Pedic adjustable bed reviews to know more about its flexibility. 

It is quick, ergonomic and the automatic operation will allow you to choose an infinite number of ergonomic rest positions for your Tempur-Pedic Mattress. At the same time, it will add a sleek and modern look to your private study or bedroom.

Two Programmable Custom Positions

You can easily adjust the head and foot zones of the Tempur-Pedic split king adjustable bed with a backlit wireless remote. Due to the fact, it comes with two preset memory positions and controls the dual massage.

Whenever you tinker with your mattress for a while, you can easily switch between a set reading, TV watching or sleep position just by pressing a button. The feature will help you soothe your sore muscles and lull you to sleep.

Give You Perfect Support

The Tempur-Pedic adjustable base king enables you to raise your head up to 70° and feet up to 40° for excellent support while relaxing or sleeping. At the middle of the night when you are in a deep sleep you can adjust yourself left or right without creating any noise. Of course, your partner will not feel any disturbance as it is super quiet.

Hold Up To 650 lbs Safely

Manufacturers claim Tempur-Pedic Ergo Adjustable Base Queen can stand for up to 650 lbs. It constructed of durable metal. In this case, you can be sure that your bed will securely hold your mattress without any issues.


  • Enable you to customize the bed to fit your needs.
  • Provide complete support to lower back.
  • Sturdy components, durable.
  • It takes less time to assemble.
  • Give 25 years frame warranty.


  • Assembly instructions, not enough.
  • Issues with shipment delay.

9. Twin XL/Split King Ease Adjustable Base Review

Ease Adjustable Base 1.0, Twin XL/Split King (Purchase Two Bases to...

Like us, you may also believe everyone on this planet deserves to have a good night's sleep. It's not fair to turn around all night on a flat surface and wake up tired and cranky in the busy morning. To bring a lifetime solution, you can purchase the Sealy adjustable bed.

It is capable of supporting a maximum of 650 pounds of weight and evenly distributes the weight across the frame's surface. Plus it requires no sophisticated tools to assemble; it is quick and easy.

Sturdy Steel Support

With the backing of Sealy adjustable beds, you can turn your bed into a perfect place to relax with ease. It built well with sturdy steel and let you move into virtually unlimited positions for comfort.

All the functions can control from a user-friendly wireless remote. On top of that, it comes with pre-programmed to pair with your base.

Made In USA

We all know that how much durable could be the USA made the product. Well, Sealy adjustable base ease made in the USA. It comes with preset programs including TV, zero gravity, and anti-snore features. Further, it stands on four metal legs, robust and durable.

Reduce Leg Pain

If you are a sufferer of edema or leg swelling, then try to use Sealy, adjustable base king. Experts suggested using it in Sealy ease adjustable base review to relieve leg pain.


  • Ergonomic design.
  • Offer wireless control.
  • Simple and quick assembly.
  • Reduce back and leg pain.
  • Affordable price.


  • Users mislead by thinking its two bases.
  • Issues with slow positioning.

10. 5100 Split Cal King Ergomotion Adjustable Bed Base Review

Ergomotion Adjustable Bed Base 5100 Split Cal King (72x84)-White Glove...

The 5100 Split Cal King from Ergomotion comes with everything you need to get a restful night of sleep after a long hectic day. For instance, Ergomotion Adjustable Bed made of black woven fabric. The Split King design always operated by their motors and they provide a wireless remote to operate the bed easily.

It bundled with some amazing features; you might not find in other similar models. Moreover, it will help you and your partner to achieve an ideal sleeping position for each of your needs.

The Feature makes it different from others that are its wall hugger design. For this reason, when you want to adjust up it will allow you stay near the well and your nightstands.

16'' Adjustable Height

If you already read other ergomotion adjustable bed review, you might know this bed most probably taller than most on the market. On top of that, it supports up to 850 lb weight, which considered best for the money.

Ensures Longevity

According to the manufacturer, ergomotion queen adjustable base can give you the individualized comfort that you need. The biggest advantage of having an Ergomotion Bed at home is their highest longevity. In general, it provides a better longevity than most other mattresses.

20 years Lifetime Warranty

In the ergomotion adjustable base reviews, many customers found very excited to have 20 years lifetime warranty. Afterward, it's great to give a massage with 6 intensities to make you feel relax.


  • Help you to prevent snoring.
  • Look classy with black woven fabric.
  • Free fall motor design for safety.
  • Take the pressure off your lower back.
  • Offer a white glove delivery system.


  • The price is a little bit high.
  • Some issues with noise massage.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Adjustable Bed

Before buying any adjustable bed, you can read some adjustable beds reviews to get an initial idea. However, you might find many adjustable bed reviews and comparisons in online, but not all of them are always trust-able. So let's know about few important factors regarding adjustable bed.

Weight and Size

You will find a huge variation for the adjustable bed in terms of size and weights. In general, most of the adjustable beds mainly follow standard US mattress size. Yet there are many brands come with “XL” sizes for fulls and twins. These create a better accommodation for adults being approximately 80 inches long rather than 75 inches.

Besides there available many split bases in king and queen sizes, which help couple to adjust their sides independently. So try to find some custom sizes if you want to fit them in your standard bed frames with headboards. Also, try to make sure your beds are good enough to hold sufficient weight. In this case, the normal weight could be in between 250 to 600 lbs depending upon sizing of your bed.

Look for remote control operations

Whatever you buy it should be user-friendly no matter what. In this addition, wired or wireless remote control operations are necessary for flattening or tilting the bed quickly. In our collection of top 10 adjustable beds reviews, you will find much adjustable bed base with remote that ensure the easiest user-friendly operation. Otherwise, you can look for other remote less bed of your needs, it's your choice.

Warranty matters

Sometimes warranty matters a lot when you are expecting your product lasts long. In the current market, almost all types of bed come with a satisfactory manufacturer's warranty. You may get from three to twenty years warranty of full coverage for the motor and moving parts.

Consider the bed frame

Frame plays a vital role in terms of the adjustable beds. Because of the total responsibility carries a frame for holding the motor, supporting the mattress and all. These kinds of frames will definitely be heavier than traditional ones as your bed is going to move down or up with control. In particular, traditional bed frames consist of wood and other lighter frames where the adjustable bed frames made by only durable and robust steel materials.

Wall hugging feature

In particular, this feature is very advantageous in order to keep your bed closer to the wall even after raised high. For this reason, it is advisable to choose a model that has this useful feature. The earlier models used to connect with power supply through wires but now you will find many new models, which run on battery.

Programmable positions

Maximum of adjustable beds reviews ensure each of the bed brings its own unique feature on the market. In this regard, the main functionality of this appliance is its ability to tilt your head and foot positions to give you the highest convenience for your all angular positions.

Few offers larger lift angles so that you can get more options for your perfect sleeping conditions. According to the experts, the adjustable beds those allows an adjustment of up to 60 degrees in head angle and 45 degrees in foot angle are ideal for use.

Compatible mattress

It's also a matter of fact what types of mattress you are going to choose for your adjustable beds. In general, three types of mattress used in adjustable bed frames and they are memory foam, air chamber and innerspring. You can choose depends on your choice.

Height adjustment feature

You should be careful about this feature because it often varies in the most adjustable bed reviews and comparisons. Forthwith, it defines how well your bed can move up or down. So later it will be easier for you to get off or on the bed. As the bed stays lowered closer to the floor, it reduces the risk of injury from falling down. Regardless this it can lift higher to allow for more convenient nursing and assistance.

Consider your budget

The adjustable beds are of different prices; from lower to higher you will find different price tag available from various brands. If you are extremely conscious about the budget and looking for something affordable then you can try adjustable beds under $1000. Fix a budget and then start shopping it will save you from spending more than your expectation.

Imagine the position of your bed

Think about it before buy, does the bed only move the upper body or the legs? Will it be able to make progress for both portions of your body? If it can, then how many positions can it move into? Without this feature, you can't able to achieve your goal of improving your sleep.

Pain relief ability

However, another thing is important to care while selecting an adjustable bed that is dual massage motor. Those beds have dual massage motor they can provide you two separate areas to work with. Here the upper motor works for relaxing and massaging your neck, back, and shoulders whereas the bottom one are active to massage your legs.

Users found these features more favorable because after a long hard day’s work this massage function is very beneficial to relieve stress, sore and painful muscles. You won't regret if you once talk with your chiropractor, doctor, health care professional or an occupational therapist before buy.

Wrapping Up

After testing so many adjustable bed base with remote from different manufacturers, we came up with a mini collection of Top 10 Adjustable Beds Reviews 2018. We add those brands that we find trust-able. The adjustable beds we listed here are from high range, mid range, and all well-known, reputable brands.

In the time between you may already realize there is lots of information to soak up when it comes to finding the right adjustable bed for you. Keep in mind the adjustable bed you buy should have to meet all your needs. Hopefully, the buying guide will be useful for you to choose the right one, wish you all the best!

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