Best Alpaca Blankets

Top 10 Best Alpaca Blankets Reviews 2020

Are you tired of duvets that can’t give you the comfort your body requires to sleep peacefully? You have probably tried cotton, sheep’s wool, and even synthetic fibers to no avail.

Well, it might be time to give alpaca wool a chance. Alpaca blankets are the gift that keeps on giving. You can get them in the most soothing colors imaginable, bright and exciting in some cases, muted and relaxing in others.

But the best alpaca blankets are not only appealing because of their design. Many of them are quite thin and lightweight. As such, they are easy to carry from place to place. And yet that doesn’t make them any less warm.

In fact, alpaca blankets are warmer than thicker comforters that use sheep’s wool. This is because their fibers can trap microscopic pockets of warm air. This enables them to insulate you from the cold.

There is no better bedding item, especially for people who need a blanket they can use in the bedroom, on the couch, on a plane, at a picnic; basically, any location that might require the use of a blanket.

Alpaca blankets are comfortable, hypoallergenic, and easy to care for.

What are Alpaca Blankets?

Alpaca blankets are just like any other blanket except that they are made from alpaca wool, a natural fiber that comes from alpacas. Alpaca wool is comparable to sheep’s wool but it has no lanolin.

As such, it is not only warmer and stronger but it isn’t as itchy or prickly.

Why You Should Choose Alpaca Blankets?

There are several factors that make alpaca blankets so attractive, for instance:

1). Safety

Alpaca blankets have natural antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties. They are hypoallergenic and better for human health than most other types of blankets.

2). Soft

Not only are they soft but, because they have no lanolin, they are not itchy and scratchy like sheep’s wool blankets.

3). Warm

These blankets have hollow fibers that can trap pockets of hot air. This allows them to keep you warm in cold conditions even when they have a thin and lightweight construction.

4). Temperature

Their breathability allows the blankets to regulate the sleeper’s temperature, keeping them either cool or warm depending on the situation. Their moisture-wicking properties will also keep the sleeper dry.

If you want to test all these benefits for yourself, one of the following alpaca blankets, the best on the market, is bound to suit your needs.





Desert Breeze Distributing Alpaca and Sheep Wool Blanket, Soft and Thick,...

01.  ​​Desert Breeze Distributing Alpaca and Sheep Wool Blanket

  • made from  50% Alpaca and 50% Merino Wool
  • Edges are protected
  •  Soft and Thick

Authentic Alpaca Throw Blanket - Coziness Guaranteed by Alpaca’s Best...

02. AndeanSun Authentic Alpaca Throw Blanket

  • 50% Alpaca - 35% Wool - 15% Synthetic fiber
  • Moisture wicking and antibacterial

Thick Alpaca Wool Blanket – Heavyweight Alpaca Wool Blanket for Camping...

03. Putuco Thick Alpaca Wool Blanket

  • 100% alpaca wool blanket
  • elegant Design.
  •  soft and ultra thick.
  • hassle-free refund policy.

Maloca Alpaca Lightweight Throw Blanket-100% Baby Alpaca Wool Herringbone...

04. Maloca Alpaca Lightweight Throw Blanket

  • Made from 100% Baby Alpaca Wool
  • soft, durable and luxurious.
  • Light, warm and durable.

spencer & whitney Bed Blanket Throws Wool Blanket Alpaca Wool Throw Pale...

05. Spencer and Whitney Alpaca Wool Blanket

  • 30% alpaca 70% wool
  • soft, cozy and delicate
  • OEKO TEX Certified

Thnapple Alpaca Llama Wearable Hooded Blanket

06. Thnapple Alpaca Llama Hooded Blanket


  • wearable hooded blanket
  • it has corner pockets
  •  two layers soft blanket  

Thick Alpaca Wool Blanket Heavyweight Alpaca Wool Blanket Camping Outdoors...

07. Alpaca Warehouse Thick Alpaca Wool Blanket

  • made from Alpaca Wool & Merino Wool
  • Soft, thick, cozy and long lasting
  • hassle-free refund policy

Qisu Alpaca Wool Blanket Throw | Large, Beautiful, Warm, Variegated | 85 x...

08. Qisu Alpaca Wool Throw Blanket


  • premium-grade Alpaca wool (50% Alpaca, 50% Acrylic)
  • lightweight, soft and durable
  • variety of vibrant looks

Tropical Siesta Authentic Alpaca Queen Size Blanket Throw

09.  Tropical Siesta Authentic Alpaca Throw Blanket

  • Made from Alpaca Wool (80%) and Cotton (20%)
  • soft, Lightweight but warm and durable
  • Soft and Luxurious

EE Ella Ember 100% Alpaca Wool 2 Color Luxury Blanket Throw - Herringbone...

10. EE Ella Ember Alpaca Wool Blanket

  • 100% Alpaca
  • soft, lightweight and durable

Top 10 Best Alpaca Blankets Reviews

1. Desert Breeze Distributing Alpaca and Sheep Wool Blanket

Desert Breeze Distributing Alpaca and Sheep Wool Blanket, Soft and Thick,...

This blanket is thicker than most people expect. Not only does that make it warm and cozy but it does a better job of maintaining the user’s temperature than people presume. You can blame this on the wool which has some temperature regulating properties.

People that are normally hesitant to embrace alpaca blankets should know that this one is soft and non-scratchy. The material from which it is made comes from animals that were raised in the extreme elevations and climate conditions of the Andes Mountains.

So the material is tough and sturdy, perfect for keeping the cold at bay.


The blanket is made from Alpaca wool (50%) and Merino wool (50%). Sourced from Alpacas and sheep, the wool is sorted, cleaned, and woven in a mill, becoming a thick blanket that will smell when you first receive it. But this always happens with wool. If you give it time, the smell will fade.

Style and Comfort

Available in Twin, Queen, and King Sizes, the blanket features tan, brown, and gray Earth tone stripes. The actual colors might differ from what you see in the images. But the blanket is still nice to look at.

The edges are reinforced with polyester binding to protect them; the double stitching augments the durability. The surfaces of both sides of the product have been brushed to deliver the soft and wooly texture the blanket is known for.

Even though it is quite thick, the blanket is breathable, so it is unlikely to overwhelm you with heat.

Washing and Care

You can wash the blanket in a machine with cold water and a gentle cycle. Dry cleaning and hand washing are also viable options. Use the spin cycle to remove excess water. The blanket can’t be tumble dried. Find a location away from direct heat where you can lay it flat.

If it only has minor stains, spot clean the blanket with a damp cloth.


1). Luxuriously soft

2). Multiple washing options

3). Thick, warm, and breathable

4). Durable


1). Smells when you first get it.

2). Colors are not exactly what you see in the pictures

2. AndeanSun Authentic Alpaca Throw Blanket

Authentic Alpaca Throw Blanket - Coziness Guaranteed by Alpaca’s Best...

The manufacturer endeavors to remind people that there are several counterfeit alpaca blankets on the market that are made of pure acrylic. They want their customers to understand that this is a true alpaca blanket in every way that counts, designed to balance the temperature of the sleeper.

The blanket was made for people who want a product that they can use on all occasions. It provides insulation against both hot and cold conditions. As such, you are never in any danger of overheating or cooling. It keeps you in that perfect zone in between the two extremes.


The product features wool (35%), Alpaca wool (50%), and synthetic fiber (15%). While some people might balk at the idea that this isn’t pure alpaca wool, the blanket is still soft and luxurious.

Style and Comfort

Even though it is less than 3 pounds in weight, the blanket is perfectly warm and cozy. You can impute this to the alpaca fibers which hold tiny pockets of air, delivering the best natural insulation possible against both heat and cold.

The wool can keep the user warm without overheating them because it has moisture-wicking properties that will maintain the body at the right temperature. Customers will also appreciate the antibacterial aspect of the blanket.

Washing and Care

The blanket is machine washable. Use cold water, mild detergent, and a gentle cycle. Dry it by laying it flat away from direct heat. Don’t tumble dry.


1). Machine washable

2). Moisture-wicking and antibacterial properties

3). Insulates against both hot and cold


1). Not pure wool but a blend.

3. Putuco Thick Alpaca Wool Blanket

Thick Alpaca Wool Blanket – Heavyweight Alpaca Wool Blanket for Camping...

If you hate winter because your blankets just can’t keep you warm, you will appreciate this product. The blankets that most people use fail because they are thin and made from synthetic materials that are not designed to keep the cold out.

Available in King, Queen, and Twin sizes, this is a blanket with a difference, luxuriously thick and heavy but also light enough that you can take it with you wherever you go.

You can use it at home, on camping trips, during sporting events; basically, any location and situation that requires a blanket. This might be the coziest, warmest blanket you have ever encountered.

The manufacturers are so confident in their product that they have a hassle-free refund policy in place for unsatisfied customers.


The blanket comes from Peru. It is made from Alpaca wool which is why it is so thick and warm. It is supposed to survive several years of extensive use, which is why the manufacturer encourages you to take it out for camping trips. It will stand up to the rigors of the wilderness. This is what you expect from organic material like wool.

Style and Comfort

The blanket comes in a variety of stunning color combinations. It features a thick construction that will block out the cold. But you don’t have to worry about overheating because the blanket is still breathable. It will maintain your body at the right temperature.

The people that have used it agree that it is neither itchy nor scratchy.

Washing and Care

You can wash the blanket in a machine with cold water and a gentle cycle.


1). Hassle-Free Refund

2). Warm and cozy but also breathable

3). Portable. You can take it with you wherever you go.


1). Sheds

4. Maloca Alpaca Lightweight Throw Blanket

Maloca Alpaca Lightweight Throw Blanket-100% Baby Alpaca Wool Herringbone...

This blanket comes all the way from Peru. It only weighs 1.2 pounds which isn’t surprising because it is a throw blanket. Because it is made from Alpaca wool, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that the item is gorgeous and incredibly soft.

You can use it during a sporting event or even on a plane without any shame.


The blanket is made from baby alpaca wool which is the highest grade of wool in the world. Baby alpaca wool is stronger and softer than any other blanket material you have ever encountered. The fibers of the wool are woven so tightly that you never have to worry about the item unraveling or shedding.

Style and Comfort

Alpaca wool is superior to sheep’s wool because the fibers trap microscopic pockets of air. This allows the blanket to keep you incredibly warm even though it is so light.

The product is available in multiple colors. So you shouldn’t have a problem finding one that fits your style. It is hypoallergenic. The absence of lanolin means that it is neither itchy nor scratchy. The material feels somewhat silky against the skin.

Washing and Care

You should contact the manufacturer for details on the best way to wash this blanket.


1). Hypoallergenic

2). Soft, warm, and durable.

3). Made from 100 percent Baby Alpaca Wool


1). Thin

5. Spencer and Whitney Alpaca Wool Blanket

spencer & whitney Bed Blanket Throws Wool Blanket Alpaca Wool Throw Pale...

‘Spencer and Whitney’ takes pride in the fact that it has been in business for over seventy years. It also takes pride in its wide assortment of high quality but affordable bedding items of which this blanket is one.

Even though this is wool and it is soft and warm, the blanket is one of the cheapest on this list which might come as a surprise to people that are accustomed to dishing out much larger sums for items of this sort.

The blanket is organic and it has OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certification to prove it. So you can use the blanket knowing full well that you are not contributing to the destruction of the environment.


The blanket is made from wool and a wool blend. The manufacturer calls it Australian Wool. The material is delicate but long-lasting, designed to regulate the temperature of the people who sleep under it.

Style and Comfort

As was mentioned above, the blanket is temperature regulating. At 2 pounds, it is quite light. You can use it in your bed, on your couch, on camping trips, on a plane, wherever you see fit. You can even use it as a shawl if you want. This is a portable, reasonably sized product, a beautiful apricot and white striped item that can just as easily work as a decorative tool.

The product is damp-proof and resistant to moths. Though, it seems to have a shedding problem.

Washing and Care

The blanket appears to be machine washable. But you should contact the manufacturer for more accurate details on the washing and maintenance process.


1). Eco-friendly

2). Beautiful and decorative

3). Lightweight


1). Sheds

6. Thnapple Alpaca Llama Hooded Blanket

Thnapple Alpaca Llama Wearable Hooded Blanket

This is the perfect gift for both children and adults. It acts as a blanket that you can throw over your body. You can also wear it like a make-shift robe with a hood. This tells you everything you need to know about its portability. You can take the blanket with you wherever you go. At 2.35 pounds, it exerts very little pressure. And at 60 inches x 49 inches, it is small enough that you don’t have to worry about it getting in the way as you walk.


The blanket is made from wool. Though, it is unclear as to whether it is pure alpaca wool or a blend. The people that have used it agree that it is quite soft and, at the end of the day, this is all that matters.

Style and Comfort

The product has two layers that keep the user extremely warm and comfortable. There is enough space beneath the blanket for both kids and adults to snuggle into. The blanket comes with a wearable hood and pockets for your hands.

When you pull it over your head, it looks like an Alpaca Llama with real hooves.

Washing and Care

The product is machine washable


1). Extremely cozy with two layers

2). It has a wearable design with a hood and pockets for the hands

3). Soft

7. Alpaca Warehouse Thick Alpaca Wool Blanket

Thick Alpaca Wool Blanket Heavyweight Alpaca Wool Blanket Camping Outdoors...

This is a thick and warm blanket that you can take with you wherever you go. At 6 pounds, it is somewhat heavy. But that works in your favor because you can trust the item to keep you warm even when you’re outdoors.

You can sit on it during a picnic in the park, lie under it in bed, and even snuggle with it on the couch. It comes in a variety of sizes (Twin and Queen) designed to fit any situation that might arise.


The product is a blend of Alpaca Wool and Merino Wool. This is why it is so warm. The alpaca wool traps pockets of air within its fibers, blocking out the cold even in extreme conditions.

Alpaca wool is also durable, woven tightly to prevent it from unraveling. You can trust it to stand the test of time.

Style and Comfort

The blanket is available in several stunning colors ranging from leaf green to soft brown. Some of the blankets have interesting patterns cutting through the colors. Because this is soft, brushed alpaca wool, it doesn’t itch as much as other blankets of this ilk.

The material comes from Peru, so it is organic and eco-friendly. If it fails to meet your expectations—the blanket has been known to shed—you can mitigate your financial losses by taking advantage of the hassle-free refund policy.

Washing and Care

The product can be washed in a machine. Though, for the best results, you are better off dry cleaning it.


1). Hassle-free refund policy

2). Variety of stunning colors and designs

3). Ultra-soft and never itchy.


1). Sheds

8. Qisu Alpaca Wool Throw Blanket

Qisu Alpaca Wool Blanket Throw | Large, Beautiful, Warm, Variegated | 85 x...

There is some debate as to whether this blanket is made from real alpaca wool or acrylic. Some people doubt the claim that it has alpaca wool in its construction because it is made in Ecuador and the number of alpacas in the country is too small to support the mass production of wool blankets.

This is why they think that the blanket is pure acrylic. But the manufacturer argues that there are plenty of alpaca herds in the country to support their manufacturing needs. The people that have used the blanket have praised it for being soft and smooth against the skin, no different from real wool.

As such, whether this is real wool or acrylic, it seems to produce the same results.


According to the manufacturer, the blanket is made from acrylic (50 percent) and alpaca wool (50 percent). The product is handmade by skilled artisans in Ecuador which is why it looks so natural.

Style and Comfort

Because this is alpaca wool, it is quite warm and soft. But in case you are worried about overheating, the product is also breathable, keeping you properly ventilated throughout the night.

The artisans that produce the blankets incorporate a variety of unique colors and natural designs that give each blanket a distinct appearance. As such, the blanket you will receive is warm, hypoallergenic, and water-resistant but also nice to look at.

It doesn’t scratch or itch like sheep wool. And at 1.65 pounds, it is light enough for you to take with you wherever you go. It is worth noting that the color and size might differ slightly from what is described and shown in the pictures.

Washing and Care

The product is delicate, so it should be dry cleaned. If you want to use a washing machine, use a gentle cycle.


1). Warm and breathable

2). Soft and lightweight

3). Hypoallergenic and water-resistant


1). Not pure alpaca wool

9. Tropical Siesta Authentic Alpaca Throw Blanket

Tropical Siesta Authentic Alpaca Queen Size Blanket Throw

This blanket is not pure alpaca wool. But it has enough alpaca wool in its construction to give you all the benefits for which the material is known. Some people think that they are better off getting a blanket made from sheep’s wool. But that would be a mistake.

Alpaca wool blankets are three times stronger and five times warmer. There is no comparison between the two. Another advantage of this blanket is its size. At 90 inches x 68 inches, it is so large, giving you more versatility with regards to the potential uses.

But at 1.85 pounds, it is also quite light, allowing you to take it wherever you go.


The blanket is made from alpaca wool (80%) and Cotton/Poly-Cotton (20%). This combination gives the blanket the perfect blend of strength and comfort.

Style and Comfort

This is a thin blanket. It has also been known to shed. But it will still keep you warm because the alpaca fibers have the ability to retain tiny pockets of air. You can get it in several colors, some of them solid, some of them patterned.

The item comes from Ecuador which has a reputation for producing beautiful, hand-made, hypoallergenic bedding items.

Washing and Care

The blanket should be dry cleaned. If you must use a washing machine, place the blanket in a tied pillowcase before inserting it into the machine. Use a gentle cycle. When it comes to drying, lay the blanket on a flat surface away from direct heat. Let it air dry. Do not hang it.


1). Hypoallergenic

2). Lightweight and large

3). Extremely soft and warm


1). Thin

2). Sheds

10. EE Ella Ember Alpaca Wool Blanket

EE Ella Ember 100% Alpaca Wool 2 Color Luxury Blanket Throw - Herringbone...

This is such a versatile blanket, so beautiful that it can be used to add flair to your bedroom or couch. It comes from Bolivia’s Highlands where it is made specifically for the manufacturer using the highest quality Alpaca yarn.

You don’t have to worry about shedding. The blanket is also woven in a manner that will prevent it from unraveling. Because it is so lightweight, you can travel with it. You can store it in airtight plastic bags if you want to take it with you on a plane.


The blanket features 100 percent Alpaca wool. There are no blends here. The product is hand-woven to guarantee its strength and durability.

Style and Comfort

Because it is made from alpaca wool, the product is hypoallergenic, insulating, and water-resistant. It is breathable, so it can keep you warm without overwhelming your body with heat. And even though it is thin, you can still trust it to block out the cold. The color options are limited. But the designs are muted, natural and earthy, capable of fitting into any decoration style you have in mind.

Washing and Care

You can either wash it with a machine or dry clean it. If you want to use a machine, use cold water and a gentle cycle. When drying the blanket, lay it on a flat surface.


1). Hypoallergenic and water-resistant

2). Warm, cozy, and breathable

3). It does not shed.


1). Limited color options

2). Thin

Alpaca Blankets Buying Guide

Alpaca blankets are easy enough to find these days. But that ease of accessibility has also made choosing the right blanket difficult. This is because there are so many options to consider. If you are struggling to narrow your options down, keep the following in mind:

1). Origins

The best alpaca blankets come from Peru. This is not the only country that makes alpaca blankets. But if you want peace of mind, if you want to know for certain that your blanket is the real deal, find one that comes from Peru.

Peru has plenty of alpacas. So you can trust that the blankets coming out of the country are made from real alpaca wool.

2). Material

You need to consider the material that was used to make your blanket. Alpaca wool is not all the same. There is a difference in quality. Baby alpaca wool is the best of the bunch. If your blanket is made from pure baby alpaca wool, you can trust its quality.

Some blankets constitute a blend of alpaca wool and some other material like synthetic fibers. There are cases where the blend makes the blanket better because it strengthens certain properties. There are also cases where the blend weakens the blanket.

3). Manufacturing process

Alpaca wool blankets that are handmade are expensive because they are made more precisely. This allows them to manifest a stronger construction with more attractive colors and designs.

Machine-made mass-produced blankets, on the other hand, are cheaper because they are not as precise or attractive in their appearance. Most manufacturers will tell you whether their blankets were handmade or machine-made.

4). Washing

All blankets get dirty. So the washing and maintenance process matters. Some blankets are beautiful but they require dry cleaning which is an inconvenience. Others are not as attractive but you can wash them easily with a machine.

You need to determine whether or not you are willing to deal with the inconvenience associated with the maintenance of some of the more expensive blankets.

5). Weight

Weight is an issue of preference. You can find alpaca blankets that are so thin yet so warm. But some people prefer thicker, heavier blankets. So it comes down to your desires. Do you want a lightweight throw blanket that you can carry from place to place or a heavyweight bedding item that never leaves your bed?

Best Alpaca Blanket FAQs

Is Alpaca Better than Wool?

Unlike wool which is similar to fur, alpaca is more like hair. It has hollow fibers that trap pockets of hair. This makes it three times warmer, five times stronger, lighter, and more durable than wool.

Is Alpaca Eco-Friendly?

Alpaca wool is eco-friendly. It is extracted safely from animals that have a light footprint and low impact. They are not harmed in anyway.

Is Alpaca Wool Breathable?

Alpaca wool is breathable. It has moisture wicking properties that allow alpaca blankets to keep the sleeper dry on warm nights.

How to Store Alpaca Blanket?

1). Clean the blanket. Follow the washing steps suggested by the manufacturer.

2). Make sure that the blanket is dry.

3). Place it in a breathable case such as a pillowcase, cedar chest, or paper bag.

4). Place the blanket in a cool, dry location. Keep it away from products made from cashmere or sheep’s wool. Otherwise, they might fall prey to moths.

Can You Unshrink Alpaca Wool?

Because alpaca wool is like hair, you can unshrink it by following these steps:

1). Get a bucket of warm water

2). Add some hair conditioner to it. Make sure it has dissolved into the water. You should also use twice the amount you normally use on yourself.

3). Place your alpaca wool item in the water. Let it sit there for an hour.

4). Rinse it in warm water before rolling it in a bath towel to absorb the water.

5). Lay it outside and let it dry. By the time you retrieve it, it should have recovered.


To buy the right alpaca blankets, you need to consider as many options as possible. Fortunately, you have ten of the best alpaca blankets to choose from in the list above. As you can see, these are warm and cozy items. Most of them are lightweight and thin but they can still keep the cold at bay.

And yet all their price tags are friendly. There is no item on the list that is excessively pricey. So you cannot fail to find at least one product among the blankets above that can suit your needs.

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