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Top 5 Best Bamboo Blankets Reviews 2020

Why are bamboo blankets suddenly so popular? What happened to cotton, sateen, mink and their ilk? Since when was it no longer sufficient to pluck any blanket you found off the shelf?

Don’t they all perform the same function? Well, that is the problem. A lot of people believe that all blankets are the same but that isn’t even remotely true.

Fleece blankets, for instance, are perfectly warm and cozy. But they retain far too much heat.

Cotton is more breathable. But there is a limit to the amount of moisture it can absorb whilst also keeping you cool or warm depending on the climate.

Bamboo works because it is the best of all worlds. It isn’t just beautiful like silk or warm like Minky Dot Fleece or breathable like cotton. Bamboo blankets are also more absorbent than any other fabric. This is on top of being renewable, incredibly soft, and wrinkle resistant. There is no better option. So, We have written this article for you by choosing the 10 best bamboo blankets from all the best blankets in the market.

What is Bamboo Blanket?

Bamboo blankets are made from raw material sourced from the bamboo plant.

Tailors have spent thousands of years using bamboo fibers in towels, blankets, sheets and everything in between because the material has unparalleled moisture wicking and temperature regulating abilities.

The method used to process the bamboo fiber will determine the type of bamboo fabric you get.

 The Bamboo fiber is amazing. But that doesn’t mean that every bamboo blanket featuring bamboo fiber is equally amazing. Some bamboo blankets are simply superior to others, this resulting from the processes used to make them.

If you can’t be bothered to do the hard work of sifting through a few thousand bamboo blankets to locate the best one. To get the best bamboo blanket, you can just select one of the following:

Top 5 Best Bamboo Blankets Reviews

01. Golden Ocean Home Decor Bamboo Blanket

Super Cozy 100% Bamboo Fiber Blanket. Ultra Softness and smothness Like...

Bamboo blankets are expensive but this one more than justifies its price tag. You are basically guaranteed a product that is not only light and cool enough to act as a sheet but also heavy enough to fulfill its objectives as a blanket by keeping you warm.Despite its heaviness, the blanket is very breathable. It will keep you as cool or as warm as required. It has micro-gaps and holes that enable it to essentially deliver natural ventilation.

Used Materials

The blanket is made from Bamboo Viscose (100 percent) and nothing else. That makes it softer than silk and smoother than a baby’s skin even while maintaining its breathability and moisture-wicking attributes.

Comfort Levels

As mentioned above, the Bamboo Viscose material makes the blanket incredibly soft and smooth. So you can achieve amazing levels of comfort regardless of whether you are sleeping under the blanket in a bed or simply wrapping it around your shoulders as you watch television in your living room.

You can get the blanket in Queen Size (86 inches x 86 inches) and twin-size. That is more than enough to keep you cozy on a sofa and to encompass the mattress in your bedroom.

The blanket comes in ballad blue, silver-grey, wheat, and cream. The color options are unfortunately limited.

Style and Durability

While the color options are definitely limited, as mentioned above, the blanket’s attractive texture provides adequate compensation. The product has an elegance that you can only blame on the twill structure.

This is why it is perfectly suitable as a blanket in your bedroom, a bed sheet on your mattress and a comfortable wrapper in your sitting room. It also has a heavy build that adds to its durability.

Washing and Care Instructions

The blanket is machine washable. Use room temperature water and keep the dryer on low. The same goes for ironing. Dry cleaning is the safest option, though.

For Warranty and Guarantee Information you have to contact the manufacturer. 


  •  The blanket is made from bamboo viscose which is both soft and durable, superior even to Egyptian Cotton and Silk.  
  • The blanket is thin but it is heavy enough to keep you sufficiently warm.
  • As mentioned above, the twill structure makes for a very elegant blanket.


  • The blanket comes with a mild smell that is common for organic products. But some people might find it annoying, though it fades after a few washes.

02. Lushrobe Premium Bamboo Throw Blanket

Bamboo Throw Blanket Ultra Soft Natural Premium for Couch Sofa Bed with...

This Lushrobe blanket is the gift that keeps on giving. Do you want to use it as a cushion for movie nights, a blanket on your mattress, a cuddling platform at the beach, possibly even a table during a picnic?

It will exceed expectations in all those scenarios and more. Take it out on a boat if you want. The blanket was designed to serve you at all times in all scenarios and most consumers seem to agree that it delivers on its promises. Additionally, The Turkish Cotton contributes to the blanket’s stylish look. The twisted handmade fringes add an unexpected flair.

Used Materials

The blanket is made from ultra-soft bamboo (70 percent) and Turkish cotton (30 percent). That enables it to add a layer of softness and comfort to any surface upon which you throw it.

Comfort Levels

People look at the bamboo in the product’s list of ingredients and they forget that the product was also made using natural Turkish cotton, material from the Mediterranean the finest artisans used to make this blanket incredibly soft and smooth.

The blanket is supposed to be compact and portable but it is also taller and larger than you think (90 inches x 62 inches), more than capable of covering two people.

The manufacturer describes the color of this blanket as natural. Some people might appreciate the opportunity it gives them to deploy neutral colors in their homes. Others might hate the limited options.

Style and Durability

As mentioned above, the blanket comes in a neutral color. That might look like a disadvantage until you realize that the blanket can fit anywhere. You can throw it on your sofa, on a bench outside, on the sandy floor of a beach and it will acclimate perfectly to its environment.

And if you worry that the blanket might wear out in external environments, you should know that it is double-sided and sturdy. It will stand the test of time. The blanket can be returned within thirty days for a full refund if you are not satisfied.

Washing and Care Instructions

The blanket is machine washable. Use cold water.


  • The blanket is machine washable. 
  •  It can survive in both internal and external environments.
  • The blanket is so large that you might have to fold it once to use it as an individual.
  • The blanket is as smooth as it is soft against the skin.


  •  Some people do not like how thin the blanket looks.
  • It has a slight odor.

03. Marcini Bamboo Cotton Blanket

Marcini Bamboo Fiber Cotton Throw Blanket - Grey

This Marcini throw blanket is nice in every sense of the word. It lacks the thickness that people typically associate with warm blankets but it will keep you warm on the coldest of nights.

It will do this while looking stylish and attractive in every environment in which you use it. Forget about all those other cheap but dull-colored throw blankets. This blanket can do so much for you.

Used Materials

You might be wondering why this blanket is so nice. The answer is simple: it is made from a Bamboo Rayon (80 percent) and Cotton (20 percent) blend. That means it takes the warmth and breathability of cotton and it augments them using the bamboo.

Comfort Levels

What else can you expect from a bamboo/cotton blend other than the softest of blankets? The renewable bamboo used in this item’s creation is incredibly soft, so much so that it will feel right at home on a mattress, a sofa or even a recliner.

At 50 inches x 60 inches, this blanket is a perfect size. It isn’t too large but neither is it too small. Rather, you get just enough.

This is where the blanket shines. You can get it in Beige, Burgundy, Green, Purple, Orange, and grey. And because of the renewable bamboo mentioned above, these colors are so rich and inviting.

Style and Durability

Anything that is made from the pulp of Bamboo stalk is going to be lightweight and attractive, and that is true for this blanket which has a warm texture and handmade fringes at the ends which give it so much flair.

The blanket doesn’t feel intrusive no matter the place you position it. And even though it is lightweight, the bamboo/cotton blend will keep it together even after multiple washes.

The blanket must be returned thirty days from the invoice date if you want a refund. The entire package must be intact. Depending on circumstances, you might be charged a 15 percent restocking fee.

Washing and Care Instructions

The blanket can be machine washed and dried. But you have to use a delicate cycle and low-temperature settings.


  • The blanket is lightweight but quite warm
  • The colors and its thickness enable you to use it in a multitude of locations.
  • The blanket has a subtle design that allows it to improve any space in which you throw it.
  • The Bamboo/Rayon blend guarantees optimal comfort and softness.


  • The colors grow dull when you wash the blanket many times.

04. YnM Weighted Bamboo Viscose Blanket

YnM Bamboo Weighted Blanket — 100% Natural Bamboo Viscose Oeko-Tex...

Weighted blankets are nothing new. They are designed to help you fall asleep and to keep you asleep. But they also tend to get quite hot. So people who sweat a lot when they sleep avoid them.

But this particular weighted blanket is made from bamboo viscose. Yes, it is heavy but the bamboo will allow it to maintain a cool and comforting environment. 

Used Materials

The blanket is a technological marvel. As mentioned above, it is made from pure bamboo viscose (100 percent). But it also has glass beads and thinner polyfill which are used to exert the weight it applies to the human body.

So you get the benefits of a weighted blanket and the advantages of bamboo fiber.

Comfort Levels

Everything mentioned above should give you an idea of what you can expect. On the one hand, the glass beads and the poly-fill and overall weight of the blanket will make you feel like you are being held.

And what can be more comfortable than a hug while you sleep? On the other hand, if you are a hot sleeper and if the heaviness has a tendency to make you sweat, the bamboo will wick the sweat away, keeping you perfectly dry and comfortable.

This blanket is available in sizes ranging from 41 inches x 60 inches and 7 pounds to 80 inches x 87 inches and 25 pounds. You need to find a size that matches your height and weight.

Otherwise, the blanket will exert either too much or too little weight, and you don’t want that.

With most weighted blankets, colors don’t matter. But this bamboo blanket comes in solid colors like Blue Grey and printed patterns. So you can enjoy the attributes of the blanket whilst also appreciating its aesthetic.

Style and Durability

Again, weighted blankets are not known for their style. But you will absolutely love the cute printed patterns of this product. You can blame its incredible durability on the 3D Sewing method that prevents the beads from leaking.

The blanket has a three-year warranty but that applies specifically to mending in cases where the blanket is damaged.

Washing and Care

You can machine wash this blanket but if it is too heavy for your machine, try spot cleaning. You are encouraged to keep the blanket in a best bamboo duvet cover.


  • The product is ultra-soft and smooth.
  • The blanket is hypoallergenic and antibacterial
  • The design of the blanket makes it cool to the touch, perfect for hot sleepers.
  • The 3D Sewing method prevents the glass beads from leaking.


  • If you are a hot sleeper, you might require a fan during the summer because the weight of the blanket could make it unbearably hot.
  •  You need about a week to grow accustomed to the blanket’s weight.

05. Royal Bedding Abripedic Blanket

Royal Bedding Abripedic Bamboo Fiber Filled Blanket, Down Alternative Duvet...

This blanket is perfect. Yes, it is fluffy but it isn’t too heavy. Yes, it is warm, but even in warm regions, it is never stuffy or overbearing. It is just light enough, heavy enough, warm enough, and cool enough to keep you happy.

Used Materials

The product is made from luxury bamboo fiber (70 percent) and down-alternative-fill (30 percent). This is what allows it to replicate the quality you find in the bedding that great hotels use.

Comfort Levels

As was implied above, this blanket feels like a cloud when you use it. It is so ridiculously fluffy and yet it won’t suffocate you. Royal Bedding gave it the perfect proportions.

You can get this item in King/Cal-King, Twin/Twin-XL, and Full/Queen.

This blanket comes in white which is restrictive but interesting. It definitively forces you to apply some creativity with regards to the style of your bedding and the way it contrasts with your bedroom’s décor.

Style and Durability

Your opinion of this blanket’s style will depend on your preferences. Ultimately, you only get it in white. So that will either appeal to you or it won’t. For the most part, this looks just like any other blanket.

The 300 thread count guarantees a reasonably strong build. But that doesn’t mean it will stand up to excessive wear and tear. You need to contact the manufacturer for more information

Washing and Care

Wash it in cold water and dry on a low heat setting. The blanket is suitable for washing machines and dryers.


  • The 300 TC cotton shell will augment the blanket’s lifespan
  • The 750+ fill power and 76-ounce fill are guaranteed to deliver sufficient softness and comfort.
  • The box stitching will prevent shifting.
  • The product is breathable, capable of maintaining a cool atmosphere in warm weather.
  • The blanket is hypoallergenic


  • The color options are limited
  • Some consumers have complained that the product is too heavy.


Some of these blankets will set you back a little more drastically than others in terms of money. But don’t let your wallet make any of your decisions. Even the most expensive of these blankets have features that justify its price tag.

Focus on attributes and construction. They won’t steer you wrong.

On the other hand, the best bamboo comforter can give you a higher level of cool and comfort than a bamboo blanket. You may choose bamboo comforter instead of a bamboo blanket for your sleeping.

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