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7 Best Bamboo Pillows in 2021 – Deep Diving Into the Details

The National Sleep Foundation suggests that a healthy adult should get a minimum of 8-9 hours of sleep during the day. While some people do get to enjoy the benefits of a good night’s sleep, some people tend to have a restless night, waking up groggy and tired in the morning. Every element in your bedroom plays a crucial role in your sleep cycle.

Bamboo Pillows

Be it the comfortable mattress you are sleeping on, the temperature of the room that you are in, or even the kind of dinner that you have had at night before your bedtime. Everything, in a way, is correlated in ways we don’t even have any idea or recollection of. However, amidst all the elements, one that particularly stands out is the pillows. Be it a shredded memory foam pillow or one of the best bamboo pillows that you have come across in the market, there are so many factors that contribute to your good night’s sleep.

The popularization of bamboo in the mainstream world has pushed more and more people to look into bamboo pillows and consider their benefits over the traditional ones. While the majority of the best bamboo pillows are marketed as trendy and luxurious on the hands, they are pretty amazing when it comes to improving your health and well-being in the long run.

However, with the sudden popularity of bamboo as raw material, there has been a range of lingering misconceptions and myths on the internet that people have taken note of. Our objective with this article is to provide our readers with a transparent outlook on everything related to bamboo pillows and why they are one of the best investments you could make for your sleep schedule.

7 Best Bamboo Pillows in 2021

What is a Bamboo Pillow?

Bamboo pillows are ones made with bamboo fibers that are extracted from tall, woody grass. Not only are they designed to provide comfort but they are designed for the optimal health of the individuals that are sleeping on them. Since they are derived from natural fibers, they are not just durable but also hypoallergenic so they wouldn’t make you break out whatsoever.

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While the cover of the bamboo pillows is made from derived natural fibers from the bamboo tree, the filling is done with shredded memory foam to ensure better firmness yet comfort while the person is sleeping on it throughout the day.

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Both the bamboo fibers and the foam come together to provide the users with a comfortable night’s sleep without causing an allergic reaction or other complications that other fabric pillows could. Aside from the shredded memory foam, there are a few other types of bamboo pillows that are filled with gel-infused memory foam for better firmness around the neck and the head of the individual.

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The PLX Store Bamboo Pillows is a good example of the best bamboo pillow with shredded memory foam. However, if you are into solid memory foam, the BedStory Memory Foam Pillow is a good alternative to consider buying.

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What are the Benefits of Bamboo Pillow?

Although quite a popular trend in the market with the bamboo shredded memory foam pillows, not many people are still convinced about the benefits. There are possible lingering questions on whether it is even worth the price you pay in the end.

Let us walk you through some of the benefits of the best bamboo pillows that you can get your hands on:

Has antimicrobial properties

The first and possibly the most unique benefit of the bamboo pillow is its antimicrobial properties. Thanks to the durable and naturally sourced bamboo fibers, you wouldn’t have to worry about creepers all over your body without you knowing. This is one of the main reasons why bamboo pillows are considered ideal for individuals who have sensitive skin.

The reason behind the antimicrobial properties is all thanks to the bamboo Kun. This element is resistant to bacteria and other germs that could cause issues with your health. It prevents bacterial buildup and also soaks in all the excess sweat that you have throughout the nighttime.

Moisture-wicking properties

Another reason why investing in a memory foam bamboo pillow wouldn’t be a waste is all thanks to the moisture-wicking properties it has. If you are someone who struggles with over sweating, especially during the night, you are going to enjoy sleeping on a bamboo pillow.

Bamboo trees have a naturally cool touch to them, which reflects on the pillows too. This means that you wouldn’t have to worry about the risks of overheating during the night when you are sleeping. Also, the bamboo pillows come with micro-gaps and holes that ensure better breathability of the material and having a comfortable night’s sleep.

It has hypoallergenic properties

Next on the list of benefits of using bamboo pillows is that they are hypoallergenic. This means that if you have extremely sensitive skin or allergy problems that flare up even with the smallest trigger, you will enjoy sleeping on a bamboo pillow without any risks.

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Also, the high absorbent power of the pillow prevents the growth of molds and mildews on the fabric, preventing further risks of damage in the long run. This type of pillow is especially amazing for people who struggle with dust or mold allergies and have a back reaction to the same.

The Sleepsia Store Bamboo Pillow is a pretty amazing and premium quality hypoallergenic bamboo pillow that you can consider investing your money in. It is available in different size options to accommodate the needs of every person.

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Stays cool throughout the night

Don’t you hate it when pillows get warm on one side pretty quickly through the night? Well, with the memory foam bamboo pillow, you wouldn’t have to worry about that anymore. The pillow is designed and constructed with bamboo fibers, which means that it will stay cool throughout the night.

Also, thanks to the micro-gaps in the fabric of the bamboo pillow, it keeps a check on the natural ventilation system in the body. Doing this also regulates your body temperature throughout the night, something that is considered ideal for getting a good night’s sleep.

On the contrary, the gaps in the fiber also help trap in warm air during the winter months when the air around you is cold. So, not only is the memory foam bamboo pillow going to regulate your sleep during the summer months, it takes care of the same during the harsh winter months too.

It is a sustainable option

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With the kind of impact that human civilization has put on the planet, it is time we make a switch to more sustainable sources and bamboo is one of them. Since bamboo is grass, it grows pretty quickly and doesn’t impact the environment. Also, it is an extremely adaptable type of grass and can grow anywhere with proper assistance.

Also, the reason why they are considered a superior option is that they don’t require any kinds of chemicals or fertilizers to grow. So, everything used is natural and that reflects on the properties of the bamboo fibers that are used to make the best bamboo pillow like the Niagara Sleep Solution Pillows.

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It reduces snoring

If you struggle with wheezing and snoring complications during your sleep, chances are that you might have sleep apnea. Getting it diagnosed as early as possible can reduce risks and fatalities. That aside, even obesity or being overweight can make you snore throughout the night. If someone is telling you that you are snoring throughout the day, getting help is important.

Sleeping on a bamboo pillow made with solid memory foam is quite beneficial in that prospect. The soft, flexible, and comfortable shape of the bamboo pillows help reduce the risks of snoring that most people often tend to complain about. The structure of the pillow conforms to the movement of the individual, allowing them to have a good night’s sleep.

It is portable

While not many people believe this but if you are particular about your pillow and sleeping style, chances are that you wouldn’t have to worry about the same with the bamboo pillows. Since they are so flexible and comfortable to hold, it isn’t surprising that they compress easily, which means that you can fold them in and then carry them with you as your travel companion.

Also, the memory foam inside the pillow can be easily flattened out, meaning that you wouldn’t have a hard time sorting things out when it comes to this. The All That Jazz The Best Bamboo Travel Pillow is just the right one that you need.

It offers adjustability

Another reason why bamboo shredded memory foam pillows are so popular is because of how well it conforms to the body of the individual. The memory foam inside them conforms to the shape and bend of the neck and head, enabling you to have a comfortable night’s sleep, despite your sleeping position.

If the shredded memory foam doesn’t work for you, you can opt for the solid memory foam or the gel-infused memory foam, for that matter.

How is a Bamboo Pillow Made?

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Now that you know about the benefits of the best bamboo pillow, the next thing we need to focus on is the process of making it. Is it made like any other pillow or does it require a special process to go around?

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The first part of the process is the collection of the raw material, aka the bamboo. The bamboo is generally processed to then extract the fibers that are then used to make the cover of the bamboo pillow that you are seeing on. The process is pretty much the same for every brand. They break down the bamboo, hydrolyze it and then extract the fibers for further processing and making them smooth enough for the pillows.

Once the cover is done making from the bamboo fibers, the next step is to focus on the filling. You can have shredded memory foam like in that of the REMOCAHOME Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam Bed Pillow or you can have the gel-infused options with the COHOME 3 Inch Gel-Infused Memory Foam. It all comes down to personal preferences.

When it comes to the processing of the bamboo fibers and extraction, the process can be done using two different technologies, including:

  • Viscose Rayon Manufacturing Process
  • Semi-Synthetic Viscose Rayon Pillow Processing

You might be a little disappointed to know that what you likely thought was 100% bamboo fiber is technically just the cover with filling. This is to make it more accessible and easy to manufacture. The memory foam fill is done to adjust to the sleep position of the individual without any notable discomfort.

How is a Bamboo Pillow Made

Unless you are getting the cheaper processed rayon with a fraction of bamboo, you will have to pay a good price for getting your hands on the bamboo viscose material.

What are the Downsides to Buying a Bamboo Pillow?

Like the opposite side to a coin, even a bamboo pillow comes with a few downsides that are worth considering before you make the final purchase. Bamboo-derived pillows are indeed hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant but it comes with a few disadvantages too.

Some of them include:

1. Risks of off-gassing

Although quite a rare occurrence, it is something that you need to be mindful of. This happens when the natural and organic bamboo fibers come in contact with the memory foam fill, which is manmade. It can be shredded or even gel memory foam. If you aren’t aware of what it means, it is the harsh chemical fumes that come off of the buildup of synthetic gases.

These are nothing but volatile organic compounds that are found in a majority of the odorous items around the house.

2. Poor packaging

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While not many side sleepers will notice but since the bamboo pillows are filled with memory foam fill, they are often simply vacuum sealed and packed, which means that the duration the pillow has been in that position will affect its overall structure and shape. This means that it can come out looking funky by the time you pull it out of the vacuum seal.

In such cases, you need to opt for products like the GREAT EARTH’S – Organic Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow that come with superior packaging that holds everything in without causing any damage.

3. Adjusting takes time

Although the bamboo memory foam indeed conforms to your head and neck movements, there are still issues when it comes to adjusting. Like any other pillow, even with a bamboo pillow, you do need some extra time to adjust to the shape of the pillows. You will have to test out the shape, placement, and positioning of the pillow before you get comfortable for good.

4. Messy filling

Okay, while this might not hold for the gel memory foam since it is in a single piece, this is true for the shredded memory foam filling. They get all-around in the cover, making it extremely difficult for you to attain a comfortable position that you can sleep in. If you have an adjustable bamboo pillow where you can insert and take out the filling, chances are that you will have a hard time getting the right density of the pillow.

Also, the constant filling in and out of the pillow makes everything scattered around, making it extremely difficult for you to get the static comfort that you are likely seeking from the pillow.

5. Heavy-weight

Since the bamboo pillows are mostly filled with different categories of memory foam, it isn’t surprising that people are often put off by the heavy weight of the material. Even with the shredded memory foam, the weight is pretty tangible. However, they do come with their fair share of air pockets that allow you to have a comfortable redistribution of the weight for a comfortable sleep at night.

6. Cleaning and maintenance

Pillow maintenance and cleaning is hands down the most complicated task that you will come across. When it comes to bamboo pillows, the majority of the pillow covers are machine washable, meaning that you wouldn’t have to worry about giving in your extra efforts into it.

However, if you are throwing the entire pillow in with the memory foam inside, that is going to end up causing issues. We’d recommend not doing that at all since the memory foam isn’t machine washable.

Quick Facts about Bamboo Pillows You Didn’t Know About

While you are here looking through all the basic information about bamboo-derived pillows, there are a few quick facts about the bamboo cover and body pillow that you likely didn’t know about. They include:

It contains minimal bamboo

Just because we are talking about bamboo-derived pillows doesn’t mean that 100% of the fabric is made of bamboo fibers. Not only is it impossible, but it will also make the pillow extremely fragile. The commercially available pillows are generally filled with memory foam and the bamboo cover is present on the exterior to regulate your body temperature and offer optimal comfort.

It is enclosed in viscose-rayon

When we are talking about bamboo-derived materials, viscose rayon is a product that is primarily used in pillows. While you might have the notion that the process is completely natural, that isn’t the case at all. Extracting the viscose rayon material involves a lot of chemical treatments.

It is not an organic process

Making bamboo pillows might be eco-friendly to an extent but it isn’t a 100% organic process. This means that it involves risks of chemical treatments and other processes that you likely don’t have any idea about. Most of these involve chemicals like carbon disulfide.

Is hypoallergic a myth?

Although brands do claim that bamboo pillows come with hypoallergenic protection, is it even a thing? For the most part, it is considered a hit or miss, depending on the percentage of bamboo fibers that are being used in the making of bamboo pillows.

It isn’t for curing head and neck pain

If you had a notion that sleeping on a bamboo pillow is going to cure your pain around the head and neck, you are sorely mistaken. These are designed to offer comfort but they aren’t necessarily something that will help you get rid of the pain, discomfort, or joint issues. So, be mindful of the same.

Features to look for when Buying a Bamboo Pillow [Ultimate Guide]

If this is your first time buying a bamboo memory foam pillow, chances are that you need to look out for a few important factors. From the design to the comfort, there are a lot of factors worth considering. Some of the important ones are:

1. Start with the firmness

When it comes to a pillow for the side sleepers or stomach sleepers, the one factor that you can’t skip out on is firmness. You need to ensure that the charcoal memory foam or the shredded memory foam inside the pillow offers optimal support and firmness to the back of your neck and head.

If you are one of the side sleepers, try to look out for fuller pillows that offer optimal cushioning without straining your neck and head muscles. If you are buying one from the store, press down on the pillow and physically feel it before you make the final purchase.

2. Focus on the mattress

Now, this might sound weird but your pillow must work in tandem with the kind of mattress that you own. It should blend well with the mattress to support your stature and body while you toss and turn around in the night.

3. Consider the breathability

The bamboo cover is known for its airy and breathable fabric. So, if you are buying a bamboo pillow, look for the ones with breathable fabrics. You want to feel comfortable throughout the night and not the complete opposite of it. Bamboo fiber has micro-holes and gaps in them, which have been found to help you have a comfortable night’s sleep.

4. Care and Maintenance

Bamboo pillows do require special care and maintenance, something that not every person enjoys doing. Most of the covers are machine washable, which means that you can throw them in the machine and call it a day. However, there are a few non-replaceable ones that require you to hand wash them and then dry them with proper sunlight exposure to dry out the memory foam inside as well. So, there will be roadblocks when it comes to maintenance.

5. Price

Last on the list of considerations is the price. While a standard cotton pillow can cost you under $20, bamboo pillows are a little on the expensive end, which means that you need to be sure before you invest.


What are the bamboo pillows filled with?

Aside from different choices of memory foam, which is a standard, there are a few other types of filling that you might find in a bamboo pillow, including cotton, buckwheat, feathers, wool, latex, etc.

Are bamboo pillows cool?

Yes, compared to the standard cotton pillows, bamboo covers have a more breathable and lightweight fabric with micro-gaps that keep the pillow cool. It also absorbs any excess moisture, keeping the pillow cool further.

Do bamboo pillows heal neck pain?

One of the most common myths that people have surrounding bamboo pillows is that they help relieve neck pain. That isn’t the case at all. They can support your neck but technically won’t do anything to relieve the pain.

Do bamboo pillows reduce snoring?

To an extent, it does. Since it offers more comfort and flexibility to the user, it becomes a lot easier for people to have a good night’s sleep without interruptions, reducing the degree of snoring in the process.

Do bamboo pillows smell bad?

Technically they shouldn’t. However, if you aren’t maintaining and cleaning your pillow covers now and then, the sweat accumulation can eventually lead to a bad odor. Try to clean the pillow covers at least twice a month or more, depending on how much you sweat.


If you have been meaning to buy the best bamboo pillows with memory foam, we hope this article gives you all the insights that you need to be mindful of. Just ensure that you get your hands on the quality products from reliable brands and not run after the “cheaper” variants. At the end of the day, there is nothing you’d compromise when it comes to a good night’s sleep.

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