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8 Best Bath Pillow in 2021 – An Imperative Guide for the Ultimate Bathing Experience

Are you one of those who consider the best part of their day to be a nice relaxing bath? It is often considered one of the most common ways to remove stress and connect with inner peace. A good old bathtub can work wonders if you properly can immerse yourself in the bathing experience. Silence, some scented candles and lukewarm water would do the magic for you. Wait! Do you feel that something is missing? The hard ledge of the bathtub seems to spoil the fun right? Well, not anymore. Bath pillows are there to save your day.

Bath pillows is the one-stop solution for having a blissful experience of a full-body bath. This is because the bath pillow reduces the chances of any unintended injuries by cushioning the head neck and shoulders. The best bath pillows often do not only provide support to the head neck and shoulders but also come with added feature to enhance your bathing experience.

A luxurious bath pillow often comes in different shapes and sizes to give you the best bath experience. A luxury spa bath pillow on the other hand helps you get a full-body bath by providing support to the full body and enabling the buyer to experience heaven on earth.

Moreover, the best bath pillows come with unique features like air mesh, suction cups, and quick-drying technology. So, the buyer should be informed about all the features that he can get while searching for the best bath pillow. This guide aims to give an all-round view about the what and why of the best luxurious bath pillow along with all the types and features that are available in the market. After going through the guide, the buyer will be able to get the spa experience in the comfort of his or her home.

8 Best Bath Pillows in 2021 – Everything You Need to Know

Bath Pillows are the next best thing that can happen to you. It literally elevates the bathing experience by enhancing the degree of comfort and luxury to it. There are various bath pillows available in the market. However, some buyers might wonder why to use a bath pillow if one can just roll a towel and use it to support their head, neck, and shoulders for support and comfort. Thus, here we will discuss about why use bath pillows.

Why should we use a bath pillow?

Bath pillows have numerous benefits to offer other than enabling the buyer to have a relaxing bath by protecting his full body from aches and pains. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • Health benefit – Taking a bath for as long as an hour might affect the posture of the body and result in aches and pains. The best bath pillows help the buyer to avoid such an outcome.
  • Customize your bath pillow – Bath pillows can be customized according to the need and requirements of the buyer so that they can get optimum support and comfort.
  • Improved sleep cycles – It is often recommended to take a warm bath before going to bed. Bath pillows enhance the bathing experience resulting in improved quality of sleep.
  • Far better than using a towel – Some buyers might consider using a real pillow or a towel in place of a bath pillow. This is not recommended by any means. This is because drying up a normal pillow or a towel would be a strenuous task. Moreover, most of the injuries happen due to the towel or bed pillow slipping from its desired position leading to the head and neck being injured. A bath pillow has suction cups, which keeps the pillow in place along with a waterproof body.
  • Pocket-friendly – A bath pillow comes within an affordable range and can be used for the entire family.
  • Therapeutic benefits – A bath pillow also has therapeutic benefits. Moreover, it also gives the look and feel of the spa experience at home.

Types of Bath Pillows

There are different types of bath pillows available in the market. Bath pillows broadly can be broadly divided into four major types.

1. Standard Neck Bath Pillow

The standard neck tub pillow provides neck support. These pillows are best suited for small-sized bath and can also be carried while traveling.

2. Neck and Back Bath Pillow

Luxury Bath Pillow for Tub - Non-Slip and Extra-Thick Head, Neck, Shoulder...

The neck and back bathtub pillow provides support to the head, neck, and shoulders along with the upper back. They are certainly bigger in size than the standard neck bathtub pillow and provides more support and relief as it envelops the upper back area of the body.

For instance, buyers can take a look at this Luxurious Bath Pillow which is a perfect example of a neck and back pillow.

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3. Full body or Luxury Spa Bath Pillow

Full Body Bath Pillow, Bath Pillows for tub with Mesh Washing Bag & 21...

The full-body bath pillow acts as a spa pillow as it provides support to the whole body from to toes. The tub pillow not can rest your head but also provide support to the entire structure just like in a spa.

One of the latest trending Full Body Bath Pillow can be a perfect example of a spa pillow.

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4. Inflatable Bath Pillow

The inflatable bath pillow is not packed with padded foam. It can be inflated and is ideal for travel. However, the majority of the buyers prefer material like foam for bath pillows as the former seems to permit less comfort.

How to choose the Best Bath Pillow?

There are a variety of factors that are needed to be considered before the buyer goes in for the purchase. In order to get a fair deal, the buyer has to understand his need and suitability so that he can get a better-customized bath pillow. Go through the following listed factors in order to better identify your very own luxurious bath pillow.

1. Suitability of the bathtub

One of the primary factors that should be considered before the buyer buys a bath pillow is the type of the bath tub he or she has which will have to match with the type of tub pillow to be bought.

Evidently, all the bathtubs are not same. For instance, if the buyer has a normal shower tub then a full body or a spa pillow would not fit in the tub. Furthermore, buyers who are in need of bath pillow for their Jacuzzi tub should opt for a neck and back bath pillow as the rest of the body will be able to enjoy a bubble bath. A spa pillow would certainly fit in the Jacuzzi tub but would render the entire bathing experience useless. A free-standing tub has greater depths and is made out of firm material with sharp edges. In such a case an original spa bath pillow would work.

Moreover, the selection of the best bath pillow also depends on the posture of the buyer and which part of the body exactly he needs to relax while bathing. It should also be noted here that a bath pillow comes in different shapes and can be chosen according to the suitability of the buyer.

2. Material

The material of a bath pillow is an essential factor that the buyer must have an eye for. This is because the pillow material determines the comfort and relief it provides. Moreover, some other crucial aspects that are related to the material of a bath pillow are its durability and how quickly it can dry itself. Some of the regular materials that are used in a bath pillow are foam covered with mesh, inflatable plastic, micro-beads, and jelly.

The most common material that is used in a bath pillow is mesh-covered foam. It makes the pillow-soft. Moreover, the mesh cover comes in many varieties like 3D and 4D air mesh. The 3D air mesh refers to the layers and thickness of the mesh, which covers the foam. It can be understood that a 4D air mesh has better layering. The air mesh makes the cushion breathable and comes with a fast-drying feature. Buyers can also opt for memory foam, which is ideal for heat. However, it does not have a fast-drying feature and loses durability quickly.

An inflatable plastic pillow is ideal for traveling, as it is lightweight and portable and takes very less space to store. However, its comfort quotient is less in comparison to other bath pillows as it is not as soft as others are.

Micro-beads are spherical in shape and provides flexibility to a bath pillow. They also provide the required strength to a pillow. However, they lose their durability too fast.

Some pillows are filled with jelly-like substance instead of foam, which make them softer. They can also be stored in the refrigerator to have a cooling effect. However, these pillows come with less durability.

3. Level of comfort

The fundamental motive behind buying a bath pillow is to enhance the level of comfort while bathing. Thus, the outer covering of the bath pillow is important as it comes in direct contact with the skin. Although comfort is a subjective concept, most of the buyers prefer mesh or foam as the outer covering instead of plastic.

Susisal Bath Pillow for Tub, Bathtub Pillow with Neck Shoulder Back...

Moreover, if the buyer needs the cushion for a specific part of the body like the neck or the upper back due to pain then a suitable bath pillow should be ordered. Buyers who want to escape the cold mundane floor of their bathtub should opt for an original spa bath pillow. It all depends on the type of support the buyer needs. The Susisal Bath Pillow can be referred to as the perfect example for support and relief.

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4. Suction cups

The usage of a bath pillow might look simple. Buyers might think that the way a the pillow is used is that you place the pillow in the desired position and then press it with your body to let it from slipping. Such an arrangement would require the consumer to reposition the pillow numerous times which would, in turn, affect his bathing experience. This is the reason why the pillows come with suction cups. These suction cups ensure that the pillow remains in one place.

The buyer should be really mindful about the quality of the suction cups. The quality of the suction cups should be good. It should be noted here that more the weight of the pillow more number of extra strong suction cups are needed. Moreover, the number of these extra-strong suction cups should not only placed at the four corners of the bath pillow but all over the surface that comes in contact with the tub. Thus, the buyer should be careful about the quality and number of the strong suction cups that hold the pillow in place.

5. Maintenance

The cleaning and maintenance of the bath pillows is one of the crucial factors which should be considered before buying the product. If the pillow is made out of a material that does not come with a quick-drying technology then it can be much difficult especially in areas with moist weather. Such weather conditions can lead to mold and bacteria thriving on the pillow.

OMYSTYLE Bath Pillow for Tub, Bathtub Pillows with Soft 5D Air Mesh & 5...

The 3D air mesh covering the foam lets the water and air to flow through freely resulting in fast drying of the pillow. Moreover, the bath pillow should be cleaned at regular intervals to keep the dust and other impurities away. It should be mentioned here that the buyer should not only keep an eye on purchasing bath pillows with powerful suction cups but also those which are removable to ensure daily cleaning. The OMYSTYLE Bath Pillow can be cited as one of the best bath pillows available with breathable mesh.

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6. Price

The pillows come within an affordable range. However, luxury or spa pillows might fall in an expensive range. The buyer should be aware about his needs and buy accordingly.

Unique Features to Look Out for while buying a Pillow

The buyer must be aware about some of the unique features that the pillows come with so that they can better know their product before going in for the purchase. These terms appear in the description of the product and will help the buyer make an informed decision.

1. Support and padding – The buyer should be aware about the body parts that the pillow company is claiming to support. Some pillows even provide soft cushion support to the lower back region as well and come with an affordable price. However, the buyer should also check whether enough padding has been provided in the neck and head region to support it. This will certainly reduce the quality of the pillow.

Gorilla Grip Comfort Slip Resistant Large Thick Soft Waterproof Relaxing...

2. Gorilla Grip – The unique feature of the gorilla grip is especially designed for Jacuzzi bathtubs. This pillow has a remarkable gripping technology that lets the pillow remain at the place it is. Moreover, the gorilla grip feature is ideal for spa pillows as well. For instance, the Gorilla Grip Spa Bath Pillow comes with a unique grip technology and can be sighted as a perfect example for a gorilla grip bath pillow.

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Gorilla Grip Comfort Slip Resistant Large Thick Soft Waterproof Relaxing...

3. Storage Pocket – Some pillows might have this unique feature of a storage pocket in any of the sides. Storage pockets can be used to keep many essential things like foot scrubs and shampoo sachets. The Spa Pillow can be taken for an example to show how storage pockets come in handy.

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4. Loofah – Some pillows come might provide the buyer with an additional loofah. Buyers should be mindful about this option.

5. Cleaning and Washing – One of the crucial features to look out for belongs to the domain of cleaning and washing the pillow. Some pillows come with the hand washable feature along with air drying. Others include the unique feature of being machine washable. A machine-washable pillow is always a better option as it can be cleaned by both hands and machine. The pillows also incorporate the unique mesh technology, which makes them dry quickly. Some bath pillows also come with a laundry bag for making the drying process easy.

Gorilla Grip Comfort Slip Resistant Large Thick Soft Waterproof Relaxing...

6. Panel Design – The buyers should also be careful about the panel design. The most common panel design that the pillows come in are the two-panel design. The two-panel design enhances the level of support and relaxation that the pillow provides. However, some pillows might also feature a three-panel design. The buyer should be able to choose according to his suitability. For instance, this Bathtub Pillow comes with a three-panel design and is best for relaxation.

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7. Ergonomic design – An important and unique pillow feature includes having an ergonomic design. This means that the pillow has been made to fit the needs of the user. Moreover, an ergonomic design adds strength to the contours of the cushion. The Bath Haven Spa Pillow seems like the perfect example for an ergonomic design.

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Bath Haven Spa Pillow Bath Haven Spa Pillow 10,736 Reviews

8. Hanging Hook – Buyers might overlook this essential feature in their search for the best bath pillows. The best bath pillows come with a hanging hook attached. This feature ensures that the pillow stays hooked to the tub as well as makes it easy to air dry it.

9. Therapeutic and de-stress mechanism – Buyers who aim to buy a bath pillow for relaxing and improving their body posture should go for the pillows that have therapeutic and anti-stress benefits.

10. Powerful suction cups – The suction cups comes in different sizes like 2 inches and 4 inches. The larger the suction cups the more tightly it can grip. Moreover, the number of suction cups also matter. For instance, some pillows come with as many as 21 large suction cups.

11. Free trial – This is one of the best features that the buyer can avail. Some bath pillows come with a thirty-day free trial offer. If the buyer does not like the product within the stipulated time then he or she can return it for good. Moreover, some pillows also offer a money-back guarantee.

These are the features that set apart the best bath pillow from the rest. If you have gone through all the above-listed points then you are ready to venture into the world of luxurious bath pillows and emerge with the perfect purchase.

How long does a bath pillow last?

A bath pillow is exposed to numerous risks like hot water, wear and tear, bacteria, mold, and mildew. However, it all depends on the user. As long as the user manages to keep the pillow clean and dry it in the Sun frequently when not used, a bath cushion can last for up to 3 to 4 years before it will be needing a replacement.


1. How to remove the smell from the pillow?

The pillow might smell due to mold and mildew and can be cleaned with bleaching powder or mild detergent. The user must take enough safety precautions while handling such strong chemicals. Next, the outer covering of the pillow should be scrubbed mildly with a brush and then dried in the Sun.

2. What type of pillow would be best for humid weather?

Bath pillows with PVC or vinyl cover would suit the environment. However, buyers should be extremely careful not to buy pillows with fabric cover in humid weather conditions. This is because a humid weather would result in the fabric remaining wet, which would result in bacteria and mold affecting the pillow.

3. Are all the bath cushions eligible for machine wash?

No, all bath cushions are not eligible for machine wash. Generally, it is mentioned in the description of the product whether the pillow is machine washable or hand washable. In all cases, it is extremely crucial to air dry the product to keep it clean and increase its life expectancy.


Choosing the best bath pillow is not a strenuous task anymore. The knit and grit of these luxurious items have been discussed so that the buyer has an all-round view about the product. The factors that should be considered before selecting a bath pillow has been mentioned. The buyer should be mindful about understanding and examining all these factors before purchasing the bath pillow. Moreover, the list of features with key terms have been explained for the buyer to better understand the description of the bath pillow he or she is selecting. Lastly, one of the essential things about any product is its maintenance. Enough details have been provided in regards to keeping the bath pillows clean and durable. So, wishing all the best to the buyers out there. Happy purchasing!

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