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Top 15 Best Bed Rest Pillows Reviews 2020

What is the best bed rest pillow? This question matters more today than at any other point in time because entertainment avenues like television and video games and novels are so popular.

Too many people spend hours of every single day in bed because of movies and video games. And while there is enjoyment to be found in the movies they are watching and the games they are playing, the postures they have to maintain while they pursue those entertainment avenues are highly unhealthy.

This is why everyone needs the best backrest rest pillows in their home. This product will protect your body from misaligned postures and maintain your comfort while you do your reading and watch your movies.

You probably agree that you need a bed rest pillow but you do not know where to start looking for one. If that is the case, rather than browsing endless reviews and consulting retailers, consider making a selection from the list below.

It presents and explores the best bed rest pillows on the market for your consideration. Of course, if you don’t have the time to look through every single item displayed below, you can simplify matters by just skimming this table:





Husband Pillow XXL Dark Grey Backrest with Arms - Adult Reading Pillow...

01.  Husband Pillow - Backrest & Bed Rest Pillow with Arms

  • Plush Memory Foam Fill.
  • highest quality microplush cover.
  • detachable neck roll pillow on Bungee.
  • Side pocket.
  • 100% money-back guarantee and 3-year warranty.

Milliard Reading Pillow with Shredded Memory Foam, Large Adult Backrest...

02. Milliard Reading Backrest Pillow 

  • Shredded Memory Foam.
  • Zippered velour outer cover.
  • CertiPUR certified
  • easily portable

Brentwood 557 Corduroy Bedrest, Navy

03. Brentwood  Bed rest pillow

  • 100% polyester 
  • easy to transport

Linenspa Shredded Foam Pillow Perfect for Back Support While Relaxing,...

04. LINENSPA Back support Reading Pillow

  • Shredded Foam Pillow.
  •  CertiPUR-US certified.
  • Soft velour cover.
  • 3-year warranty

Avana Kind Bed Orthopedic Support Pillow Comfort System with Bamboo-Rayon...

05. Avana Kind Bed Orthopedic Support Pillow

  • Orthopedic and adjustable lumbar support Pillow.
  • Bamboo Cover.
  • returnable within 30 day.
  • polyurethane foam base, 
  • memory foam layer.

Brentwood Home Zuma Therapeutic Wedge Pillow, Helps with Sleep & Acid...

06. Brentwood Therapeutic  Bed Wedge Pillow 

  • Knit Fabric
  • knit bamboo cover.
  • ease respiratory problems and support back, neck. 

Nestl Reading Pillow, Includes 1 Extra Large Bed Rest Pillow with Arms + 2...

07. Nestl Reading Bed Rest Pillow

  • Premium Shredded Memory Foam
  • 2 Detachable Pillows
  • Small side pocket.
  • 100% money-back guarantee and 3 year warranty.

Reading Pillow Bed Wedge Large Adult Backrest Lounge Cushion with Arms and...

08. ComfortSpa Reading Back rest Pillow 

  • shredded foam reading pillows.
  • breathable velour cover.
  • arms side pockets 
  • fabric handle. 
  • 100% guarantee refund policy.

Brentwood Originals 2136 Plush Backrest, Teal

09. Brentwood Plush Backrest, Teal 

  • 100% Polyester.
  • Simple to transport.

WOWMAX Triangular Reading Pillow Large Bolster Headboard Backrest...

10. WOWMAX Triangular Backrest pillow 

  • 100% Polyester
  • cover is detachable and washable

  Top 15 Best Bed Rest Pillows Reviews

 1.Husband Plush Memory Foam Backrest Pillow with Arms

Husband Pillow XXL Dark Grey Backrest with Arms - Adult Reading Pillow...

People hate inconvenience. The fact that one customer spent seven minutes assembling her Husband Pillow only to wait another 24 hours for it to fluff out should have turned her against the product. But at the end of the day, all she had to say was ‘I love my husband pillow’.

At the end of the day, the reward was worth all the effort she had invested. Dawn Ayers’s mother has osteoporosis. And Dawn was worried that all the time the woman was spending on her bed watching TV would make her condition worse.

So she bought her mother the Husband Pillow for Christmas and was surprised to find that it was much taller and offered better back support than the pictures suggested. ‘She LOVES it!’ Dawn said about her mother.

Rebekah Pellegrino thought the pillow was ‘Awesome’. She couldn’t believe how well packaged it was and the fact that it came with a cover. You get the sense that the people who made this pillow knew all the right buttons to push.

Comfort: The pillow is supposed to make you feel like you are being hugged from the back. It is described as a backrest but it supports the entire body. Overall, it stands at 31 inches, boasting a thickness of 13.5 inches and a weight of 9.1 pounds.

So it is tall, thick and wide enough to contend with the measurements of most users.

Style and Durability: This item is multi-functional. You can use it to prop yourself up in bed. It can also operate as a chair pillow, a pillow chair, an armchair pillow, a wall pillow, etc. Basically, the product is compatible with any environment that requires a pillow.

The manufacturers used premium memory foam to make it which explains its durability. So you can trust it to conform to the contours of your entire body. The micro plush cover is removable. You can get it in a variety of colors.

You get a detachable neck roll pillow on bungee and pockets on the sides and at the back to hold your remote, phone, books, glasses and the like. The pillow comes with a zipper that you can use to either add or remove the foam, manipulating the firmness provided.

If you need to transport the pillow, the manufacturers provided a handle at the top for your convenience. The manufacturers will give you more foam to add to your pillow if you need it.


  • The pillow is made from premium memory foam which is durable and can conform to the shape of the body.
  • The micro plush cover is comfortable and removable.
  • A zipper is provided to give you control over the foam inside the pillow.
  •  You get back and side pockets for storage purposes.
  • This product has a 100 percent Money-Back Guarantee and a Three-Year Warranty.


  • According to the manufacturer, the pillow can take up to 48 hours to decompress
  •  The pillow is expensive.

2. Milliard Backrest Reading Pillow

Milliard Reading Pillow with Shredded Memory Foam, Large Adult Backrest...

This pillow has interesting reviews. A fellow called Mike C. attacked it because it was ‘Tiny for a 5’2” woman’. He also couldn’t believe how flimsy it was, completely incapable of supporting a 135-pound individual.

But a customer who calls himself Jellybean had an entirely different report. He bought the pillow for his son who is over six feet tall and it turned out to be a perfect fit for the young man.

Pat D was more interested in the attractive velour cover whereas LMSunshine used the pillow to recover from the swelling that the removal of her wisdom teeth has caused. The pillow clearly has some detractors. One customer thought it was limp and lumpy.

But the positive reactions seem to outweigh their negative counterparts.

Comfort: This pillow is stuffed with memory foam that can be as soft or as firm as you require because it is designed to conform to the shape of your body. The arms are positioned at just the right height, perfect for providing a supportive embrace as you sit in bed, curl up on a sofa or watch TV from the floor.

You can even use the pillow to elevate injured limbs and to maintain the perfect posture for your injured back.

Style and Durability: This pillow is filled with shredded high-density polyurethane memory foam which is strong and durable but also light and airy. You can open the pillow to insert and remove as much stuffing as you want to achieve the firmness required to support your body.

The zippered velour cover is removable and machine washable. You get a handle that makes the pillow easy to transport. Because it is vacuum packed, the pillow needs a few hours to expand.

Do not let the faint odor fool you. It will dissipate over time. Just give the pillow a moment to air out.


  • You can get the pillow in two sizes: 18 inches and 24 inches both of which are suitable for most people.
  • The stuffing in the pillow can be adjusted to control the firmness and support provided.
  •  The shredded memory foam used in the making of the product is lighter and airier than normal memory foam.
  •  You get a handle that can be used to conveniently transport the pillow.
  •  The cover is soft, attractive, removable, and machine washable.


  • The color options for the cover are limited
  •  The pillow is flammable. The instructions say so.

3. Brentwood 557 Bed Rest Pillow

Brentwood 557 Corduroy Bedrest, Navy

‘It bleeds a red color’. This complaint seems to repeat. Two customers, Chilli Pepper and Carol, also said as much. It is difficult to determine the source of the phenomena.

However, few other customers bothered to even mention the issue. So it is probably a defective product that was sent to one or two unlucky consumers. LegoGirl bought the pillow because she had a small dorm room and her twin bed was her only lounge space.

This pillow wasn’t that luxurious. However, it was comfortable and it took up little space. That was enough for LegoGirl. Grace Weaver thought that the pillow lived up to the ‘Husband’ name because it gave her sufficient support from her back.

PinkJellyBeans was confined to her bed for years. And she had failed to get comfortable until she got the Brentwood 577 which, she said, had ‘the perfect sort of compact size and I love mine so much’.

Comfort: The people who have used this pillow call it firm and durable. It is sturdy, well sewn and light enough to carry with ease. Depending on your size, the armrests are strong enough and perfectly positioned to hold your elbows in place.

The pillow will keep you comfortable as you read in bed, watch television from the floor, and relax in your chair.

Style and Durability: The primary ingredient of this item is 100 percent polyester. It is because of the polyester that the pillow is so plump. It is also because of the polyester that the pillow will retain its shape. It is firm enough to support your head, neck, shoulders, and back.


  • The pillow comes with a handle that simplifies transportation.
  •  The pillow can be used in a variety of settings and situations, not just in your bed.
  • The polyester filling provides enough firmness to give your body the support it deserves.
  •  The pillow is aesthetically pleasing


  • The pillow is lightweight
  • It can only be spot cleaned

4. LINENSPA Shredded Foam Backrest Reading Pillow.

Linenspa Shredded Foam Pillow Perfect for Back Support While Relaxing,...

Jeninmaine wanted a pillow to support her back whenever she used her laptop in the bedroom because her bed had no headboard. After trying cheaper pillows, she settled on this one and she wasn’t disappointed.

The pillow was squishy but it also helped her sit up straight. The customer was worried when her package first arrived because the pillow looked so thoroughly compressed. But once she released it, the product regained its proper shape.

Meghan R. was equally surprised. She couldn’t believe that a pillow that came in such a small box could deliver on the results the manufacturer had promised. But once she took it out of its box, it fluffed up and became the pillow she expected.

Comfort: This pillow was designed to encourage lounging. You can use it for gaming, watching TV, reading, and relaxing, to mention but a few. The foam used to fill the product is less likely to shift or clump.

This, in turn, adds to your comfort by promoting better airflow. The velour cover is a decent bonus, great to look at and soft to the touch.

Style and Durability: The pillow was designed with children and teens in mind, though adults can also use it. It comes in 2 sizes (Standard and X-Large). The filling is a shredded memory foam/support foam blend that is long-lasting.

It will maintain its shape for longer durations. It is so strong and versatile that it can be compressed without undermining its stability, and once the source of the compression has been removed, it will spring back into shape with relative ease.

The plush velour cover provided comes in two neutral colors. You get a handle on top of the pillow that makes transporting it easier.


  • The shredded memory foam blend has a CertiPUR-US Certificate. It can conform to the shape of the body.
  • The pillow can be used in a variety of settings and scenarios.
  • You get two size options
  • You can adjust the neck support
  • You get a three-year warranty.


  • The velour cover is only compatible with spot cleaning.
  • Some consumers have complained that the pillow is too heavy.

5. Avana Kind Bed Orthopedic Pillow

Avana Kind Bed Orthopedic Support Pillow Comfort System with Bamboo-Rayon...

Avana is a lifesaver for some people. Rex O. Britton Jr. hadn’t slept in his bed for years because of chronic pain. He was certain that he would never find a comfortable position to slumber peacefully.

But then a friend recommended this product and everything changed. ‘I sleep comfortably in bed. I don’t have to sleep in my recliner in the living room’, Rex said.

Two days after a shoulder surgical procedure, Casey H was able to sleep upright using the Avana Kind Bed pillow. Casey couldn’t believe how easy and useful it was to keep shifting the various components of the pillow.

Gerald called the item ‘The best purchase I have ever made.’ Alexandra K. Smith used it after back surgery and ‘Loved It!’ What else can you say about a pillow that has drawn such high praise?

Comfort: Measuring 32.5 inches x 24 inches x 11 inches, these products are described as therapeutic cushions. So they are quite firm which is a problem for people who love squishy pillows.

Do not expect to sink into these pillows. That being said, you can trust them to support every critical point on your body, starting with your neck and ending with your ankles.

Style and Durability: The pillow is made using polyurethane foam (Furniture Grade). This is what makes up the core of the pillows. The polyurethane foam base is strong and long-lasting, and it is responsible for the firm support provided by the items.

The additional memory foam layer then works to conform to the contours of your body, making certain that the pillows provide a customized system of support. People call this product a system of pillows because you are provided multiple pillows that perform different functions.

You get a pillow for your back that provides lumbar support. It can be elevated or pulled lower depending on the need. There is a headrest that sits at the base of your neck to keep the kinks away, knee rest and a scoop cradle. You are granted full-body support. The covers are antimicrobial. They are made from lush rayon.


  • This product has four different items in one package.
  • The pillows support the entire body from head to toe.
  •  The cover is a bamboo fabric that is soft to the touch, removable and machine washable.
  • The memory foam layer conforms to the contours of the body.


  • Some customers think that the product is too hard
  •  You also have customers who found the pillow system to be quite pricey.

6. Brentwood Home Zuma Therapeutic Bed Wedge pillow

Brentwood Home Zuma Therapeutic Wedge Pillow, Helps with Sleep & Acid...

You don’t expect a pillow to transform your entire life, or at least, this is what C.J thought. She bought this pillow because it promised to cure her heartburn. Not only did it deliver on that promise but it also fought her wrinkles.

‘The lines around my eyes aren’t being reinforced. The texture on my skin around my mouth actually looks better.’ She said even as she went on to compliment the cover for being soft and removable.

France L. Mulero’s wife got him the pillow and it banished his mild sleep apnea. The three sleep wedges William D. Kern Jr. bought beforehand kept going flat. This one ‘did not go flat’. The pillow seems to attract praise wherever it goes, which speaks volumes about its construction.

Comfort: As its name suggests, this pillow is wedge-shaped. So it is designed to keep you elevated regardless of whether you are sitting on the floor or lying in bed. The gradual slope works to fight pain in the neck and shoulder whilst also reducing respiratory ailments.

If you have poor circulation, acid reflux, back and neck problems, this pillow will make your sleep more comfortable and restful.

Style and Durability: The pillow is available in 24 inches x 24 inches x 7 inches, 24 inches x 24 inches x 10 inches, and 24 inches x 24 inches x 12 inches. It weighs just 3 pounds, so you can transport it with ease.

It is constructed from therapeutic foam that is soft enough to keep you comfortable in that elevated position but also firm enough to support your back, neck, and shoulders. The people who have used it attest to the fact that it doesn’t go flat even under the pressure exerted by the weight of your body.

The pillow comes ready for use. It has no smells to speak of and you don’t have to fluff it up.

Depending on the way you position it, the pillow will elevate your legs as well, though some consumers find that uncomfortable.


  • The cover is made from bamboo fiber which is soft, cool, breathable and machine washable.
  • The product is made from CertiPUR-US certified therapeutic foam that is not only supportive and comfortable but also devoid of ozone depleters.  
  • The gradual slope of the pillow is designed to improve your circulation and keep your airways open. It will also fight the pain some people feel in their neck, back, and shoulders.


  • The covers are available in limited colors. In fact, there are no decorative covers on offer.
  • The pillow isn’t compatible with side sleepers. It is uncomfortable.

7. Nestl Bedding Backrest Reading Pillow

Nestl Reading Pillow, Includes 1 Extra Large Bed Rest Pillow with Arms + 2...

‘The product insert said it could take 24-48 hours to expand to full size. It took maybe an hour. The cover is soft. There is so much support.’ This is what KayaBear55 said after she bought this pillow.

At 5’4”, the medium size version of the product was perfect for her. She bought it despite seeing so many reviews complaining about the smell and the lack of support. She experienced none of those things.

Barbara S got her pillow as a response to her hip surgery. She spent a lot of time reading in bed and found the product to be ‘Soft and comfy yet firm enough that it supports me well.’

For Karma who is disabled, housebound and in great need of a bedding item that can support her all the time, the Nestl reading pillow was ‘perfect for under your knees or propping up your arms with your laptop’. In other words, despite its name, the Nestl pillow isn’t just for reading.

You can trust it to give you comprehensive support all day and all night.

Comfort: This pillow is sturdy and supportive. It is 31 inches in height, boasting arms that will keep you cradled in a warm and cozy cabin as you read, relax or watch television. The people who made the item designed it to keep you from slouching.

So you can play your video games or use your laptop from any setting whilst also maintaining the proper posture. This, in turn, will enable you to combat illnesses like acid reflux and nasal congestion.

Some women say that the pillow makes breastfeeding easier for them.

Style and Durability: This pillow uses premium shredded memory foam that will not only conform to the contours of your body but also permit better airflow. This allows the item to appear so soft and cushy whilst also being firm and sturdy.

Interestingly enough, the warmer the temperature in your vicinity gets, the softer the memory foam becomes, giving you the snuggest experience possible.

The bungee cord lets you adjust the height of the neck roll pillow (up to 10 inches). You can even remove it completely to use for lumbar support. This is on top of the 2 detachable pillows you are also given to further customize your experience.

 At a height of 31 inches, this pillow is quite tall. The detachable pillows (7 inches x 16 inches) provide additional leg, neck, and lumbar support. At 17 inches x 31 inches, 29 inches x 36 inches and 2 pounds, the pillow is lightweight and portable.


  • The strength of the memory foam used here will keep the pillow from going flat.
  • The soft velvety cover is removable and machine washable. You can also get it in a variety of vibrant colors.
  • You can look forward to the 3-year warranty and a 100 percent money-back guarantee.
  • The shredded foam is soft, cushy, sturdy, supportive, and comfortable.
  • The pillow can be deployed in a variety of situations.
  • There are pockets for additional storage


  • The pillow has a strong smell when you first get it.
  •  The zippers for the cover are not durable

8. ComfortSpa Reading Bed Wedge Pillow

Reading Pillow Bed Wedge Large Adult Backrest Lounge Cushion with Arms and...

Sometimes the reviews you find on the internet are tainted by defective products and they do not properly reflect the quality of the pillow you want. This happened to EmilyD. Her pillow was only half full and it did not look like the pictures she had seen.

So she reached out to the manufacturers and they sent her a new one which completely changed her perspective. ‘The back support is pretty great.’ She said. Another Amazon customer was bothered by the armrests which he found to be quite low but he also thought the item provided great back support.

Kelly’s testimony falls within these same lines. ‘I was having trouble getting comfortable in bed’, She said, ‘This fits the bill perfectly, it supports my back and allows me to sit up and read or watch TV.’

Comfort: This pillow comes with a velour cover that is breathable. So it makes the pillow feel cool against your back. The shredded foam in the pillow will conform to the shape of your body, making certain that your back and neck are properly aligned and supported regardless of whether you are sitting in your bed or on the floor.

The arms are 11 inches long, so they should give your shoulders and elbows all the support and comfort they require.

Style and Durability: This pillow comes wrapped. So you have to place it in a dryer with tennis balls to properly fluff it. Even then, it will take 48 hours for the item to regain its shape. The pillow stands at 18 inches in height and 15 inches in width.

There are pockets on the sides for your glasses, remote, books and the like. The foam is medical grade, so it is both comfortable and firm. The fact that it can spring back into shape after being packaged so tightly shows you its durability. It won’t go flat any time soon.


  • This product provides additional storage space in the form of pockets on the side.
  • The pillow is eco-friendly.
  •  You can take advantage of the 100 percent money-back guarantee.
  • The pillow supports the back, neck, and shoulders. It can also combat heartburn.
  • The foam is anti-clump.
  • The product has a handle that makes carrying it easy.


  •  The cover is polyester which isn’t as luxurious and breathable as bamboo or even cotton
  • The pillow requires 48 hours to regain its shape before you can use it.
  •  The polyester cover must be wiped with a damp cloth. It isn’t machine washable.

9. Brentwood 2136 Originals Backrest Pillow

Brentwood Originals 2136 Plush Backrest, Teal

Many of the customers who bought this pillow say that it was made with children in mind. At the very least, T.Alba says that he bought the pillow for his ten-year-old. The child was ‘Happy with the size, color, and feel of the fabric.’

But Lily, who is an adult, was able to use it as well. She called it a ‘Back and Neck saver’ because it made the time she spent sitting on her bed and using her laptop less painful. Jmrobin who reads a lot in bed and suffers from shoulder, neck and back issues commended the pillow because ‘It keeps me upright and from slipping into that uncomfortable reading position.’

So, clearly, the pillow is somewhat small but you can’t judge it based on its size.

Comfort: Standing at 25 inches x 25 inches x 6.8 inches and 3.5 pounds, this pillow is light and portable. Boasting a polyester blend cover that feels soft against the skin, the product isn’t firm enough to stand on its own.

But it will keep your neck, back, and shoulders supported in bed while you read, watch television or relax. It also works on the floor and within the confines of a couch.

Style and Durability: The pillow is quite versatile, capable of delivering comfort in your home, out on a picnic, in the bleachers of a stadium, etc. You get a handle that makes the item easy to carry. The cover needs to be spot cleaned.


  •  The cover feels soft against the skin.
  • The cover feels soft against the skin.
  • The handle provided makes the item easy to transport.
  • There is a pocket for added storage


  • The pillow isn’t firm enough to stand on its own.
  • The pillow isn’t large enough for some people.

10. WOWMAX Triangular Bolster Pillow for bed rest

WOWMAX Triangular Reading Pillow Large Bolster Headboard Backrest...

Rachel Chu’s parents thought that the hours she spent playing video games on her bed would ruin her posture. She got this pillow in response. It looked so small when it arrived and yet she found it to be quite ‘Nice and soft. I love using this every day.’

Purple, another customer, got the pillow for her daughter’s room and ‘It is amazing. She’s able to sit up and do computer work, papers, studying, etc.’

Simmons actually thought the Pillow was too firm but this is why he loved it. It brought ‘a good bit of support and strength’ to the table, and yet it was ‘soft enough that it is comfortable.’

Comfort: This pillow can actually work as a replacement for your headboard. Go to colleges and you will find students using it to make their beds more comfortable and supportive. The product is perfectly compatible with King size, Twin, Full, Queen sized beds and even daybeds that can act as couches.

Children can use the pillow in bunk beds. You will also find a use for it in your RV or trailer.

Style and durability: The bed has an interesting design. There are attached buttons which add a dynamic texture and shape to the pillow. This button design is supposed to augment strength and durability. It works in tandem with the high-density polyurethane filler to support the back and the neck.

 The cover can be removed and washed.


  •  The pillow can act as an alternative headboard.
  •  You can use it in a variety of settings, including the couch, the daybed, and ordinary beds of most sizes.
  • The pillow has a perfect curve that supports the waist, back, and neck. It will relieve lumbar pressure.
  • The polyurethane filler is dense and durable.
  • The button design gives the pillow a stronger three-dimensional texture.


  • The chemical smell takes several days to dissipate
  • The real colors are not as rich and vibrant as the pictures promise
  • The zipper is not durable

11. MittaGonG Backrest Pillow

mittaGonG Reading Pillow for Sitting in Bed Adult, Bed Rest Sitting Pillow...

Anna-Marie has not had the best luck with pillows like this. She has bought so many of them but they all disappoint her. This one came as a surprise. ‘This is awesome,’ she said, ‘Still holding up very sturdily after all this time.’

The first time Healthy Girl bought this pillow, she was ‘Very happy with the support and comfort of the product’. However, when she tried to take the cover off, the zipper ripped; she contacted the manufacturer and they sent her a brand new pillow.

And this time, the zipper worked efficiently and without breaking. Richard Sherman wasn’t interested in the cover or the zipper. His deep couch placed too much strain on his back whenever he tried to use his computer.

Even though the arms were not big enough to support him, the rest of the pillow performed satisfactorily. He said ‘The fill is firm and so far rebounds nicely’ which is all he needed for his back.

Comfort: With a height of 20 inches, a width of 12 inches and arms that are 12 inches in length, this pillow will let you lean comfortably in your bed or on your couch while you read or play video games or relax.

The arms are thick enough to keep your own arms properly supported, relieving the weight and pressure from your neck and shoulders.

Style and Durability: This product comes tightly packed. But you shouldn’t let its compressed form fool you. Give it a few days and it will regain its original shape. The pillow has a handle at the top that makes it easy to carry.

And at 6.61 pounds, the item is light enough to carry with ease. You will find the zipper at the bottom if you need to remove the cover. It is machine washable. As with most supportive pillows, this one also has shredded foam that will conform to the needs of your body.


  • The shredded form is adaptive. It will keep your back and neck aligned.
  • The arms are thick and long, designed to take the weight off your neck and shoulders.
  • The handle and the weight simplify the process of carrying the pillow.
  • The cover is removable and machine washable.


  • The pillow can take up to five days to regain its shape when you first unwrap it.
  • There is so much stuffing in the pillow that removing the cover can present a challenge. This is why come customers ended up breaking their zippers.
  • Some customers thought that the pillow wasn’t stiff enough.

12. Brentwood 1957 Originals 

Brentwood Originals 1957 Shagalisciuos Bedrest, Lime

According to Madison, ‘This is the perfect bed rest pillow. It is super plush and regular sized.’ If you think she’s exaggerating, consider Sammy who thinks that ‘This bedchair is very soft, comfortable, and pretty.’ He thought that the back was sturdy enough to provide proper lumbar support without being too uncomfortable.

Danielle thought the pillow was fun to look, though she admits that her young sons managed to destroy it in four months. She has had pillows that lasted mere days. So that says something about this product’s durability.

Chris G bought one of these models and loved it so much that, when it wore out, he did not hesitate to buy a second one. He was that impressed with Brentwood’s work.

Comfort: The pillow is soft and squishy, which is why children will love it. Some people were worried that it wouldn’t have the stiffness to support adults. But those adult customers who used it found that it provided optimal support in bed, on the ground, and on the couch while they read, watched television, and relaxed.

The pillow is versatile enough to survive in the bleachers of a stadium.

Style and Durability: The pillow has a soft fuzzy cover made from polyester. Some people worry that it will shed but the customers who have used it claim that shedding isn’t an issue. The cover has to be spot cleaned with a damp cloth, so you should be careful.

You get a handle that makes transporting the item easy. Its measurements are 25 inches x 25 inches x 6.8 inches and 6.15 pounds, which makes the product larger and heavier than some people might think.


  • The pillow is pretty.
  • The handle makes the product easier to move.
  • The pillow is versatile enough to survive in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings.
  • The fabric is very soft and fuzzy


  • The cover has to be spot cleaned.
  • Some customers have complained that the arms are not long enough
  • The color options are limited.

13. Xtra-Comfort Reading Pillow

No products found.

No products found.

Lynne calls this pillow a lounger. She had to wait 48 hours before using it. But once it regained its shape, she quickly realized that the waiting was worth it. Lynne praised the item for being ‘Comfortable’ and providing ‘Great Support’.

Mo called it ‘Very Versatile and comfy.’ Suzanne Green’s husband couldn’t sleep after his shoulder surgery. She got him this reading pillow and it fixed his sleeping habits. Andria-Neicohl loved how large the pillow was, not to mention the fact that the neck roll could come off.

Comfort: At 23.2 inches x 10.2 inches x 9.8 inches and 8.9 pounds, this is a large, somewhat heavy pillow. The shredded foam cushioning provides optimal support. You can trust it to keep your head, neck, back, and legs at a comfortable, restful position.

The cushioning at the back will contour to your body shape, keeping your spine aligned as a result. The cover is a tan plush material that is quite soft to the touch. You can trust this pillow to relieve any stress you might experience at any of your pressure points.

Style and Durability:The key to this pillow’s efficacy is its premium shredded foam that is so resilient that it will retain its shape regardless of the punishment you inflict upon it. The foam is breathable. It will let heat dissipate at an appealing rate, keeping you cool even when you sit for long periods of time.

The bolster cushion provided can be removed and repositioned.

Are you suffering from hip pain? look at our reviews of the best pillow for hip pain.


  • There is a pouch at the back that is large enough to store your books, magazines and other electronic devices.
  • There are also mesh pockets on the side that can hold your drinks.
  • The foam used to fill the pillow is breathable, working in tandem with the ultra-soft cover to guarantee your comfort.
  • The cover is removable. It can be washed by a machine.
  • You get a handle to help you carry the pillow.
  • There is a 60-day money-back guarantee


  • The pillow needs two days to regain its shape.
  •  The pillow is heavy

No products found.

14. BedLounge Classic

BedLounge Classic - Regular - Natural Cotton

‘Very good quality. It is sturdy and the fabric is nice.’ This is what Zee said. She was quite happy with the product she got. RanchoRuiz was looking for a large, heavy pillow like the ones his mother once used.

This one seemed small and lightweight but he bought and it proved to be ‘Better than I expected.’

Sue M. did not get the color she wanted. But she still thought that the pillow provided the necessary support. The arms were large enough to cater for her own arms and she could remove the head support which she did not need.

The side pockets were convenient. Adrian doesn’t even understand why there are bad reviews for the product. As far as she is concerned, ‘This Thing is Great!’

Comfort: This pillow was ergonomically designed to suit people who need to sit for hours on end. The soft layers of the product will cradle you comfortably, conforming to fit the shape and the contours of your body. You can rotate and move the headrest up and down.

The soft lumbar pillow is also adjustable. You can change its position to suit your physical needs. The armrests pivot inward and outward. This allows them to hold you as loosely or snugly as you desire.

Style and Durability: You can get this pillow in small and regular size to fit individuals that are either 5’3” or 5’4” and above. The headrest can extend 12 inches upward. The cover is cotton. It is removable and machine washable.

Despite its seemingly large size, the pillow weighs just 6.5 pounds which is decent. The quality foam used in the construction of the product is resilient, more than capable of retaining its shape even after extensive use. The foam works with the fleece combed fibers and soft layers of down to deliver optimal durability, satisfaction, comfort, relaxation.


  • The pillow has multiple layers of foam and fiber. Each layer is not only soft and resilient but it works to evenly displace your weight.
  • The item will align your body appropriately, fixing your posture.
  • The pillow is light and portable. There are pockets that you can use to hold your remotes, reading materials and drinks.
  •   The cover is soft, elegant, stylish and removable.
  • The headrest can be adjusted to cater to the needs of tall people.


  • The item does not recline
  • The fabric is not the best quality
  •  The product is relatively expensive.

15. Relax The Back Adjustable Bed Wedge

Relax The Back PureFit Adjustable Bed Wedge Pillow System - Zero Gravity,...

Larry Atkinson bought this pillow for his mother in law who was recovering from a broken hip. But once it arrived, everyone started fighting to use it. It was that comfortable.

Memememe has a bad back. For him, this pillow ‘Works wonders. I sleep like a baby.’ J thought it was ‘Stable enough to support me for sleep.’ But it was just as comfortable for him to use in the day time when he wasn’t sleeping.

Buddy Smith also bought this pillow to combat his back issue, not to mention some neck problems, and he was just as amazed by the work it did.

Comfort: This pillow uses a PureFit Adjustable system that delivers all the benefits of an adjustable bed. Besides helping you sit upright, you can use the pillow to achieve comfort in any setting you desire.

The product is designed to cater to every body type, shape, and size. The key to its benefits is the zero gravity position it helps you achieve.

Style and Durability: This pillow is actually four wedges in one. There are wedges that elevate your legs to relieve stress and improve circulation. You also have wedges that relieve the pressure on the lower back and the knees, not to mention combating muscle spasms and the distress that varicose veins cause.

The pillow includes pieces that support the head and the neck.

If you have ear pain you should read our another review on best pillows for ear pain


  • You get four different wedge pillows that support every single section of your body. The pillows can be adjusted to suit your preferences.
  •  It doesn’t take long to set up and dismantle this system of pillows
  • The plush cotton covers have faux suede sides. They can be removed and washed by machine.
  • The ergonomic design of this item will align the pelvis and lumbar spine.
  • The pillow can combat snoring and acid reflux.


  • The Pillow is not good for side sleepers
  • The product is costly

Bed Rest Pillow FAQs

01. Are Bed Rest and Back Rest Pillows the Same?

Yes, they are the same in some cases. Backrest pillows stand out because they are thick, contoured and filled with a supportive material like polyester and memory foam. They also have special arms for added comfort

They are designed to keep you propped up in bed. When a patient is prescribed a day or a week of bed rest or even longer, they can use backrest pillows to avoid pain in the neck and the back. That being said, there are special pillows that are orthopedic in nature. These are what people normally call bed rest pillows.

Bed rest pillows are more interested in providing support than comfort which is what backrest pillows emphasize. Bed rest pillows do not have special arms and they are also not necessarily going to prop you up. However, many people do not know this. They tend to use the two terms interchangeably.

02. How to Choose a Bed Rest Pillow?

To select the bed rest pillow for your ailment, you need to consider:

1). Material

You need to find a pillow with firm material that can offer the support you need. Feather and down pillows probably won’t do. However, Polyester, wool and numerous other synthetic materials can be trusted to give your body the firm support it needs.

But most people agree that memory foam is the best. It adapts to the shape of the body, giving each section of your physical form the exact amount of soft or firm support it requires.

2). Size

A pillow has to be thick enough to carry your weight. It should also be wide enough to hold your head, neck, and shoulders, giving them the support and alignment they need to fight any aches and pains that normally plague you.

A pillow that is too short and narrow will only exacerbate the weight exerted on your neck, back, and shoulders.

3). Cover

The fabric of the pillow is important. It has to be soft, cool, and breathable. Otherwise, you won’t be able to lie on it for long. If the cover is machine washable, then maintenance is easy.

4). Type

The type of pillow you buy will depend on the section of your body that requires support. Cervical pillows are good for the neck. Body pillows provide full-body support. Wedge pillows will keep either your head and abdomen or your legs elevated. There are also bolster pillows to consider.

03. Can a Bed Rest Pillow Help to Remove Back and Neck Pain?

Bed rest pillows are not for show. Pain in the back and neck manifests when you sleep in a manner that contorts your body. A backrest pillow is quite firm. The backrest pillow will keep your neck and spine aligned.

Additionally, it will relieve the pressure that is normally exerted on your neck, lower back, and shoulders. All these benefits come together to overcome pain in the neck and back.

So, yes, a bed rest pillow can remove back and neck pain.

04. How to Care for It?

The methods you use to maintain your pillow will depend on the material. In most cases, you can wash the cover. Some covers have to be spot cleaned. Others can be washed by a machine.

When it comes to the pillow itself, memory foam pillows can be vacuumed, spot-cleaned and deep cleaned using gentle detergents. They are not meant to be cleaned with a washing machine.

The same techniques should apply to other materials. If the pillow is smelly, you can still vacuum it. But first, sprinkle baking soda on it and then leave it in the sun for an hour or two. This will help you unseat elements that have stuck to your pillow such as hairs.

If your pillow permits it, open it, take the filling out and replace it. You can do this every 2 years or so depending on the pillow.

Most pillows have instructions on the best way to care for them.


When it comes to backrest pillows, you need to think about the construction, the materials, and the measurements. Memory foam is the preferred filling because it is strong and resilient.

It will retain its shape after extensive use. If you can’t afford memory foam, whatever material you choose should be firm enough to keep the spine and the neck aligned even while relieving the shoulders and lower back of excess pressure.

Don’t forget to consider the size. A backrest pillow won’t benefit you if it isn’t large enough to cradle you appropriately. Of course, while the size and the firmness are essential, you also need to keep the comfort in mind.

This is why memory foam is so popular. The  memory foam pillows are firm and supportive but also soft and inviting, not to mention breathable, especially if you have the right cover. This is why they are often touted as the bed rest pillows.

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