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Best Bed Trays Reviews 2019

What is the Best Bed Tray? That probably sounds like a silly question for people who do not use bed trays. Bed trays are, as their name suggests, trays that enable you to enjoy delicious meals from the comfort of your own bed. Obviously, anyone that has ever tried it knows that eating from your bed can create all sorts of messes. But this is why special trays were created. They are supposed to make the process of dining in your bed stable, composed and relaxing.

A lot of thought must go into choosing the best bed tray. You need to think about the design, the surface area, and the material. You also have to think about your own eating habits. Messy eaters do not require the same kinds of bed trays as organized eaters.

Why We Need Bed Trays?

A bed tray serves a number of purposes, for instance:

1). It allows you to eat your meals comfortably in bed. The bed tray will contain all your utensils without giving you room to spill any food or drink on your bedding

2). The right bed tray will also enable you to eat your meats in other inconvenient settings such as cars, couches and even on the floor.

3). Besides simply holding your food, most decent bed trays double as laptop trays.

4). If you have a young child, then a bed tray can work as an ordinary table for them. They can eat food and draw and color and perform every other task that a child normally does with a height chair.

Bed trays are multi-functional tools. When utilized properly, they will guarantee your comfort by eliminating the stress you normally exert on your neck and back when you eat and work in awkward settings.

What To Look For While Buying A Bed Tray?

Even though bed trays are a relatively new concept to some people, the process of buying a bed tray is very straightforward. You only have to consider three or four variables during your selection, namely:

01. Used Materials: The material from which your bed tray is made definitely matters. It isn’t just a matter of appearance. Wood looks good but it is heavy and expensive. Plastic is lightweight and cheap but it isn’t particularly sturdy.

You also have aluminum which is not only reliable and lightweight but also perfect for laptops because it keeps them cool.You have to think about the functionality. Some materials stain easily. Others are easy to clean. The best material should match your particular need.

02. Size and free  space: This should be obvious. A decent bed tray must have a top that is wide enough to accommodate the items you want to hold. But it must also have plenty of space beneath for your legs to stretch out comfortably.

03. Functionality: Bed Trays are technically very straightforward. They are just small trays with legs underneath that you can carry about as you wish. But bed trays can also have additional functionality. For instance, some trays have legs that can extend. Others have special storage units and pockets. Some are made from a special material that is not only stain-resistant but also designed to accommodate your laptop’s heating needs.Think about the additional features that any tray which piques your interest might have to offer.

04. Cost: Money matters. The material from which a bed tray is made will affect its price tag, and so will the additional functions.This is why you shouldn’t get too carried away when you’re shopping for trays. Prioritize only those basic features you absolutely require. Do not set your heart on a pristine wooden bed tray when you don’t really need the wood because it will empty your wallet.

Types of Bed Trays.

Bed trays do not really have types, not in any formal capacity. These products will definitely vary in design. For instance, you have basic trays that simply drape over your legs when you seat in bed.You also have trays with legs that can extend and which you can position on top of an ordinary desk to eat or type while standing.

Some trays have slots for a mouse. Others have storage units beneath the tabletop. You even have a few that feature slots for your mobile devices, your candles, and even your soap.

You can’t really place any of these trays in formal categories. Though, you could argue that there is a bed tray out there for every season, purpose, and situation.

However, If you ever go bed tray shopping, you won’t go wrong if you select one of these, the best bed trays on the market:

01. Home-it Bamboo Bed Tray

Home-it Bed Tray table with folding legs, and breakfast tray Bamboo bed...

Most people think of wood whenever they ponder high-quality bed trays. But "Home-it" took things a step further by using bamboo. And that is what sets this tray apart. The bamboo construction allows it to present a sleek, smooth, attractive surface.This is despite all the functionality it delivers both as a bed tray and a laptop desk.

Used Material:  It has been mentioned above that the tray is made from bamboo. But that isn’t completely true. The main tray is actually a laminate board of some kind that has been patterned on the surface to look like bamboo. Some people think this is cheating on the part of the makers. But others have suggested that the laminate board is superior to bamboo because it is less likely to stain.

Sizes: This "Home-it Bamboo Bed Tray" is 18 inches x 12 inches x 3 inches (L x W x H). If you fold it, the product will stand at 8 inches in height.

Comfort and Support: The tray is perfect for TV dinners and breakfast in bed. You can fold the legs out and plant them on either side of your thighs to give the tray stable support while you feast.You can also fold the legs inward to lay the tray directly against your lap. This allows for easy cleaning and mobility. You also have the option of using the product as a serving tray. Handles are provided to simplify the process of carrying the tray. The lips that surround the edges will keep your food from slipping off the tray.

Style and Durability: The sleek natural look of the bamboo makes this a beautiful bed tray that you can even put on display in any room.And that beauty does not change the fact that Bamboo is a strong, reliable material that makes very durable trays which can stand the test of time.

Warranty and Guarantee: "Home-it" has backed this bed tray with a Free Lifetime Guarantee.


  • This tray has handles which simplify its transportation.
  • The legs can be folded to make the tray easier to wash and store.
  • You can use the tray for breakfast in bed and TV Dinners
  • The tray is made from Bamboo which is both strong and sleek.
  • The foldable legs allow this item to function as a bed tray, a laptop desk, and a serving tray.


  • The tray is not 100% bamboo.

02. Winsome Wood Stockton Bed Tray

Winsome Wood 98821 Stockton Bed Tray, Natural/wht

"The Winsome Wood Stockton" Tray is what many people think of when conversations about bed trays arise. Most people believe that bed trays are nothing more than flat pieces of wood with legs. And they are not wrong. "The Stockton Bed tray" is just a flat piece of wood with legs. But it doesn’t need to be anything more than that to achieve its objective, which is to enable you to have the most enjoyable dining experience in bed.

Used Material: There is no exaggeration in the statement above. This bed tray is quite basic, made from melamine that is set in a solid wooden frame. You have legs below that are designed to fold for easy storage. 

Sizes: When the tray is in use, it stands at 24.66 x 13.94 x 9.22. When you fold it, the tray sits at 21.80 x 13.90 x 2.10 (inches).

Comfort and Support: From the measurements above, you can see that your legs will fit perfectly beneath this bed tray when it is standing. The tray can be used in bed, on the couch, out on the patio, anywhere that you might desire to have a meal. You can even use the tray to feed your child. It is definitely cheaper and more comfortable than a high chair.The notched handles make it easier to carry.

Style and Durability: For a Melamine-made tray, this product looks good. In fact, the melamine top and the furnished frame have given it a sleek but natural appearance that can fit into the decor of any given room.The tray comes assembled. Besides food, you can use it to hold your laptop.

Warranty and Guarantee: The warranty attached to this product extends to sixty days from the moment of purchase.


  •  The foldable legs simplify cleaning and storage.  
  • The notched handles improve stability when carrying the tray.
  • The melamine construction is strong.
  • The tray is easy to clean. Just wipe it with a damp cloth.


  • The serving surface is too slippery.

03. Winsome Wood Benito Bed Tray

Winsome Wood 92022 Benito Bed Tray, Espresso

If the "Winsome Wood Bed Tray" explored above is so great, then why should you even bother with this one? Well, "the Stockton"is definitely functional. But "the Benito" is large. In fact, it is described as being over-sized which means that you can carry more meals on a more comfortable platform that promises far greater stability. Yes, you could settle for the Stockton but why should you when "the Benito" is also available?

Used Material:  The tray is made from composite wood. Its biggest draw is the rich dark espresso stain that adds an element of sophistication. You still get the foldable legs and cut out handles.

Sizes: The product measurements have been reported as 24.4 inches x 15 inches x 10.2 inches. When standing on its legs, the tray is seven inches tall.

Comfort and Support:  As with the Stockton, this tray works in bed, on the sofa, on the floor, the patio, basically anywhere. And you can also use it to hold items such as your laptop. It is not merely restricted to meals. The size is particularly impressive because you have a lot more freedom to maneuver beneath the tray. The color might trick you into thinking that it is really heavy but that isn’t even remotely true.

Style and Durability: The composite wood from which the bed tray is made is quite strong and solid. So the tray should survive the rigors of home use.But the dark finish is this product’s primary attraction. Along with the curved sides, the finish makes the tray look nicer and far more expensive than is actually the case. You should be careful when cleaning it. Use polyurethane and the like. Otherwise, you could damage the rich coating.

Warranty and Guarantee: You need to contact the manufacturer for more information.


  • This tray is very wide. It will comfortably contain your entire meal.  
  • The rich finish is amazing to look at.
  • The foldable legs simplify storage.
  • The curved sides and handles make the tray easier to carry.


  • The color you see on the manufacturer’s website isn’t always the color you get when this table arrives.
  • You can’t lock the legs in place

04. AboveTEK Laptop Table and Bed tray

AboveTEK Folding Laptop Table Stand for Bed, Portable Lap Desk Breakfast...

Many bed trays are made for dining purposes but they are versatile enough to accommodate other functions. This "AboveTEK Laptop Table and Bed tray" was made for work purposes. It enables consumers to use their laptops in bed without bringing harm to their bodies. And yet you can also use it to hold your food in any setting that suits you. The table is just as versatile as its rivals in the bed tray department but it also boasts additional features such as a smart latch.

Used Material: The product is made from silicone, aluminum, and Wood. The pads and feet are silicone. The wood contributes to the table’s strong and durable surface, though some consumers might turn their noses up at the silicone.

Sizes: The table stands at 23.8 inches x 13.1 inches (Desk Area Size). The Desk Height ranges from 9.5 inches to 13 inches. It can support laptops ranging from 7 inches to 19 inches (diagonal). There’s also plenty of space for a mouse. But you should ensure that the load does not exceed ten pounds.

Comfort and Support:  The objective of this bed tray is to enable you to use your laptop in a manner that doesn’t harm your posture regardless of whether you’re in bed, on the sofa, or even in your car. Everyone from a student to a teacher will appreciate the fact that the table can be tilted to offer a more comfortable view of one’s device. You can also adjust the height if you wish to stand while working. If you spend long hours at work, this table is bound to improve your posture.

Style and Durability: The table is designed for ergonomic purposes. So it has a sturdy build with a wooden, environmentally friendly surface, a mouse stopper, and a rubber pad, not to mention a smart latch lock that will help you adjust the height. All these elements come together to produce a device with a multitude of functionalities. You can even use it to hold food. However, it isn’t necessarily the most attractive tray on the market.Though, the birch color is decent.


  • You can use this product like a laptop stand, a bed tray, a reading rack or a standing desk.  
  • The tray is large enough to accommodate 19-inch laptops.  
  • You can adjust the surface of the table to improve your viewing angle.
  • The table will help you maintain your posture.
  • The product is strong but lightweight. That makes it easy to transport.
  • The legs are foldable.


  • Even people who believe strongly that this table performs its role adequately seem to think that it’s a bit flimsy.

05. Winsome Wood Alden bed Tray

Winsome Wood 94623 Alden Bed Tray, Walnut

You should know what to expect from "Winsome Wood Alden Bed Tray " by now. But while their trays above emphasize the dining part of their functionality, this one is designed to accommodate laptops. Certainly, their previous trays were compatible with laptops but that aspect of their design was a bonus. This product has an adjustable top that lets you change the angle by which you interact with your device.

Used Material: The tray is made from solid, composite wood which is a strong, durable material. It features an adjustable top, foldable legs, and a drawer for your tools.

Sizes: As a whole, the tray’s dimensions are 25.37 inches x 13.78 inches x 8.06 inches (W x D x H). When it comes to the flip top, you can expect 13.96 inches x 13.78 inches (W x D). The table’s height can be adjusted but it isn’t so large that you can cross your legs beneath. The drawer stands at 8.15 inches x 6.26 inches x 1.10 inches.

Comfort and Support:  This item isn’t just a bed tray. It doubles as a lap desk and a complete workstation. You can lounge in your bed or on your sofa while eating a meal or using your laptop in absolute comfort. The tilt function allows you to find an angle from which you can view your computing device without taxing your back or neck. The foldable legs add even more diversity. There’s even space for a mouse. If you have a child, they can also use the table as a workstation, keeping their crayons and drawings in the small drawer provided.

Style and Durability: The table has an Antique Walnut Finish, so it looks more expensive than its price tag. You can use it in any setting without shame. The tray comes fully assembled. The composite wood will ensure that the table stands the test of time. Many consumers have attested to using the table for months to hold heavy laptops without facing any challenges.

Warranty and Guarantee: For the moment, it looks like you have 90 days to return the table. But you should contact the manufacturer to be sure.


  • The table’s antique walnut finish is beautiful. 
  • The table has an adjustable top.
  • The legs are foldable. This simplifies storage.
  • You get a small drawer within which you can store all your tools.
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  • There’s a section on the table that holds your computer’s mouse.


  • The legs do not lock

06. SONGMICS Laptop Stand and Multi Function Bed Tray

SONGMICS Laptop Desk for Bed Sofa with Adjustable Tilting Top, Breakfast...

This is another tray that was designed for use as a laptop stand but which can work just as effectively as a bed tray. You can adjust the legs to manipulate the height. There are also ways to change the angle of the tabletop. Certainly, weight is a cause for concern. But if you can secure this stand in a bed, on a sofa or on the ground, it won’t let you down. They even give you a small drawer in which you can store your USB devices, pencils, and the like.

Used Material: The table is made from 100 percent natural bamboo. That might throw some people off because they prefer furniture crafted from solid wood. But natural bamboo is quite strong. As such, this bed tray has all the stability you require to trust it with all your heavy but delicate electronic devices. The product comes with five viewing angles designed to adapt to the height of the user. You also get metal latches that keep the legs in place. No assembly is required. The table comes ready for use.

Sizes: Before you make adjustments to the height and the tilt angle, the table possesses the following dimensions: 21.65 inches x 13.78 inches x 13.78 inches (L x w x H). Using the adjustment mechanism, the height can range from 9.1 inches to 13.8 inches.The width can also be adjusted between 21.9 inches and 23.6 inches.

Comfort and Support: This "SONGMICS Multi Function Bed Tray"is portable. As mentioned above, you can use it with your laptop while you lounge on your couch, enjoy a meal from the comfort of your bed, use it to write or draw in similar settings or even assign it to your child. The table is more effective than a height chair. The adjustable legs enable you to generate as much space as you require beneath the table. It can hold loads of up to 17 pounds. So you don’t have to worry about the weight of your computer breaking its legs

Style and Durability: This product is natural, so it sold in a natural soothing bamboo color that should appeal to the tastes and preferences of most people.The natural bamboo is surprisingly strong. It might succumb to stains but it is strong enough to weather the weight of your cups, plates, laptops, and any other load you might choose to lay upon its surface.Look forward to the magnet that works with the storage drawer, the leg latches, and the tilting top.

Warranty and Guarantee: You must contact the manufacturer for additional information in this area


  • This table is made from natural, eco-friendly bamboo.  
  • The table has a strong, solid, reliable build.
  • You can use it as a bed tray and a laptop stand.
  • You can adjust the tilt angle to improve your viewing experience.
  •  You get a small drawer for your small tools.
  • The table is assembled before being packaged and shipped.
  • You get plenty of legroom.


  • The table is somewhat heavy. Invalids who lack the necessary arm strength might find it difficult to transport and deploy.

07.Avantree Neeto Adjustable Bed Tray

[Large Size] Neetto TB101L Adjustable Laptop Bed Table, Portable Standing...

This table was made for people with very little space who cannot afford additional desks, chairs, and workstations. You can comfortably fit your legs under this item because of the adjustable height mechanism. It is also wide enough to hold your books, your plates, your laptop and every other component that requires a desk. This means that you can get your paperwork completed quite comfortably in bed, eat a decent meal on your couch as you watch Television, and even create a standing workstation at your place of employment.

Used Material: This table is made from high-quality MDF Wood (100%). So not only is it eco-friendly but the build is both sturdy and lightweight. The table has buttons that will enable you to adjust the height and the tilt angle. You can also collapse it into a flat shape that makes it easier to carry and store.

Sizes: When you first unfold the bed tray, it stands at 23.62 inches x 12.99 inches x 0.35 inches. There’s enough space for a 17-inch laptop and a mouse. But you have the power to change those measurements.

Comfort and Support: You can make height adjustments ranging from 9.4 inches to 12.6 inches. This is done using the auto-lock buttons on the side. The angle can also be altered (0-30) and locked in place.In other words, this bed tray can be as comfortable as you require. You can vary the angle and height depending on whether you’re in bed, on the sofa, on the floor, or standing in your office with the bed tray positioned on top of your normal desk. The table will do all the work of getting you comfortable.

Style and Durability:  Available in Medium and Large size, this isn’t necessarily the most attractive table on the market. In fact, it might look a little flimsy to some people. But don’t let that fool you. The MDF Wood from which it is constructed is quite strong and sturdy. So you are assured a table that is light enough to carry with ease but solid enough to secure your laptop. As mentioned above, there are buttons on the side to adjust the height and control the tilt angle.

Warranty and Guarantee: Avantree will give you your money back if you return their product within thirty days (after you receive it) because it failed to satisfy your needs.


  • This table is high enough to accommodate your legs and thighs, and wide enough to accommodate your computer.
  • It is versatile enough to serve as a stand and a tray in a variety of settings, from your home to your office and even outside.
  • The auto-lock buttons and latches make the height and tilt adjustments easy to maneuver.
  • The MDF wood from which the table is made delivers a light but sturdy product.
  • The table is ergonomically sound and environmentally friendly. 


  • More than one person has complained that the table is a little shaky, especially when they are typing.

08. Sofia+Sam bed Tray

Sofia + Sam Multi Tasking Laptop Bed Tray | Lap Desk Supports Laptops Up to...

Many of the bed trays above are described as portable workstations but that is only because they have basic functionalities that can be adapted to a variety of purposes. You do not have to force this tray to adapt to any functionality because it has been designed to work specifically as a versatile workstation. Yes, it has a wide surface that will hold your books and your laptops. Yes, it has space for your mouse. However, you also get a stopper that will keep your books, plates, and electronic devices from falling off. This is on top of a slot for your smartphone and an integrated drawer.
Once you settle down at this table, you never have to stand up again.

Used Material: The table is made of bamboo. For the most part, it mirrors the majority of bed trays above in construction. You have adjustable and tilt angle controls, furnished wood and the like.The appearance is the only truly revolutionary aspect of the table, particularly the phone slot.

Sizes: The table stands at 21.5 inches x 13.75 inches x 9.25 inches (Width x Depth x Height). When it comes to computers, the tray can accommodate up to 18 inches. It will also secure tablets as wide as 9.6 inches and smartphones of no more than 3.5 inches.
Any device you possess most likely falls within that range.

Comfort and Support: Again, if you’ve interacted with any of the tables above, you know exactly what to expect from this one. This bed tray can be used to read, play games, work, and even eat. You can deploy it at school, in your home, in your office, any location that requires portable support.

Style and Durability: The tray comes with a pretty walnut finish that will accentuate the decor of any bedroom in which you use it. Some consumers have complained about the absence of a locking mechanism that can prevent the table from collapsing when you attempt to shift it. Others have praised the product for standing up to the stress their laptops exert for weeks and months without showing any signs of wear and tear.
The construction could be better; the table isn’t quite as sturdy as some of its competitors. You get a mouse-pad area and anti-slip padding for your phones and tablets.

Warranty and Guarantee: You have to contact the manufacturer to acquire the necessary information in this area


  • The table is versatile. You can use it in a variety of settings. 
  • The angle of the tabletop is adjustable.
  • The tray can accommodate laptops, mousepads, phones, and tablets. 
  • The legs are foldable.
  • A stopper is provided to help you prop up your books as you read.


  • The legs have no locking mechanisms.

09. Mavo Craft Folding Lap Desk and bed tray

Folding Lap Desk, laptop desk, Breakfast Table, Bed Table, Serving Tray -...

If you have a busy schedule but you prefer to take advantage of the comfort that a mattress or even a couch has to offer, do not purchase this table because it isn’t for you.
Mavo Craft designed the bed tray with children in mind which is why it is so flimsily made. They expect it to adequately contain your child’s books, crayons, charts and the like. Do not expect the tray to hold your laptop.

Used Material: This table is made of cheap plastic. That might explain why it is so light. The people who have used it insist that it is still quite sturdy but you must be careful with regards to the items you place on it.There have even been reports of the pins that hold the lid in place falling out. The small drawer provided for storage isn’t particularly deep.

Sizes: The stand is 17.5 inches x 12 inches x 7.5 inches (L x W x H). The storage unit can hold up to 7 pounds.

Comfort and Support: Mavo Craft describes this as a table for the bed, the beach, the office, and the kitchen. You can even use it on your lap as you eat, draw, or write. In other words, it does everything you can expect from every other portable table, including storing your office supplies and providing plenty of room for your knees. But it isn’t necessarily ergonomic.

Style and Durability: In truth, this tray looks like it is truly made from cheap plastic. So if you enjoy aesthetically pleasing furniture, this product will disappoint you. The folding legs and the storage unit found under the desktop will help you save on space.
Also, everyone that has used the tray says that it is stronger than it looks. But do not expect it to reproduce the sturdiness or stability of a wooden or bamboo tray.

Warranty and Guarantee: There’s a 100 percent Money Back Guarantee for unsatisfied customers. 


  • The table is lightweight
  • It has storage space beneath the desktop.
  •  You can fold the legs for easier transportation and storage.
  • The Money Back Guarantee will appeal to risk-averse shoppers.


  • The table is made from cheap plastic
  • The storage space is two inches deep, possibly even less than that.

10. SereneLife Bath Caddy Combination Bamboo Bed  Tray

Bath Caddy Combination Breakfast Tray - Natural Bamboo Wood Waterproof...

They call this a combination tray because it amalgamates the functions of a laptop, shower, breakfast, and baby organizer tray. The adjustable height and width functions enable you to adapt the tray to any situation. This isn’t the first tray to provide such wide-ranging versatility. But it is one of the very few trays that are versatile whilst also being nice to look at.

Used Material: The tray is made from natural bamboo (100 percent). As such, it has a natural color and scent, not to mention a sturdy construction that will stand up to the weight of your meals, your books, and your laptop.

Sizes: When it is closed, this product stands at 29.5 inches x 10 inches x 1.8 inches. When opened, the tray stands at 42.5 inches x 10 inches x 10 inches (Length x Width x Height). You can make adjustments to the length to match your needs.

Comfort and Support: This tray is ergonomically designed. The manufacturers have provided accommodations for your books, magazines, laptops, phones, and tablets.
So once you settle down on your bed, sofa, or even the floor, you have no real reason to rise again. The tray will hold your wine glass, your candle, your tablet, phone, and more all at the same time. It is a workstation in every sense of the word. You can even fit it in a bathtub by using the slide-out arms. This is why the soap holder was provided.

Style and Durability: For a product that was meant for use in the bathtub, this stand actually looks quite good. The dark brown lacquer coat is not only elegant but it provides added protection against moisture, mold, and mildew. As such, the table will last for a long time even with frequent exposure to your bathroom. The natural wood is eco-friendly. You are provided removable trays, cut-out grooves for cups and candles, and accommodations for your electronic gadgets. 

Warranty and Guarantee: The product seems to have a one year warranty with a 60-day return policy but you should contact the seller for confirmation.


  • The product works as a breakfast, laptop, baby organizer tray. It is quite versatile.  
  • You can use it in the shower. It has extendable arms that can fit any bathtub you have.

  • The product is made from pure natural bamboo which is eco-friendly.
  • The tray is resistant to mold and mildew. You can blame this on its waterproofing
  • The tray is resistant to mold and mildew. You can blame this on its waterproofing


  • It may not be easy to carry.

Best Bed Tray FAQs

01. Are Bed Trays Portable?

Bed Trays are basically a combination of a tray and a small desk. So, yes, they are definitely portable. This is their defining feature.

02. How To Clean A Bed Tray?

The approach you use when washing a bed tray will depend on the material from which it is made. Certain types of wood, for instance, should only be wiped with a damp cloth.

Most aluminum, ceramic, and plastic tabletops can be washed normally like any other tray. In fact, most bed trays do not require special care to maintain them.

That being said, if you think your bed tray is so high end that it might fall apart when washed carelessly, you are encouraged to contact the manufacturer to get clarity.

03. Are There Any Health Consequences Associated With Using Bed Trays?

So many people eat and read and write and type from uncomfortable places like their bed, their couch, the floor and even the seat of their car. And that discomfort eventually attracts health consequences. People with habits like the ones mentioned above tend to strain their eyes, necks, and backs. The use of bed trays is not associated with any negative health consequences. If anything, it takes such health consequences away.


All the trays above are exquisite in their own way. But simply selecting one at random won’t help you. You need to think about your own personal requirements. Consider the material of the tray, the stability provided by its construction, and the cost.

Compare these variables to your need and that will help you settle on a tray that will actually deliver optimal satisfaction. Do not select a bed tray simply because it has a long list of features.

For instance, you don’t need a tray with a soap holder if you have no intention of using a bed tray in your bathtub. Make sure your bed tray of choice matches your needs.

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