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Mummy Loves the Best Bedding for Night Sweats

Whether the temperature has been humid this season or your child is simply a hot sleeper, waking up at midnight drenched in sweat is a familiar occurrence especially to households with young children. Many people, even adults, experience bouts of sweating at night. However, children are the most affected because they're not as able to control their body temperatures like adults can, resulting in a disturbed and uncomfortable sleep.

There are several reasons why some kids experience night sweating, including medical conditions like a fever which causes the body's temperature to shoot up. Hyperhidrosis, a condition of extreme sweating and some sleep disorders may also cause kids to perspire as they sleep.

Unless you know your kids have any of these medical conditions, it's possible that they're just uncomfortable with their sleeping arrangement. And the first place any mother should look into to help kids sleep better and cooler at night is their beddings.

How to Choose The Best Bedding for Night Sweats 

Changing the beddings should be like a welcome ritual to the next season. So when winter's about to end, you should already start bringing out the fresh linens to counter the humid climate. However, some people don't pay much attention to the kind of beddings they use, which in turn affects theirs and their kids' sleep quality. So here are the top considerations when picking the best bedding for night sweats that can help you much more.

1. Go Natural

Natural fibers have a reputation for cool and airiness, as compared to synthetic fibers which trap heat. Pure and natural cotton, linen are allergy free and works great for all seasons.

Do you have used wool bedding's to remove sweating of your baby at night? If not, we are suggesting you using best quality wool beddings such as wool pillows, wool comforter, wool blankets. These are always best options because of their ability to absorb sweat and provide proper ventilation.

Moreover, you can choose mulberry silk made bedding such as silk sheets, silk comforter, silk pillowcase for your child. Silk bedding also works great against night sweating. Additionally, These fabrics have excellent cooling effects and very breathable, so using them for hot sleepers would offer much comfort. A wonderful benefit of mulberry silk comforter is that, you can use it in the summer also.

2. It's Not About the Thread Count

Many people think of thread count as the ultimate benchmark in judging fabric, and that the higher the thread count, the better. However, materials with higher thread count have very tight weaves of thread in between and tend to trap heat under the covers. For hot sleepers, it is preferable to pick bedding with lower thread count (between 200 and 400), as they're designed to let air pass through efficiently and provide better ventilation.

3. Opt For a Light-colored Bedding

The choice of bedding color also has a bearing on how comfortable on it will be. Light-colored beddings reflect light instead of absorbing it, so they tend to be more cooling to the skin.

The 4 Best Bedding Materials for Kids Who Sweat at Night

Night sweats can disturb the kids' sleep cycle which in turn cause the parents' good night sleep to suffer as well. Here are the best sheets to help you combat the humid temperature and help the kids get sufficient sleep all through the night.

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1. Cotton Beddings

The most popular fiber material for sheets that help you stay cool is cotton. Cotton beddings are easy to find, reasonably-priced and most of all, have breathable characteristics. It also helps that cotton has incredible luxurious soft texture. Most cotton-made beddings are also thin and airy which improve air circulation inside. Allowing you and the kids to feel cool and comfortable during humid nights. Percale cotton, in particular, is an excellent choice for its subtle texture and cool feeling against the skin.

2. Bamboo Beddings

Bamboo beddings sport a soft and cool to touch texture that's also incredibly breathable and lightweight. 100% bamboo fiber bedding's keep you cool by eliminating extra heat and regulating temperature.

If you use a bamboo pillow, you will feel the gradually that how this pillow remove night sweats of your baby.

To cover your baby's body at night, you can buy another bamboo product like a bamboo comforter or bamboo blanket. These Bamboo fibers made product also can wick moisture away from the body. So the kids are less likely to be awoken by drench of sweat on their chest and back. As a bonus, bamboo fiber made blanket or comforter is also hypoallergenic and resistant to mildew, mites, and molds.

You can use bamboo pillow, bamboo comforter, Bamboo duvet covers, bamboo blanket in your bed. These bedding's are made from organic bamboo fiber, which is 100% natural.

So, do not worry about purchasing a bamboo made product as bamboo is a natural fiber. Additionally, Bamboo fiber is a type of viscose rayon that refined chemically to make it allergy-free.

On the other hand, bamboo towels also have moisture-wicking properties. So for the bathing purpose, you can choose bamboo bath towels for your baby.

3. Linen Beddings

Linen beddings are also viable choices for bringing down the humid body temperature as the child sleeps. Pure linen fabric is soft and airy, and it's also capable of absorbing moisture away from the body. However, linen does get wrinkled quickly, which can be a drawback if you like a perfectly-made bed. But if this is not an issue for you and would want to bask in the comfort and coolness of linen bedding, then it's certainly a good choice.

4. Wool Beddings

With wool's excellent thermal regulation properties, this bedding material is great to use in summer as it is in winter. Light wool bedding is crisp and breathable, providing good air circulation and temperature control for your kids who night sweat. Wool also can wick away moisture from the body so your kid is less likely to sleep in a pool of sweat which can contribute to poor sleep quality and discomfort. You may buy Alpaca Wool Fill Comforter, which is the best wool comforter for night sweats. Additionally, natural wool fiber is hypoallergenic and efficiently repels dust and allergens.

And A Few More Tips

For some, night sweating is just a minor discomfort, but for others, it's a huge disturbance to sleep. Kids need adequate sleep to fuel their next day's activity and night sweating can disrupt what would otherwise be a sound eight-hour slumber.

It is essential to modify the kid's bedroom arrangement as the season's change, so the bed becomes conducive for rest. Additionally, it also helps to instill before-bed habits, like practicing them to use bidet toilet seats, so they don't need to wake up in the middle of the night to urinate.

It is also better to check on how comfortable the kids are on the bed when they sleep. Covering them with a comfortable and neglecting to set the thermostat to the appropriate temperature can cause them to perspire heavily at night. Also, try to re-arrange the bedroom so that the location of the bed gets as much air as possible.

If sweating persists on a regular basis despite your best efforts, take your child to a health professional.

In Conclusion

Night sweating is indeed an uncomfortable feeling especially for young kids who are still unable to regulate their body temperature. However, there's a lot that parents can do to ensuring their kids sleep soundly, beginning with choosing the right bedding and best mattress. Make sure that your kids sleep on beddings that are airy and breathable and can wick away moisture, and soon enough, the kids should fall into a healthier sleeping routine.

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