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Many patients who are suffering from neck or shoulder problem, need to extra care on choosing a pillow. That’s why we are bringing here a unique pillow named Wal-Pil-O is the Best Cervical Pillow. It is soft, comfortable and most importantly useful for who suffer from tension headaches and arthritic disorders of the neck, back pain or shoulder pain.

back pain or shoulder pain

It's a four-in-one cervical pillow which made with hypoallergenic polyester fiber and polyurethane. It’s an all in all pillows which will help to recover from your several pain-related problems. Let’s know further about Wal-Pil-O and it's so useful for you.

Wal-Pil-O is made of

Wal-Pil-O is made of

Wal-Pil-O - Doctor Designed Best Rest Neck Pillow Relieves Neck & Shoulder...
148 Reviews
Wal-Pil-O - Doctor Designed Best Rest Neck Pillow Relieves Neck & Shoulder...
  • Anatomical design helps discomfort from tension headaches, neck and shoulder...
  • Developed by a respected physician specializing in neck and back care, the...
  • Measures 24L" x 15W" x 4H" with a cotton blend cover that fits standard size...
  • Junior Hi recommended for small adults under 5' 2"

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The hypoallergenic fiber of Wal-Pil-O is the best cervical pillow for neck

Wal-Pil-O is made with special hypoallergenic polyester and polyurethane fiber so it can be used for all type of patients especially the allergic patients, though. Also, it is very comfortable to use because it becomes clean for a long time and soft as cotton. It comes with travel size too so you can use it anywhere anytime.



Perfect for arthritic patients

Wal-Pil-O has an anatomical design which helps to relieve discomfort from tension headaches, arthritic disorders of the neck. So, those patients who were suffering from neck and shoulder pain for a long time they will benefit from this pillow. It helps to reduce early morning pain, dizziness for the first time use.

Two different types of center sections

This Roloke Wal-Pil-O has two different type of center sections which provides you the proper alignment of the body and reduces the possibilities of back pain. It gives you extra comfort whiles you sleeping at night and helps you to relax longer. Also, it's two different borders provides this pillow with extra comfort and support, so you use the neck pillow for a long time comfortably.

At a glance

  1. 4-in1 cervical pillow
  2. At both borders, it all measures 13" x 15" x 4" H
  3. Comes with 2 different borders. Both wide and narrow
  4. Contain 2 different center sections- medium and soft
  5. Made of polyester fiber and hypoallergic polyester fiber
  6. Help to relieve a tension headache, nocturnal and early morning pain, an arthritic disorder of pain
  7. Supports to aligns the head and neck
  8. Perfectly fits on standard size pillowcase
  9. Affordable price
  10. Machine washable pillow cover


  • Helps to keep in proper alignment to your neck, head, and back
  • Allows all type of sleeping positions
  • Help to reduces a headache, neck pains
  • Suitable for type of person especially who suffers from neck or shoulder pain or arthritic disorder


  • This is a standard size pillow so for people especially who loves very thick and big pillows may not like that much
Wal-Pil-O The Best Rest Neck Pillow
2 Reviews
Wal-Pil-O The Best Rest Neck Pillow
  • Full size, fits standard pillowcase
  • Only Available to ship within the contiguous USA*

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Q & A

Que- What is the weight of this pillow?

Ans- 1.8 pounds.

Que- What is the shape of this pillow?

Ans- Rectangular.

Que- How it helps to reduce neck pain?

Ans- Well, it helps to keep your body in proper alignment so your shoulder, neck, backbone stays in proper position and reduces the possibility of any pain.

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Although, this neck pillow can handle any kind of neck and shoulder pains and gives you amazing comfort for sleeping. You will see the difference from the beginning of the use forget your worst pain memories. This is a long durable, and hassle-free product which provides you all you need for your neck. This pillow is absolutely the best choice for getting rid of all neck, back, and shoulder problem.

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