Top 11 Best Comforter Storage Bags reviews 2020

Everyone wants a nice, cozy, thick comforter in the winter. But what happens went summer season comes around and you need to replace your thick comforter with a lighter version?

What do you do with the winter comforter? You can’t just throw it in a closet or hang it on a nail. Comforters are delicate. If you fail to store them appropriately, they will die. This is why you need to get a storage bag.

The best comforter storage bags will keep your comforter dry and free from moisture, dust, stains, bacteria and any of the other elements that might harm it.

If you have never purchased a comforter storage bag before and you don’t know where to start looking, consider making your selection from the list below. We have collected all the best comforter storage bags on the market for your viewing pleasure.

You just have to skim through the list until you find an item that piques your interest. And if you don’t have the time to read so many words, look at the comparison table. It has all the information you require to make an educated selection.





Lifewit Large Capacity Clothes Storage Bag Organizer with Reinforced Handle...

01. Lifewit Large Capacity Comforter, blanket and bedding Storage Bag

  • Reinforced Handle
  • Large Capacity
  • Sturdy zipeer
  • Made from high quality Odorless material

combocube Jumbo Zippered Storage Bag for Closet King Comforter, pillow,...

02. Jumbo Zippered Storage Bag for Comforter, Pillow, Quilt, Bedding, Clothes and blanket.

  • made with breathable fabric
  • easy retrieval design
  • long lasting

Fba Clear Vinyl Zippered Storage Bags 24x20x11 Inch Set of 5

03. Clear Vinyl Zippered Storage Bags for comforter

  • Clear Zippered Bag
  • Durable 
  • Odorless

SLEEPING LAMB 120L Extra Large Blanket Storage Bags Breathable Clothes...

04. SLEEPING LAMB Large Foldable Storage Bag for Blanket, Comforter, Clothing

  •  Extra large Size
  •  Durable and breathable
  •  Reinforced Handle

Qozary Large Storage Bags for Comforters, Blankets, Clothes, Quilts and...

05. Qozary Large Storage Bags for Comforters, Blankets, and all bedding items

  • Made with odorless high quality material 
  • Sturdy and large bags
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee

iwill CREATE PRO Big Size Soft Storage Bag, All Bulky Items, Washable, Gray

06. iwill CREATE PRO Big Size Soft Storage Bag for All Bulky Items

  • 100% natural cotton canvas fabric
  • washable in machine or by hands
  • double-opened zip design  

Covermates Keepsakes – Canvas Storage Bag - Premium Canvas - Carrying...

07. Covermates Keepsakes Comforter Storage Bag

  • Made with of bleached natural cotton 
  • dual zipper pulls

VEAMOR Comforter Storage Bags Pack of 2,Pillow Beddings/Blanket Clothes...

08. VEAMOR Comforter, bedding, duvet Storage Bags

  • highest density tearresist fabic
  • 2 years Warranty 
  • Foldable design

MISSLO Jumbo Zippered Storage Bags for Closet King Comforter, Clothes,...

09. MISSLO Jumbo Zippered Storage Bags for Comforter, blanket

  • long lasting
  • Breathable & washable
  • Reinforced 2 carry handles

Comforters, Pillows, Blankets, Duvets Soft Storage Bag,Water proof Fabric,...

10. iwill CREATE PRO Comforters, Blankets, Duvets Storage Bag

  • soft and sturdy
  • waterproof, moisture proof, dust proof.
  • made of 1680D oxford fabric

Top 11 Best Comforter Storage Bags Reviews

1. Lifewit Large Capacity Storage Bag Organizer

Lifewit Large Capacity Clothes Storage Bag Organizer with Reinforced Handle...

This bag is so large and convenient that you can use it to store your clothes, especially if you can’t trust them to stay clean and dust-free in the closet. The bag can also hold towels, linens, and any other times that require secure storage.

If all you want is a bag for your comforter, this product has you covered regardless. Boasting a decent capacity, the bag is strong, sturdy, and easy to clean.


The bag is made from 3-ply composite non-woven fabric. The material is strong and odorless. It is designed to encourage ventilation, making sure that the contents stored remain equally odorless. The zippers are stainless steel; they are unlikely to break even when excessive stress is exerted.


You can get the bag in a 90L or 48L capacity. As far as size is concerned, the average bag stands at 60 x 43 x 35 cm. The 90L bag provides a capacity that is 50 percent larger than what you normally find in the average comforter bag.

The handle has two layers of thick fabric that reinforce it, increasing the weight it can bear. If the handles of your previous bags used to snap off, this one has you covered. The seams are reinforced to augment the strength of the handle.

You get two-way zippers that slide with ease, simplifying the process of opening and closing the bag even when it is really full. The clear window is an interesting bonus because it is large enough to offer you an unrestricted view of the contents of the bag.

If the product fails to satisfy your needs, the manufacturer offers a 100 percent Satisfaction Guarantee and a 2-year warranty. 


  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.
  • Large size.
  • Breathable material.
  • Reinforced handle.


  • The bag has soft walls. Stacking many of these bags on top of one another will present a challenge..

2. Jumbo Zippered Storage Bag

combocube Jumbo Zippered Storage Bag for Closet King Comforter, pillow,...

This is the perfect bag for anyone that wants to save space. It can stand tall enough to hold more than one comforter or deflate to a size that makes its storage easier. It can also hold everything from blankets to pillows, clothing and everything in between.

You can use it for organizational purposes in your home or take it with you on a trip. The size available is perfect for a variety of scenarios. It can even hold household items.


The bag is made from a thick fabric that is breathable, designed to let air circulate through it. This allows the contents it stores to remain fresh for longer periods. So you can store shoes, sweaters, and the like without worrying that they will develop disgusting smells.

The manufacturer doesn’t reveal the exact fabric used. But they insist that it is anti-mold, a feature that emanates from its breathability. The clear window is plastic.


At 30 x 45 x60 cm, this comforter can fit in your closet, under the bed, in the storage compartment of a plane, basically any small space you might have on hand. You get handles on either side to make transportation easier.

The bag is supposed to be large enough for two king-size comforters to fit but it can be folded to save on space. The clear window simplifies the process of observing the contents of the bag without opening it. The zippers are a little weak but if the bag isn’t overstuffed, they should hold.


  •  Breathable, anti-mold fabric.
  • Clear window.
  • Foldable design makes storage easy.
  • Two handles.


  • Zippers are not very strong.

3. Clear Vinyl Zippered Storage Bags

Fba Clear Vinyl Zippered Storage Bags 24x20x11 Inch Set of 5

This bag’s appearance is deceiving. It looks weak, thin, and ineffectual. But, in fact, it is strong, easy to store and larger in capacity than the pictures you have seen suggest. The plastic material is the biggest selling point because it can contend with quite a bit of stress.

You can trust it to stand the test of time. The bag can be used to store your comforters, blankets, pillows and any other items that pique your interest. The price is bound to scare a few people away, especially those that are accustomed to fabric bags of a similar price.


The material is nylon. As with most vinyl products, this one has an odor. But it dissipates in a few minutes once you expose the bag to fresh air. The white 3-sided nylon zipper makes access to your valuables easier.

The walls are not quite as stiff as some people prefer but they get the job done.


This entire bag is clear. So you can see all your valuables without having to open the bag. If you bought the product in 2018 or earlier, you probably hate the fact that it doesn’t have a handle.

The manufacturer has since rectified this issue. The models released in 2019 have handles. So you can now transport your comforter with ease. The weight is 2.1 pounds which makes the bag heavier than some people expect.

The size (20 inches tall and 11 inches deep) is decent. The Gauge 4 Vinyl used is strong, responsible for the bag’s heft.


  • The entire bag is clear. You can see the contents.
  • The size is sufficient.
  • Newer models have handles.


  • Not breathable.
  • Comes with a chemical smell.
  • Handle is weak.

4. Sleeping Lamb Large Foldable Storage Bag

SLEEPING LAMB 120L Extra Large Blanket Storage Bags Breathable Clothes...

This is a soft-sided bag. It is unlikely to stand straight while empty. The material from which it is made is also unlikely to survive the assault of a determined mouse. But the strengths of the bag make up for its perceived weaknesses.

For a bag that is so light, the product can hold so many items at the same time. The zippers are strong and so are the handles. The walls are breathable, designed to keep the contents fresh and free of those smells that normally manifest whenever you store certain items for too long.


The bag is made from customized, environmental, non-woven 100 g/m fabric. As mentioned above, this material is breathable. It will allow fresh air to circulate through its internal chamber.

The material is sturdy. Unless you have vicious pests in your home, the fabric can be trusted to keep your comforter safe. The zippers are heavy-duty metal.


At 20 inches x 16.1 inches x 22.3 inches, the bag is large enough to store 2 Queen Size Comforters and 2 pillows at the same time. There is a clear PVC window that allows you to see the contents of the bag.

The two metal zippers can open either side at a time. You get a pair of reinforced handles that make the lifting and transportation of the bag easy. Besides comforters, the bag will hold blankets, sweaters, baby clothing, essentially any item that needs organizing. You can take the bag with you in a car or on a plane. It fits perfectly in a bedroom or dorm room.


  • Large capacity.
  • Breathable, environmental, non-woven fabric.
  • Heavy-duty metal zippers.
  • Clear PVC Window.


  • The stitching connecting the handle to the bag is lacking..
  • Walls are not sturdy. The bag needs to be filled to attain stability when standing upright..

5. Qozary Large Storage Bags

Qozary Large Storage Bags for Comforters, Blankets, Clothes, Quilts and...

This is a strong BPA and Acid-free bag that is surprisingly affordable despite its strong build and large capacity. You can use it to store everything from comforters and blankets to duvets, pillows, and towels. You can also take it with you on trips because it holds so much.

It can fit under your bed, in the trunk of your car, and even in the space you are provided on a plane.


The bag is made from polyester and a polyester blend. It is superior to the non-woven or 600D fabrics you see in other bags because of its strength. There are no bad odors to speak of.


At 27.5 x 11.81 x 19.68 inches, this is a large bag that offers a capacity of 105L. That is huge. You might have room to spare even after storing multiple clothing and bedding items. According to the manufacturer, the bag can easily hold 40 sweaters.  The handles are sturdy and you get 4 of them, simplifying transportation. The zippers can withstand weights of up to 38kg.

The bag has a clear panel that allows you to view the contents without opening it. There is a lifetime replacement warranty attached to the product.


  • Lifetime replacement warranty.
  • Four handles.
  • Massive capacity (105L).


  • Suitable for all sizes.

6. Iwill CREATE Pro Natural Storage Bag

iwill CREATE PRO Big Size Soft Storage Bag, All Bulky Items, Washable, Gray

This is a nice bag with a lot of balance in its features. Like most of the other bags on this list, you can use this one to store everything from pillows and sweaters to coats and quilts. Naturally, your comforter will fit just fine.

When the bag is empty, you can fold it neatly and push it under the bed or into any corner of your bedroom or closet. It doesn’t just store other items with ease. The bag, on its own, is very easy to store. So you need not worry that it will get in your way.


If you have had your fill of non-woven fabric, you are going to love this bag which is made from 100 percent cotton canvas. It is completely natural, free of the chemicals that make other bags so dangerous for you and your children.

The cotton canvas is breathable, so you don’t have to worry about the bag’s contents becoming so sweaty that they develop bad odors. On the other hand, the fabric is not so porous that you have to worry about dust. The fabric will keep the contents of the bag adequately clean.


You can get the bag in Beige, Light Gray, and the shockingly distinct owl design. At 0.5kg, this is a very light bag. You should also know that it is quite soft. There is no solid frame inside.

This is what allows you to fold it for storage. This is also what makes the bag machine-washable, though you can also clean it with your hands. At 70 x 55 x 30 cm, it is sufficiently large for any use you might have in mind.

Don’t let the frameless design worry you. The manufacturer has assured customers that their product is quite strong, capable of lasting 3 to five years. The double-opened zip design makes the process of opening and closing the bag easier. You get two durable handles.


  •  Machine Washable.
  • 100 percent natural cotton.
  • Breathable.


  • The bag is soft. Unless it is full, it can’t stand properly. It eventually loses its shape.
  • No clear window for viewing contents.

7. Covermates Keepsakes Canvas Storage Bag

Covermates Keepsakes – Canvas Storage Bag - Premium Canvas - Carrying...

This bag’s biggest attraction is the fact that it is lightweight and breathable. The lightweight build makes the bag portable. The breathability gives you hope that you can store quilts and comforters for long periods without their fabric falling prey to mold and mildew.

The bag is large enough to accommodate King and Queen Size comforters, so you shouldn’t have any problem fitting ordinary clothing and smaller bedding items. Some of the bags this manufacturer has sent out have a bad smell. But others don’t. As such, if you want to know whether or not the bag you will receive has a chemical odor that has to be either washed or aired out, there is no way to know. You just have to hope for the best.


The bag is made from non-bleached, non-dyed natural cotton. Even though the manufacturer calls it ‘natural’ cotton, they have also admitted that it isn’t organic. They should be commended for being honest in this area.

The fabric is breathable, so your valuables will remain fresh. But it isn’t waterproof. So you are encouraged to keep the bag in a clean and dry location.


As mentioned above, the bag is large enough to hold King and Queen sized comforters. You can get it in a variety of sizes, though. Some people don’t require that much space. There are carrying handles to make transportation easy. You also get a clear window in front that allows you to view the contents of the bag.

Keep an eye out for the branded dual zippers which make opening and closing the bag easy. If the item ever gets stained, you are encouraged to clean it immediately before the stain sets in. But you can only use spot cleaning. Ordinary washing will cause the fabric to shrink. There is a 2-year-warranty.


  • Available in a variety of sizes.
  • You get a clear window for viewing the contents.
  •  2-year-warranty.
  •  Fit for bigger sizes of beds.


  • Cleaning is complicated.
  • Some bags smell.

8. VEAMOR Comforter Storage Bags

VEAMOR Comforter Storage Bags Pack of 2,Pillow Beddings/Blanket Clothes...

This bag doesn’t come with any unpleasant smells. So you can start using it immediately which is a good thing. Also, if you get the XX-Large version, you won’t be disappointed because it can hold so many items, not just comforters, and blankets but clothes, quilts, pillows and the like.

The warranty will give you some peace of mind because it eliminates some of the risk associated with the purchase of such a bag.


The manufacturer calls this 210D oxford fabric. But some people believe that the material is closer to nylon. Either way, the fabric is resistant to dust and moisture. It is also breathable despite its insect-repellant attributes.

So your comforters and blankets will remain fresh, dry, and protected from insect activity. The material is surprisingly dense.


The bag comes in a variety of colors including purple, blue, and green. You don’t always get this variety from bags of this kind. The size options are also diverse. They include XX-Large, Medium, Large, X-Large, and Small. The frame of the bag is weak and soft.

The objective is to make the product easier to fold and store in small spaces when not in use. Some people hate the fact that it keeps taking the shape of whatever you store in it because it is incapable of maintaining its own shape.

The clear window provided allows you to view your valuables. You get a soft-grip handle with a durable design. The heart-shaped zippers are designed in a manner that won’t hurt your hands when you use them. They are pretty and practical. Customers will appreciate the 2-year warranty.


  • The fabric is strong, breathable and resistant to dust, moisture, and insects.
  • You get a clear window.
  • The zippers are pretty and practical.


  • The bag can’t sit upright when empty. It has soft walls.
  •  The bag feels flimsy.

9. MISSLO Jumbo Zippered Storage Bags

MISSLO Jumbo Zippered Storage Bags for Closet King Comforter, Clothes,...

These bags are practically airtight. So you need not worry about insects. You will also notice a strong smell when you first take them out of their plastic wrapping. But it will dissipate shortly.

The size of the bag is its biggest attraction. Most bags in this price range can only hold one comforter and maybe a few sheets. This one will hold two Queen or King Size Comforters at the same time whilst also providing additional space for any other garments you might want to store.

And while it will fit perfectly in your closet, you can also take it with you on road trips. The handles provided make it easy to carry.


The bag is made from heavy-duty oxford fabric. It is not only durable but also easy to clean. If you hate how sweaty and smelly comforters can get when stored in bags, this fabric is breathable. As such, your valuables will stay fresh for longer periods.


The bag has three clear windows. So you can view its contents with ease from multiple angles. There are two reinforced handles on either side that will make the transportation of the bag easier. In other words, you don’t have to keep the bag home. You can take it with you whenever you travel.

The manufacturer added a two-way zipper design. The zippers are metal which speaks to their durability. When the bag isn’t in use, it is soft enough for you to fold and put away.


  • Durable, easy to clean Oxford fabric.
  •  3 clear windows.
  • 2 reinforced handles.


  • Strong smell at the start.
  • Walls are soft.

10. iWill CREATE PRO Storage Bag

Comforters, Pillows, Blankets, Duvets Soft Storage Bag,Water proof Fabric,...

You should temper your expectations when it comes to this bag. It is one of the cheapest items on this list. In fact, it falls within the range that you expect ordinary comforter bags to cost.

To many consumers, the other items on this list are actually considered expensive. But the friendly price tag attached to this product should give you an idea of what you can expect. The bag is small and thin. It will accommodate your comforter so long as it isn’t too bulky.

You might have a problem fitting Queen or King Size comforters.


The manufacturer used oxford fabric which is supposed to be tear and wear-resistant; the fabric is soft but sturdy. As such, the bag is also soft but sturdy. You can fold it when it isn’t in use so that it can fit in the small spaces of your closet.


Available in coffee, light gray, and black, this bag stands at 22 x 14.2 x 9.8 inches. If you fold it, the measurements drop to 11 inches x 7.9 inches x 1.2 inches. The fabric from which it is made is resistant to dust and moisture despite being so breathable.

It will keep comforters and blankets sufficiently fresh. The fabric is also quite easy to clean. You can even take a brush to it. You don’t have to worry about the walls tearing or unraveling.

The three-open zippers simplify the process of opening and closing the bag. You also get two handles that make transportation more convenient.


  • Soft but sturdy oxford fabric.
  • The bag can be folded for easy storage.
  • The price tag is friendly.


  • Not as big as some people would like.
  • Chemical smell.

11. Compactor Space Saver Vacuum Storage Solution

Compactor Space Saver Vacuum Storage Solution Vacuum Bag to protect...

This isn’t like any comforter bag you have ever seen. It is designed to fit many items within a small space. It does this by taking the air out of the storage cabin, leaving more space for your items to occupy.

The product is suitable for blankets, linens, clothing, and bedding items. To use it, you must fold your items before placing them in the compression plastic bag insert. Seal the bag (you can use the included slider) and attach the vacuum hose to the valve on the plastic bag.

Once your items have been compressed, you can close the valve. And in case you need to travel, the bag has straps that will secure your items in place. When utilized properly, the product will hold 2 King Size comforters and two pillows at the same time which is impressive.


The manufacturer calls it a soft, synthetic canvas but it feels a lot like nylon. Either way, it is water-resistant. This is a rare attribute among the comforter bags on this list.

The material is impressive but the primary draw of the bag is the compression technology it uses to save on space.


The bag comes with a patented anti-leak valve that, as the name suggests, will prevent air from leaking once you detach the nozzle. Unlike other bags that are so soft they keep losing their shape, this one has protective cardboard added to the synthetic canvas that makes up its walls.

This allows the bag to retain its shape. The valve contributes to the bag’s ability to resist water, bacteria, mold, pests, dust, and moisture. It also keeps bad smells away. You get carry handles on either side, a clear window that permits you to view your comforters and a 2-year warranty.


  • Patented, space-saving vacuum compression technology.
  • Water, bacteria, pest, and mold-resistant.
  • Straps that secure your items in place.


  • The outer shell is made from thin, cheap material.
  • Zipper closure is lacking.

Best Comforter Storage Bags Buying Guide

We all know that comforters are delicate items. This is why they have to be washed with care. It is also the reason why you need to choose the bags in which they will be stored carefully.

But how can you identify a decent storage bag for your comforter? Try keeping the following factors in mind:

1). Durability

This should be one of the first concerns you consider. The best comforter storage bags are made from a material that is built to last. This is important for people who need to store their comforters for long periods of time and they don’t want to keep checking on them.

If your storage bag is vulnerable to ordinary wear and tear, it will expose your comforter to elements that can ruin it. Some bags are made from toxic material that can actually destroy the surface of your comforter as it breaks down.

This is why some people prefer plastic storage bags because they can last for a very long time even in the face of corrosive external factors. But plastic bags have their own weaknesses.

2). Breathability

This is where plastic bags fail. The best comforter storage bags should be breathable. In other words, they should be porous enough to permit air to circulate through the comforter. This will prevent a build-up of moisture which will prevent the manifestation of mold and mildew. It will also keep the comforter fresh.

3). Dust

The storage bag you choose should be porous enough to allow the comforter to breathe. But it shouldn’t be so porous that it allows dust to invade. You need a bag that can keep your comforter clean even in a dusty environment.

A material that covers all these areas is cotton. It is long-lasting but also breathable, designed to encourage the escape of moisture. This makes it resistant to mold and mildew. This is why cotton is the perfect material for a comforter storage bag.

If you can’t get cotton, there are storage bags made from soft but strong fabric that is just as breathable, moisture, and dust resistant.

4). Vacuum technology

If your comforter is made from synthetic material, consider using vacuum bags. They eliminate all the air in the bag and then create an airtight seal, keeping the comforter protected from moisture, dust, and bacteria. This method of storage isn’t conducive for some comforters, for instance down and feather comforters.

5). Window

This seems like a luxury but you are encouraged to find comforter bags that have clear windows that you can use to view the contents of the bag without opening it and disturbing the comforter.

Best Comforter Storage Bags-FAQs

How to Store Comforter in the Storage Bag?

Bags are supposed to simplify the storage of comforters. But you can’t just rip your comforter off the bed and then shove it in a bag. Ideally, the storage process should involve the following:

1). Start by cleaning the comforter. Do not store it while it is dirty. The dirt, oils, dead skin, and stains it has will attract bugs in the weeks and months that follow.

2). Once it is clean, dry it. Follow the instructions on the comforter’s label.

3). Once the comforter comes out of the dryer, take a moment to feel it all over. Ensure that every inch of it is dry. Any dampness will attract mold during storage.

4). Find an appropriate comforter storage bag, one that is durable and breathable. Avoid plastic.

5). Fold the comforter. This will reduce its volume. Most comforters are bulky. If you don’t fold them a few times, they might not fit.

6). Place the comforter in the bag and seal it to keep dust and insects away.

Where Should I Store the Comforter?

1). Place the comforter storage bag in a place that is cool but dry. If you put it in some warm, damp corner, mold and bacteria will invade your comforter.

2). Keep the comforter inside. Outdoor storage locations are discouraged because insects can access them more easily.

3). Keep the comforter off the ground. If possible, place it on a shelf. A clean cabinet will also do.

4). If you don’t have any other options, you can still keep the comforter under your bed so long as its storage bag is strong and breathable.

Are Vacuum Storage Bags Good for Comforters?

Vacuum bags are acceptable for most comforters. But because they compress their contents, they are not good for comforters with feathers. The compression will ruin the feathers.

You are also discouraged from storing comforters with natural fibers like wool in vacuum bags. Six months is fine. Beyond that, the natural fibers, which require air to retain their natural state, will start to suffer.

If you must store delicate items in vacuum bags, make sure you air them out every so often. With feather comforters, leave some air in the bag so that the feathers are not completely compressed.

How Long Should I Store and Check on the Comforter after Storing?

There is no specific duration for storing and checking on your comforters in storage. But most people would discourage you from exceeding six months.


If you are looking for the best comforter storage bags, quality matters. Because comforters are so expensive, you need them to last for as long as possible. As such, you shouldn’t be afraid to spend a little more money on a comforter storage bag than you would normally spend on an ordinary bag.

Comforter storage bags are not like normal bags, hence the slightly higher price tag. As you have probably seen from the items above, the Top comforter storage bags should be breathable, durable, but also large enough to comfortably hold one or more comforters.

 They also need a clear window for you to view your comforters during storage. The items above meet all those requirements and yet they have reasonable price tags. This is why they are considered to be the Top comforter storage bags on the market.

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