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The 15 Best Console Tables Reviews 2020

The hallway is the first section of your home that most people encounter. It informs their opinion of everything else they will see. This is why so many people attempt to decorate their entryways with the right rugs and doormats.

But neither a doormat nor a rug is going to leave much of an impression which is why you are better off trusting the appearance of your entryway to the best console tables the market has to offer.

Console tables are so versatile. They are narrow enough to lean against the wall without getting in the way of visitors but they are also wide enough to accommodate all kinds of decorative objectives.

And if you don’t care about the entryway, they can also bring a living room or bedroom together, but only if you can identify and purchase the best console table for your needs. That task is easier said than done. After all, console tables are available in so many shapes and sizes.

Narrowing your options down is bound to consume far more time than you realize, which is why we went through the trouble of generating the list below. It explores all the top console tables on the market one of which is bound to appeal to you.

And if you want additional information on any of the console tables, use the quick navigation feature to jump to a specific section of this list.

If long reviews of console tables do not appeal to you, browse the table. It makes accurate comparisons of all the 15 items we have reviewed below, enabling you to quickly identify the best among them.







Convenience Concepts Oxford Console Table

Convenience Concepts Oxford Console Table, Espresso

  • Available in multiple finishes
  • Easy to assemble
  • wood veneer and hardwood construction


 Convenience Concepts Tucson, Console Table

Convenience Concepts Tucson Console Table, Weathered Gray

  • Available in multiple finishes
  • metal X-frame
  • melamine veneer and assembling is easy


 Convenience Concepts Omega Console Table

Convenience Concepts Omega Console Table, Black

  • made from MDF
  • uses non-lead paint
  • easy set up


Convenience Concepts Northfield Hall Console Table

Convenience Concepts Northfield Hall Console Table, Espresso

  • made of wood composite
  • woodgrain finish


Monarch Specialties

Console Table

Monarch Specialties 47' Console Table - Sleek and Modern Accent Table for...

  • made of wood
  • cappuccino wood color
  • easy to assemble 


Convenience Concepts French Country Console Table with Drawer

Convenience Concepts French Country Console Table with Drawer and Shelf,...

  • made from MDF, Rubber Wood, Oak Wood Veneer
  • storage drawer
  • Easy to assemble.


Ashley Furniture Signature Design Console Table

Signature Design by Ashley - Alymere Casual Sofa Table - Rustic Brown

  • Made of engineered wood veneers and cast resin


Convenience Concepts Soho Console Table

Convenience Concepts SoHo Console Table, Faux White Marble

  • made from tempered glass
  • melamine laminate, and engineered wood are also used to make it


 Vintage Metal Frame 3-tier Console Table

SoSo-BanTian1989 Vintage Dark Brown Finish Metal Frame 3-Tier Console...

  • Made of Metal, MDF, and wood veneer 


Ravenna Home Anne Marie Round Console Table

Amazon Brand – Ravenna Home Anne Marie Round Wood Shelf Storage Curved...

  • made of solid pine
  • Free returns for 30 days. 1-year warranty.

 Best Console Table Reviews

1. Convenience Concepts Oxford Console

Convenience Concepts Oxford Console Table, Espresso

‘Convenience Concepts’ makes furniture for the home and the office. They also dabble in traditional and modern styles of design. You can see this in their Oxford console table which is just as comfortable holding up files in an office as it is storing photos and books in the average home.

You don’t find many tables of this ilk that combine affordability with style and convenience.

Material and Construction:

Boasting a wood veneer and hardwood construction, this table’s most notable aspect is the glossy finish it offers. The espresso finish, in particular, immediately draws the eye.

At 39.5 inches x 11.75 inches x 31.5 inches, the table isn’t so tall as to appear obtrusive in any given room. It comfortably fits against the wall or behind a sofa. The table offers functionality and aesthetic value, just as appealing as a piece of décor as it is a table that can hold all your favorite knickknacks.

The manufacturer was inspired by architecture, hence, the trusses on the side that attract geometric interest along with adding stability to the table. The frame is well-crafted and strong. The finish adds to the durability of the entire table.

Support and Portability:

Despite its appearance, this table has quite a bit of heft to it (25 pounds), enough to ensure that it can carry everything from photos and plants to books and magazines without swaying dangerously.

The crossbars on the side seem decorative, giving the table a modern aesthetic, but they also add to this product’s stability. The assembly process is straightforward, doable in an hour or even less. All the pieces are appropriately labeled; though, the instructions and drawings are a little difficult to follow.

Watch out for the smell. For some consumers, it is simply too strong.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Light enough to transport with ease.
  • Beautiful finish.
  • Affordable.


  • Chemical smell.
  •  Instructions are difficult to follow.

2. Convenience Concepts Tuscon Console Table

Convenience Concepts Tucson Console Table, Weathered Gray

This is the perfect product for anyone who needs a strong, spacious, sturdy table that is also light enough to transport. The design is modern and rustic at the same time, so fluid that it can assimilate into most decoration styles regardless of whether you’re using the table in a home or office.

Material and Construction:

At 47.2 inches x 9 inches x 29 inches, this is a large table. Convenience Concepts used clean lines in the design to create a wide, fresh, open, inviting feel. They also used a powder-coated metal X-frame that is strong enough to hold all your valuables without falling over.

You get a melamine veneer that uses faux wood grain to provide a surface that is elegant in appearance but also quite easy to care for.

Support and Portability:

At 22 pounds, this table is easy to transport. You can push it up against the wall, abandon it in the entrance of your home, slide it behind the sofa or position it in any corner that suits you.

This table never feels like it is in the way. This despite the top and bottom shelves which offer so much room for your books and vases.

You still get metal trusses on the sides for added stability. Assembly is simple. All the holes line up. You just need twenty minutes or less to fix a few screws into place.


  • Looks expensive.
  • Provides ample storage.
  • Assembled quickly and easily.


  • Narrow.
  •  Poor packaging.

3. Convenience Concepts Omega Console Table

Convenience Concepts Omega Console Table, Black

This table is cheap but you would never know it. Convenience Concepts designed the product for use in the average home or office for the purpose of holding basic items like books and potted plants.

But the elegance of the product provides additional options, allowing you to transform the item into a coffee table, a wide bar, a TV stand and so much more.

Material and Construction:

The table is made from MDF. The rich finish, which is visually appealing, uses non-lead paint, eliminating the health hazards that are sometimes associated with such tables.

The octagon cutouts on the side are a fascinating bonus, stylish, giving the table a contemporary aesthetic.

Support and Portability:

At 39.4 inches x 11.9 inches x 31.5 inches, this isn’t necessarily the largest table on this list. But it is large enough to hold a decently sized flat-screen TV. So you can trust it to hold smaller collectibles with ease. The particleboard from which it is made isn’t quite as flimsy as you might assume.

At 22 pounds, the table is also easy to carry. As such, considering its narrow frame, you can always stuff it behind your couch to keep it out of the way. You get two tiers that give you additional storage options.

The table comes partially assembled. Whatever else you have to do can be completed in eight basic steps.


  • Elegant, glossy finish.
  • Uses non-lead based paint.
  • Wide, lightweight, and two-tiered..
  •  Easy to assemble.


  • Instructions are vague.
  •  Some people hate the fact that the screws show on the sides.

4. Convenience Concepts Northfield Hall Console Table

Convenience Concepts Northfield Hall Console Table, Espresso

This table looks small and short but it is actually one of the larger tables on this list. Convenience Concepts calls it a wall table because it works best when you lean it against a wall.

The manufacturer also expects the table to deliver the greatest value when you place it in a hallway or living room, a location where everyone can admire its espresso finish.

Material and Construction:

Convenience Concepts calls the material from which this table is made ‘wood composite’. The espresso woodgrain finish is definitely attractive. But it tends to fade at the edges, revealing the light laminate beneath.

At 48 inches x 15.5 inches x 28 inches, this is a strong and sturdy table. For such an elegant piece of furniture, the modest price tag is almost shocking. Naturally, you are expected to put part of the table together. But you must apply some care with the cam bolts. They can bend if you tighten them too vigorously.

Support and Portability:

At 28 pounds, this might be one of the heavier tables on this list but, in the grand scheme of things, it is still quite light. You shouldn’t have any problem moving it from place to place.

The width (48 inches) is one of its biggest attractions, providing ample support for both small and sizable objects. While it is made from sturdy wood, you should know that the depth is still narrow.

So objects that are too heavy might harm it in the long run. The assembly process is simple enough. Depending on your competence, it might take you an hour.


  •  Pretty espresso wood grain finish.
  • Strong and sturdy.
  • Tools for assembly are provided.


  • Cam Bolts are soft. They bend if you apply too much pressure.
  •  Short.

5. Monarch Specialties 47-inch Console Table

Monarch Specialties 47' Console Table - Sleek and Modern Accent Table for...

If you need a table that can display your valuables whilst also bringing a touch of style to the room, this model will serve your needs. Despite the pictures that show it positioned in the living room, the table works in any interior location you can imagine. That includes the bathroom and even the kitchen.

Material and Construction:

This is a three-tier table. You have three whole surfaces from which you can display your valuables. The table stands at a height of 3 feet which is significant. And because it is made of wood (pressed wood material), the product is quite sturdy.

The cappuccino wood color will bring life to most living rooms.

Support and Portability:

At 47.5 inches x 11.5 inches x 32 inches, this table uses an open concept design that avails plenty of space for decorative objects, making them easy to access. At 34 pounds, it is not so heavy that it will present a challenge as far as moving is concerned.

Assembly takes about an hour, possibly even two if you can make sense of the instructions. More importantly, the nuts and bolts are packed in the order that you will require them. So there is no need to create a mess by scattering them all over the place even before you have to use them.

Look closely and you will notice that all the connections and joints have been reinforced. The table was designed to stand up to more rigorous strain than some of its competitors in this price range.


  •  Visually appealing.
  • Tall and wide with ample surface area for your valuables.
  • Sturdy and three-tiered.


  • Instructions are poor.
  • Assembly takes a little longer than expected.

6. Convenience Concepts French Country Console Table

Convenience Concepts French Country Console Table with Drawer and Shelf,...

Some tables are works of art, masterpieces that are not only beautiful but ridiculously advanced in the functions they offer. This is just a table, not a masterpiece, but that isn’t a bad thing because it performs its functions satisfactorily.

Convenience Concepts designed it to act as an entryway table that can hold your mail, keys, plants and anything else that needs to be displayed in the entrance to your home. But the table is perfectly at home within your living room, tall enough to offer easy access to its contents.

Material and Construction:

The table is made from MDF, Rubber Wood, and Oak Wood Veneer. For its price tag, it looks quite good. Though, the top feels and looks like it was finished with cheap paint. Not only does it stain with ease but it is difficult to clean.

That being said, customers are bound to appreciate the two-tier design with a wide bottom shelf, an equally wide top surface, and drawers in between for additional storage. The white color is appropriate for the decor of most rooms.

Support and Portability:

At 48 inches x 15 inches x 30 inches, this table is sufficiently tall. As mentioned above, it simplifies access to the contents you have chosen to store on it. The bottom shelf provides a lot more space than people realize. It is wide enough to hold large vases.

But you can’t ignore the top which is strong enough to hold a television set of considerable size. In other words, it can work as a TV stand. At 34 pounds, you can still move it with ease.

This is important because Convenience Concepts made the table narrow enough to fit behind a couch, leaning against the wall. This way, you can use the product without permitting it to crowd your living room.

In case you’re worried about its stability, especially while the top surface is supporting your Televisions set, the table comes with a fifth leg that provides additional support. Assembly doesn’t take long.


  • Tall and wide.
  • You get drawers for extra storage.
  • Easy to assemble.
  •  Has a fifth leg for extra stability.


  • The top feels cheap. It stains easily.
  •  Color is a little dull.

7. Ashley Furniture Alymere Sofa Table

Signature Design by Ashley - Alymere Casual Sofa Table - Rustic Brown

This is a costlier item but it earns its price tag in so many ways. The most notable aspect of the table is its appearance. Even if you hate everything else about this table, the product’s appearance will still blow you away.

The table is so curvy and rich in the colors it offers that you cannot help but show it off to everyone that stumbles into your home.

Material and Construction:

The manufacturer will tell you that this table is wood. It would be more accurate to call the material engineered wood veneers and cast resin. But that doesn’t matter because the table still looks amazing.

The curves, in particular, immediately capture your attention and so does the rustic metal scrolling which adds to the product’s elegance. The Alymere sofa table is perfect for your entryway. It should be the first piece of furniture your visitors see. They cannot fail to compliment you on the rich brown color.

Support and Portability:

At 64 inches x 16.25 inches x 32 inches, this is a large table and that is a good thing because you can use it to store so many more items. It is still narrow enough to fit into small spaces (behind the sofa, for instance). It is also tall enough to grant easy access to the contents it holds.

The width adds to the table’s stability. So you can use it to store heavier items. The weight (103 pounds) should be noted. This is a heavy object, one that you shouldn’t expect to cart around with ease.

The table is still easy to assemble. All the pieces are labeled. It can’t take you more than 40 minutes to put it together. But because of the weight, you might require some assistance during the assembly process.


  • Incredibly beautiful with a curvaceous design and rich colors.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Small enough to fit in narrow spaces.
  •  Offers wide surfaces.


  • Some people require assistance to assemble the table.
  • Screws and nails are somewhat flimsy.

8. Convenience Concepts Soho Console Table

Convenience Concepts SoHo Console Table, Faux White Marble

What does a great table look like? Most people want a console table that makes a splash, delivering a memorable design and offering strong colors. The Soho console table is the very opposite. It was designed to fade into your decor, to fit so perfectly into the average living room that you barely notice it.

And yet, once you notice it, you won’t be able to look away. The item has one of those modern contemporary styles that are difficult to ignore.

Material and Construction:

The table is made from tempered glass, melamine laminate, and engineered wood. It is a single-tier table. The product’s ability to blend into the environment comes from the tempered glass on the side that creates the illusion that the top surface is essentially floating.

There is no better way to draw the eye to your collectibles. Speaking of the top surface, it is compressed wood which is strong and sturdy. You can get it in a variety of weathered finishes.

Keep an eye out for the V-shaped design that will enable you to organize items like books with ease. You will also appreciate the back panel with its rich melamine laminate. Overall, this is a seamless rectangular table that is just as comfortable in your office as it is behind the sofa in your home.

Support and Portability:

With its one tier, the table doesn’t offer nearly as much space as some people would like. The size (44 x 15.8 x 3 Inches) is decent. You can actually use the top surface to hold a 50-inch TV.

But the weight (41 pounds) is higher than what some people might have expected for a table of this size. Then again, that heft adds to the stability of this table, especially when it is coupled with the sturdy glass. You will find that it doesn’t wobble even when it is holding up heavy objects. But moving it will present a challenge.

The assembly process is just three steps long if you know what you’re doing.


  • Boasts a modern, contemporary design.
  • Seamlessly assimilates into the decor of any room.
  • Small enough to slide behind the sofa.
  •  Easy to assemble.


  • Has only one tier.
  •  Can’t hide the fact that the top is obviously cheap particleboard.

9. Vintage 3-Tier Metal Frame Console Table

SoSo-BanTian1989 Vintage Dark Brown Finish Metal Frame 3-Tier Console...

This is a larger, heavier table than its pictures imply. It is also far more durable. And for its price, it is prettier, sturdier, and easier to assemble than you might expect. You get plenty of space for storing valuables of all types. Though, the manufacturer’s descriptions suggest that the 3-tier table was designed to operate as a bookcase.

Material and Construction:

Metal, MDF, and wood veneer were used in the making of this table. As mentioned above, you get three tires. The two bottom tiers are equally spaced. As such, you get the same amount of storage from each shelf.

It should be noted that the shelves feel like plastic which explains why they are so easy to clean. The sides feature an x-design which should keep all your valuables contained, especially if the table is leaned up against a wall.

The table’s legs are plastic at the bottom. So you need not worry about scuffing wooden floors whenever you move the table.

Support and Portability:

Speaking of moving the table, it stands at 41.3 pounds. So it isn’t light by any stretch of the imagination. And at 40 x 18 x 7 inches, some people might require assistance to move it from place to place.

But the size makes the 3 tiers appealing because you get so much space from the shelves (13 inches in between). The x-design isn’t just pretty, and neither does it only exist to keep the contents of the shelves contained.

The design also augments the strength of the metal frame, adding stability to the whole table. The colors are fine. They are nothing to gush about. The same can be said for the assembling of the table which some might find easy and others difficult.


  • Strong and sturdy with a metal frame.
  • 3-tiered, provides two spacious shelves.
  • Affordable.
  •  Weight adds to the stability of the table.


  • Assembly takes time and effort.
  •  Instructions are not clear, just pictures with no words.

10. Ravenna Home Anne Marie Round Wood Console Table

Amazon Brand – Ravenna Home Anne Marie Round Wood Shelf Storage Curved...

This is a strong, sturdy, attractive table that is far better than the pictures might suggest. It works as a coffee table, a platform to hold your decorative pieces in the living room, or a surface upon which visitors can place their valuables when they walk into the entryway of your home.

The price is surprisingly low for a table so dark, rich, and elegant. You can use it as a showpiece, to simply fill the space in a room. There is no need to actually use it to hold anything.

Material and Construction:

Even though the description calls it ‘round’, this table is actually a half-moon shape. It is also made of solid pine which is shocking because you rarely find tables of pure wood at this price.

It has four legs and a shelf below that provides plenty of space for your valuables. It works perfectly as a table for holding collectibles but the dark reddish color is so attractive that you can purchase it for decorative purposes and nothing else.

Support and Portability:

At 48 x 15.5 x 30.7 inches, this is a nice, wide table. The solid pine can take a lot of punishment, even the stress exerted by smaller children climbing all over it. The design of the four legs is appreciated because it adds to the table’s stability, enabling it to hold heavier objects. The legs have traditional curves that also make the table more attractive.

At 36 pounds, you can probably move the table on your own if the need arises. And assembly is also easy, accomplished in thirty minutes or less. There is a 1-year warranty and free returns for the first 30 days if you’re interested.


  • Beautiful table.
  • 2-tiered with plenty of space on the shelf.
  • The solid pine construction is reliable and sturdy.
  •  Assembly is easy.


  • The edges chip a little too easily.

11. BON AUGURE Rustic Console Sofa Table

BON AUGURE Rustic Console Table Behind Sofa,...

Most of the tables on this list are supposed to fit in the entryway of your home. But this table would be wasted in any location that wasn’t your living room or bedroom. Not only is it wide and tall but it can also hold so much.

The material from which it is made guarantees a solid, stable, and dependable surface for both lightweight and heavy objects.

Material and Construction:

This table offers three shelves in a single package measuring 55.12 x 13.39 x 30.12 inches. It is narrow enough to fit in your hallway without getting in the way. Bon Augure used a premium MDF board in its construction.

They also added quality steel to keep the frame strong and reliable. The legs it uses to stand can be adjusted in situations where the floor is uneven. The back has a double x-frame that offers additional stability.

However, the color is nothing special, attractive to some but a little mundane to others.

Support and Portability:

At 44.5 pounds, this is a relatively heavy table. You can still move it on your own but the dimensions will make the prospect far more difficult than you might expect. But when you finally get it in position, the fact that each shelf offers a space of 12 inches (height) is bound to impress you, especially once you learn that each shelf has a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

While you can use it as a bookcase or a platform for holding your picture frames, it can comfortably operate as a TV stand, particularly with the adjustable levelers preventing wobbling and the anti-tip kit keeping the table anchored to the wall.

Some assembly is required. But the manufacturer provides labeled tools and instructions that should enable you to complete the process in 20 minutes or less. And if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can take advantage of the 12-month quality warranty and 30-day free return policy.


  •  Strong, sturdy, steel frame.
  • Adjustable feet will prevent wobbling.
  • It can hold up to 300 pounds per shelf.


  • The color is lacking.
  •  You might need help assembling the table.

12. Baxton Studio Dauphine Traditional French Console Table

Baxton Studio Dauphine Traditional French 1-Drawer Accent Console Table,...

If you want a small, simple entryway table, this is the product for you. The table isn’t made from real wood. But you would never know from a distance considering its design. The table is pretty enough to earn you a compliment from your guests but sturdy enough to hold heavier items.

And if mounted properly, it will survive the stress your children might exert upon it.

Material and Construction:

This is a 3-tier table. While it looks like wood, the table has an MDF frame with white finishing. The Mindi wooden top with its natural veneer finishing has white streaking which, along with the rest of the table, contrasts starkly with the black metallic handles of the drawer.

Speaking of the drawer, it doesn’t provide much in the way of storage, only availing enough space to host smaller items like remotes and envelopes.

Support and Portability:

At 31.5 x 10 x 29.8 inches, this table is large enough to hold your entire entertainment system, including the Television set and DVD players. And at 27.6 pounds, you can move it from place to place with ease.

There are two shelves below that provide additional room for your valuables. Assembly is a little complicated because the instructions are brief. Look out for the metal brackets. They will keep the table anchored to the wall for extra security.


  • Small, sturdy frame.
  • You get two shelves and a drawer for additional storage..
  • The table can be anchored to the wall with brackets.


  • Assembly instructions are vague.
  •  Drawer is wobbly.

13. Safavieh American Homes Vintage Console Table

Safavieh Home Collection Christa Vintage Grey 3-Drawer Storage Console...

This is the sort of table you position in the open for everyone to see. It is beautiful, made from wood and so much cheaper than its appearance suggests. But this is what you expect from a company like Safavieh that has spent the last century making furniture.

Their style and affordability are unmatched.

Material and Construction:

The table is made from pine. You are dealing with actual wood. At 35 pounds, the table is a little heavy. You only get one shelf at the bottom. The primary attraction of the table is the vintage grey finish that adds a fresh accent to every room in which the product is positioned.

Support and Portability:

There are 18 inches between the shelf and the upper drawer. Speaking of drawers, this table has one; though, it is only large enough to hold smaller items. As a whole, the table can hold up to 60 pounds.

So you can use it to hold everything from picture frames to TV sets. The size (44.5 x 13.4 x 31.5 inches) gives you plenty of options. It will take you mere minutes to put the table together. Most of it is actually assembled when you first receive it. The biggest challenge is attaching the legs.


  • Beautiful.
  • You get a drawer for additional storage.
  • The table can hold up to 60 pounds.


  • It will take few minutes to attach the legs.

14. A-Frame Rustic Entry Table

New 52 Inch Wide A-Frame Rustic Entry Table with Marble Color Top and...

This is a beautiful table with a faux marble top. It is tough, sturdy, and easy to assemble, especially if you know what you’re doing. People use it as a decorative piece, sometimes positioning it in the entryway, leaning it against the bedroom wall in other situations.

As far as its functions are concerned, you get what you pay for. But on the issue of appearance, the table looks as elegant as many high-end tables.

Material and Construction:

This is a spacious table. You only get a single open-slatted shelf at the bottom that you can use to display your collectibles, accessories, and valuables. The material is high-grade MDF with durable laminate and a marble and walnut two-tone finish that is responsible for the table’s sophisticated aesthetic.

The designs on the side and the back will keep your contents sufficiently contained.

Support and Portability:

At 60 pounds, this table is very heavy. Do not expect to move it around without assistance, especially when you consider the size (52 x 14 x 32 inches). There is no drawer but you don’t need it because the surface provided at the top and on the shelf is wide enough to secure all your valuables.

The weight works in your favor because it contributes to the table’s unbelievably sturdy build.


  • Beautiful table with a rustic charm.
  • Sturdy build.
  • Quite spacious.


  • Assembly is a little complicated.
  •  Heavy.

15. Tribesigns 3-Tier Console Table

Tribesigns 3-Tier Console Table, Gold Sofa Entry Table with Faux Marble Top...

For a product that is so cheap, this table is surprisingly beautiful, so much so that it can be used in your entryway or living room as a decorative tool. Though, that would be a waste of the open design and wide surfaces it offers, more than adequate for your picture frames, candles, TV set, basically anything that requires a solid, stable surface.

Material and Construction:

This is a 3-tier table. The shelves look like real marble but they are actually made from laminate wood. The same can be said for the tabletop which is a premium marble texture veneer that would fool the layman into presuming that it was the real thing.

The tabletop, it should be mentioned, is waterproof. The gold metal legs are the perfect contrast to the faux marble.

Support and Portability:

At 39.9 pounds, the table is on the heavy side. At 43.3 x 13.8 x 32 inches, the shelves, and tabletop are wide enough to hold most of those household items that litter the average sitting room or bedroom.

You get double screws to fix the crossbar, stabilizing the frame of the table. It only takes 15 minutes to assemble this product if you have the skill. While it beautiful enough to bring the room together as the center of attraction, the table is also quite narrow, so it can fit behind the sofa.

It can also lean comfortably against the wall in a hallway. It won’t get in the way.


  • Gorgeous design.
  • Heavy, sturdy, and dependable.
  • 3-tiered, providing plenty of storage space.


  •  If you don’t have the experience, it can take a while to assemble, hours in some cases.

Console Table Buying Guide

Console tables are attractive pieces of furniture that are supposed to complete a room or decorate an entryway. You can also use them to display your valuables. If you’re on the hunt for a suitable console table, keep the following in mind:

1). Measurements

Console tables are supposed to be narrow and long so that they won’t get in the way when you lean them against the wall. As such, when choosing a table, you need to think about the location. The location will determine the measurements you need to look for in a console table.

A hallway, for instance, requires a table so narrow that the people entering your house can’t bump into it. You should also consider the size of the tabletop and the shelves. They must be wide enough to accommodate the objects you want to display.

2). Finishes

When considering the finishing of a console table, you need to take its environment into account. Glass works for smaller spaces. It also takes advantage of the pre-existing décor. High gloss tables are perfect for any space you want to brighten.

Wood veneer is one of the most popular finishes but it requires a proper understanding of style and decor. Otherwise, it could backfire.

3). Features

Console tables are not all the same. Some have features that enable them to stand out from the competition. Keep an eye out for drawers that provide additional storage space. You should also consider the number of shelves provided, the presence or absence of magazine racks, possibly even the inclusion of casters.

Casters are small wheels that can make heavier tables easier to transport from location to location.

For some people, the material is even more important than the finish. They prefer truly wooden tables to wood veneer, for instance, or actual marble as opposed to marble finishing.

But such material is expensive and it tends to increase the price tag of the average console table which is why most consumers prefer tables made from cheaper materials but which feature more elegant finishes to create the image of a far more expensive table.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. What is Console Furniture?

This is a category of furniture that is designed to lean against a wall. It is meant to be viewed from the sides and the front. It can also hold decorative items. Its origins have been traced back to Italy in the 17th Century.

Side tables are supposed to put certain items within easy reach of guests. Console furniture is not side furniture. It is supposed to be as decorative as it is functional.

02. Why is it called a Console Table?

‘Console’ is derived from ‘Consolide’, a French architectural term which refers to ‘a corbel placed on end’. When it was first invented, the console table had a slab that was supported by a bracket shaped like a scroll.

This brought to mind the term ‘Consolide’ which became ‘Console’, an abbreviation.

03. How High Do You Hang a Mirror Over a Console Table?

The size of the mirror determines the height at which it must be hung. But in most cases, there should be 4-6 inches of space between the bottom of the mirror and the top of the console table. This creates an appropriate visual break.

04. How Do You Decorate a Console Table?

To decorate your console table, you must keep the following in mind:

First of all, find a suitable location for the table. Console tables can be used to fill empty spaces in your home; though, the hallway is a perfectly acceptable location.

Secondly, You need to place an object of sorts above the table. If the table can’t be positioned under a window, add a mirror, a painting, anything that can provide an anchor for the table.

Thirdly, Find some items for the table to hold. The arrangement (symmetrical or non-symmetrical) is up to you. Flowers are an appropriate accessory. The same goes for lamps.

Finally, Try to match the colors of your accessories appropriately but avoid cluttering the table.

05. What is a Console Table Used For?

Console tables are decorative in nature. They are long and narrow and they are meant to fill empty spaces in homes. You are supposed to give them accessories to support, also for decorative purposes. But, depending on the measurements of the table, you have the option of using it as an ordinary table to hold substantial items like books and magazines.

06. Can a Console Table Hold a TV?

A console table that is long, wide, and sturdy enough can hold a TV, DVD player, stereo and every other component of your entertainment system.

07. How Tall Should a Lamp be on a Console Table?

Lamps should be 26 to 30 inches in height.

08. Can a Mirror be wider than a Console Table?

No. A mirror should be 2/3rds to three quarters the width of the console table below.

09. Can I Use a Console Table as a Desk?

Yes, so long as you get a console table of the right design and measurements.


Console tables are popular because you can get them in the most beautiful designs despite their affordability. The tables above are not only beautiful and affordable but also functional.

Any item you select from this list is bound to benefit your home, either lighting up a room, filling empty spaces, or providing a sturdy surface for your decorative items. The key is to get a table that does a little bit of everything.

There is no point in buying a console table that is beautiful but also too flimsy to hold your plants. There is also no point in buying a strong and sturdy table that can hold heavier objects but which is so ugly that you cannot bear to put it out for guests to look at.

You need to find the right balance between aesthetic value and function. The best console tables, such as those listed above, tick every box.

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