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Top 10 Best Cotton Mattress Pads Reviews 2020

A mattress is the most important item in your bedroom. It determines how comfortably and restfully you will sleep. This is because it is designed to support your entire body. If it’s too soft, you can expect to suffer from horrific aches and pains.

If it’s too hard, sleep might elude you altogether. The best mattresses are perfectly balanced, soft and supportive in equal amounts. This is why they cost so much money.

However, like all things, mattresses have an expiry date. Even the best among them eventually succumb to wear and tear. There is nothing you can do to prevent this from happening.

So, what do you do when a previously soft and stable mattress becomes lumpy and hard? Most people would encourage you to replace it. But what if your mattress was really expensive and you don’t have the money to buy a new one?

Should you suffer silently until you acquire the funds to purchase a replacement? No, not when you have the option of buying a cotton mattress pad.

A mattress pad is a thin layer of material that you place on top of your mattress to improve its attributes, particularly the softness and firmness it offers.

While mattress pads can be made from a variety of materials, cotton is popular because it is breathable, designed to keep you dry by wicking your sweat away whilst also allowing air to circulate through its surface, keeping you cool on warm days.

Cotton is also natural, made using organic components that are free of toxins and chemicals. This makes the best cotton mattress pads the only rational choice for you and your family.

What is Cotton Mattress Pad?

A cotton mattress pad is a thin piece of material that adds an extra layer of comfort to a mattress. It can feature cotton fabric with cotton filling, cotton fabric with another material for filling, or cotton fabric with no filling.

Why You Need Cotton Mattress Pad?

Mattress pads are dismissed by some people as unnecessary luxuries and accessories but they bring many benefits to the table, for instance:

1). Rejuvenation

A mattress pad will rejuvenate an old and lumpy mattress, providing a firmer, more comfortable surface that can deliver restful sleep.

2). Loft

Mattress pads are not only meant for old mattresses. You can also use them to give thin mattresses a little more loft, especially if you can get an appropriately thick mattress pad. You can use it to make a thin bed firmer or softer depending on your needs.

3). Protection

Cotton pads are not waterproof. But they are absorbent which means that they can consume a significant amount of water before they finally permit it to touch the mattress beneath.

So, you can rely on them to protect your mattress from simple spills, not to mention dirt and stains.

What You Should Consider When Buying a Cotton Mattress Pad?

While cotton mattress pads are immensely useful items, to enjoy all the benefits, you must select the right mattress pad. That means keeping the following factors in mind:

1). Material

Not all the cotton mattress pads you find on the market are made with pure cotton. Some blend cotton with other materials in their fabric. Others have pure cotton in the cover but the filling is a different material.

Cotton is attractive because it is a soft, breathable, hypoallergenic material. This is why people appreciate cotton mattress pads. But if your pad is not pure cotton, some of these benefits might be absent.

2). Thread Count

Cotton is normally quite soft and durable. But the softness and durability depend heavily on the thread count. The higher the thread count, the stronger the pad will be.

3). Size

It isn’t enough to find a pad that is large enough to cover your bed. You must also consider the thickness. Some pads are so thick that they completely transform the comfort levels of the bed, availing additional loft.

Others are quite thin. They also provide an additional layer of comfort but they are not necessarily fluffy and bouncy. But a thick, fluffy, and bouncy pad isn’t always appealing.

Some customers prefer a firmer surface. You need to find a mattress pad whose thickness provides the comfort and support you want.

4). Attachment

Don’t forget to account for the style the pad uses to remain attached to the bed. Some pads have straps. Others use an elasticized skirt. In such cases, you must consider the depth of the skirt. Find a mattress pad whose attachment style fits your mattress and preferences.

5). Washing and Care

Find a mattress pad that fits your washing preferences. Some pads can be washed and dried in an ordinary machine. Others require commercial washing machines. You also have those that require spot cleaning. The easier it is to wash the pad, the better for you.

Now that you know how to choose cotton mattress pads, it shouldn’t take you long to find one for yourself. If you don’t know where to start, we have generated a list of the best cotton mattress pads on the market. So, you can just make your selection from the products below.

If you don’t want to read through so many reviews, use the comparison table. It has all the information you need to make an educated decision.

Top 10  Best Cotton Mattress Pads Reviews

1. Bedsure Cotton Mattress Pad

Bedsure Extra Thick(4.4lbs/500GSM) Cotton Mattress Pad King Size (up to 18...

Mattress pads are supposed to make your mattress softer or firmer depending on your needs. This one does both, providing additional comfort and support. Some customers thought it was thinner than they wanted but others commended the pad because it became bouncy as time went on.

The heavenly experience the product brings to the table can be attributed to the luxury tactile feel delivered by the unique geometric patterns. The fitted sheet style will prevent the cover from sliding off the corners, a problem that many other mattress pads manifest.

The cotton layer is breathable, combating the heat retention properties that some mattresses possess. There is enough filling in the bedding item to prevent it from going flat or deforming even after extensive use.

Not only is it noiseless but it can fit on any futon.


The pad is made from 100 percent cotton and 100 percent microfiber fill. This guarantees optimal softness and support. The cotton layer is smooth and breathable. It works in tandem with the microfiber to provide a lofty cloud-like surface.

Style and Comfort

The cotton cover has a thread count of 300 which promises a decent level of softness, durability, and breathability. It is this breathability that combats the heat retention of most mattresses, keeping you cool throughout the night.

The microfiber fill is 4.4 pounds. It is as thick as it is fluffy, designed to keep your body sufficiently supported. Keep an eye out for the 15-inch skirt that can fit mattresses of up to 18 inches in depth.

There is no vinyl, PVC, phthalates or any other toxic substances. But even if you doubt this claim, the manufacturer has a 1-Month return and replacement policy.

Washing and Care

The product is machine washable.


1). Fitted Sheet Style that keeps the pad in place

2). No dangerous components such as PVC

3). 100 percent microfiber fill and 100 percent cotton


1). Some customers thought it was too thin.

2. Organic Textiles Premium Organic Cotton Mattress Pad

OrganicTextiles Organic Cotton Mattress Pad Protector, Queen Size, GOTS...

Because this is an organic product, it is completely safe for human use, perfect for people whose bodies react dramatically to toxic chemicals. The cover is cotton which is a soft material that will keep you cool and dry throughout the night.

Most people just want a comfortable, sturdy, non-toxic pad to strengthen the properties of their mattress, and this one ticks all the right boxes. It isn’t quite as thick as some people would like. It has also been known to shrink after washing and drying.

But the product’s strengths outweigh its weaknesses. The manufacturer has a GOTS certificate proving that their product is truly organic. Washing is also quite easy. Though, the pad isn’t waterproof. So, it can’t protect the mattress beneath from fluids.


The product is 100 percent 950 GSM Cotton. It has a top layer made from cotton fabric, a middle layer made from cotton fiber and a back layer made from cotton fabric. In other words, the pad is pure cotton.

Style and Comfort

The mattress pad is devoid of vinyl, PVC, polyurethane and other dangerous synthetic components. Because the cotton hasn’t been treated by toxic elements, it is softer and stronger.

If you sweat a lot, you should know that the cover is breathable. It will keep you cool throughout the night. It uses a 17-inch deep pocket skirt to simplify the process of installing and removing it.

The cotton cover is strongly quilted and stitched to prevent the filling from shifting or bunching.

Washing and Care

The pad is machine washable.


1). 100 percent cotton

2). 17-inch deep pocket skirt for easy installation and removal

3). 100 percent certified organic by GOTS.


1). It has been known to shrink when washed and dried

2). Thinner than some people would like.

3. Downright 100 percent Cotton Top Mattress Pad

Downright 100% Cotton Top Mattress Pad - Queen- 14' depth

This is a balanced mattress pad. It is neither too thick nor too thin. It is designed to rejuvenate your mattress, not to act as an entirely new mattress. Because it is made from organic material, it is quite strong. You shouldn’t have a problem washing it.

The product is unlikely to fall apart. It is also quite cool, designed to permit air to pass through it. This is in sharp contrast to the many synthetic pads that hold too much heat to be comfortable.

Even if you sweat a lot at night, the product has decent moisture-wicking properties that can keep you relatively dry depending on the extent of your condition.

You should know that the pad has a tendency to shrink. Depending on how you choose to wash it, it might shrink so much that it fails to appropriately cover your mattress.


The pad is pure cotton. It has 100 percent cotton fill which is firm, supportive, and cool. The cover is 100 percent cotton which is a breathable, organic material that is easy to maintain.

Style and Comfort

This pad is designed to extend the life of your mattress whilst also improving your comfort. It has 6-inch quilted diamond stitches that will prevent the cotton fill from shifting. It also uses an elasticized spandex skirt to remain secure once you put it in place.

You can get it with 14-inch or 20-inch deep pockets. The top cover is made from cambric cotton with a decent thread count of 200.

Washing and Care

The product can be washed with a machine in cold water with a gentle cycle. Avoid bleach. Tumble dry on low heat.


1). 100 Percent cotton cover and fill

2). Fully elasticized spandex skirt

3). 6-inch diamond stitch that holds the fill in place.


1). The pad has been known to shrink

4. Whisper Organics Quilted Mattress Cover

Whisper Organics, 100% Organic Mattress Protector - Quilted Fitted Mattress...

There is no need to use coarse, skimpy mattress pads with toxic components when this one is so soft, comfortable, and durable despite using organic materials. It works like a fitted sheet. This is why it has an elastic skirt that will grip the mattress, preventing the pad from slipping.

Because it is organic, the product isn’t 100 percent waterproof. Large quantities of fluids can still pass through it. However, you can trust it to absorb a decent amount of liquid.

You will be hard-pressed to find a better pad. This one is breathable, soft, and organic.


The mattress cover is made from 100 percent cotton. It has a GOTS certificate proving that it wasn’t made with toxic chemicals. The cotton isn’t 100 percent waterproof but it is absorbent enough to offer a decent amount of protection.

Style and Comfort

The product is safe for human use. You don’t have to worry about deadly allergic reactions because no harmful chemicals were used in the pad’s creation. The cotton has a thread count of 300 which promises superior strength and comfort.

Because it is breathable, it will keep you cool whilst also wicking your sweat away, keeping you dry all night. The hypoallergenic properties are a bonus. The pad can fit mattresses that are 17 inches deep.

If you don’t like it, the manufacturer has a 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

Washing and Care

You can wash the pad in a machine with a gentle cycle and cold water. Tumble dry on a low heat setting.


1). 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

2). 100 percent organic cotton with a thread count of 300

3). GOTS Certified


1). The mattress cover is not 100 percent waterproof

5. Tri Sew Cotton Mattress Pad

Tri Sew Cotton Mattress Pad (Queen)

This is a thick mattress pad. In fact, some people think it’s too thick. Customers that have unique mattresses (such as water beds) can’t feel their texture through the product.

But these complaints are minimal because the pad is still quite soft and comfortable. It has a long skirt that simplifies the process of slipping the pad onto the mattress and making sure it stays in place.

It is also quite easy to remove. There is no pulling up on the corners. And because it is so thick, even if you have an unstable water bed, the ripples won’t affect the pad whose surface will remain perfectly even.


The pad is 100 percent cotton. It has no fill, hence the ‘Hollow Fill Fiber’ descriptor. The pad is simply cotton fabric stitched into a pattern.

Style and Comfort

Because of the hollow-fill fiber, the mattress is very breathable. You can use it all year round, even in the summer. Unlike its synthetic counterparts, this cover doesn’t get hot or sticky. It is compatible with memory foam, spring mattresses, latex, Softside mattresses, air mattresses, and even water beds.

The fitted elastic pockets will ensure that it stays on.

Washing and Care

The mattress cover can be washed in a machine. It doesn’t shrink.


1). 100 percent cotton and hollow-fill fiber.

2). Breathable. It will keep you cool in the summer.

3). The fitted elastic pockets will ensure that it stays on.


1). Too thick

6. Allrange Luxury Quilted Mattress Pad

Allrange Luxury Quilted Mattress Pad (Queen), 400TC Cotton, Skirt...

Most products are deceptive. They are never as good as their pictures suggest. This one is the opposite. It is far more attractive than what you see in the pictures. It is also thicker and fluffier.

It will keep you warm in the winter but the organic fabric will prevent the pad from becoming hot and stick in the summer. The manufacturer designed it to combat stains, bad smells, and bacteria.

This is why the pad is hypoallergenic. It repels allergens like dust mites that normally attract allergic reactions. Overall, the mattress pad will exceed all your expectations.

At 8.9 pounds, it isn’t too heavy. It also washes quite easily. You don’t have to worry about shrinking. You can trust the product to deliver value for your money.


The manufacturer claims that their mattress pad is made from cotton. This is true, but only for the exterior. The filling is polyester. For some, this isn’t a problem because the pad is still quite soft, probably because there is so much filling inside.

Style and Comfort

Available in Twin, Queen, and King Sizes, this is a super-soft pad with a decent amount of loft that increases the comfort levels. The manufacturer has an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate proving that they did not use toxic components when they made the pad.

The cover has a thread count of 400 which is quite high, offering extra comfort to sleepers. Consumers can look forward to INTELLIFRESH, an in-built odor protection feature that will prevent odor-causing bacteria from taking root in the cotton cover whilst also absorbing any odors that the fabric already picked up.

The mattress pad will repel pet dander, dust mites, stains, and bacteria. The 3M Scotchgard technology is designed to wick moisture away, creating a cool and dry sleeping environment. The 4-way skirt grip allows the pad to stretch 21 inches deep. It fits quite snugly and it is unlikely to slide or move regardless of your sleeping habits.

Washing and Care

The pad is machine washable. Tumble dry it on a low heat setting.


1). Moisture-wicking

2). Resistant to dust mites, stains, pet dander, and bacteria

3). Odor protection


1). The pad is not pure cotton.

7. Allrange 233TC Essential Cotton Top Mattress Pad

Allrange 233TC Essential Cotton Cover Mattress Pad(King), Mattress Top,...

At 3.8 pounds, this is a lightweight, affordable mattress pad. The exterior is organic but the filling is synthetic. So, the people that prefer pads that are purely organic might dislike.

The product isn’t excessively thick and fluffy. This makes it attractive for warm regions because it is cool, allowing air to circulate through it. The product is easy to wash. It holds up well.


The manufacturer claims that their product is pure cotton. But that isn’t true. The cover is cotton. It has a thread count of 233 which isn’t that high but it isn’t low either. A thread count of 233 tells you to expect a sufficiently soft and durable mattress pad that is breathable and comfortable to sleep on.

However, the fill is polyester.

Style and Comfort

The pad has a stretchable skirt that is compatible with 16-inch deep mattresses. It will fit most Twin, Full, Queen, and King-Sized mattresses snugly. It isn’t waterproof. So, don’t expect it to protect your mattress from fluid spills. The square stitch quilting pattern will prevent the filling from shifting or clumping, spreading it out evenly to ensure that your body receives optimal support.

Washing and Care

The pad can be washed in a front-load commercial washer and dryer. Use a delicate setting, cold water, and mild detergent.


1). 233 Thread Count

2). Square stitch quilting pattern prevents filling from clumping and shifting

3). Stretchable skirt of up to 16 inches


1). Not pure cotton

2). Not waterproof

8. Milddreams Twin Mattress Pad

Milddreams Twin Mattress Pad Cotton Cover Size 39x75 inches Stretches to 16...

This is a well-made, nicely packaged pad that will protect your mattress from sweat and stains. At 1.7 pounds, this isn’t a thick, plush product. Don’t expect it to dramatically transform the comfort of your mattress.

Because of the organic material from which it is made, the pad is breathable and cool. It is also safe for human use. This is the sort of item you buy if you just want an ordinary mattress cover without any special bells and whistles.


The pad is made from 100 percent cotton. So, the exterior is completely organic. This is why it is hypoallergenic and perfectly safe for human use. You don’t have to worry about dangerous chemicals ruining your health while you sleep.

The filling is polyester which is a synthetic material.

Style and Comfort

The cover has a thread count of 200 which is decent. This is what you expect from a soft fabric that is durable enough to make washing easy. Available in Twin, Full, Full XL, and Queen, the pad is noiseless.

The knitted skirt can stretch to fit mattresses that are 16 inches deep.

Washing and Care

The pad can be washed and tumble dried in a machine.


1). 100 percent cotton cover with a thread count of 200

2). Hypoallergenic

3). Skirt stretches to fit 16-inch deep mattresses


1). Not thick or plush

2). Not pure cotton

9. Vekkia Twin Mattress Pad Cover

Vekkia Mattress Pad Cover with Deep Pocket (8'-21'), Soft Cotton Surface,...

This is a thin, lightweight cover. But it fits nicely around your mattress. Because of the material from which it is made, the pad is soft, providing the support you need to remain comfortable.

The surface has diamond shapes. Each cell is filled with enough material to provide a decent cushioning effect. Some people hate the fact that the product isn’t thicker. But the thin build works in your favor because it allows air to circulate through it. This will enable you to stay cool on warm days.


The exterior of the pad is pure cotton which is ultra-soft and comfortable. The filling is 7D snow velvet which produces a cloudlike loft.

Style and Comfort

The fabric has a thread count of 300. It is breathable and absorbent. It will wick the sweat off your body, keeping you cool and dry while you sleep. The snow velvet filling makes the pad more supportive. It allows the product to regain its initial thickness after you take it out of its vacuum-sealed package.

The manufacturer used a fully elasticized fitted sheet style to ensure that the pad stays in place. It can fit mattresses with a depth of 18 inches. The adjustable elastic stripe is compatible with any sleeping posture

Washing and Care

The product is machine washable. It also has a 100 percent satisfaction after-sale service.


1). Fully elasticized fitted sheet style

2). 100 percent satisfaction after-sale service

3). Breathable and absorbent


1). Thin and lightweight

10. HOMFY Quilted Mattress Pad

HOMFY Quilted Mattress Pad Queen, Cotton Mattress Cover with Deep Pocket...

This quilted mattress topper is beautiful. It is vacuum-sealed in a PVC bag but you won’t notice any chemicals smells when you finally take it out of its package. Don’t let its initial appearance fool you. Because of the way it was packed, the product needs a few minutes to re-fluff.

You are encouraged to give it a good shake to expedite this process. The pad is easy to put on. You can also trust it to stay in place throughout the night while you sleep.


The pad has cotton fabric which is an organic material that is gentle on the skin. But the product isn’t completely organic. The filling is polyester, a synthetic material.

Style and Comfort

The pad is breathable. It is light enough to let air pass through it. This is what enables it to keep you cool even on a warm day. The polyester filling is synthetic but it still creates a soft, noiseless surface. It can fit mattresses of 18 inches in depth. It has elastic all around. So, you can trust it to fit your mattress snugly.

Washing and Care

The pad is machine washable and dryable.


1). Soft, smooth, and noiseless

2). Breathable and easy to clean

3). Elasticized all around.


1). Not completely organic

Best Cotton Mattress Pads FAQs

1. What is the Difference Between a Mattress Pad and Mattress Topper?

At their core, pads and toppers are the same things. But physically, there are differences between the two. Pads are thin pieces of material that you place on top of your mattress. They are supposed to provide an extra layer of comfort.

Toppers are basically mattress pads but they are thicker. Rather than providing a small improvement like the pad, a topper will make your mattress luxuriously comfortable.

2. Can You Put a Mattress Pad on Top of a Mattress Topper?

There are no rules regarding the use of mattress pads and toppers. So you can put a pad on top of a topper. But the pad should be thin and flexible. That way, you can feel the properties of the topper beneath it. If the pad is too thick, you won’t feel the topper which is a waste.

3. Do Mattress Pads Make You Sweat?

It depends on the material. Memory foam, for instance, is very comfortable but it isn’t breathable. The same goes for synthetic materials like polyester. These can make you sweat.

This is why people love mattress pads made from natural materials such as wool. Wool will permit air to circulate through it, keeping you cool and preventing sweating.

4. Why Do Mattress Toppers Turn Yellow?

Toppers, like most bedding items, turn yellow for a number of reasons, the most prominent being all the sweat and oils they absorb from your body. The same goes for direct sun exposure and oxidation of the material from which they are made.

Yellow toppers are not necessarily dangerous. But the discoloration is a sign that your topper is aging and that you should change it.

5. Do Mattress Toppers Make You Hot?

It all depends on the material. Some materials like wool and cotton are breathable enough to let air circulate through them whilst also wicking your moisture away. Synthetic materials, on the other hand, are not as breathable. They can retain heat and this could make you hot.


Everything wears out. Your mattress is no different. It eventually loses its firm core and fluffy build. But once this happens, you don’t have to dispose of it. As you have seen, the toppers and pads above are more than capable of revitalizing it.

Some of them are difficult to wash. But others couldn’t be easier to maintain. They also guarantee soft, supportive surfaces that will deliver comfortable and restful sleep regardless of the age of the mattress beneath them.

If your old mattress keeps waking you up at night because of how lumpy it has become, get one of the products above. You won’t be disappointed.

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