Top 5 Best Detachable Bed skirts in 2020

Bed skirts are such subtle accessories. Also known as dust ruffles, people use them to hide the frames, legs, and box springs of their beds. They are highly functional bedding items that can turn the space under your bed into extra storage.

However, bed skirts are a pain. They take so much time and effort to install. In most cases, you are expected to lift your mattress. If you have a heavy mattress, you can understand how much of a challenge they can present.

There are people that cannot install bed skirts by themselves. They have to ask for help from friends and family members. This is why so many customers have chosen to simply ignore them.

But most of these shortcomings are associated specifically with traditional bed skirts. They have nothing to do with detachable bed skirts. The best detachable bed skirts are a breeze to install and remove.

Not only are they gorgeous and colorful, not to mention quite easy to wash and maintain but you don’t have to lift your mattress to install or remove them.

In fact, you can install detachable bed skirts alone. If you abandoned bed skirts because of all the difficulties they are associated with, you need to give detachable bed skirts a chance. They will transform the way you perceive bed skirts as a whole.

Why You Should Buy a Detachable Bed Skirt?

Bed skirts sound like a luxury more than a need but they have so much to offer, for instance:

1). Design

Skirts are a useful aesthetic tool that will give your bed a cohesive design. By wrapping a skirt around your bed, you are going to give it a neat, organized, seamless look that will automatically improve the appearance of your bedroom.

2). Hygiene

People call these bedding items dust ruffles because they are supposed to hang so low that they block the accumulation of dust. If you want to avoid dust mites and the inconvenience they attract, get a detachable bed skirt. You will find that you don’t have to clean the space under your bed as often.

3). Storage

People avoid storing things under their beds because it is unseemly. The habit ruins the look of their bedroom. But if you have a bed skirt, it will hide the space under your bed. This gives you the freedom to use it as a storage unit.

4). Convenience

Detachable bed skirts are better than traditional bed skirts because you can install and remove them easily, without having to lift the mattress. This is why they are so popular these days. They make life much easier.

Now that you know why detachable bed skirts matter, are you interested in getting one for yourself? If the answer to that question is a resounding ‘Yes’, you probably have no idea how to choose decent detachable bed skirts from the numerous options on the market.

If that is the case, save some time by using the list below. These are the best detachable bed skirts on the market. To identify the one item among all these bed skirts that will satisfy your needs, you are encouraged to read the reviews.

But if you don’t have the time, just use the comparison table below.





ShopBedding Ashton Detachable Bedskirt (King Size, Sage, 14' Drop) - Easy...

01. ShopBedding Ashton Detachable Bed skirt 

  • made from  crisp Polyester/Cotton blend fabric
  • wrinkle, and fade resistant,
  • 30 days money back guarantee

PiccoCasa Detachable Bed Skirt Wrap Around Three Fabric Sides Elastic Dust...

02. PiccoCasa Detachable Bed Skirt

  • 100% polyester brushed microfiber fabric 
  • Pleated tailored bed skirt

Thumbsroom Ruffled Bed Skirt Detachable Bedskirt (15.7' Drop) - Easy...

03. Thumbsroom Ruffled Bed Skirt

  • 100% Polyester Microfiber
  • Ultra soft and durable
  • 30-day return option

Bare Home Bed Skirt Double Brushed Premium Microfiber, 15-Inch Tailored...

04. Bare Home Bed Skirt Double Brushed Premium Microfiber 

  •  Soft Double Brushed 100% Microfiber
  •  repels stains, resists wrinkles
  • 30 day risk free return

Tailored Bedskirt

05. Magic Skirt Tailored Bed Skirt 

  • Elegant style
  • 100% microfiber polyester fabric
  • smooth texture, durable and wrinkle, fade resistant

Top 5 Best Detachable Bed skirts

1. ShopBedding Ashton Detachable Bed skirt

ShopBedding Ashton Detachable Bedskirt (King Size, Sage, 14' Drop) - Easy...

This is a tailored bed skirt with a classy pleated design capable of complementing any décor you might have in mind. The material from which it is made is a blend, strong, durable, and resistant to wrinkles and fading.

When in place, the skirt will completely transform the appearance of your bed, allowing you to alter your style drastically without relying on expensive and time-consuming makeovers.

The fabric is somewhat heavy, so it falls nicely. It won’t take you long to install it.

The skirt is a little more expensive than some customers expected. Additionally, customers that have no experience with bed skirts struggled to put the panels of the skirt together. They would have preferred clear instructions on the best way to apply the product.

But for the most part, it works as advertised.


The product is made from a crisp polyester/cotton blend that is resistant to fading and wrinkling. To be fair, the fabric is quite wrinkled when it first arrives. But the wrinkles can be ironed out.

Style and Performance

Not only is the skirt easy to install but after the first installation, you don’t have to lift the mattress ever again. Boasting a classic style and available in 11 vibrant colors, eight sizes, and three skirt lengths, the bedding item is designed to fit a variety of styles, tastes, and preferences.

If it fails to meet your expectations, you can take advantage of the 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Washing and care

The product can be washed and dried in a machine.


1). Easy to install

2). Easy to wash

3). 100 percent satisfaction guarantee


1). More expensive than some customers would like

2. PiccoCasa Detachable Bed Skirt

PiccoCasa Detachable Bed Skirt Wrap Around Three Fabric Sides Elastic Dust...

This bed skirt is made from a strong synthetic material that is not only long-lasting but easy to wash and maintain. You can get it in neutral solid colors that are unlikely to fade in the face of extensive washing.

Produced by hand and easy to fit and remove, the bed skirt is gorgeous. Once you iron out the wrinkles, it will bring new light to your bedroom. Some customers would have preferred stiffer elastic than is less likely to slip down.

But the consensus is that the product exceeds expectations.


The skirt is made from 100 percent polyester brushed microfiber that is wrinkle and fade-resistant. There is no platform. This simplifies the installation process.

Style and Performance

You don’t need to lift the mattress to slip the skirt into place. It has elastic bands that are stronger and wider than those found on many rival skirts. Pleated and capable of conforming to any decoration style, you should know that the dust ruffle doesn’t have split corners.

Washing and Care

The skirt can be washed in a machine with cold water. Tumble dry with a low heat setting. Wash the dark colors separately.


1). Wrinkled and fade-resistant

2). You don’t have to lift the mattress to install the skirt

3). 100 percent brushed polyester microfiber


1). Wrinkled on arrival

2). Dust ruffle does not have split corners

3. Thumbsroom Ruffled Bed Skirt

Thumbsroom Ruffled Bed Skirt Detachable Bedskirt (15.7' Drop) - Easy...

This bedding item is also made from synthetic material. Because this is microfiber, the stands are so thin and woven so tightly that they make the fabric far more durable.

Like all the other bed skirts on the list, this one is quite easy to install and remove. You don’t need to lift the mattress to get it in place. Once it has been installed, the product will conceal the frames and platforms, not to mention creating additional storage under the bed.

If you have box springs, the skirt will keep them hidden. But even if the skirt isn’t as good as the manufacturer claims, you can take advantage of the 30-day return policy and 5-year warranty. There is no risk associated with buying the skirt.


The bed skirt is made from 100 percent polyester microfiber that has a smooth, brushed, velvety surface. The fabric is quite soft despite being so durable. You can get it in Twin, Queen, and King Sizes.

Style and Performance

The skirt has an adjustable elastic that makes it very easy to install and remove. It features one Velcro side and three fabric sides that will allow you to slip the skirt into its proper place quickly and easily without lifting the mattress.

Washing and Care

The skirt appears to be machine washable but you should contact the manufacturer for additional information.


1). 30-day Return policy and 5-year warranty

2). Easy to install and remove

3). The material is soft and durable

4. Bare Home Bed Skirt Double Brushed Premium Microfiber

Bare Home Bed Skirt Double Brushed Premium Microfiber, 15-Inch Tailored...

Like all the skirts above, this one will hide the bed frame, box frame, and legs. It will also hide anything you choose to store under the bed, giving your bedroom a neat and organized look.

The fabric from which the skirt is made is synthetic. It is also hypoallergenic, free from the allergens you normally find in other fabrics. It will keep mold, mildew, and dust mites away.

If you are not satisfied with the features of the bed skirt, the manufacturer offers a 30-Day Risk-Free 100 Percent Guarantee.

You should know that the skirt is wrinkled on arrival. You should iron it on a low heat setting before you use it. If you use too much heat, you could melt it, especially since the fabric is quite thin.


The bed skirt is made from luxurious 1800 ultra-soft double-brushed microfiber (100 percent). The fabric is low-maintenance, quite easy to care for.

Style and Performance

The bed skirt has a 15-inch drop which is considerable. It is made with the same color microfiber throughout; as a result, there is no unsightly white base. This gives the product a seamless and luxurious look that contrasts starkly with its friendly price tag.

The fabric is resistant to wrinkling, stains, and fading. It is also less likely to tear. It will look new for a long time.

Washing and Care

You can wash the skirt in a machine and tumble dry it on a low heat setting.


1). Resistant to fading, wrinkling, and stains

2). Hypoallergenic

3). 30-Day Risk-Free 100 Percent Guarantee


1). The fabric is thin

2). Wrinkled on arrival

5. Magic Skirt Tailored Bed Skirt

Tailored Bedskirt

You can slip this bed skirt on and off with extreme ease. There is no need for you to lift your mattress during the process. This makes washing and maintenance very easy.

Because of the bands used, the product always stays in place. It will fit Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King Beds. You get four small pins that attach to the box spring. Some customers have complained that the pins provided are not enough. They had to order more pins.

Also, the material is thin.


The skirt is made from 100 percent microfiber polyester which provides a smooth colorfast draping.

Style and Performance

The skirt has color band strips that are sturdy. The corners are mitered, keeping the skirt in place and preventing it from shifting or sagging over time. The corners have been split to accommodate 4-posterbeds.

There are five box pleats on the sides that give the skirt a clean, contemporary look; you get a 14-inch drop that will keep the storage area under your bed hidden.

Washing and Care

The bed skirt can be washed and dried in a machine.


1).Sturdy color band strips and mitered corner hold the bed skirt in place

2). Clean, elegant look

3). 14-inch drop


1). Fabric is thin

2). Not enough pins


The purpose of a bed skirt is to keep the bed frames and legs hidden. A skirt will also hide the storage area under the bed, giving your bedroom a seamless look. The bed skirts above accomplish all those functions.

However, they are also gorgeous, available in beautiful solid colors that will complement the style of your bed. If that wasn’t enough, the skirts are easy to wash and maintain.

You can install and remove them with ease. You don’t have to lift the mattress. Simply put, the products above have everything you have ever wanted to see in a bed skirt and more.

The fact that they are so cheap means that you cannot fail to find at least one item among them that can suit your tastes.

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