Top 10 Best Earthing Sheets Reviews 2020

People are sick. They don’t sleep well. Aches and pains keep them twisting and turning throughout the night. They think the quality of their sheets is to blame. They think a new comforter will make all the difference in the world.

And when it doesn’t, they turn to chemical solutions. It never occurs to them that the earth might have all the answers to their problems. The earth is one giant battery filled with negative electrons.

This matters because modern living has not only insulated human beings from the earth but they are regularly bombarded with positive electrons, and the resulting build-up can attract all sorts of physical and mental ailments.

By walking barefoot or lying down, you are grounding yourself, allowing the earth’s negative electrons to flow into you. This creates a balance that can completely transform your body’s health.

Of course, few people have the time to go walking barefoot which is where earthing sheets enter the picture.

What is an Earthing Sheet?

An earthing sheet looks like an ordinary bed sheet; however, it has been infused with conductive material that is designed to ground the human body that touches it. The sheet features a cable that is plugged into a grounding port.

Benefits of Using Earthing Sheets?

The best earthing sheets can remedy so many medical ailments. They can reduce inflammation, relieve pain, reduce stress, and improve circulation. That, in turn, will improve the quality of your sleep whilst also fighting all those ailments that are associated with inflammation and circulation.

Of course, you can’t expect to receive these benefits from every single earthing sheet you encounter. So many people question the viability of earthing simply because they bought an earthing sheet and it completely failed to deliver on the promises mentioned above.

They never consider the possibility that they are to blame because they bought a defective product. Earthing sheets are not all the same. Some are made from poor materials. Others are simply fake.

For your physical and mental health to change for the better, you need to invest in the best earthing sheets on the market. But if you’re new to earthing sheets and you have no idea how to start looking for a decent earthing sheet, just make your selection from the items below.

These are the best earthing sheets available. One of them is bound to satisfy your needs. If you don’t have the time to scroll through all the pages below in search of an earthing sheet, just use the table below; it tells you everything you need to know to make an educated decision.






Earthing Sheet Half Size with Grounding Cord, Grounding Conductive Mat with...

1. Earthing Sheet Half Size with Grounding Cord

  •  Made of 95% soft high quality cotton fabric, and 5% Silver Grounding Thread
  • 15 foot grounding wire
  • Reduce Pain, EMF Protection

Contact the Manufacturer

Grounding Brand Extra Deep Fitted Queen Size Sheet with Earth Connection...

2. Grounding Brand Sheet with Earth Connection Cable

  • made of 400TC Cotton (95%) and Silver Grounding Thread (5% )
  • 16 foot grounding wire
  • for healthy Earth Energy, Natural Tan

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, (replacement or refund)

Grounding Fitted King-Size Sheet for Earthing with Grounding Cord - 400TC...

3.  Grounding Fitted Sheet for Earthing with Grounding Cord

  • made of 100% soft  natural cotton with perfectly spaced silver thread
  • King Fitted Sheets -76''x 80’’
  • Improve sleep, energy and blood circulation and reduce inflammation.

100% Money back Guarantee

Earthing Fitted Sheet Kit, Queen

4. Earthing Fitted Sheet Kit

  • made of cotton with silver thread
  • Queen size fitted sheet
  • 15 foot Straight Cord 

Contact the Manufacturer

Earthing Grounding King Size Fitted Matress Sheet (Beige) 400TC Pure Silver...

5. Earthing Grounding  Fitted Mattress Sheet

  • 95% Cotton + 5% Silver thread
  • Connection wire (16.5 feet) 
  • reduced inflammation, improved circulation, remove pain

30-day return policy

Earthing Half Sheet - For Any Size Bed inc Cable Connection Plus A FREE US...

6. Earthing Half Sheet - For Any Size Bed

  • 100% Cotton With Silver Woven Through
  • 15ft/4.6 m cable
  • Fit with all sizes bed
  • For better sleep more Energy

1 year warranty and refund policy

Earthing Sheet – Big Size – 31.5 X 110 inches - Silver Grounding Fabric...

7. Earthing Sheet –  Silver Grounding Fabric for Earthing

  • 96.5% cotton, 3.5% silver Threads

Contact the Manufacturer

LandKissing Earthing Half Bed Sheet (Size 118' x 51') Beige with 2 Straight...

8. Earthing Half Bed Sheet

  • Made of 95% Cotton with 5% pure silver Grid
  • 16-foot (5.05 m) Grounding Cord (2 set)
  • Reduce Inflammation, Improve Sleep and Anxiety

 30 day money back guarantee

Earthing Grounding FULL Size (60 x 88) Flat Sheet - 95% Organic Cotton, 5%...

9. Earthing Grounding FULL Size Flat Sheet

  • 95% Organic Cotton, 5% Silver Thread
  • for EMF Protection, Antioxidants, and reduce pain

 60 DAY Satisfaction Guarantee ( full return policy)

30x80 in GREEN Grounding / Earthing Conductive Fabric / Sheet. Fits...

10. GREEN Grounding / Earthing Conductive  Sheet

  • made with 34% Polyester, 41%Combed Cotton and 25% Micro-fine Stainless Steel Fibers
  • 15 feet grounding snap 

Contact the Manufacturer

Top 10 Best Earthing Sheets Reviews

1. Earthing Sheet Half Size with Grounding Cord

Earthing Sheet Half Size with Grounding Cord, Grounding Conductive Mat with...

If you want to stay healthy but you don’t have the money to spend on expensive gym memberships and nutritional supplements, this earthing sheet will satisfy your needs. The earth has natural energy which benefits the body.

The free electrons on its surface can travel through your body to combat free radicals, alleviating ailments like inflammation. This happens whenever you walk barefoot or lie on the ground. But modern developments have isolated most people from the earth.

The purpose of this sheet is to essentially ground you, bringing you into direct contact with the natural energy from the earth that your body desperately requires.


This earthing sheet is made from renewable A-Grade Cotton fabric. But that only accounts for 95 percent of the sheet. The other 5 percent is pure silver grounding thread. You are supposed to sleep on top of the sheet but you are free to sleep under it as well.

However, you should know that it is quite stiff.


Available in a variety of sizes (27x52 inches, 36x91 inches, 60x80 inches, 76 x 80 inches, 79 x 102 inches), this product consists of an actual sheet and a grounding wire (15 feet) that connect to an outlet.

The silver thread woven into the sheet is conductive. Once you connect the wire to an outlet, the thread will safely guide the earth’s curative energy into your body. This will improve sleep, blood circulation, and electro-sensitivity. It will also regulate hormones and relieve stress.

Once the sheet is plugged in, you should feel vibrations of one sort or another.

Washing and Care

You should wash the sheet weekly in a machine with warm water. You can put the sheet in with other linens and towels. The dryer is also acceptable. But you should avoid bleach and softeners.


  • Affordable.
  • Easy to clean.
  •  Easy to use.


  • Stiff and rough.

2. Grounding Brand Extra Deep Fitted Queen Size Sheet

Grounding Brand Extra Deep Fitted Queen Size Sheet with Earth Connection...

It is generally accepted that the earth’s natural electron current can improve human health by augmenting the quality of sleep and fighting issues like inflammation. If you don’t have time to go walking barefoot, this sheet provides a decent shortcut.

Available in Fitted Queen, Flat Queen, and Deep Pocket Queen, not to mention the standard/queen pillowcases, these sheets are designed to be as comfortable and conductive as possible, grounding the human body and availing all the benefits for which earthing sheets are known.


Most earthing sheets prioritize cotton because of its warm and soft texture. These sheets are no different. They consist of high-quality cotton (95 percent) and pure silver grounding thread (5 percent).

The cotton is supposed to keep you comfortable whenever you lie on the sheet. The silver, on the other hand, is designed to conduct the earth’s energy into your body, providing electrostatic shielding protection.


While it is common for earthing sheets to use cotton, this one has a thread count of 400. The goal is to make the sheets as comfortable as possible. However, they are still somewhat rough.

You get similar comfort from the pillowcases. The silver thread in the sheets takes the form of an antistatic metal mesh check pattern that is conductive.

Each sheet comes with a cable that must be connected to a 110v outlet’s ground port. You can improvise with extension cords if your outlet is distant.

To maximize the efficacy of the sheets, you are free to use the flat and fitted sheets together. In case the price tag is a problem for you, the manufacturer offers a 100 percent Satisfaction Guarantee.

Washing and Care

These sheets are machine washable. You can also use a dryer. But you should avoid bleach, softeners, and harsh detergents.


  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee
  • High thread count.
  • Easy to maintain.
  •  Fit for bigger sizes of beds.


  • Material is rough.
  •  A little pricey.

3. Queen Earthing Fitted Sheet Kit

Earthing Fitted Sheet Kit, Queen

If you ache and your sleep is restless, and you have tried every nutritional and chemical solution to no avail, the manufacturer of this earthing sheet is confident that their product can make all the difference.

The sheet is lightweight and simplistic in its design. If the customer reviews are to be believed, it also delivers the results it promises so long as you remember to keep live wires away from your grounding cord. Otherwise, you risk putting dirty electricity into your sheet.


The earthing sheet is made from 100 percent organic cotton. You still get the silver thread that conducts the earth’s energy. But the overriding material is cotton which you can trust to provide a modicum of comfort.

The sheets are only available in a natural color. But with sheets of this kind, no one expects a variety of color options. You only find variety in the sizes availed which makes sense. One size cannot possibly fit every mattress in the world.


This product comes in a set that includes a fitted sheet, a 15-foot straight cord, and an outlet checker. If earthing sheets are a brand new discovery for you, the manufacturer also provides a manual that guides you through the process of using their product.

The sheet is a little rough but you must use it as it comes. You can’t add a regular sheet on top. If your skin isn’t directly touching the earthing sheet, it won’t work. If you have a dog, the manufacturer offers a soft and cuddly earthing plush pad.

Rather than inviting your pet into your bed, you are better off getting them their own earthing sheet.

Washing and Care Instructions

This earthing sheet is machine washable. But you should avoid harsh detergents, bleach, and softeners.


  • You get a user’s manual.
  • 100 percent cotton.
  • Easy to maintain


  • Limited color options.
  • Some shrinkage occurs as a result of washing

4. Armshield Earthing Grounding King Size Fitted Sheet

Earthing Grounding King Size Fitted Matress Sheet (Beige) 400TC Pure Silver...

The manufacturer designed this sheet to provide the benefits that certain scientific studies have attributed to the Earth’s natural electron current. It is widely believed that walking barefoot or lying in the grass can improve the quality of your sleep, reduce inflammation and accelerate healing.

These benefits are attributed to the restorative capabilities of the earth’s energy which is what this sheet aims to draw into your body.


Like most other products of this ilk, this earthing sheet is made from natural cotton (95 percent) which is soft, guaranteeing a more comfortable sleeping experience. Naturally, because this is an earthing sheet, you need a medium to conduct the earth’s electron current into the sheet.

This is where the pure silver threading (5 percent) enters the picture. It exists as meshing and it is responsible for keeping your body consistently grounded while you sleep


Like most earthing sheets, you are expected to lie on top of this one. Though, you have the option of lying under it if that suits you. While earthing sheets are typically rough, few complaints of this sort have emerged from customers who bought this item.

That speaks well of the quality of the cotton that was used in its creation. The cable provided is 16.5 feet. That should be long enough to reach the nearest grounding port. The manufacturer tests every item before it is sent out to ensure that it delivers the connection between the sheet and the earth that it promises.

But if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days to get a replacement or a refund. The company offers a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee.

As far as the size is concerned, the sheet is 33 inches deep. It is supposed to fit a standard King Size bed. You get a bonus conductive wristband. But anyone looking for diverse color options will be disappointed. This sheet comes in beige.

Washing and Care

You can wash the sheet with a gentle cycle and laundry soap. Don’t use bleach. Tumble drying is better with no heat.


  • High-quality cotton fabric.
  • 30-day return policy.
  • Bonus wrist band.


  • Limited size and color options.

5. Grounding Fitted King-Size Sheet for Earthing with Grounding Cord

Grounding Fitted King-Size Sheet for Earthing with Grounding Cord - 400TC...

Do you have trouble falling asleep? Does chronic pain in your knees, neck, and shoulders assail you every morning? Are you struggling with conditions you can’t diagnose?

You desperately need this sheet. The product uses the science of earthing to aid the body. When deadly microorganisms attack your biological system, the body uses free radicals to destroy them by stripping their free electrons away. But once those micro-organisms are gone, the free radicals will attack your body, taking away the free electrons in your cells and causing inflammation.

This sheet will ground you, introducing the abundant free electrons in the earth to your body. This will banish the free radicles, improving blood circulation and relieving pain.


The sheet is made from natural cotton (100 percent) which is known for its softness and durability. As you might expect from a grounding sheet, this one also features pure silver thread whose conductivity is required to ground the user.


The silver thread has amazing conductivity which allows the sheet to do the important work of pumping free electrons into your body. The grounding isn’t complete until you use the 15-foot grounding cord.

And in case you are worried about electrocution, the cord comes with resistors that will prevent the flow of current, ensuring your safety. The package includes a 40-foot grounding rod and an outlet checker.

If the product fails to meet your expectations, you can take advantage of the 100 percent Money-Back Guarantee.

Washing and Care

The sheets are machine washable. Use warm water. Keep the setting in the dryer on low.


  • 100 Percent Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Comes with an outlet checker and grounding rod.
  • Machine washable.


  • Costly but very effective.

6. Bio-Energy Products Earthing Half Sheet

Earthing Half Sheet - For Any Size Bed inc Cable Connection Plus A FREE US...

These sheets are supposed to be the sleeping equivalent of walking barefoot in soil. They reproduce the same benefits you would normally acquire by coming into direct contact with the earth and drawing its natural electron current into your body.

Some of these benefits include reduced inflammation which is bound to appeal to patients of arthritis and back pain. The half sheets are designed to fit all bed sizes. So you don’t have to worry about a mismatch between the size of the sheets and the size of your bed.


The sheet is made from 100 percent cotton. A significant number of customers have attested to the product’s softness and comfort which is surprising when you consider the fact that a large number of earthing sheets that are effective but also rough.

The silver thread is present, woven into the sheet in a grid pattern. It conducts the current of the earth into the sheet. To make effective use of this electron current, your skin must touch the sheet directly.


The half sheets, as mentioned above, are supposed to fit all sizes of beds. The cable provided is 15 feet long, which is sufficient to reach your grounding port. Besides the sheet and the cable, you also get a free USA Socket tester that you can use to ensure that your socket is earthed.

If you still harbor some doubts about earthing sheets, the kit includes an earthing audiobook that tells you everything you need to know about the subject. Keep an eye out for the instructions that will guide you on the best way to use and wash the sheets to ensure their longevity.

Do not expect dramatic results from this product. You are not being bombarded with an electrical current. As such, you might not necessarily feel anything in the beginning.

Washing and Care Instructions

You should contact the manufacturer to get a clear understanding of their washing and care instructions.


  • Pure cotton.
  • Free socket tester.
  • Free audio book.


  • Can not cover full bed as it is half sheet.

7. NASAFES Big Size Earthing Sheet

Earthing Sheet – Big Size – 31.5 X 110 inches - Silver Grounding Fabric...

This is a fascinating sheet. At its size and weight, it isn’t as much a sheet as it is a piece of fabric that can be used to create sheets, pillowcases, and various other bedding items. It still promises the same earthing benefits associated with other sheets in this arena.

Customers who choose to lie on or under it can expect to sleep more deeply. Their stress will be alleviated and inflammation reduced, not to mention an improvement in the health of their heart.


Most of this sheet is cotton (96.5 percent). The rest is silver threads (3.5 percent). While the average earthing sheet is rough and scratchy, this one is sufficiently soft; not luxuriously comfortable but soft enough for you to sleep soundly.

For most people, this is all that matters.


This sheet is big (110 x 31.5 inches). It is also heavy (10 ounces). That isn’t an accident and neither is it an attempt to ensure that the sheet can fit beds of a variety of sizes.

You can use the sheet as you got it. If you lay it on your mattress, there is plenty of space for the sheet to ground two people at the same time. However, you can also cut the fabric into pieces to create other grounding items.

You can make pillowcases, duvet covers, even pajamas. Earthing sheets do not get any more versatile than this. The silver thread that is supposed to conduct the earth’s current is thin and flexible which gives you even more options.

You can use the product as an undersheet. You can turn it into a blanket. Basically, you can use the sheet in whatever manner you see fit. But you should know that the grounding cord isn’t provided.

Once you get the cord, it can be connected to the sheet via an alligator clip.

Washing and Care

The sheet is machine washable. Keep the temperature under 60 degrees and dry naturally.


  • Made from pure cotton.
  • Highly versatile.
  • Very Big.


  • No Grounding Cord.

8. Landkissing Grounding Half Bed Sheet

LandKissing Earthing Half Bed Sheet (Size 118' x 51') Beige with 2 Straight...

This sheet was designed to ground users to the earth. Doing so allows them to experience the benefits that the earth’s natural energy offers, not to mention Electrostatic Shielding Protection. When used properly, it should reduce the consequences that the extensive use of electronic devices attracts.

It takes a few weeks to produce results but a significant portion of the people who used this sheet attested to an immediate improvement in the quality of their sleep.


This sheet is primarily renewable cotton, 95 percent to be exact. This is what makes the sheet comfortable enough to lie on. You can choose to lie under it. But the sheet is thin, so it won’t protect you from the cold.

The earthing function of the sheet is delivered by the other 5 percent of the fabric, the pure silver thread. This is what does the grounding.


You can get the sheet in 118 inches x 51 inches. Beige is the only color available. But that is to be expected. Most earthing sheets are only available in natural colors. You get two straight cords for grounding purposes. They are 16 feet each which should be sufficient for most people.

The kit also includes a pair of wrist bands that will augment your grounding, not to mention allowing you to ground other people. The user’s guide will tell you everything you need to know about using the sheet and the wrist bands.

But if the sheet doesn’t meet your expectations, you can return it within 30 days for a refund

Washing and Care

You can wash the sheets gently in a machine. You can also use a dryer.


  • You get two 16-foot straight cords.
  • You get two wristbands.
  • You can take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Scratchy.

9. Gaia’s Remedies Earthing Grounding Full Size Flat Sheet

Earthing Grounding FULL Size (60 x 88) Flat Sheet - 95% Organic Cotton, 5%...

This is a grounding sheet. People who live in urban centers are bombarded by electromagnetic radiation from a variety of electronic sources on a daily basis. This causes disruptions in the electrical communications that the human body requires to function properly.

This sheet is designed to ground its users to the earth, reducing these disruptions and, in the process, increasing metabolism, reducing cortisol, improving brain functions and delivering myriad other physical and mental health benefits.


This sheet is made from pure organic cotton. The fabric has a thread count of 400 which is why it feels so soft and soothing, perfect for people who have sensitive skin. Naturally, because this is an earthing sheet, the cotton has anti-microbial silver woven into it. This provides the earthing effect.


The sheet is supposed to fit Queen, Full, and King size beds. Besides the sheet, the kit comes with a grounding cord. This connects the sheet to the ground outlet. It is long enough to reach the outlets in most bedrooms.

Included in the set is an instruction manual that tells you how to use and wash the sheet. Because there is a 100 percent guarantee attached to the product, you have the option of returning the sheet within the first 60 days if it fails to meet your expectations. The manufacturer will happily offer you a refund.

The cotton used in the creation of this sheet was chosen because it has a surface resistance of 5 ohms per sq inch. So you are guaranteed the best possible results.

Washing and Care

According to the manufacturer, this sheet will survive hundreds of washes and dryings so long as you remember to keep the dryer on a low heat setting.


  • 400 Thread Count.
  • 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.
  •  Easy to maintain.


  • A few customer complaints regarding a faulty ground cord.

10. Earthing Power Green Grounding Fabric

30x80 in GREEN Grounding / Earthing Conductive Fabric / Sheet. Fits...

This earthing sheet is supposed to fill the body with the negatively charged free electrons running through the earth. By attaining the same potential as the earth, the body can fight inflammation, chronic pain, insomnia, and various other ailments.

These benefits can be enjoyed for free by anyone who takes every opportunity to commune with the earth by walking barefoot outside. But if you’re one of those individuals who do not have the time to naturally acquire the healing energies of the earth, this earthing sheet is supposed to act as a suitable substitute.


This is the only item on this list that doesn’t prioritize cotton in its fabric. The cotton is still present but only in small amounts (41 percent). You also have polyester (34 percent), and micro-fine stainless steel fibers (25 percent).

This interesting combination is the reason why the sheet feels so crinkly against the skin. For some people, the sensation isn’t pleasant. To these customers, the fabric is too itchy and irritating.

But for others, the irritation is a worthwhile price to pay for the pain relief and restful sleep the sheet delivers.


The polyester/cotton blend creates a grounding fabric with a resistance of 1000 ohm per sq inch which speaks to the efficacy of the sheet’s grounding abilities. You get a 15-foot long grounding cord that can snap on and off.

It is made from strands of copper wire and it features an inbuilt resistor (100K ohm) that will ensure your safety. Your kit will also include a receptacle tester.

The fabric edges have been reinforced with silky ribbons and stitched with an over-lock pattern. This prevents edge roll-ups and thread unraveling. The sizes offered fit Twin, Full, Queen, and King size beds. The sheet can’t cover the entire bed. But the grounded surface it provides is large enough to benefit one person.

The manufacturer of the sheet doesn’t offer grounding rods but you can use one in tandem with this sheet if you can procure it.

Washing and Care

The sheet is machine washable.


  • The polyester/cotton blend is durable.
  •  Easy to wash
  • Includes a receptacle tester.


  • Scratchy fabric.

Best Earthing Sheets Buying Guide

Earthing sheets are not a passing fad. There is scientific evidence supporting the idea that a connection to the earth can have long-lasting benefits for the body. But the only way for you to enjoy these benefits is to buy the Best Earthing Sheets for your needs.

Doing so requires that you consider these factors:

1). Size

Size isn’t the first factor that people associate with the purchase of earthing sheets. But as with normal sheets, the size of an earthing sheet matters. Yes, it is true that you don’t have to lay your entire body on an earthing sheet to enjoy the benefits it offers.

So long as any part of your body is touching the earthing sheet, grounding will happen. For this reason, the fact that so many of the sheets on the market today are not large enough to cover the entire bed isn’t an issue.

In fact, most consumers prefer to purchase half sheets that only cover the bottom portion of their bed because they are cheap. However, you have to take your sleeping habits into account.

Some people roll so much during the night that they cannot hope to remain in contact with the smaller earthing sheets throughout the night. In such cases, you are better off getting a sheet that covers the entire bed.

2). Material

Earthing sheets are designed to ground the human body. For that reason, some people think that the grounding elements in the sheets are all that matters. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Earthing sheets are still sheets. In other words, you still have to lie on them. As such, the fabric from which they are made matters because it will affect your comfort; prioritize sheets whose fabric is soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking.

3). Cord

The best earthing sheets provide a connection cord that you must plug into your outlet. While you don’t have to worry about the acquisition of the cord, you need to consider the length.

The cord should be long enough to cover the distance between your mattress and the outlet. Otherwise, you have to shift your bed closer to the outlet. Though, extension cables are also a viable option.

4). Brand

If you prefer bedding items that match the décor of your bedroom, earthing sheets are going to disappoint you because most of them are only available in natural colors like beige.

So there is little point in using style or color as a criterion for selecting the best earthing sheets. In fact, you are better off focusing on the brand. If you don’t know what good earthing sheets look like, do some research and identify a trustworthy manufacturer of earthing sheets.

This is the only way to make confident purchases. If you can identify a reputable brand, you can trust them with all your earthing sheet purchases. You don’t have to stress over the quality of your sheets and whether or not you’re getting value for your money.

5). Risk

Keep an eye out for warranties and guarantees. As with most electronic devices, earthing sheets are a risky purchase. And you need to know that you can return your set for a replacement or a refund if the earthing sheet you got has a defect.

6). Maintenance

Pay close attention to the washing and care instructions of every earthing product you want to purchase. Make sure they are, at the very least, machine washable.

Frequently Asked Question on Earthing Sheets

1. What Are Earthing Sheets Made of?

Earthing sheets are like normal sheets. They use ordinary fabrics like cotton and polyester. However, woven into that ordinary fabric are threads made from conductive material like silver, steel, and carbon.

The choice of conductive material matters because earthing sheets use the body’s moisture to conduct free electrons from the earth. So the material chosen can’t be susceptible to oxidation or damage as a result of sweat, body oils, lotions and the like.

2. How Long Do Earthing Sheets Last?

Most manufacturers will tell you that, with proper care, an earthing sheet can last as long as a normal sheet. The average customer, on the other hand, will tell you that an earthing sheet lasts anywhere between 2 months and three years.

Maintenance matters. Bleach, softeners, and certain detergents can ruin the conductive capabilities of an earthing sheet.

But the quality of the product also matters. Some earthing sheets are so poor in quality that they deteriorate with every washing.

3. Does Earthing Sheets Work Through Clothes?

To get the most out of your earthing sheet, your skin has to touch it directly. The majority of earthing sheets are rendered ineffective by clothing. You can’t even place another sheet on them. They immediately lose their efficacy.

That being said, a few manufacturers have been known to promote earthing sheets that can use the smallest quantities of moisture or humidity in your clothing to conduct a current from the earth.

Some of these earthing sheets are designed specifically for use with clothing because this protects their conductive components from the destructive capabilities of your body’s sweat and oils.

4. How Do You Wash Earthing Sheets?

You need to wash your earthing sheet once a week. If you don’t, the organic compounds from your body will accumulate until they create a film that renders the sheet ineffective.

Most earthing sheets can be washed with a machine. Remember to use warm water and a gentle cycle. Any liquid laundry detergent will do. Dissolve it in the water before inserting the sheet.

The tumble dry should be kept on ‘low’ or ‘no heat’. Avoid bleach, softeners, and oxidizing agents. The same goes for dry cleaning. Ironing is acceptable but you should keep the heat on low.

5. Are Earthing Sheets Safe?

Earthing Sheets are designed to plug into electrical outlets. They are only dangerous if you use unground electrical sources that can leave you vulnerable to electrical shock. You’re generally discouraged from attempting to ground yourself in high voltage environments.

6. How is Grounding Different From Earthing?

In terms of sheets, there is no significant difference between earthing and grounding. In fact, the two terms are used interchangeably.

7. Can use of grounding and earthing sheets be harmful?

The use of grounding and earthing sheets can cause harm in places with a strong ground current. This includes large cities with wires running through the ground.

8. Can You Sleep on a Grounding Sheets?

Yes. First of all, the earthing sheets and the grounding sheets are same. They are performing same types of job.

However, Most of the grounding sheets you encounter are meant to be slept on. The manufacturers expect these products to do their work in the night while you slumber.

9. Which material is best for Earthing?

Cotton is one of the most popular fabrics for earthing sheets because it is soft, moisture-wicking, and durable. When it comes to conductive material, people tend to favor silver. It has excellent conductive and antimicrobial qualities.

However, it is delicate and vulnerable to the sulfur in sweat, not to mention the components of various creams and lotions. All these elements damage the silver which is why some manufacturers prefer stainless steel.

It is less susceptible to the destructive capabilities of creams, lotions, body oils, and sweat.

10. Can You Use an Electric Blanket with an Earthing Sheet?

Yes. This is encouraged for people who want to leave their electric blanket on all night while they sleep. By covering the blanket with the sheet, you will reduce the electrical charge induced on your body by the blanket.

Normally, using an electric blanket all night can leave you dehydrated.

11. How Long Should I Do Earthing?

Because the body does most of its regeneration at night while you sleep, you are encouraged to use an earthing sheet for the duration of your sleep. But if you are earthing in the day, thirty or forty minutes a day is adequate.

12. Do Earthing Pads Really Work?

Yes. There is no definitive research quantifying the capabilities of earthing because the concept is still relatively young. But there is mounting evidence supporting the benefits of earthing sheets and pads.

The number of people that have purchased these products and testified positively about their efficacy has also grown.

13. Does Earthing Reduce Inflammation?

Yes. The connection between inflammation and free radicals is still a little unclear. But the strong belief is that free radicals are associated with inflammation, and earthing reduces free radicles.


There is still quite a bit of skepticism surrounding earthing. But the surge of positive testimonials surrounding the concept proves that there is more to earthing than meets the eye. And if you’re looking to dip your toes into this arena, one of the items highlighted above should provide a decent starting point for your adventure with earthing.

Pay close attention to the size. You need to get a sheet with flexible size options. The fabric and maintenance instructions are just as important. The best earthing sheet is sufficiently soft and easy to wash. You can consult experts on this issue but don’t let their personal opinions sway you.

Look through this list, consider the attributes of each item and make your own decision.

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