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Top 10 Best Egyptian Cotton Duvet Covers Reviews 2020

People think that cotton is the best material for making duvet covers but that isn’t true. The best material for duvet covers is Egyptian cotton, and for quite a number of reasons. It has fibers that are so long they produce the finest yarn.

The fibers are also quite strong, resulting in soft, solid, resilient fabric. That doesn’t even take into account the material’s penchant for absorbing liquids and producing bright, vibrant colors.

If you must buy a duvet cover, we recommend one made from 100% Egyptian cotton. But that raises a question. If Egyptian cotton is so amazing, it must also be equally popular.

But if that is true, then the number of Egyptian cotton duvet covers on the market must be high. So how are you expected to find the best Egyptian cotton duvet cover when there are so many options?

The answer is simple. You don’t have to find the best covers because we already found them for you. The list below features every single Egyptian cotton duvet cover of significance. You can use the quick navigation to jump to those products that have captured your attention.

One of these items is bound to meet your needs. You don’t have to read through the entire list. If you don’t have the time but you’re desperate to find a satisfactory Egyptian cotton duvet cover, use the table. It will tell you everything you need to know.





Kotton Culture Pinch Pleated Duvet Cover 100% Egyptian Cotton 600 Thread...

01. Kotton Culture Pinch Pleated Egyptian cotton   Duvet Cover

  • 100% Extra Long Staple Egyptian Cotton.
  • It is 600 Thread Count duvet with zipper closure and corner ties.
  • pinch-pleated puckered diamonds design.
  • Soft and smooth.

Solid Color Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover Luxury Bedding Set High Thread...

02. Solid Color Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover


  • 400-thread-count
  • made from pure Egyptian cotton with sateen sheen 
  • silky soft and and lightweight

Pinch Pleated 3 Piece Duvet Cover Set 100% Egyptian Cotton 1000 Thread...

03. Pinch Pleated Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover Set 

  • 1000 Thread Count with convenient  Zipper & Corner Ties.
  • Soft and Durable.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Kotton Culture Premium Duvet Cover 100% Egyptian Cotton 600 Thread Count...

04. Kotton Culture Premium Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover

  • 600 Thread Count.
  • Soft and smooth.
  • It has Zipper & Corner Ties.

Modern Vintage Retro Mod Print Bedding Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover Set...

05. Eikei Modern Vintage Retro Mod Print Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover

  • 400 thread count.
  • smooth, soft and durable.
  • modern Boho chic botanic design.
  • It has a hidden inside ties and button closure.

JELLYMONI White 100% Cotton Duvet Cover Set,3 Piece Luxury Soft Bedding...

06. JELLYMONI Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover Set


  • Warmer and breathable then normal cotton.
  • It has Coconut Buttons Closure And 4 Concealed Corner Ties .
  • The manufacturer has Full refund policy

JUCFHY King Duvet Cover Egyptian Cotton Bedding King Duvet Cover Set, 3...

07. Villa Feel Egyptian Cotton Bedding Duvet Cover

  • Percale Weave 1000 thread count 
  •  hidden zipper with 4 corner ties 
  • easy to care, soft.

Whitecottonworld Hotel Luxury Egyptian Cotton 800 Thread Count Zipper...

08. Whitecottonworld Hotel Luxury Egyptian Cotton Duvet cover.


  • Mae from Long Staple Cotton.
  • 800 Thread Count duvet cover with Zipper Closure and four side Corner Ties
  • Hypoallergenic, soft and long lasting

SexyTown Egyptian Cotton King Duvet Cover Set,Botanical Floral Leaves...

09. SexyTown Egyptian Cotton  Duvet Cover.


  • Long-staple Cotton
  • Fade Resistant, soft  and Durable
  • Zipper Closure with 4 Inner Corner Ties

Precious Star Linen Hotel Quality 800 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton 3pc...

10. Precious Star Hotel Quality Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover


  • 100% Long Staple Cotton
  • 800 Thread Count
  • It has Zipper Closer with Corner Ties

Top 10 Best Egyptian Cotton Duvet Covers Reviews

1. Kotton Culture Pinch Pleated Duvet Cover

Kotton Culture Pinch Pleated Duvet Cover 100% Egyptian Cotton 600 Thread...

Most people will pay whatever you ask to get a decent duvet. But when it comes to covers, they get cheap, mostly because they think the duvet is the most important component and the cover is just a bonus.

This one earns its price tag. First of all, it comes in a variety of sizes including Twin/Twin XL, Queen/Full, Oversized King, and California King/King. Secondly, the cover looks amazing in white but you can also get it in a variety of vibrant colors that will not fade even after multiple washes.

Third, the cover is made from pure long-staple Egyptian cotton fabric which isn’t just soft and comfortable but also breathable. It isn’t prone to pilling, not even in the face of frequent washing.

On its own, the Egyptian cotton fabric is amazing. But its properties have been augmented further by the high strength stitching and the 600 thread count, both of which make the cover tight, durable, and stylish, especially when you consider the exquisite hemming.

The icing on the cake is the pinch-pleated design with the puckered diamonds that give your duvet a relaxed look. The cover can be washed in a machine but you need a gentle cycle and cold water. Keep the tumble dryer on low. Ironing is acceptable.

If you give the cover sufficient care, it will resist shrinking. There is a zipper closure and corner ties that simplify the process of getting the duvet into the cover and keeping it in place.


  • Soft, lightweight, breathable.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Minimal shrinkage.


  • Not cheap.

2. Solid Color Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover

Solid Color Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover Luxury Bedding Set High Thread...

This cover has a thread count of 400 and yet one customer said that it was softer than their 1000 thread count cotton sheets. Another fellow added that the cover actually made their duvet warmer in the winter but also airy and breathable in the summer, allowing them to use the bedding item all year round.

Even though this product is more expensive than the one above, it has more reviews and the people who used it can’t stop gushing about it. The manufacturers used pure cotton to make it.

You would expect them to boast about the type of cotton and the methods they used to process it. But they have no interest in saying more despite the fact that some customers couldn’t believe how beautiful this cover looked straight out of the box.

Available in King and Queen Size, such products normally require a wash before they can present the vibrancy shown in their pictures (and in case you were wondering, the cover can be washed and dried with a machine). But this cover was amazing from the start. The subtle sateen sheen might have something to do with it.

It is supposed to give the cover a crisp look. There is also the silky soft sensation to consider, one that many customers have attested to experiencing. Besides the button closures and hidden inside ties that keep the duvet in place, not to mention the two pillow shams, this cover doesn’t appear to have as many bells and whistles as its predecessor.

But its simplicity makes the cover superior.


  • Beautiful, solid colors.
  • Hidden ties to keep the cover in place.
  •  Easy to Maintain.


  • Not cheap.
  • Attracts lint.

3. Pinch Pleated Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover

Pinch Pleated 3 Piece Duvet Cover Set 100% Egyptian Cotton 1000 Thread...

Wow! As you can see, these covers are getting more expensive by the minute. But the praise they keep attracting hasn’t faded. If anything, it is growing, probably because the quality of these duvet covers is actually growing with their price.

In other words, you are getting value for your money. Just look at this one. On the surface, it looks just like the first item we covered. It has all those pinch pleated diamond designs that gave the first cover its relaxed aesthetic.

You can also get it in just as many sizes. So why is it more expensive? You can blame that on the 1000 thread count. Everything else stays the same.

This is still Egyptian cotton which is soft, durable and airy, augmenting your duvet’s breathability and allowing you to sleep in complete comfort during the summer. The zipper closure is also present, easing the process of fitting this cover over your duvet.

We can’t forget the corner ties that keep the duvet from shifting. This duvet cover ticks all the right boxes. You can even wash and dry it in a machine so long as you remember to use cold water. The 100 percent satisfaction guarantee is an added bonus.

But the biggest factor separating this cover from the first one is the 1000 thread count. That figure is so much higher, and that suggests that the softness and durability have spiked in equal measure, especially with the tighter fabric weave used by this cover.

Of course, as the consumer, you are the one to determine whether or not the jump in thread count justifies the price hike.


  • Soft, durable, breathable.
  • Easy to care for.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Corner ties keep cover in place.


  • Not cheap.

4. Kotton Culture Premium Duvet Cover

Kotton Culture Premium Duvet Cover 100% Egyptian Cotton 600 Thread Count...

Do you want to know how amazing this duvet cover is? There is a customer who uses it to snuggle on her couch on rainy days. She could use the duvet with its cover but this 3.7-pound cover, on its own, is sufficient protection against the cold for her.

That’s amazing. As you can see, the prices are finally coming down, probably because the thread count has fallen to 600. But that shouldn’t worry you. As one customer put it, this duvet cover is still as soft and soothing as a high-quality bed sheet.

You get the same wide array of sizes. The colors are not just vibrant when you get the cover. They remain vibrant even after you wash it in a machine with cold water and tumble dry it on low.

This is 100 percent Egyptian cotton after all. It tends to wrinkle but it is still quite durable. And you can always iron the wrinkles out if they bother you. If you hate fitting duvets with covers, you will love the zipper closure and corner ties which simplify the fitting process and then ensure that the cover stays in place.

‘Kotton Culture’, the manufacturer, did great work with this item. You are assured a breathable, aesthetically pleasing cover with solid colors, high strength stitching, and minimal shrinkage.


  • Easy to maintain.
  • Beautiful, diverse colors.
  • Zipper closure and corner ties make fitting easy. They also keep the cover in place.


  • Material is soft but thin.

5. Eikei Modern Vintage Retro Duvet Cover

Modern Vintage Retro Mod Print Bedding Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover Set...

‘Oh my, this duvet is gorgeous’ is the first thing a customer said. And she wasn’t the only one. If you look through enough customer reviews, you will notice that ‘beautiful’ appears a lot.

And in truth, that is the primary attraction of this duvet cover. It is one of the most expensive items on this list. But its thread count is just 400. You still get Egyptian cotton which makes for a soft, breathable fabric that is warm in cold conditions but cool in the summer.

The size options include ‘King’ and ‘Queen’. There are hidden ties and button closures that keep the duvet cover in place, preventing it from shifting unnecessarily. However, the previous item had all those properties and a thread count of 600. And yet it was much cheaper.

Why? This cover’s aesthetic value is far greater. The Mid Century modern inspired botanical print is amazing, particularly if you get it in deep teal navy blue. This is the sort of design you expect to encounter in duvet covers that cost hundreds of collars.

And yet ‘EIKEI Home’ is offering it to you for a much smaller fee. We can understand the attraction, especially since the cover is machine washable despite its sophisticated look.


  • Gorgeous.
  •  Machine washable.
  • Has hidden inside ties and button closures to keep the duvet in place.


  • Colors are not quite as rich and lustrous as the photos promise.
  •  Material is thin..

6. JELLYMONI Egyptian cotton Duvet Cover

JELLYMONI White 100% Cotton Duvet Cover Set,3 Piece Luxury Soft Bedding...

There’s a portion of this duvet cover’s marketing which claims that the product delivers a heavenly sleeping experiencing, encouraging you to snuggle so deeply within its soft confines that you will sleep through any alarm.

That is a grand boast, one that you expect manufacturers of bedding items to make. But in this case, you have to assume that it is true because quite a few customers have attested to the fact that this duvet cover made getting out of bed very difficult for them.

Do you really need to hear more than that? This cover actually makes the sleeping experience better. The source of its magical properties has to be Egyptian cotton. This material isn’t just durable.

It will transfer up to 2x more heat away from your body than traditional cotton. This makes it perfect for people who live in places where temperatures fluctuate wildly. You can sleep soundly throughout the night knowing full well that, regardless of whether temperatures suddenly spike or drop, your cover will keep you warm where necessary and cool if the need arises.

The softness of Egyptian cotton is legendary. But the fabric used here goes the extra mile and actually wicks moisture away from your body, keeping you dry. You don’t have to worry about pilling.

This product’s durability is guaranteed. The colors are unlikely to fade even when you wash and dry the cover with a machine. The coconut button closures and concealed corner ties will prevent the duvet insert from shifting about.

For a cover with so many benefits, including the luxurious drape and sheen, not to mention the environmentally safe dyes they use, this item is surprisingly affordable.


  • Soft, cool, breathable, moisture-wicking fabric.
  • Machine washable.
  • Dyes used are safe for the environment.


  • Colors are not as bold as the pictures suggest.

7. Villa Feel King Duvet Cover

JUCFHY King Duvet Cover Egyptian Cotton Bedding King Duvet Cover Set, 3...

This is an interesting duvet cover. It has a thread count of 1000 and yet it is actually cheaper than the only other duvet cover above with a similar thread count. In fact, these two 1000-thread count duvet covers are so similar to one another.

They both use Egyptian cotton (100%). They are both easy to care for because they permit the use of washing machines and tumble dryers. They are both resistant to shrinkage.

They both promise amazing colors that won’t fade even in the face of frequent washing, and in both cases, you get corner ties that prevent the duvet insert from shifting.

And yet this duvet cover is so much cheaper. To be fair, the color schemes are not the same. This one promises a stylish print that is simple but modern, designed to make the average bedroom inviting and happy. Rather than a zipper closure, you get buttons that are better because they are easier to replace and they permit the duvet on the inside to breathe.

Whereas most cotton duvets struggle with wrinkles, this one doesn’t even require ironing. Not only is it soothing against the skin but it becomes even softer when you wash it. It offers the same strength and durability as its more expensive counterpart.


  • Silky soft and lightweight.
  •  Resistant to shrinking, fading and tearing.
  • Machine washable.


  • You need to match your room decor with this Stylish print duvet cover.

8. White cotton world Hotel Luxury Egyptian cotton Duvet Cover

Whitecottonworld Hotel Luxury Egyptian Cotton 800 Thread Count Zipper...

This is the first duvet we have covered that a customer has called ‘Thick and well made’. Every other duvet has attracted at least one complaint from customers regarding its thin structure. But this one has finally broken the pattern and it has done so without affecting the price tag.

Besides the manufacturer’s amazing customer service, customers have also commended the duvet cover for its soft fabric and beautiful aesthetic. You can blame that on the Egyptian cotton fabric which boasts a thread count of 800.

Don’t let the excitement surrounding the 1000-thread count duvet covers above discourage you. A fabric with a thread count of 800 is amazing. It means that the duvet cover in question is as soft and smooth as they come.

The high-quality fabric is complimented by high strength stitching to keep it from falling apart despite frequent washes. Speaking of washing, you are free to clean this product with a washing machine and tumble dryer so long as you remember to use cold water and a low-temperature setting.

Naturally, a zipper closure has been provided, though some customers have complained that the zipper isn’t that strong. You also get four corner ties that will secure the duvet to the cover, keeping it from shifting.

The long-staple cotton (in single-ply yarns) used by the manufacturer ensures vibrant fade-resistant colors and a long lifespan. This isn’t the sort of duvet cover that requires frequent replacement.


  • Soft, durable, cool in the summer, warm in the winter.
  • Fade-resistant.
  • Vibrant colors.


  • The zipper is of poor quality.

9. SexyTown Egyptian cotton Duvet Cover

SexyTown Egyptian Cotton King Duvet Cover Set,Botanical Floral Leaves...

Prices are rising one more, but with this duvet cover, that makes sense. Let us look at what makes it so special. Yes, it uses 100 percent Egyptian cotton but that is nothing special. Yes, the cotton is breathable and it feels great against the skin, exquisitely soft.

But every other item on this list uses the same Egyptian cotton. The size options are worth mentioning. You can get the product in Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King Sizes, which is convenient.

But again, that is nothing new. One of the previous somewhat expensive covers we talked about earned its price tag through its aesthetic value. In other words, it was very beautiful. This duvet cover is the same.

The manufacturers use a unique printing process to produce one of the most detailed and most delicate designs on this list. Yes, the duvet cover is machine washable. You can dry it the natural way or using a dryer, and if the need arises, ironing is an option.

All of these factors are important. They make the duvet soft, comfortable, and easy to care for, the sort of item that will keep you in bed for longer periods than you would prefer. You still get the zipper closure and hidden corner ties. But it is primarily for their looks that people flock to these duvet covers, particularly when they learn that even the reversible side has a similar print design.

There is nothing wrong with buying a duvet cover solely for its looks, especially if it is affordable and it still offers all the other attributes.


  • Machine washable. You can spin dry and iron.
  • Beautifully and delicately designed.
  • Soft, cool, breathable, and cozy.


  • Price is not cheap.

10. Precious Star Hotel Quality Cover

Precious Star Linen Hotel Quality 800 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton 3pc...

This is a decent item on which to end. The duvet cover falls somewhere in the middle. It is neither amazing nor terrible if that makes sense. It has a thread count of 800 which means that it is very soft and durable.

‘Precious Star’, the manufacturer, claims that their duvet covers are sought after by high-end hotels. We can believe that. You expect to see thread counts of 800 and above in the duvet covers that hotels use.

This means that ‘Precious Star’ wasn’t lying when they said that their cover will revitalize your sleeping experience. After all, the Egyptian cotton used in the cover is soft to the touch, warm in cold conditions, cool in hot conditions and also moisture-wicking. It has every tool required to keep you cozy, comfortable, and dry throughout the night.

However, considering all the other duvet covers you have seen above, it is easy to see how this one might go unnoticed. It doesn’t have the highest thread count or even the lowest, so it can’t stand out in that way.

It uses the same fabric. You can wash and dry it with a machine. It offers a zipper closure and ties, and its price tag is decent. Basically, it ticks every box you expect from a decent duvet cover. It just lacks a defining trait.


  •  Easy to maintain.
  • Soft, cozy, and comfortable.
  • Provides zipper closures for easy installation and corner ties to prevent shifting.


  • A little thin.
  • Become incredibly wrinkled when washed..


If you want to find a decent duvet cover, you need to prioritize the material, the closure, and the care instructions. The material of the cover you want should offer the softness, breathability, and durability you require.

The closure determines the difficulty you will encounter when inserting your duvet into the cover. The more convenient the closure, the simpler the installation process will be. With the care instructions, it is a simple matter of making sure that your duvet cover can be washed with ease.

The items above are the best Egyptian cotton duvet covers on the market. They are made from the best possible material; Egyptian cotton is soft, breathable, and temperature regulating.

The products above also feature simple zipper or button closures that make the installation of your duvet so easy and straightforward. Lastly, every single item above is machine washable. It won’t frustrate you with complicated maintenance processes.

Put simply, the items above are the Egyptian cotton duvet covers on the market because they meet all the right criteria. That isn’t even taking their affordability into account.


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