Top 6 Best Euro Pillows Reviews 2020

The bed is the heart of your bedroom. To achieve optimal style and comfort, it isn’t enough to simply purchase a great comforter, sheets, and a skirt. You also need the right pillow.

In fact, some people argue that the pillow sits at the center of your bedroom’s décor. As such, you must choose the right pillow. This is where the best Euro Pillows enter the picture.

These products are reliable. Not only are they available in a predictable range of standard sizes but they are versatile, applicable to any room in your home. If you pair them with the right shams, they will add a pop of color. If you select the right brand, you will find that they are not only easy to care for but the filling is soft, springy and hypoallergenic.

If you did not know, Euro pillows have a reputation for being overstuffed. This is the reason why they are so squishy and fluffy. If you can get them in the appropriate dimensions, they will transform the quality of your sleep whilst also providing shoulder, neck, and back support.

If those attributes sound appealing, you should think about getting your own Euro pillows. The list below has all the best Euro pillows on the market. As such, you cannot go wrong with any product you choose from this list.

While the reviews can help you acquire a better understanding of each product before you make your selection, you can always save some time by just using the comparison table. It has all the information you need to make an educated decision.

Top 6 Best Euro pillows reviews

Cozy Bed European Sleep Pillow

Cozy Bed European Sleep Pillow(set of 2), White, 26' H X 26' W X 4' D

This is a versatile pillow that can be used for decorative purposes or to keep you comfortable in the bedroom. At 6.7 pounds, it is pretty light. Cleaning shouldn’t present an issue.

The same goes for drying. You can air dry it quickly. It is not only soft and springy but it holds its shape even after you wash it. Admittedly, if you prefer a firmer construction, this pillow will disappoint you. It isn’t that kind of product. It was made for customers that want their heads to be cradled by a cushy, fluffy surface.

You should know that the pillow is not that impressive when it first arrives. But that is only because it has been compressed. Once you throw it in the dryer, it will puff right up.


The pillow is made from polyester which is hypoallergenic. This is true for both the shell and the filling. The pillow is dual-layered. Polyester is a synthetic material.

Style and Comfort

The one thing you don’t have to worry about where this pillow is concerned is its appearance. This is because it was designed to work as a decorative pillow. And one look at it will show you as much.

But that doesn’t make it useless in the bedroom. It features a lofty build that should prove adequate for anyone that wants a nice, fluffy pillow. Some people might hate the fact that it is overfilled and fluffy. But others will appreciate this aspect of its design.

The product comes as a set of two pillows.

Washing and Care

The pillow is machine washable.


1). Hypoallergenic

2). Fluffy

3). Decorative


1). Not firm enough for some people

2. Foamily Premium Hypoallergenic European Sleep Pillow

Set of 2-26 x 26 Premium Hypoallergenic European Sleep Pillow Inserts Sham...

This pillow is compatible with any room in your home. You can use it on the sofa or in your bed. It provides lumbar support. And if you don’t need the support, it also works as a decorative pillow.

The pillow is as stylish as it is comfortable. You need to pay careful attention to the size chart to ensure that you select the right pillow. It isn’t enough to match the size of the pillow to the size of your shams.

You must ensure that the shams are one size smaller. This will deliver a fuller, rounder pillow. If the pillow has a medium fill, you can order the exact size. If your pillow seems flatter than expected, you probably chose a sham of the wrong size.

Some people have complained that the product is not completely filled at the corners. This problem disappears once the pillows are placed in their covers.


The shell is polyester. The fill is a high-grade fiber filling that doesn’t exist in any other pillow because it is exclusively owned by the manufacturer.

Style and Comfort

Like the product above, this one is also decorative, boasting an appealing design that will immediately draw the eye of your visitors if you choose to leave it on the couch, which is perfectly acceptable.

But if you can find a case of the right size, the pillow will surprise you with the level of firm support it can give to your neck and back as you either lie or sit. Because this is polyester, the pillow is hypoallergenic, capable of resisting mold, mildew, dust mites and the like.

Washing and Care

The pillow can be washed in a machine.


1). Hypoallergenic

2). Provides back and neck support

3). Decorative


1). Some customers think the sizing instructions are complicated

3. RECCI Breeze Adjustable Down Alternative Hypoallergenic Pillows

U2 Euro Pillow-Plush Breeze Fiber Throw pillow 26' X 26', Luxury Firm...

This pillow allows you to adjust it to fit your particular needs. By adding or removing the fiber filling, you can make it as soft or firm as you please. This allows you to receive the precise support you need to achieve perfect comfort while you sleep.

The fact that the pillow uses material that conforms to your body’s shape also helps. Even if you try the pillow and it fails to live up to your expectations, the manufacturer offers a 30-night trial period that mitigates your risk.

You get a plastic bag that you can use to hold any filling you take out. The bag will keep the filling safe so that you can re-insert it later on if you choose to.

Some people did not appreciate the fact that a pillowcase was not included.


The pillow is filled with Breeze Fiber, a new generation fiber the manufacturer developed. It can achieve a thickness of 0.7 Denier. Breeze fiber is hypoallergenic and cruelty-free.

Style and Comfort

As far as appearance is concerned, the pillow is mostly ordinary. It primarily shines in the area of comfort. The breeze fiber will permit air to circulate through it, keeping you cool while you sleep.

The fiber will also conform to the natural curve of your body to give your neck and shoulders optimal support. The pillow is supposed to distribute the pressure in those areas evenly, combating ailments like neck pain and shoulder stiffness.

The shell is cotton which is soft to the touch. The construction is fluffy. It makes you feel like your head is sitting on a cloud.

Washing and Care

You can wash and dry the product in a machine.


1). Hypoallergenic and cruelty-free

2). 100 percent satisfaction guarantee

3). Supports the neck and shoulders


1). There is no case or cover

4. BioPedic Luxurious Euro Pillows

BioPedic Luxurious 28-by-28 Inch Euro Square Pillows, 2-Pack

These pillows are 28 inches x 28 inches. They come with shams that are 26 inches x 26 inches. To ensure that the pillows fit the shams, they are overfilled. This eliminates gaps and spaces at the edges.

The pillows are lightweight and affordable. While you can sleep on them, they can also be used to support your back if you choose to sit up in bed.

They are resilient enough to maintain their loft, puffing back up the moment you leave.


This pillow uses the SensorLoft Fiber fill that is fluffy and hypoallergenic. It features a cover that is as attractive as it is durable.

Style and Comfort

Some people have been known to use the pillow for decorative purposes. However, it isn’t quite as stylish as some of the other decorative pillows on this list, though it is hardly ugly.

It has a beautiful embossed stripe cotton cover. The hypoallergenic properties are perfect for anyone that struggles with allergic reactions resulting from the allergens found in many bedding items.

The pillow is so squishy and fluffy that your head will sink into it once you lay on it. This will appeal to some people. But others might hate it because it doesn’t provide the support they want.

Washing and Care

The pillow should be spot cleaned with mild detergent. You get a 3-year warranty.


1). Overfilled with SensorLoft Fiberfill

2). Beautiful embossed stripe cotton cover

3). Hypoallergenic


1). Too squishy for some people

2). Requires spot cleaning

5. THREAD SPREAD European Square Pillow Shams

THREAD SPREAD European Square Pillow Shams Set of 2 White 1000 Thread Count...

These are thin and lightweight shams of outstanding quality. You need to wash them when they first arrive. But once they are dry, you will quickly notice just how soft and comfortable they are. They look far more expensive than their modest price tag suggests.

This is one of those situations where the product is just as good as the pictures suggest. The shams also deliver on every promise made by the manufacturer. You basically get more than you paid for.


The shams are made from 100 percent Egyptian Cotton which is a premium fabric known for its hypoallergenic properties.

Style and Comfort

The shams are well crafted. They have an envelope closure in the middle of the back and a solid pattern. They are beautiful enough to be used solely for decorative purposes, boasting a 2-inch flange on all sides and overlapping fabric in the back to create a finished look.

The shams feel soft to the touch. The sateen weave gives them a beautiful and shiny sheen.

Washing and Care

The shams can be washed with a machine in cold water. Tumble dry on a low heat setting. Avoid bleach and softeners.


1). 100 percent Egyptian cotton

2). Soft to the touch

3). Sateen weave


1). Too thin for some people

6. Pacific Coast Euro Feather Square Pillow

Pacific Coast Euro Feather 26' by 26' Square Pillow With Euro Pillow...

This is another natural Euro square pillow that uses a square European style. It is soft and resilient. You can use it for decorative purposes or as a supportive tool in bed or on your couch. Some people have complained that the filling tends to bunch into uncomfortable lumps.


The pillow is made from 100 percent cotton; it uses a barrier weave cover that augments its durability

Style and Comfort

The product was made for people that want to add a square decorative pillow to their American style bed or those that simply prefer a continental style. The filling is Duck Feather which has been known to bunch into clumps.

The barrier weave will prevent the feathers from leaking, making the pillow more resilient. The 230-thread count is worth noting because it promises a soft, smooth surface for your face to lay against.

Washing and Care

The pillow is machine washable


1). 100 percent cotton and Duck feather filling

2). Easy to wash

3). Barrier weave prevents leaking


1). Filling tends to clump


The Best Euro Pillows are supposed to be versatile bedding products that are soft, squishy and fluffy, allowing your head to sink comfortably, almost like you are lying on a cloud. You also expect a flexible build that is lightweight enough for you to carry the pillow from place to place, using it to support your back on a couch, on the floor, in the car, outside, basically any location that requires a pillow.

The Euro pillows above perform those functions and more. This is what makes them so attractive to those customers that want a pillow with a traditional style and size.

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