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6 Best Goose Down Comforters in 2021 – A Complete Guide to Your Perfect Slumber

Some people earn to travel across the world, some to eat well and others to sleep well. Yes, numerous surveys have come up with statistics that suggest the majority of the human population has marked sleeping time as their best part of the day. This fact is much relevant and relatable, right? Who does not like sleeping? Getting into the most comfortable clothes and then crawling up to your only bed covered in soft silky sheets and comfortable pillows, a snoring paradise, that is what it is. However, soon chills set in and your dreams are shattered. You find the old blanket clogging your way to a perfect slumber.

Goose Down Comforters

If that is the case then we have just the right solution for you, a goose-down comforter. A goose-down comforter can be put forth as the King in the world of blankets or quilts. If you have a down comforter you might as well think about selling away your thermostat. This is because the blanket does it all for you. No, it certainly does not have superpowers to control the room temperature but it does have the epic power to keep you warm and super comfortable especially when the temperatures outside drop. A down comforter is your way towards perfect sleep.

A duvet or a down comforter is a blanket that has a filling material of down and feathers. Down is generally found on a goose or a duck under the layer of outermost feathers, on the belly. It is a softer layer of plumage, which protects the bird from extreme cold by trapping and insulating heat. Down is extremely light and fluffy. A blanket filled with down makes it ultra-soft, fluffy, and lofty. A person aiming to buy a down comforter might have to go through a confounding world of choices between goose down or duck feathers, white or grey goose, down or alternate down and other terms that might ring in the ears for a long time.

This guide will help the buyers to find their way from the unlimited varieties and choices that are available in the market while buying the best goose down comforter. These comforters are the best and most luxurious bedding option available. Moreover, they are not too warm and not too cold, leading the user to sleep in an optimal temperature environment. However, the buyer needs to make the correct selection to enjoy the most out of his or her goose down comforter. This guide facilitates the same by providing the buyer with all the needed knowledge.

Down and Down Alternative Comforter

Buyers who have made up their mind to enhance their experience of sleep by investing in one of the most luxurious bedding options will have to face a difficult choice between a down and down alternative comforter. However, buyers need not worry about these two options as this guide aims to clear all the confusion and give you a balanced view about both choices.

What is Down?

Down is the soft inner layer of plumage beneath the feather of duck, goose, and other waterfowls. It is generally found in the underbelly area of the birds and is incredibly soft and fluffy. The down protects the bird against extreme cold temperatures by creating a layer of insulation. This material is used as a filling in blankets, which makes them ultra-soft and lofty for use. Moreover, down works as a great temperature regulator and can generate optimal temperatures. It is also known for its durability. However, buyers should ensure that the filling is ethically-sourced down and is certified by the Responsible Down Standard (RDS).

What is Down Alternative?

Italian Luxury Twin/Twin XL Comforter - 2100 Series Blanket, Down...

The down-alternative as the name suggests is a filling that resembles down in texture but is synthetic. A down alternative comforter comprises a filling made up of microfiber, which is a kind of high-quality polyester. A down alternative comforter is a cheaper solution and is ideal for people who are allergic to down. Moreover, all down alternative duvets are machine washable. This Luxury Twin size alternative comforter appears to be one of the perfect examples.

Down versus Down Alternative

Since ages down has been the most preferred filling for all bedding options. This is because the waterfowl feathers are naturally produced the fluffiest filling that a comforter can have. Moreover, down consists of fiber that traps the heat inside the body helping the user to sleep warm even in extremely cold weather. However, the down used should be ethically sourced Down and RDS certified. On the other hand, the alternative duvet is cheaper, hypoallergenic, machine washable, and almost gives a similar experience as down. To make a more informed choice the buyer should go through the pointers given below.

  • Fill – The power of down fill is determined by the quality and the amount of down required to fill a comforter. In warmer climates, a fill power of around 550 would be fine. However, people living in cold weather countries would need around 700 fill power. Freezing temperatures would require anything more than 700 fill power. Determining the fill power of an alternative duvet is taxing and almost close to impossible, as the fill comprises a variety of materials. Moreover, the alternative version would require more filling to produce the same degree of insulation making the polyester comforter heavier.
  • Prone to Allergy – A goose down comforter is not at all suitable for users who have an allergic reaction to feathers. Moreover, cleaning a goose down comforter is a strenuous task as they easily capture dust and heat. It is recommended to make use of a duvet cover to make the process easy. However, an alternative duvet is hypoallergenic and machine washable.
  • Breathability – The breathability of a down comforter is much more than the alternative option. This is because down is lightweight and fluffy and can make you warm without putting extra weight on the fill. However, the other comforter has a synthetic polyester filling which makes it less breathable and heavy.
  • Cost – The alternative duvet is a cheaper choice and almost provides a similar experience as a goose-down comforter. However, the original down duvet has its perquisites that an alternative version can never begin to compensate.
  • Durability – A traditional down comforter is no doubt, more durable than its alternative version. However, the buyer needs to make sure that the comforter is cleaned according to the standardized rules.

After going through all the above factors, the buyer might, in all probability arrive at his or her choice of the comforter. However, it is always recommended to purchase an original goose down comforter above a synthetic one to experience a sleeper’s paradise.

6 Best Goose Down Comforter – Everything that You Need to Know

After understanding the differences between a goose down comforter and an alternative-down version, buyers must settle down with the comforter that promises the best value. A goose down comforter has a range of benefits including the majestic feeling that comes while using them. However, to understand and justify the choice of preferring a goose down comforter to anything else, one must go through the following pointers.

Why do we need Goose Down Duvet Insert?

The goose down duvet insert or a comforter is considered to be one of the best comforters available in the market. Moreover, there are broadly two types of down, which are used to make the filling of bedding materials and comforters. These are goose down and duck down. Goose down is highly preferred over duck down because the down collected from geese are larger clusters and result in higher fill power. This means more softness and warmth. Buyers should also note here that goose down possesses a higher degree of resilience than a duck down and is more durable.

A goose down is also preferred over other feather fillings because it comes with excellent thermal qualities, which makes it a perfect comforter filling for cooler temperatures. Moreover, in warmer climates goose down comforters with lower fill power can be used. These comforters are the best as they keep the user warm and cozy. Furthermore, goose down filling reduces the weight of the comforter which adds to the feeling of goodness. The light yet warm comforter around your body makes you feel like a cloud enveloping you. It is one of the best feelings to sleep with.

Why do we need Goose Down Duvet Insert

Another epic feature that the best down comforters come with is moisture-wicking properties. This means that a goose down comforter does not trap perspiration. This breathing ability of the fill allows the user to sleep in comfort with the perfect temperature regulation technique. The best down comforters have a long life and remain in shape throughout. Unlike another waterfowl filling, a goose down comforter continues to remain lofty throughout the years to come.

Luxurious Queen Size Goose Down Fiber Comforter Down Feather Fiber Duvet...

The best down comforters might cost you a little but they are and always will be the best investment ever. Instead of opting for cheaper options that wear out and lose their heating ability much faster, go for a goose down comforter. These comforters are not only comfortable but also durable, which compensates for their higher prices. Thus, in a world of comforters, the goose down comforters are the best. The Luxurious Queen Size Siberian Goose Down comforter seems like the perfect example of a perfect goose-down comforter.

How to Choose the Best Down Comforter?

Now, that the buyer has to make the perfect purchase of a goose down comforter from the market. Certain factors should be considered by the buyer before he or she can make the right decision. This guide puts down all the crucial factors that have to be considered before going in for the perfect purchase.

1. Fill Power

Fill power is one of the most crucial factors that the buyer must consider. Fill power is an essential figure that appears in the product description of any down comforter. The term fill power is used to measure the space taken up by 1 oz of down. The buyers should take a note here that a down with higher fill power is made up of better quality plumage in respect to a down with less fill power. The down is initially compressed and then released. The space that it takes up after release is measured in cubic inches. However, the fill power is not the only factor to be considered here.

After fill power, another crucial factor is the fill weight. The fill weight refers to the total number of ounces of down that has been put into the comforter. The higher the fill weight the warmer is the comforter. Thus, the level of warmth of a comforter depends on the combined effect produced by the fill power and the fill weight. A higher fill power and fill weight will make the comforter more soft, fluffy, and breathable.

Globon Goose Down Comforter Queen Size All Season 100% Cotton Cover,400...

The highest fill power that a goose down comforter can have is around 700 cubic inches. On the other hand, lower quality down comforter will have around 400 fill power. On average goose down comforters come with around 550 fill power. Most importantly, the buyer should remember that down with a higher fill power occupies more space in comparison to down with lower fill power. Buyers might refer to the Globon Luxurious Goose Down Queen Comforter, which comes with 700 fill power and fill weight of 380 oz.

2. Feather Type

Buyers might become confused with the different types of down used for the fill of a comforter. For instance, a goose down comforter makes use of the down collected from geese. Similarly, there are other waterfowls whose feathers are used as fill for a comforter like a duck and Hungarian goose. White goose down comforter is deemed to be the most expensive because it is rare. Some popular feather types can be enlisted as follows.

  • Canadian Hutterite Down
  • Hungarian or European Goose Down
  • Chinese Goose Down
  • Siberian Goose Down
  • White Goose Down
  • Duck Down

There is no potential difference between grey and white goose down. However, in the case of the difference between goose and duck down, the former comes with more fill power due to the larger size of down clusters. Moreover, research says that down hailing from areas with cold weather is more fluffy and soft in comparison to down from areas with warm weather. This might give an edge to down from Hungarian goose.

APSMILE Feather Down Comforter Duvet King Size, All Seasons Down Duvet...

The true authenticity and measure of the quality of any goose down is its fill power and fill weight. Thus, buyers should focus more on these components rather than the type of goose or duck down the comforter is using. While buying a goose down comforter, the buyer should ensure that it has been responsibly sourced and is Responsible Down Standard certified. The APSMILE Goose Down Comforter seems like the perfect example.

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3. Thread Count

The thread count refers to the total count of threads per square inch of fabric. The higher the thread count the tighter is the fabric weaving which results in a softer and bouncy fabric in comparison to a comforter, which has a lower thread count.

A buyer might not consider the thread count of the fabric due to duvet covers or shells. However, despite the shell material, a good number of thread counts enhance the level of warmth and comfort provided by the comforter. However, the buyer must understand that a higher thread count fabric might sometimes result in stiffness due to the weaving technique and quality of the fabric. Thus, the key is to go for a fabric that has a thread count of not more than 800 or less than 200.

A comforter that is made out of muslin has the lowest count ranging between 100 and 180. In the case of a count of 200 or 250, the fabric is considered to be of high quality. Any fabric that possesses more than a 400 thread count is considered to be a luxury. Moreover, the buyer should also be mindful about the fact whether the fabric used is down proof or not. A down-proof fabric tightly knits the down together preventing them from slipping out of the comforter. Nonetheless, a down-proof fabric has little weight and is durable. It also helps to eliminate the sound of feathers moving inside the comforter. A good down-proof fabric has a thread count between 230 to 500.

4. Fabric

The fabric is another important consideration, which will certainly determine the overall quality of the perfect white goose down comforter. A down comforter is a durable product. So, the fabric with which the shell is made should be long lasting too. The most common material with which the shell is made is cotton. A cotton shell makes the fabric easy to maintain. Cotton has thermal qualities and it keeps you warm. Moreover, the shell material enhances its breathability making the comforter more soft and fluffy. The most popular types of cotton shell, which are used as fabric in down comforters, are as follows.

  • Egyptian Cotton Shell
  • Organic-Cotton Shell
  • Long Staple Cotton Shell
  • Pima Cotton Shell
  • 100% Cotton Shell
  • Cotton Sateen Shell

5. Baffle Box Construction

The way a goose down comforter is designed and constructed determines the level of warmth and coziness evenly distributed by it. Moreover, a well-constructed comforter holds the down in place further resulting in evenly distributed heat. The buyers must understand that the construction and design of a down fabric are important because if the down slides to the edges of the comforter then the insulation process might be affected. Moreover, any movement or change in posture during sleep should not misplace the down in the comforter, which might hamper its thermal functioning.

The construction of the fabric can be divided into two broad categories. A baffle box construction and sewn-through box construction. Sewn-through box construction is generally used in the case of a lightweight comforter or a duvet insert. This is because a light comforter contains less amount down and a sewn-through box construction will help keep the down evenly distributed. It is a cheaper option in comparison to a baffle box construction. However, one downside of this type of construction is that cold spots might occur at the stitched places disturbing the evenly distributed down design.

The baffle box construction is the most popular cotton shell design, which involves the formation of three-dimensional boxes made up of fabric walls. These fabric walls permit the down inside them to the loft to its fullest possibilities and at the same time help to maintain the even distribution of down within them. A baffle box construction eliminates cold spots. Moreover, each baffle box comprises a small opening at its corner through which the down is filled inside them. A baffle box design also adds to the visual appeal of a comforter.

Pacific Coast Feather Company 67827 Premier Down Comforter, Cotton Cover,...

The Pacific Coast is one of the oldest and most popular sellers of traditional down bedding options. Pacific Coast has walked the extra mile to give goose down comforters an additional edge by developing their improvisation named Comfort Lock. Developers at Pacific Coast have come up with a solution to keep them down on the top of the comforter separate from that of its edges. This is done with the help of a channel that runs through the three edges of the comforter. Buyers can refer to this comforter by Pacific Coast to get an idea about the design. Buyers can also refer to the Pacific Coast Feather Company 67827 Premier Down Comforter to understand the goose down comforter.

The other two types of construction are not much popular. Quilted stitching involves two pieces of fabric that are sewn together to create a pocket-like structure that is filled with down. This prevents the feathers from shifting. However, the heat might escape through the seams. Channel stitching is a design in which the stitching is done in a straight line pattern. Such a design cannot hold the down in place and might lead to cold and hot spots.

Globon Fusion White Goose Down Comforter King Size,Heavy Weight for Winter,...

Thus, the buyers should go for a baffle box design. It is the most effective construction. Moreover, a Pacific Coast comforter with a baffle box construction and a Comfort Lock feature works the best. This Globon Fusion White Goose Down Comforter is one of the best goose down comforters available in the market with a baffle box design and an Oeko Tex standard.

6. Size and Weight

The size of a comforter is another crucial consideration that the buyer needs to make before making the final selection. There are a variety of sizes in which the goose down comforters are available. These are Twin, Twin Queen, King, Twin Full Queen, Twin XL, Twin XL Full Queen, Twin Full Queen, and Oversized Queen, King comforter.

The buyer here needs to decide whether he or she wants a comforter by the size of the bed or slightly oversized. A slightly oversized comforter will hang from the edges of the bed. Different countries have different preferences. For instance, people in the UK prefer bed-sized comforters while people in the UK like their comforters to drape off the bed.

Moreover, the size of the comforter might also matter when considering its fit inside a duvet cover or a comforter cover. Some buyers might like the duvet cover to be exactly the size of their comforter. Others might like their duvet cover to be slightly oversized so that the down has room inside the duvet cover to be fluffy and bouncy. To cut the cost of an oversized comforter, buyers might also prefer an oversized duvet cover so that it drapes off the sides of the bed.

There are three major categories of the weight of a white goose down comforter. These are lightweight comforters, regular weight comforters, and summer weight comforters. A lightweight comforter has lower fill power and is best for those who tend to feel warm during sleep. A regular weight comforter has an optimal fill power and can be used in cooler temperatures. A summer weight comforter has the lowest fill power and is used in areas of warm weather.

7. Hypoallergenic

The down used in comforters is washed, sterilized, rinsed, and dried. Although the comforter fill is made up of bird feathers, it is hypoallergenic. The bedding might catch dust or dirt, which results in an allergic reaction. However, the best down comforters are filled with clean and dirt less down, which cannot lead to allergies.

SNOWMAN Feather Down Comforter King All-Season Duvet Insert, King Comforter...

These are the factors that the buyer should be well aware of before buying a goose down comforter. Although the factors like the count of the thread, fill power and baffle-box are a little complicated, the buyer must remember to check through the product description and make a note of all the factors before purchasing the product. One easy method to avoid confusion is writing down all the product specifications and then understanding each specification slowly with the help of this guide. This will help fetch clarity for the buyer. The Snowman White Goose Down Comforter seems like a perfect example.

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How long does a Goose Down Comforter last?

A goose down comforter might last for years depending on the love and care with which you handle the product. The first step towards ensuring a longer life expectancy of your goose down comforter is by putting it inside a duvet cover or a comforter cover. This helps to stretch the period after which the comforter will require a mandatory wash. However, keeping the comforter under a cover does not generally need a wash before two years.

Moreover, the buyer should check whether the down comforter is machine washable or not. In most cases, a down comforter is not machine washable and requires dry cleaning. Professional help must be sought to wash the comforter. In case of a spill, spot cleaning should be done at home. Moreover, if the buyer has a front loader washing machine then he or she might consider washing the comforter at home. However, a top loader washing machine is not suitable for washing a comforter, as it would not be able to accommodate the product.

The buyer should be mindful of the washing machine settings while washing the comforter at home. The machine should be put on delicate mode. The buyer can make use of a mild detergent along with bleach if the comforter is white. After a double rinse cycle, it can be tumble-dried. A comforter should not be put out to dry as it can lead to the growth of mold and mildew on the comforter. These are some tricks to extend the life expectancy of a goose down comforter.


1. How long does a down comforter take to fluff up?

A down comforter will almost immediately start to fluff up after it is released. It will continue to fluff up and a visual change can be noticed after two hours. Moreover, the fluffing up process might continue for as long as two weeks. This is because the down takes time to get used to the climate around.

2. What is better – Goose Down or Duck Down?

The quality of any down depends on the fill power and weight. The more space one oz of down takes the more cubic inches of fill power it has and the higher is the quality of the down. In case of a choice between goose or duck down, the former should be selected. This is because a goose is a larger bird in comparison to a duck and has larger clusters of down, which in turn have greater fill power.

3. What is the price range of a down comforter?

The price range of a comforter starts from $80 to $850 depending on the down quality, size, and other relevant factors.


All the important factors and considerations have been discussed and put forth in this guide. After going through the guide, the buyer will be able to make an informed choice. Moreover, he or she should remember that the most important feature that should be prioritized is the warmth level of a goose down comforter. The buyer should be able to hit the bull’s eye with this feature and the rest will follow. Nonetheless, the life of any product depends on how it is handled. A down comforter should be handled with care. Most importantly, it should be put inside a cover to reduce the number of washing cycles. Therefore, get your very own goose down comforter because a good night’s sleep awaits you. Happy purchasing!

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