Top 9 Best Grounding Mats Reviews 2020

People do not interact with nature, not anymore. Most of us spend too much time inside. And when we finally venture outside, we use shoes to insulate our bodies from the earth.

As a result, so many people are struggling under the weight of diseases and ailments caused by free radicles. The best grounding mats reviews keep emphasizing the importance of spending time outside and walking through nature barefoot.

The earth is one massive battery. By walking barefoot outdoors, you permit the earth’s negative ions to flow through you, neutralizing the free radicals responsible for harming your cells.

People can ground themselves for free at any point in time by simply taking a stroll outside. But you often find that the people who are suffering the most are also the most occupied, so caught up in the minutiae of their lives that they cannot find the time to use the earth’s natural energies to heal their bodies.

But this is why grounding mats were created. These products bring the benefits of earthing to you. Rather than walking outside, you can simply lie on a conductive sheet that has been connected to a grounded outlet.

This will permit the earth’s charge to flow into you, bringing balance to your body.

Benefits of Grounding/Earthing Mats

In case you were wondering, grounding mats and earthing mats are the same thing. If you are still wondering whether or not you need earthing mats, the following benefits of the product might change your mind:

1). Portable

Grounding mats are portable. You can take the benefits of grounding with you wherever you go.

2). Fatigue

There is scientific evidence suggesting that the use of grounding mats over a four week period can decrease the levels of chronic fatigue in patients.

3). Stress and depression

Grounding mats will decrease the production of the hormones that govern stress and depression, improving the mood and mindset of the user in the long run.

4). Inflammation

Grounding will neutralize the free radicals in the body. This, in turn, will protect the cells from further damage, alleviating inflammation in the process. By neutralizing free radicals, grounding can also boost the immune system.

5). Sleep

Grounding will calm the nervous system, allowing the body to achieve deeper levels of relaxation. This will enable users to sleep more restfully.

Best Grounding Mats Buying Guide

If you wish to purchase the best earthing mats, keep the following factors in mind:


Identify the size you require. Some mats are large enough to cover the whole bed. Others only cover a portion. Some are so small that they can only accommodate your feet or your hands or even your mouse. Because even a small connection between your body and a grounding mat can produce results, you don’t necessarily require the biggest mats on the market.

That being said, if you are worried about rolling off the mat during the night, you are better off finding one that covers your entire bed.

2). Material

Try to remember that the manufacturer expects you to lie on the mat. For that reason, the material from which it is made matters. You need to ensure that it is soft enough for you to lie on comfortably.

Most people prefer cotton because it is soft and it absorbs moisture.

3). Conductivity

Different mats will use different types of wiring to conduct the earth’s electrical charge. Silver is popular but you can prioritize other materials like carbon.

Now that you know what to look for in a mat, you can start making your selection from the list below. If you don’t want to read through all the reviews we collected, use the comparison table. It will give you all the information you require to make an educated decision





Grounded Beauty Large Sleep Mat - 54' x 72'

01. Grounded Beauty Large Sleep Mat

  • perforated 100% conductive carbon leatherette.
  • improved sleep, blood circulation and health conditions.
  • Reduced Soreness, Inflammation.

Grounding Mat, Grounding Sleep Mat 54’’x 71’ Perforated Design 100%...

02. Earthing Grounding Sleep Mat

  • 100% Conductive Carbon Leatherette grounding mats.
  • durable, long-lasting,
  • reduce pain and inflammation,
  • reduce stress and improve sleep.
  • Comfortable and breathable.

EARTH AND MOON Grounding Mat - Large Universal Grounding Mats Plus...

03. Earth and Moon Grounding Mat

  • Soft quality conductive leather mats
  • Assist sleep and Reduce Inflammation
  • EMF and ESD Protection.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.

The Original Universal Grounding Mat Kit by Earthing to Improve Sleep,...

04. The Original Universal Grounding Mat

  • made with non-toxic materials.
  • Having surprising health benefits.
  • Easy to use and store.

LandKissing Grounding Mats Kit (2sets) for Healthy Earth Energy with 2...

05. LandKissing® Grounding Mats Kit

  • Portable and can use anywhere.
  • Easy and Convenient to use and store.
  • positive health benefits.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.

Groundmate Grounding Mat, Multi-Purpose Conductive Leather Mat with...

06. Groundmate Multi-Purpose Grounding Mat

  • conductive leather grounding mat.
  • Soft, Foldable and easy to clean.
  • Multi-purpose
  • Portable and easy to connect.

Grounding Mat,Foot pad/ Computer Mouse Mat,Reduce Pain, Reconnect to The...

07. Earthing Grounding Foot and Computer Mouse Mats


  • made of durable conductive PU.
  • You can use as a foot pad or computer mouse pad.
  • Improve overall health condition.  
  • Easy to wash  

Earth conncted Mat,Grounding Mat EMF Radiation Protection & Heat...

08. Earthing Universal mats-Computer Mouse pad 

  • Made with high quality materials. 
  • You can use computer healthily.
  • Provides safe Earthing.

Grounding Mat Earthing Mat Grounding Pad Universal Mats Therapy Pads | 9.5%...

09. Silver Fiber Grounding and Earthing Mat


  • Made with silver, cotton ,PU and Polyester.
  • Machine Washable
  • Premium Finished Handcrafted Product
  • 110 Day Risk-Free Trial.

 Best Grounding Mats Reviews

1. Grounded Beauty Large Sleep Mat

Grounded Beauty Large Sleep Mat - 54' x 72'

Our ancestors used to enjoy the benefits of the earth’s natural electrical energy because they would walk barefoot. This kept them grounded. But modern man’s penchant for wearing shoes has changed all that.

The best grounding mats brings grounding therapy within easy reach. It uses the moisture produced by the skin to conduct the earth’s energy into the body. This will improve sleep, reduce inflammation, increase energy, and reduce stress and tension, to mention but a few.


This product consists of a thin perforated leatherette that is 100 percent conductive. You can either sleep directly on it or place a sheet between you and the mat. Either way, the results remain the same.


The leatherette is responsible for conducting the earth’s energy into the sleeper’s body. You also get a grounding cord that connects the mat to the earth. The cord has an integrated 100k resistor that allows discharge to dissipate at a slower rate, preventing electrical surges that might harm the user.

The mat will benefit people of all ages. People of poor or average health are likely to feel a warm tingle. They will start sleeping deeper. This is on top of experiencing an improvement in their mood. Healthy people might not feel anything. But the mat can still help them maintain their health. You can definitely trust it to slow the effects of aging.

The product comes with straps that will secure it to the mattress.


1). Inbuilt 100k resister will protect against electrical charges.

2). Straps will secure mat to mattress

3). The mat still works even with a sheet placed over it.


1). Uncomfortable to sleep on without a sheet. You will stick to the rubbery surface.

2). No manual. Some customers were confused about the side to sleep on.

2. Neat Earthing Grounding Mat

Grounding Mat, Grounding Sleep Mat 54’’x 71’ Perforated Design 100%...

This mat will bring the benefits of grounding to your bedroom. It is quite easy to use. Place the mat on your bed and attach the cord to it. Plug the other end into an outlet and then lie on it.

In ideal conditions, it will return your body to its proper electrical state, alleviating pain, inflammation, stress, and tension in the process. It will also accelerate recovery. People who were already quite healthy will find that they sleep deeper and more restfully. Simply put, everyone can benefit from this product.


The product consists of a vegan-friendly carbon leatherette. It comes in 27 inches x 71 inches, 9.8 inches x 11.8 inches, and 54 inches x 71 inches. You can cover half a bed or the entire bed. Some people will appreciate its dark black design.

If it gets dirty, fight the urge to throw it in a washing machine. You will ruin it. To protect its highly conductive build, you need to wipe it with a damp cloth. You can use foamy water if it is really dirty. Be gentle.


You need to touch the mat with your bare skin to get the best results. If the experience is uncomfortable and you prefer to cover the mat with a sheet, use an item with 100 percent natural fibers. The fabric should be as thin as possible to promote conductivity.

Stick with cotton and bamboo. Linen and silk will also work. The mat comes with vent holes that make it breathable and more comfortable for people to sleep on without a sheet.

Elastic straps are provided to secure the mat to the mattress.  


1). Perforated design makes the mat breathable

2). Elastic straps will secure the mat to the mattress

3). Comes in multiple sizes


1). It isn’t as effective when paired with a sheet

2). Maintenance is somewhat complicated

3. Earth and Moon Universal Earthing Mat

EARTH AND MOON Grounding Mat - Large Universal Grounding Mats Plus...

Earthing will reduce inflammation and chronic pain. It will also improve sleep and increase energy, not to mention normalizing blood pressure and blood flow. If you spend too much time working in uncomfortable positions and the exertion is finally starting to take a toll on your body but you don’t have the time to ground yourself the natural way, this mat will change your life.

Whether you sit, stand, or lie on it, it will bring the benefits of earthing to your doorstep.


The mat is made from high-quality synthetic leather. The material is designed to last a long time. This is why the manufacturer has provided a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year free replacement warranty. They are quite confident in the capabilities of their products.


The product consists of a grounding mat with a surface that you must come in contact with to receive the earth’s electrical energy. You also get an earthing cable that snaps onto the mat and plugs into an outlet. The cable is responsible for connecting the mat and your body to the earth.

The mat is made from a soft conductive leather material that is easy to fold and store. The product’s durability also makes it easy to clean.


1). 30-day money-back guarantee.

2). 1-year free replacement warranty

3). Easy to wash

4). Conductive leather material is durable.


1). No instructions

4. The Original Universal Grounding Mat Kit

The Original Universal Grounding Mat Kit by Earthing to Improve Sleep,...

Everyone should spend at least 30 minutes walking barefoot outside. But most people cannot find the time to perform this simple activity. That is why this mat was invented. You can place it under your desk for your feet to step on. You can use it as a mouse pad. You can place it on your chair.

Basically, so long as your body is touching it, this mat will ground you, allowing you to experience the benefits of earthing, including reduced inflammation, alleviated stress, and fewer tension headaches. The mat can even improve circulation.


The mat has a conductive layer on top that is made from vinyl-free polyurethane resin infused with carbon pigment which is a flame retardant. The bottom layer is thermoplastic-elastomer closed-cell foam that is latex and PVC-free.

Simply put, the mat is non-toxic and eco-friendly. It doesn’t pose a threat of any kind to your health.


This product comes with a grounded mat, a cable, an adapter, and a tester. You also get books about earthing, not to mention The Earthing Movie. Use the tester to test the wall outlet, making sure that it is properly grounded. Connect the cable to the mat before inserting it into the outlet. Place your feet on the mat. This is all it takes to ground yourself.

You can take this kit with you wherever you go. This way, you can ensure that you are always earthed. It only weighs 2.5 pounds.


1). The kit is portable

2). The mat is non-toxic and flame retardant.

3). You get instructional and educational material on earthing.

5. LandKissing Grounding Mats kit

LandKissing Grounding Mats Kit (2sets) for Healthy Earth Energy with 2...

If you haven’t walked outside barefoot in a long time, you will love this mat. If you spend hours on end at your desk, you can position the mat on the floor below you so that your feet are always touching it.

This will allow the earth’s electrical energy to flow into your body, bringing about benefits such as alleviated stress, reduced inflammation, and accelerated healing.  At 1.8 pounds, the product is easy to use, carry, and store.


It is unclear as to what the mat is made of. Like most mats, this one has a smooth side and a rough side. You are supposed to sleep on the smooth side. Even though you don’t know the makeup of the mat, you can take comfort in the fact that it meets ASTM Standards for excellence in conductivity.


The product consists of a grounding mat (9.8 inches x 26.7 inches), a 16-foot grounding cable with an integrated 50k resistor that will protect you from electrical surges, and a pair of blue earthing bracelets with10 percent conductive silver fiber.

All these products work in tandem to transmit negative ions into your body. The ions work as antioxidants that banish harmful energy from your body. You will find that you are sleeping better and you have more energy.

If the mat and its components are not to your liking, the manufacturer has a 30-day money-back guarantee.


1). You get two portable blue earthing bracelets

2). You get a user’s guide that will educate you on the best way to use the mat

3). The mat can be used indoors and outdoors

4). There is a 30-day money-back guarantee


1). Very thin

6. Groundmate Multi-Purpose Grounding Mat

Groundmate Grounding Mat, Multi-Purpose Conductive Leather Mat with...

Groundmate grounding mat is multi-purpose. You can use this mat in home or office, on bed or on the floor. You only need to rest your hands or feet on the mat or use it during the sleeping. This grounding mat is fairly large (35.4 x 23.6 inch). It can be also used as a sleeping mat for pets. It comes with a 13 feet (4 m) grounding cord and is well packaged.


Groundmate grounding mat is made from high-quality, eco-friendly synthetic leather. Even though it isn’t real leather, it feels very Premium and very real like. This earthing mat is water resistant and very easy to clean.


The Company promises customers many science-backed healthbenefits such as lowered stress levels, reduced inflammation and chronic pain, improved sleep quality, lower blood pressure and the list goes on. Interesting fact is that same benefits can be felt by animals who live indoors and they seem to like it- As I put down a grounding mat andanimals go and relax on it.

The fact that it is compact and flexible means that you can take it with you wherever you go. You never have to miss out on grounding just because you are away from your home or office.


1). Easy to clean

2). High quality material (wrinkle resistant, anti bacterial)

3). Can be used for pets

4). Eco-friendly

5) Premium quality and good size for such a low price

7. Cova Earthing Grounding Mat

Grounding Mat,Foot pad/ Computer Mouse Mat,Reduce Pain, Reconnect to The...

This product is primarily a mouse pad and a footpad. You can either place your mouse on it or step on its surface. The product operates on the notion that people are always surrounded by electronic devices which generate EMF and radiation that can cause harm to the human body.

The only way to negate that radiation and EMF is to assault the body with negative ions from the earth. And this is where the mat comes into play, grounding you with a cable that transmits energy from the earth into your body.


The mat is made from a conductive PU material that is quite durable. It has a waterproof coating, so you don’t have to worry about fluids spilling all over it. The base is a strong rubber that will prevent the pad from sliding and moving as you use it.


The product is 39 inches x 11.7 inches and it comes in an alluring black color. The mat comes with a cable that you plug into the third hole of a three-hole outlet. This will transmit the earth’s energy to the mat. If you are traveling with the product, carry a power adapter.

When utilized appropriately, it will fill your body with the earth’s energy, improving your sleep and relieving muscle pain and headaches, to mention but a few. Cleaning the product is quite easy. You can use mild soap and water.

People are drawn to the product because it is so much cheaper than other grounding mats.


1). Easy to clean

2). The Rubber base will prevent sliding

3). The mat has a waterproof coating

8. WellSleep Earthing Universal Mat

Earth conncted Mat,Grounding Mat EMF Radiation Protection & Heat...

This mouse pad was designed to help people who spend most of their days sitting before a computer. The manufacturer believes that all human beings require the earth’s negative ions to live healthy lives. But people who are indoors all the time have no way of receiving this energy. Even worse, they are always exposed to dangerous radiation from the electronic devices in their vicinity.

This mouse pad tries to solve that problem by grounding customers as they use their computers, protecting them from radiation that causes aches, pains, inflammation and the like.


No one knows what the mouse pad is made of. And at this point, it doesn’t really matter. All you need to know is that it will protect you from EMF and static electricity, reducing soreness and inflammation in the process.

That being said, there are reasons to believe that the mat has some rubber and copper fiber.


Like most grounding products, this one includes a mat with a cable that connects to an outlet. If used properly, it should release static electricity in 0.1 seconds. At 5 ounces, you shouldn’t have any problem moving it from place to place.


1). Light

2). Easy to use

3). Keeps you grounded as you use your computer

9. Earthing Effect Universal Grounding Mat

Grounding Mat Earthing Mat Grounding Pad Universal Mats Therapy Pads | 9.5%...

This is the sort of earthing mat that most people will love. On the one hand, it does its work. It transmits the earth’s energy into the human body, combating ailments like inflammation and chronic headaches. On the other hand, this is a soft item, perfect for anyone who hates earthing mats that are too uncomfortable to sleep on.


The product is made from silver, cotton, PU, and Polyester, so it has a little bit of everything. The polyester is responsible for the soft texture of the mat, making it suitable for the bed.

But it is still strong enough to work in a variety of indoor and outdoor situations. If the product does not meet your expectations, you can always take advantage of the 110 Day Risk-Free Trial to return it without any hassle. You also get a lifetime warranty.


As was mentioned above, the polyester ensures that the mat is soft enough for you to sleep on. The manufacturer uses a signature silver fiber technology to ensure that the earth’s energy is flowing into the user’s body in optimal quantities. The product also boasts antibacterial properties. Look for the 16-foot cord that comes with the mat. It is supposed to plug into an outlet.

If the mat gets dirty, you can wash it in a machine.


1). Machine washable

2). Antibacterial

3). Lifetime warranty and 110 Day Risk-Free Trial

4). Soft

Best Grounding Mats-FAQs

1. Are Grounding Mats Effective?

There is no solid scientific evidence backing the efficacy of grounding. The research that has been done shows that the Earth’s negative potential can create a ‘stable internal bioelectrical environment for the normal functioning of all body systems’. But none of the experiments done have proven that grounding can specifically deliver the benefits that some companies promise.

That being said, some of the studies have shown that grounding can normalize cortisol release and improve sleep, not to mention decreasing blood viscosity. The number of people who have elicited positive results from grounding mats after suffering from incurable pains and aches for years has also increased. To get more benefits from ground, you can use grounding bed sheets on you bed during sleeping.

So there are good reasons to presume that grounding mats work.

2. What Are Earthing Mats? Do They Differ from Grounding Mats?

Earthing mats are, as the name suggests, mats. They connect the user to the earth using a cable that is plugged into an electrical outlet. They must touch your body to work.

Grounding mats are the same as earthing mats. It is a different word for the same thing.

3. Does Grounding Protect From EMF?

Opinions vary on this issue. Some people believe that grounding can protect you from the effects of EMF radiation that is generated by computers, phones, and other electronic devices. Others believe that the protection is minimal, only reducing the induced body voltage generated by exposure to ELF but not fully protecting you from EMF radiation.

4. Can Grounding Be Harmful?

If you have ungrounded electrical sources near you, grounding might lead to a dangerous electrical shock. So you should choose the place where you use your mat carefully.

5. Does Grounding Help Anxiety?

There are people who have used earthing to combat grounding. Some use mats. Others using natural earthing methods were they perform exercises like Yoga outdoors, allowing their bodies to stay in touch with the ground and its electrical energy.

6. Does Grounding Work With Socks?

Grounding can work with socks, especially if they are made from natural fibers. But your skin must direct touch the mat or the earth to get the best results. However, If you are searching for more options to get grounding benefits from your feet, you can use grounding shoes. the grounding shoes will keep you connected to the earth. Consequently, you can get all the benefits that you can from grounding.

7. Can You Ground Yourself on Concrete?

Because concrete is made of water, sand, stone, and cement, you can use it to ground yourself if there is no vapor or sealer and the home isn’t built on elevated ground. If the concrete is directly touching soil beneath, you can achieve decent results by walking on it barefoot.

8. How long should you Earth/Ground per Day?

10-20 minutes of grounding each day are sufficient.

9. How Do You Test a Ground?

If your earthing mat is seemingly not working, you can use an outlet checker to test your outlet to determine whether it has been grounded. Some houses built before the 1960s have outlets that are not earthed.

To determine whether or not your grounding system is working, connect the tester to a grounded wall outlet’s ground port before placing it directly on the earthing mat. A green light proves that everything is working as expected.

10. What Are The Types of Grounding?

There are three types of grounding, namely:

1). Chassis Grounding – A circuit is built inside a box and then grounded to erect a barrier between the user and the circuit.

2). Signal Grounding –This refers to the reference point from which a signal is measured when the voltage drops as a result of the current flowing within a circuit.

3). Earth Grounding –When a short circuit occurs, this becomes the return path for current.


Now that we have helped you identify the best grounding mats, there is no reason for you to not get one. They are not that hard to use. You just have to keep an eye out for the features.

Many of the items we listed above are highly convenient, not only lightweight and durable but easy to wash.

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