Top 8 Best Ikea Desks Reviews 2020

Whether you work from home or in an office, having a personalized workspace is essential to a comfortable workflow and enhanced productivity. Concerning the different professions and careers we lead, your kind of desk should match your duties and daily needs.

A brief focus to home offices, motivation is greatly attached to your surroundings. Your home can have distractions, but with the right equipment to offer the office environment, you are set to work much better. This stands true also for individuals in business offices; comfortable tools enhance work output. So regardless of which side you are on, it is important to note what you need to create a nice ambiance for work.

In picking out a desk, the range is infinite, but we have narrowed down the list comprising of modern designs with minimalist perspectives for aesthetically pleasing variants.

The major considerations in picking out a desk, start with your duties, are you always on your pc? Do you have a lot of paperwork and files involved? And do you have to refer to more than one pc when you work? Taking note of all this will mean deciding between shape, construction, and storage. Shapes include U-shaped, rectangle, corner, or standing desks designs; construction needs you to decide between steel, solid wood, or particleboard for body and legs; storage includes the number of drawers and their particular sizes.

As earlier said, we have narrowed our list and put together the Best Ikea Desk reviews of approved variety that are ideal for home office and business offices.

Ikea is known for its creations of functional and reliable home additions, and they sure have outshined themselves in providing you desks that you take pride in and can fit into a variety of spaces.

Top 8 best Ikea Desk reviews


IKEA MICKE Desk, White

The IKEA 802 MICKE DESK is our top recommendation for a simple multi usable desk. It is the most flexible desk by IKEA in this category thanks to its small size and ability to be placed anywhere in your room. Let’s see its construction.

It comes with enough room to place a laptop and one more device like a desktop printer. It also has a grommet hole for easy cable management between your devices and the power source. The desktop measure 41 3/8” long by 19 5/8” width and is 29 ½” deep.

The IKEA MICKE is not a heavy duty desk but quite functional with enough storage area, including two drawers beneath the desktop and a cabinet. It also offers enough legroom for all individuals, so you only need to adjust your chair’s height and sit comfortably.

It comes as a white wooden desk and stands firmly on the ground, meaning it is usable for normal office with employees and also ideal as a home office. You need not secure it on a wall unless it has an add-on unit.

For a functional unit, the IKEA 802 will comfortably handle all your work and will serve you longer than expected. Clean it using a damp cloth with a mild cleaner and keep it new every day.

IKEA 802 MICKE highlights

  • It is flexible can be placed anywhere in the room.
  • Features enough room for placing devices and with a grommet to manage the cable.
  • Offer two drawers and a cabinet for storage.
  • Has enough legroom for comfortable sitting.

2. Ikea Malm home office Desk

Ikea Malm Home Office Desk, black-brown With Floor protectors (Black Brown)

If you are looking for a home office desk that will offer you that professional look and functional at the same time, IKEA Malm is your best choice.

It features a black-brown color that blends in well with home décor while offering the professional feel that will encourage productivity all through the work hours. The desk is tough and sturdy and measures 55 1/8” width by 25 5/8” depth and height 28 ¾” offering you a wide desktop surface for all your work and devices.

Unlike many desks, IKEA Malm offers you a collection point for your cables and extension cord on a shelf under the tabletop, keeping them hidden but close at hand. You also get to have a small drawer and a medium sized cabinet for your storage needs.

The leg area is not to mention as it wide to allow stretching, and you move your seat, comfortable in / out or around it. The floor protectors keep your floors from crutches while protecting the desk itself, keeping it intact for longer service delivery.

IKEA made this black-brown desk compatible as it nicely combines with other furniture on the Malm series, and they blend inharmoniously. 

IKEA Malm home office desk Highlights

  • Features nice black- brown decor blending colors.
  • Offers enough desktop surface, storage, and leg area.
  • Has Floors protectors to keep it from crutching the floors .

3. IKEA Linnmon drawing table

Ikea Linnmon White Desk Table 59x30' with 2 Beech Wood Brown Trestle Shelf...

The IKEA Linnmon white drawing table is one of the best home office desks for artists and artisans.Ikea drawing table is designed and engineered to suit work involving arts and drawing to help you get that drawing done right at your home.

A white background is always ideal for drawings and creations; this plain area enhances focus and improves productivity for the artist.  So the white tabletop with large surface area cuts it! You get room to place all your work tools and additional space on the trestle shelf legs of the desk. The top’s cardboard is strong; hence, durable, one can lean slightly on it without damage, and the surface is cleanable.

The beech brown legs allow for height and angle are adjustments up and down, back to front to suit your work need reducing any strains on reaching certain sections. The adjustable feature allows the desk to convert from a normal table to a standing desk in that you can work with it both ways.

We are fans of IKEA as they always produce though out structures that ease our living. The IKEA Linnmon drawing table sure is.

IKEA Linnmon drawing table highlight

  • Features adjustable heights; moves high and low, front and back.
  • Has a clear white top suitable for drawings.
  • Can convert from a normal table to a standing table.

4. IKEA Linnmon Multipurpose table

Ikea Linnmon Desk with Adils Legs Multi Purpose Table, Black-brown

The IKEA Linnmon Multipurpose table is exactly that. It is your go-to potion if you need a table to use as your home office desk, use as a normal table or convert it to a standing shelf for holding your stuff. The design allows you to use; however, you want with an assurance it will handle its duties seamlessly.

While it doesn’t offer much excitement in that it doesn’t have drawers, adjustment capability, and all, this table works. It is made from engineered wood comprising of only five pieces, including four legs and one top.

It features a black-brown color from the tabletop to the legs, the multipurpose table has a slim but strong top with stable, sturdy adils legs. Adils legs are known for their slim design yet very strong and firm holding on the ground.

The large desktop area measuring 59” by 30” provides space for placing all your work, tools, and items, and you can have all the leg area you need since there’s no cabinets or drawers. Due to its height, you will be required to get a matching or adjustable seat to work on it efficiently. 

Ikea Linnmon multipurpose table highlight

  • Features a large working surface.
  • Has strong and stable adils legs.
  • Designed for multipurpose use.

5. IKEA Linnmon Computer table​​​​​

Ikea LINNMON Computer Table with Drawers, White 47 1/4x23 5/8', , 47 Inch,

For all work from home computer users and nerds who need a space to get you to focus better while you work, the Ikea Linnmon computer table is here for you. The desk is designed to offer you that office environment that will help you in pushing that productivity during the late nights and even the weekends. It gets your head in the right space. You get to focus better in a comfortable space.

Like all Ikea products, the computer table is built for a specific audience providing the utmost functionality and reliability to the user. The five drawers of the desk have the upper two being slightly smaller than the lower three located on the right side, offer more than adequate storage areas to keep your notebooks and other tools. The drawers also don’t pull too far as they have a stop distance; this prevents it from falling out while placing or collecting an item while the 47” top surface fits all laptop sizes leaving extra space.

The two legs available with the desk are adjustable to allow you to level the table on uneven floors. It is shipped with already predrilled leg holes to make the assembly process smooth. With a finished back, you can place it anywhere in the room without the need for a secure wall.

 Ikea Linnmon Computer table highlights

  • Offers an office environment to boost productivity.
  • Features five drawers for storage.
  • Comes with adjustable legs for leveling uneven floors.

6. Ikea Micke 902 desk white

IKEA desk, White/

If you are in the market for a clean, simple, and seamless desk that fits in and not look bulky in your living space, check out the Ikea Micke 902 desk white.  We picked this desk to join this list of best Ikea reviews because of its modern, sleek and well-made structure. The desk comes in plain bright white, no combinations and we love its simplicity and functionality. This is an ideal desk for a freelancer or writer who has minimal need for drawers while needing cable management options, a larger working area, and enough legroom.

It features a long tabletop able to accommodate two individuals. The grommets on each end facilitate cable management keeping them out of view yet close to hand. It has a finished back allowing placement anywhere you desire, and you can mount the legs on either side-left or right as per your preference. The drawers stop to a certain distance keeping you and your item safe.

Micke 902 is a reliable, sturdy, and durable desk for all your work.

Ikea Micke 902 desk highlights

  • Provides large workspace to accommodate two.
  • Cable management is well taken care of with the two grommets on each end.
  • Very modern, clean and sleek.

7. IKEA New Computer Table

IKEA New Computer Desk Table Multi-use (Silver Legs)

The Ikea new computer table is your definite desk on a budget option. This desk is a traditional-style table designed to blend into your home décor while offering you an office-like environment when you work. The style is simple with minimal destruction, so you may scale up your productivity.

Featuring a 39 3/8” by 23 5/8” medium sized top that offers enough working area and an open under thatgive your legs enough space to stretch, you are set for maximum output. With a variety of colorsof different combinations of leg and desk stain choices, our best option is the white and silver legs combination, but all other options are equally elegant. The feet can adjust to enable leveling uneven ground for a firm, stable stand.

The item ships with predrilled holes on the legs for fast and easy assembly, and it also comes with screws for attaching the legs to the table. It is an easy maintenance desk as you clean with a damp cloth and wipes dry with a clean cloth for durability longer service delivery.

Ikea new computer table highlights

  • Sturdy and stable with adjustable legs.
  • Has enough working area.
  • It is easy maintenance, cleans, and dry’s fast.

8. IKEA Table drawers

IKEA Table with 10 Drawers, White 122020.11820.3834

If your works involve lots of paperwork and files that always need secure storing then the Ikea Table drawers desk is your best option. This desk will offer you storage more than you may need and ensures your tolls and files and kept safe and secure.

The ten available drawers allow you to store as much as you need without interfering with your work area or comfort. The drawers are placed on five on each side forming the legs of the desk but leave a large central space for your legs while you sit. Within the central area is an additional adjustable leg that enhances stability for the desk.

Available in white, the top surface is large, and the wood material construction is easy to clean.

This desk is ideal for individuals running a large business from home or the office where paperwork is always a must-have sometimes. Not to encourage you to keep all those unnecessary papers, books, files and tools but if you need to, get yourself Ikea table drawers affordably.

Ikea table drawers highlights

  • Large storage areas – 10 drawer.
  • Very stable to work on.
  • Sturdy and durable.


The need for enhanced productivity will always be on demand, hence better tools and equipment to ensure we can achieve our goals seamlessly. Manufactures like Ikea are doing a great job in the creations of functional office and home additions, but we are yet to see what the future holds. That said, pick out a desk from our list to suit your duties and scale up your results.

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