Top 7 Best Mink Blankets Reviews 2020

With a bulk of mink blankets available in the market from manufacturers competing to outshine themselves, it only gets more confusing for a consumer to decide on the best products.

Mink blanket is known for its soft touch and warmth. It is crafted from polyester and is like a second cousin to the traditional wool and cotton blankets. Mink blankets are mainly used as cuddling blankets or for the bedroom during the cold nights or all year round, as one prefers. Most mink blankets feature floral and animal patterns, with some being single or double-ply. The double-ply blanket has unique patterns on both sides of the blanket while single, only on one side.

Mink blankets originally originated from Korea, designed to offer comfort and warmth. To date, the Korean version stands are the highest quality. They may vary in size and weight but are similar regardless of the manufacturer. The greatest challenge comes in authenticity and quality.

Appearance could be the same, but the quality differs. Best quality mink mattress features include non-fading, non –pilling, shrink resistant, and they should provide the user with luxurious comfort and keep them warm too without weighing them down nor increasing pressure. They act as an additional decor to your bedroom or living spaces.

 Since there is an influx, we have narrowed down the list for you with considerations of customer satisfaction, quality, and budget. Below are the best mink blankets reviews carefully selected list with prime products that not only promise but deliver as promised. Read on and make an informed decision in your selection.





Vivalon Solid Color Ultra Silky Soft Heavy Duty Quality Korean Mink...

01. Vivalon Ultra Silky Soft  Korean Mink Reversible Blanket 

  • 100% Ultra Fine Polyester fabric
  • Reinforced Trim Stitching.
  • Durable.
  • Available in King and Queen Size.

JML Fleece Blanket, Plush Blanket King Size 85' x 93', 10 Pounds Heavy...

02. JML Fleece Korean Style Mink Blanket

  • Silky Soft and Warm.
  • 100% High Premium Microfiber Polyester fabric.
  • Durable and Breathable
  • King size blanket.
  • 2 Ply Raschel Bed Blanket.

Chezmoi Collection Heavy Thick One Ply Korean Style Faux Mink Blanket...

03. Chezmoi Collection Korean Style Faux Mink Blanket

  • made of 100-percent acrylic.
  • One Ply heavy thick blanket.
  • Available in King and Queen Size.

Lavish Home 66-B2441 Rose Heavy Thick Plush Mink Blanket-8 Pound

04. Lavish Home Plush Mink Blanket

  • 100% polyester.
  • self hemmed edge.
  • 74 inches x 91 inches heavy thick blanket.

JYK Heavy Korean Faux Mink Fleece Blanket, 5 LB - 2 Ply Reversible 520GSM...

05. JYK Heavy Korean Mink Fleece Blanket.

  • made of high grade polyester.
  • 2 Ply Reversible blanket.
  • well stitched edges.
  • Available in King and Queen Size.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.

Archangel Ultra Silky Soft Heavy Duty Quality Korean Mink Reversible Cloud...

06. Archangel Ultra Silky Soft Korean Mink Blanket.


  • 100% Ultra Fine Polyester Fabric
  • Reversible printed blanket.
  •  soft and cozy
  • 83"x94" blanket. 

Solaron King Solid Navy Korean Mink Blanket - Navy

07. Solaron Solid Navy Korean Mink Blanket

  • Ultra Soft blanket. 
  • Thick and durable.
  • Size: King and Queen.

Top 7 Best Mink Blankets Reviews

1. Vivalon Korean Reversible Mink Blanket

Vivalon Solid Color Ultra Silky Soft Heavy Duty Quality Korean Mink...

Vivalon is renowned for its high-quality blankets that offer incredible softness and warmth incomparable to other brands. Vivalon is typically the ‘mother of Korean style Mink blanket’- the original, the reason why we made it our top recommendation for mink blankets. This blanket is sure to offer you unmatched comfort and service delivery.

Vivalon blanket is made from 100 per cent high-grade polyester material giving it a silky and soft texture for enhanced comfort. For the high-density blanket, polyester undergoes compression to maintain its thickness and ability to hold on to heat giving you a warm yet comfortable feel. All its edges feature reinforced trimming stitching that enhances its durability and quality. 

The blanket is a perfect gift to loved ones and ideal during the winter season due to its warmth. Available in a variety of chic, trendy colors including navy, hunter green, burgundy, purple, beige, dark grey, chocolate brown, and black, you only have to decide. The blanket is designed to last a decade, and it is also machine washable.

Keep yourself warm during the winter with the heavy-duty Vivalon original king and Queen size mink blanket.

Besides, the blanket is easy to maintain as it is machine washable cold and is tumbled dry using low heat. Its high density comes from its polyester material made with a premium compress structure, designed to give extra warmth and comfort. The blanket item weight is  around 9 pounds while its shipping weight is around 10.15 pounds.

Vivalon Korean Mink Blanket Highlights

  • The blanket comes in different colors and designs.
  • Ideal during the winter season due to its warmth and luxury.
  • Features reinforced trim stitching for durability and quality.
  • Easily washable cold and tumbled dry on low heat.
  • Made of high quality 100% ultra-fine polyester material.
  • Features premium compressed file structure for extra warmth.

2. JML Heavy Soft Raschel Blanket

JML Fleece Blanket, Plush Blanket King Size 85' x 93', 10 Pounds Heavy...

Next up on our list of favorite best mink blankets is the JML Fleece Blanket. This mink blanket is made with you in mind is a prime quality product that will offer you comfort. Let’s look at its construction.

The JML fleece blanket construction features Korean style mink blanket, which is the epitome of quality mink blankets. Having being made from premium microfiber polyester, the blanket has a fine texture, and the final product is a soft, flowered, and comfy blanket that you can use all year round. Polyester not only makes the blanket soft but is also fade-free and lint-free to ensure you are safe from any allergens.

The blanket has a 2-ply design that increases air circulation to protect your skin from dryness and preserves heat to keep your body warm. Though the JML heavy soft raschel mink blanket is thick, its 2-ply design makes it comfortable and breathable.

The soft crystal velvet over the top layer of the blanket offers a smooth yet fuzzy texture comfortable to the body and holds and preserves heat keeping you warm as you sleep. The material is breathable creating a balanced heat controlled environment so you may sleep sound.

Having applied the raschel technique in its construction, you are guaranteed durability and longer service since the blanket does not shed, no pilling, no smell, and is wrinkle resistant.

JML fleece blanket can be also be used as a cozy soft blanket for chilling while watching TV or snuggle on the sofa.

JML has ensured the blanked is easy to maintain the product as it is machine washable.

JML heavy soft raschel blanket measures 85 inches by 93 inches and can comfortably cover queen-sized beds. The blanket weighs 10 pounds while its shipping weight is 10.6 pounds.

JML Raschel Blanket Highlights

  • Features high-grade microfiber polyester for fine texture and soft feel.
  • The blanket is made of crystal velvet fabric for comfort and warmth.
  • Its 2-ply design makes the blanket breathable and durable.
  • Adopts raschel technique in construction, keeping it shed free, wrinkle-resistant and does not pile.
  • Easily washable cold using a gentle cycle and tumbled dry on low heat.

3. Chezmoi Collection Korean Style Mink Blanket

Chezmoi Collection Heavy Thick One Ply Korean Style Faux Mink Blanket...

We added the Chezmoi queen size faux mink blanket to our list thanks to its look that resemble animal fur and warmth. For its size and budget, the blanket is a pure luxurious item that offers comfort, whether cozying on the sofa or lounge or for good night sleep.

Made from pure acrylic, giving it an animal fur appearance and feel, Chezmoi queen size is indulgent as it is beautiful. The trim is well stitched to last longer, no piling after washing, nor fading.

For proper cleaning to avoid distorting the fabric, tumble dry it if using a drier. Though slightly heavier than most mink blankets, the soft velvet is comfortable to your skin, warm and breathable. Both normal and warm-bodied can use the Chezmoi queen size and enjoy a nice balanced heat supply for sound night sleep.

Best said the faux mink blanket is an awesome and high-quality blanket that can accommodate four and a worthy investment.

The Chezmoi Collection mink blanket measures 90 inches by 92 inches and 105 inches by 92 inches making it an ideal blanket for queen-sized beds and king size beds respectively. The blanket comes in 9 distinct colours with different designs to choose from, which adds onto its indulgence and beauty.

Its multi-functional feature makes it ideal for use in a lounge, sofa, or bed as well as an elegant holiday gift to loved ones. 

Chezmoi collections always go beyond the normal market product to offer you higher quality, durable and functional products and we love that.

Chezmoi Collection Mink Blanket Highlights

  • The blanket’s one-ply design increases its density enabling it to give a warm, luxurious, and soft feel.
  • The blanket has the looks of real animal fur.
  • made of high quality polyester with a smooth feel and fine texture.
  • Its 100% acrylic material adds onto its warmth, luxury, and softness.
  • Chezmoi Collection mink blanket is multi-functional.
  • Large enough to accommodate four persons.

4. Lavish Home Heavy Thick Mink Blanket

Lavish Home 66-B2441 Rose Heavy Thick Plush Mink Blanket-8 Pound

 If you are in the market looking for a blanket that is luxurious and offers uniqueness in your bedroom, then the Lavish home Rose is your best option.

Lavish home heavy thick mink blanket, just like its name suggests, is designed for warmth and comfort. This blanket is a heavy and large piece with a rose pattern for the upper cover that will keep you warm on those chilly nights.

The lavish home heavy thick mint blanket measures 74 inches by 91 inches (comes in a king size full) making it ideal for twin, full, as well as queen-sized beds.

It is made from 100 percent polyester that makes it soft, warmer, and durable. It is constructed by weaving the material with the edges being hemmed. Both these techniques ensure the blanked does not pile and is resistant to wrinkles after washing.

The lavish home heavy thick mink blanket is easily washable cold on gentle cycle and can be tumbled under low heat. 

Weighing about 7.5 pounds, the lavish Home Rose plush blanket is a heavy-duty piece best used during the winter season. The soft silky texture will cuddle you in and send you to slumber in minutes, keeping you warm and cozy.

We love Lavish Homes for its quality products at budget-conscious prices.

Lavish Home Heavy Thick Mink Blanket Highlights

  • The luxurious heavyweight mink blanket is ideal for relaxing or sleeping on the couch or bed, during chilly weather.
  • The blanket features a floral design adding to its aesthetic value.
  • Its 100% high-grade premium polyester adds onto to its quality and durability.
  • its self-hemmed edge adds onto its durability and functionality.
  • The blanket generously fits on full, queen-sized, and twin beds.
  • Easily washable cold on gentle cycle and tumbled dry on low heat.
  • This blanket gives you smooth and cosy feel.

5. JYK Heavy Korean Fleece Blanket

JYK Heavy Korean Faux Mink Fleece Blanket, 5 LB - 2 Ply Reversible 520GSM...

It just doesn’t get better than the JYK heavy Korean mink fleece blanket. It offers you the best of both worlds- elegance and luxury with an embossed animal and flower pattern for the ultimate warmth experience.

The JYK heavy Korean Fleece Blanket is made of 520 Grams per Square Meter (GSM) high quality silky soft polyester microfiber for warmth and cosiness.

Its thick density makes it an excellent heat holder blanket, giving it an excellent breath performance. The blanket is ideal for use during winter and autumn due to its high density and 2-ply design.

This blanket is made of super-soft, high density and sturdy fiber which is shrink and fade resistant for durability.

The JYK heavy Korean Fleece blanket comes in different and distinct floral and animal designs adding onto its aesthetic value. Its edges are excellently stitched and the blanket is free from vinyl or formaldehyde giving a fresh and natural feel to your family.

The material of this blanket is shrink resistance, but you must avoid direct heat. You can’t iron nor bleach the blanket. It is machine wash friendly but on cold water.

This blanket measures 77 inches by 87 inches and Its shipping weight is 5.71 pounds.

Moreover, Korean fleece is a worthy investment as you are assured of warmth and longer service delivery. JYK also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on the blanket in case you are not pleased or isn’t what you expected with no questions asked.

JYK Fleece Blanket Highlights

  • Features 2-ply design and thick density for warmth.
  • The blanket is made of high-quality polyester microfiber material for durability and luxury.
  • Heavy for an ultimate warm experience.
  • JYK Heavy Korean Fleece Blanket comes in different floral and animal designs.
  • Easily washable cold under gentle cycle and tumbled dry on low heat.

6. Crover Archangel Reversible Blanket

Archangel Ultra Silky Soft Heavy Duty Quality Korean Mink Reversible Cloud...

If you haven’t tried the Crover Archangel Korean mink blankets, you are missing out. Crover Archangel Reversible Blanket is made of ultra-silky and soft high-quality polyester material, to give a cosy, warm, and soft feel.

This blanket is among the best products in this category that will give you the utmost experience of Korean mink; that is luxury, conform, and elegance served in one.

The clover mink blanket is a reversible printed cloud blanked made from polyester served as a queen size in a solid cocoa brown. The luxurious mink is made to ensure to keep you warm for a night of good sleep.

Polyester is a heat absorber that holds and distributes heat evenly around the blanket for a balanced and well-regulated temperature so you don’t feel too warm. It blocks out cold, making it a perfect blanket for winter but can be used at any time of the year. All ends have a reinforced trim stitching that keeps the contents intact and enhances the blanket’s durability.

The blanket measures 83 inches by 94 inches thus covering generously queen-sized beds. Its high density makes it an ideal addition during winter or autumn when you desperately need adequate warmth and luxury.

The crover archangel reversible blanket comes in different colors and designs to choose from, which makes it an ideal gift to loved ones. Its reinforced trim stitching goes a long way in improving its quality and durability.

The blanket is multi-functional, easily washable cold, can be tumbled dry under low heat and its shipping weight is 7.02 pounds.

Crover Archangel Blanket Highlights

  • The blanket is made of high quality ultra-silk and soft polyester for warmth and luxury feel.
  • The Archangel Blanket can be a perfect blanket to cover queen-sized beds.
  • Regulates temperatures and is breathable.
  • It is ultra-soft and Luxurious.
  • Features a reinforced trim stitching for quality and durability.
  • It is machine washable and tumbled dry under low temperatures.

7. Solaron King Solid Korean Blanket

Solaron King Solid Navy Korean Mink Blanket - Navy

Every mink blanket from Solaron is made of the highest grade material, crafted carefully, and are always high-quality products. The Solaron king Korean mink blanket is nothing short of Solaron’s best quality.

The mink blanket is a thick plush blanket with an ultra-soft texture used as an extra-luxurious throw on your couch or a nice comfy blanket. Made from pure acrylic, the Korean mink blanket is designed to serve you for longer.

The processing ensured the blanket is an anti-pill to maintain its construction after washing; it is hypoallergenic hence can be used by asthma patients and keep the rest of the family safe, and it is warm and cozy. The hems are embroidery-stitched to keep the edges intact and neat, and the acrylic is shrink resistant.

It comes available in both king and queen sizes large enough to accommodate more than two persons. The king-sized solaron blanket measures 86 inches by 94 inches, while the queen-sized blanket measures 78 inches by 94 inches.

This blanket comes in distinct colors, available in bold full color –navy, thus giving you the chance to choose the one you need.

The solaron blanket is easily washable cold and tumbled dry under low temperatures, making it easy to maintain.

You can never go wrong with Solaron products, try the Korean Navy mink blanket, and experience luxury and comfort.

Solaron Korean Blanket Highlights

  • The blanket features ultra-soft polyester material to give a cosy and comfortable feel.
  • The high density that the blanket features gives a warm and comfortable feel that you need during the winter season.
  • Solaron blanket comes in different sizes and colors to choose from.
  • It is easily washable and tumbles dry at low temperatures.
  • Ideal during winter and autumn due to its warmth.
  • It is a heavy duty piece.
  • Luxurious and high quality and multi-functional.

Best Mink Blankets FAQs

1. Origin of Mink Blanket

The faux mink blanket craze was started by both China and Korea, after which other manufacturers from different countries started manufacturing the blankets. But, 90% of the faux mink blankets in the market today still come from the two countries.

1. Where and When Vivalon Mink Blanket Originated?

Vivalon is a 100% premium grade polyester mink blanket that originated from Korea in 1983. The silky ultra-soft blanket has incredible softness crafted to keep you warm and comfortable. 

The vivalon Korean reversible mink blanket is made of 100% ultra-fine polyester to give a soft feel. The blanket measures 87 inches by 94 inches and is therefore large enough to cover king-sized beds. This underlines 10 years lifespan that the blanket enjoys.

3. Are faux mink blankets made of the real mink fur?

Unknown to many, faux mink blankets are not made of the real mink fur. Instead, they are made of 85% acrylic, responsible for their softness, and 15% polyester, that prevent them from wrinkling.

4. How to choose a Mink Blanket?

Picking the best faux mink blanket can be a long and tedious process that incorporates choosing one that best suits your preferences, requirements, and budget. These blankets come in different colors, designs, themes, and sizes which makes the process even harder. The good thing with them is that they give a rich sophisticated look and feel, and are amazingly dense and warm.

In this review, we have eased the process of picking the right faux mink blanket for you, using data from independent reviewers, consumer reviews, and research. 

Well, we can only watch this space for higher better and more affordable quality mink blanket. Korean mink being the highest quality standard, manufacturers are to continue with the advancements while the consumers are spoilt for choice.

So don’t suffer through the cold season, the mink blanket will keep all that cold away to give a nice warm sleep.

4. Where we can use Mink Blanket?

The luxurious heavyweight mink blanket is ideal for relaxing or sleeping on the couch or bed, during chilly weather. The blanket comes with a beautiful rich in color floral design to add to its aesthetic feel and value.

5. Is 2-ply design is better than one ply design?

 2 ply reversible design, you can lay it on either side to suit your bedroom decor. 2 ply is a classic design that enhances the bedroom decor. It is crafted from a high-grade polyester material giving it a silky soft touch that agrees with your skin allowing you to experience luxury and elegance.

6. What is the common material of mink blanket?

Most of the mink blanket is made of ultra-soft premium, thick, and plush polyester material to give a cosy and soft feel.


The different mink blankets brands available in the market today, manufacture blankets that differ in quality. Unfortunately, pictures and words can never reveal whether a mink blanket is of high quality or not.

 The seven best mint blankets outlined above are incredibly soft, rich in distinct colors and designs, and offer comfort, luxury, and warmth.

When all is said and done, the idealness of the faux mink blanket you pick depends on your tastes and preferences.

The mink blankets outlined above are the best performing blankets according to research, independent, and customer reviews. Thus, irrespective of the mink blanket you will pick among the seven, you are assured of luxury, comfort, and warmth.

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