Best Pillow For Combination Sleepers

11 Best Pillow For Combination Sleepers in 2021 – An Essential Guide to Buy the Perfect Pillow

The world is transforming at a drastic rate. With technology booming through all domains and sectors of human existence, there is no limit to the possibilities that human civilization can achieve in the current century. Artificial intelligence has gone through the roof and will emerge as the next big thing in the global future. However, humans have still not found a replacement for good old napping.

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Yes, sleeping has topped the favorite pastime list of millions all over the world. Sick and tired of your boss at work? Going through a bad break-up? Happily, married? A bookworm? A student? Whomever you are and whatever situation you are going through, the sleep fairies have never closed their gates upon you. Restful sleep is craved by all for the healing effects it has on the mind and body.

Sleeping is also the easiest task in the world that involves the loveliest things to be done like making the bed comfortable, arranging the pillows, lying down and that is all you have to do. Sleep will come like the winter sets in, silently and peacefully. However, something does not seem right. You need to reconsider your choice of pillows.

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A pillow can be a game-changer depending on the type of sleeper you are. This means that there are several types of sleepers like back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and combination sleepers. There is a range of pillows specifically designed for each sleeping type. Buyers can refer to the DreamyBlue Premium pillow  for sleeping.

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If you are a combination sleeper, then there are a few considerations to make based on your sleeping position. This means that choosing the best pillow for combination sleepers can be a hectic task as buyers tend to incline for all the wrong features while on the quest for the perfect pillow search.

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Chiropractors believe that whatever might be the material or design of the sleeping pillow, the buyers must ensure that the head, neck, and spine are aligned so that one does not end up with a stiff or sprained muscle. It is of utmost importance that the right pillow is selected for better posture and rest. A Coop Home Goods product is popular in the market and a Coop Home Goods - Adjustable Pillow  can be a perfect example.

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Combination sleepers are the persons who do not take sides. This does not mean that they are neutral. In a more literal sense, combination sleepers keep on changing their postures throughout the night. Such sleepers might slightly feel isolated and find it difficult to find the perfect fit for the sleep position.

However, you need not worry anymore as the sleep Gods have shown mercy upon you by fetching you this buying guide. This article aims to list down all the relevant information compiled lucidly so that the buyer can arrive at the best pillows for combination sleepers. Go through all the pointers carefully and you will be bestowed with uninterrupted, quality sleep.

11 Best Pillows for Combination Sleepers – Everything You Need to Know

Once you go through the confounding world of pillows, you might be perplexed by the choice. There are numerous pillows available in the market pledging to provide you with the best sleep in the world. Moreover, there are a few other crucial considerations like the fill of the pillow, the maintenance, and its recommended fit with the corresponding sleeping position.

However, before going through all the above-mentioned considerations, the buyer must have enough clarity on the type of pillow that he or she requires. This can be found out by analyzing certain standing conditions or situations like whether he or she is allergic? what kind of a sleeper is he? A hot sleeper or a cold one? Getting the answers to these questions will let you get clarity while finding the right pillow.

How to buy the best pillow for combination sleepers?

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The buyers can arrive at the best pillow for combination sleepers by answering a few crucial questions, which will help them to identify their needs in a better way. This means that answering these essential questions will help the buyer to filter out some unnecessary options and refine his search for the best pillow. The Snuggle-Pedic Memory Foam pillow  can be a perfect example of the product.

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Sleeping Positions

What kind of sleeper are you? Do you tend to sleep on your back and stomach? Or, are you a side sleeper? Or do you keep on changing your sleeping position throughout the night? Whatever sleeping position you might take resort to, the best sleeping pillow will support your head and neck and prevent it from misalignment.

Pillow For Combination Sleepers

A back sleeper might need a flatter pillow than a side sleeper. Moreover, a stomach sleeper will need a thinner pillow so that the neck is not positioned at an angle with the spine, which can lead to serious sprains. On the other hand, a combination sleeper should go for a pillow with a firmness that best aligns with the position in which the user falls asleep. The buyers can refer to the Bedgear Align Performance pillow  as one of the best pillows for combination sleepers.

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Type of Mattress

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This is also an important consideration as the type of mattress will help decide the fill and width of the pillow. This means that if you have a soft mattress that lets you sink in then a thinner pillow is required as the gap between the head and the neck is minimum.

In the case of a mattress that is firm, a fuller pillow that is fluffy would best suit the purpose as the gap between the head and the neck is more than the former situation. Therefore, the type of mattress will also help you decide the pillow you need.

Prone to Allergy

Numerous users are allergic to different pillow fillings. For instance, the user might be allergic to two of the most popular fillings like latex pillow or buckwheat hulls. Pillows, which are made up of synthetic materials like polyester fiber might catch dust and dirt. The down and other feather fillings are cleaned according to set standards so that they are free of bird allergens.

The buyer should be mindful of the fact that the pillow material or filling has been claimed to be hypoallergenic in the product description. However, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America claims that there are no set standards for claiming a pillow to be hypoallergenic. It is best to use a pillow for a night trial to examine its suitability.

Hot Sleepers?

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Do you tend to sleep hot? This means that some sleepers tend to get sweaty while sleeping. These users should get a pillow that does not capture heat and is made up of breathable material. It has been found out that the shredded memory foam or polyester remains cooler in comparison to a solid memory foam filling. Buyers can refer to the Codi Stay Cool Pillow  to understand more about the product.

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Moreover, buyers should be aware of the fact that there is still no genuine technology invented for a cooling pillow. This means that there might be a few options that compel you to consider a pillow with a cooling gel and might claim to keep you cool throughout the night. However, the buyer must understand that these gel-infused pillows trap heat and moisture.

What are the different pillow fillings?

After you have answered all these questions successfully, now let us delve into the different filling materials that the pillows for combination sleepers are available in. There is a range of fillings that the combination sleepers can choose from. However, it is recommended to understand the benefits provided by each type of material that a pillow is made up of and then select the most suitable fit. The different types of pillow fillings that are available in the market can be listed down as follows.

Polyester Fiber

This is the most commonly found material in the market. It is also one of the cheapest options that the buyer can avail of. A polyester fiber pillow has a filling that resembles cotton. However, when tested, the material loses its shape more quickly than any other fill and might need replacement faster.

Memory Foam Pillows

A memory foam pillow is one of the most popular versions of foam pillow available in the market. Some mattresses are made up of similar materials like a memory foam pillow, known as polyurethane. There are different types of memory foam pillows available like a shredded memory foam pillow, solid memory foam pillow, or an infused memory foam pillow.

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The best memory foam pillow, as the name suggests, has contouring features as the material tends to respond to the weight and body heat of the user and takes the shape according to support the head and neck of the user. A shredded foam pillow is best for neck pain and other pressure points of the body. Moreover, memory foam pillows are also good for improving body posture. This Memory Foam Pillow  seems like a perfect example of the product.

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However, memory foam is not as breathable as down. They tend to retain the body heat and might result in the user feeling slightly hot at the head. Although the big memory foam pillow brands have tried their best to mitigate this issue by making room for ventilation inside the pillow, it can still lead to the discomfort of the user.

Latex Pillows

Latex pillows are another popular option for combination sleepers. Latex as a material can be organic which is derived from tree sap and synthetic latex. Shredded latex pillows are more popular than their other counterparts. Both organic and synthetic latex foam is more springy than memory foam and does not lose its shape too often. This means that latex foam returns to its original shape faster after being compressed and they are also dust mite resistant.


Down is another well-known material in the bedding industry. Down is extracted from the underbelly region of goose or duck and is famous for being lightweight and temperature regulation properties. The best down pillow is made up of down, feathers, and other kinds of fill.

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When going for a down pillow, the buyer must be aware of the fill power of the down. Fill power refers to the space taken up by one ounce of down. The greater the fill power of a pillow more will be its ability to remain in shape for a longer period. Moreover, pillows with a higher thread count should be preferred. The Puredown Goose Down Pillow  seems like a perfect example of the product.

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Sometimes the manufacturers increase the feather content in the filling to make it firm. However, this might increase the chances of feathers poking from the fabric. Some users also might be allergic to animal feathers or down that have not been properly cleaned.

Buyers should go for hypoallergenic down, which contains syriaca that enhances the anti-allergic properties of the cushion. A down pillow might be slightly expensive but the life expectancy of the product compensated for the price.

Alternative Pillows

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Combo sleepers who are looking for a cheaper option but with almost similar down fabric properties might go for alternative pillows. An alternative pillow is made up of alternative down fabric. This means that it is made up of polyester or synthetic down. An alternative pillow is hypoallergenic. However, these pillows tend to lose shape more quickly and have to be replaced more often in comparison to a down pillow. The Dream Rite Hypoallergenic pillow  seems like a perfect example of an alternate down.

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Buckwheat Hulls

Buckwheat hulls are seeds, which can be a great fit for pillows meant to support the head, neck, and spinal region. However, most of the buyers find buckwheat hulls to be noisy as the seeds make a sound when the pillow is moved. They are also found to be stiff.

Wool and Cotton

Wool is an organic fiber and is naturally hypoallergenic. Wool is resistant to mold and mildew and also has moisture-wicking properties. This means that a woolen pillow will be able to regulate the temperature and make the user feel warm during extreme cold and cool at a warmer degree. A woolen pillow has medium firmness and can last for a long time.

Organic cotton can be one of the best options for buyers who are allergic. Organic cotton is hypoallergenic and can make a flat and medium-firm pillow. A cotton pillow with a cotton cover is one of the best organic alternatives for chemically sensitive people.

What are factors to be considered for buying the best pillows for combination sleepers?

The best pillow for combinations sleepers can be finally bought by chalking down the inputs collected after going through the above-mentioned pointers. Moreover, this guide aims to look into a compiled list of factors that the buyer should consider before choosing the best pillow for the combo sleepers.

1. Weight of the Fill

After finalizing the type of fill that you want for your pillow, it is time that you decide upon the weight of the fill that will be comfortable for you. For instance, down and alternative pillows are lightweight in comparison to latex and foam pillows.

2. Quality of the Fill

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The quality of the fill is another crucial consideration that the buyer should make. One important unit to measure the quality of the fill is filled power. A pillow with more fill power might be expensive but it will certainly compensate with the long-lasting life that the pillow offers. The Lute King size pillows  seem like a perfect example of the product.

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3. Size

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This is the most important factor when buying a pillow. Often standard-size pillow does the trick. However, it depends on whether you are a side, back, or stomach sleeper. There are a variety of sizes in which the pillows are available like queen and king size. Back and side sleepers best suit a pillow that aligns their head and neck and also alleviates neck pain. The 2-pack cooling bed pillows  seem like the perfect example of the product.

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There are other special contouring pillows specifically designed to support the pressure points of the body. However, the buyer should also be mindful of the outer cover of the pillow. The outer cover should not be too big or too small and should fit the pillow perfectly. Nonetheless, the material with which the cover is made also matters. The Contour Pillow  for sleeping seems like a perfect example of the product.

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4. Fabric

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The fabric of the pillow determines the quality of the pillow. You should always choose a fabric that can breathe and has moisture-wicking properties. Moreover, a fabric that is resistant to mold and dust mites would save you a strenuous pillow washing process. Pillow covers or pillowcases protect the pillow from stains, dust, dirt, and sweat and extend its life.

5. Squeeze Test

The squeeze test will allow the buyer to understand whether pillow the is enough firm or not. This means that if the sleeper pillow can hold its shape for a greater force applied then it shall pass the squeeze test. Moreover, the faster it comes back to its original shape will determine the life of the product.

6. Sleep Trial

Some of the popular pillow brands come with a night sleep trial policy in which the pillow can be returned after a stipulated time of use. The buyer should check for such a policy to examine its compatibility with him or her.

These are the essential pointers that should be adhered to while buying the best pillow for the combo sleepers. Now, let us look into some of the essential pillow maintenance tips and tricks for the users. The buyers should remember here that different pillows have different maintenance rules and there is no one general rule for washing the cushions.

How to maintain the pillow?

Certain instructions have to be followed while cleaning or washing the pillows. The buyer should check the product manual to find out whether the pillow is machine washable or not. Some of the pillows are recommended to machine wash with a cold setting. Other pillows with foam slabs cannot be washed in the machine.

Some manufacturers might also instruct to put the pillow in the dryer for a few minutes to make it fluffy. Moreover, a pillow can also be washed in hot water, once a month to get rid of mold and mildew. The best way to clean a pillow is by going by the rules given in the product manual.


What is the best pillow for the combination sleepers?

Combination sleepers best can sleep with a pillow that has adjustable fill. This is because an adjustable pillow will be able to support their changing sleeping positions throughout the night. However, it ultimately depends on the user and his or her preference.

How long does a combination pillow last?

The best pillow for combo sleepers might last for years depending on the material with which the pillow is made. Polyester and other synthetic fill pillows tend to lose their shape quickly and have to be replaced more often than a down, foam, or cotton pillow.

Is it better to sleep with more than one pillow?

It is not recommended to sleep with more than one pillow. Some sleepers sleep with three or four pillows. Multiple pillows can interfere with the posture of your body depending on the sleeping position. It is always recommended to make use of a single pillow that aligns the neck, head, and spine.


These are the basic factors and features that a buyer should consider while buying one of the best pillows for the combination sleepers. The world of sleeping pillows, with a wide range of varieties and a huge list of factors and features to be considered, would have confused you. However, not anymore as this article has pointed out all the important pointers that make the best pillow. Buyers should remember here that the life expectancy of a pillow depends on the care with which it is treated after use. This means that the pillow should be cleaned by the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Moreover, a pillow cover should also be considered as it contributes greatly to the life of a pillow. Wishing you all the best. Happy Purchasing.

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