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The 10 Best Pillows For Ear Pain

 There are special pillows that are designed to cater to the needs of people with ailments related to their ears. Such pillows have holes or cutouts in them large enough to fit the size and the shape of the ear. They are supposed to protect the ear from the pressure that a pillow exerts when you sleep on your side. This, in turn, alleviates ear pain while also protecting the organ from further damage. The best pillows for ear pain are particularly useful to people who have just had ear surgery. 

Why Ear Pain?
Your ear can hurt for any number of reasons. Sometimes the wax that your ear produces can accumulate and harden. This not only blocks the ear canal but, in some circumstances, it can cause pain. Air pressure is also a common cause of ear pain. If the pressure changes too quickly as you descend in an elevator or ascend in a plane, the resulting imbalance can trigger hearing problems and pain.

The same applies to outer ear infections, which manifest when germs begin to breed in your ear, and middle ear infections, which result from allergies and ailments like flu.

If your ear hurts and you have neither an infection nor an issue of wax or even changing air pressure, you might have to consider other factors like tonsillitis and tooth abscesses.

Why is Ear Pain Worst at Night?

Ear pain always seems worst at night because you have to lie down in order to sleep. The most painful ear conditions normally involve an accumulation of fluid that must be allowed to drain from the Eustachian tubes.

This happens automatically during the day because you are not only upright but also carrying out actions like chewing and yawning which encourage the Eustachian tubes to open wider.

At night, when you lie down to sleep, these tubes either don’t drain as effectively or they become blocked. So any pain emanating from your ear infection feels worse at night.

How to Alleviate Ear Pain?
Ear Pain will destroy your entire routine, keeping you from eating, working and even sleeping. For this reason, you need to seek medical attention early on, before it grows in intensity.

If the services of a medical professional are not an option, then consider using the following methods to find relief: 

Pills: The easiest way to fight ear pain is to use pain killers. The right dose will relieve the pain and combat any fever it might have caused.

Compress: Any source of heat or cold placed over the ear will bring relief. You can use a compress, a heating pad or a cloth. Just make sure you alternate between the heat and the cold.

Position: If you must sleep, make sure you stay elevated. This will allow air to pass through the Eustachian tube, keeping it clear.

Water: Drink some water. The fluid doesn’t do anything. The objective is to use the swallowing motion to clear the Eustachian tubes. This should bring relief.

Doctor: Pain relief tools and methods like hydrogen peroxide, garlic, ginger, and naturopathic drops are effective but they are no replacement for a doctor. Sometimes, all you need to relieve your ear pain is for the right doctor to take the hardened wax out of your ear.

Choose right pillow for Ear pain: We are reviewed here top ten ear pain pillow which can alleviate your ear pain during sleeping at night. Remember, wrong shape pillow may causes to increase your ear pain. So, read our review carefully and choose one of these pillows from the below list.

Best Pillow for Ear pain Comparison Table





PureComfort – Side Sleeping Pillow | Height Adjustable | Ear Pain Relief...

01. PureComfort Pillow

Memory Foam with Soft Bamboo Cover

The Original Pillow with a Hole - Your Ear's Best Friend [Made in England]

02. The Original Pillow for Ear Pain

100% Cotton

The Womfy Ear & Neck Pain Relief | Back & Side Sleeper Pillow |...

03. The Womfy Ear Pain Relief Pillow

 Memory & Gel Foam with Bamboo-jersey Cover

PureComfort - Pillow with an Ear Hole | CNH & Ear Pain Pillow | Adjustable...

04. PureComfort  Pillow with an Ear Hole 

Memory Foam Fill with soft Cotton cover

Deluxe Comfort Better Sleep Ear Guard Pillow Accessory, 8' x 5' x 3' -...

05. Deluxe Comfort Ear Guard Pillow

Convoluted polyrethane foam

Contour Pillow Great for Sleeping on your Side for Neck, Shoulder, and Back...

06. Contour  Hypoallergenic Pillow with Ear Pocket

poly-fiber cushion with cotton cover.

Deluxe Comfort MicroBead Cloud Pillow - Feels Like Sleeping on a Cloud -...

07. Deluxe Comfort MicroBead Cloud Pillow

Filled with  microbeads with removable zipper cover

Nature's Guest Cervical Pillow, Contour Orthopedic Support and Cervical...

08. Nature's Guest pillow for side sleeping


microfiber filling and cotton fabric  cover

Remedy, White Microbead Pillow for Sleeping and Travel

09. Remedy Microbead Pillow

Spandex and  Polyester made pillow with non removable cover

Dreamhood Feather and Down Pillow for Sleeping, Skin-Friendly Bed Pillow 2...

10. Dreamhood Down Soft Bed Pillows 

filled with feather and down with 100% Cotton Shell 

Top 10 Best Pillow for Ear pain Reviews

01. Pure Comfort Ear Pain Relief Pillow.

          PureComfort – Side Sleeping Pillow | Height Adjustable | Ear Pain Relief...

This pillow ticks so many boxes. It is designed to make side sleepers comfortable but it will suit the needs of back sleepers just as well. It doesn’t smell and neither will it flatten over time.

If your ears always feel sore from sleeping on your side and you hate the pressure normal pillows exert on your face, this pillow has special cutouts that resolve such problems.

Height inserts are provided that you can use to fine-tune the support provided by the pillow. In other words, the pillow will adjust to your comfort requirements rather than you adjusting to the pillow.

Do not worry about your allergies. Not only is the product made without mercury, lead, heavy metals and other dangerous elements but it is also hypoallergenic. You get a five-year warranty which eliminates a lot of the risks associated with the purchase of such items.

Pure Comfort Side Sleeping Pillow Highlights

  • If you’re not satisfied with your pillow, you can return it to the manufacturers within one hundred days.
  • The cover is bamboo. It augments the pillow’s hypoallergenic attributes.
  • The pillow is resistant to Dust Mites.
  • The Pillow adheres strictly to CertiPUR-US Standards.
  • The product uses CentiPUR Certified Memory Foam.

02. The Original Pillow for Ear Pain and CNH With a Hole.

          The Original Pillow with a Hole - Your Ear's Best Friend [Made in England]

This handmade pillow comes from England, and the thousands of people who have purchased it have admitted to experiencing relief from ear-related ailments as a result of this item’s attributes.

The pillow uses hollowfibre which features thin polyester strands that maintain the plumpness of the pillow by trapping air.

The hollowfibre, which is inserted into the pillow by hand, is hypoallergenic, so it won’t encourage the manifestation of allergic reactions. It is also because of the hollowfibre that the pillow is cooler and softer than memory foam even while providing much firmer support.

There is a zip on the side of the pillow that you can use to either take out or add more stuffing. This lets you control the level of firmness that the pillow delivers. 

The Original Pillow with a Hole Highlights:

  • The pillow has a hole at the center. The pillowcase provided (made from Soft Rose and Hubble Cotton) also comes with a hole. 
  • When used properly, the item will help people heal from ear piercings and surgical procedures.
  • There is a zip that allows you to insert and remove the stuffing. This way, you can control the level of firmness.
  • The pillow combats CNH and Pressure Sores.
  • The Pillow uses hollowfibre which traps air. This keeps the pillow plump.

03. The Wormfy Ear and Neck Pain Sleeper Pillow

          The Womfy Ear & Neck Pain Relief | Back & Side Sleeper Pillow |...

The average pillow has a tendency to press uncomfortably against your face and this is normally very problematic for side sleepers. This pillow solves that problem by providing ear holes which protect sensitive ear lobes.

People that have just had their ears pierced or who need to use earbuds while they sleep will also appreciate the ear holes.

But that doesn’t mean that the pillow was only made with side sleepers in mind. The manufacturers went out of their way to include a Memory and Gel Foam Core that, along with the bowl shape of the pillow, cradles your head whenever you sleep on your back.

All these elements work together to deliver restful sleep. You can trust the pillow to reduce forehead creases and to combat sinus obstruction. 

The Wormfy Ear and Neck Pain Sleeper Pillow Highlights:

  • Medical Doctors recommend this pillow because it doesn’t exert undue pressure on your face or ears. This is because of the anti-compression system.
  • You get a Bamboo-jersey case that protects the pillow.
  • The earholes provided will keep sensitive earlobes with piercing or earbuds safe.
  •  The pillow features a height-adjust design.

04. PureComfort CNH & Ear Pain with Hole 

          PureComfort - Pillow with an Ear Hole | CNH & Ear Pain Pillow | Adjustable...

PureComfort’ has a particular style. And if you have ever used any of their other products, then nothing this pillow does will surprise you.

As with most of their items, this one meets every CertiPUR criteria you can imagine. No lead was used in the making of this pillow. Neither did they use Mercury or Formaldehyde or any other toxic components.

This is why the pillow is hypoallergenic. You don’t have to worry about any dangerous chemicals in the fabric causing your body to react negatively.

You should also know that this pillow was designed to deliver optimal comfort. It honors this promise by providing a hole which people with ear pain will appreciate.

The pillow also keeping your head, neck and spine aligned. The Visco Elastic Memory foam used here can be adjusted to fit whatever support requirements you might have.

PureComfort Pillow with Hole Highlights:

  • You can return this pillow within the first one hundred days if it fails to satisfy your needs.
  • There is a five-year warranty attached.
  • The manufacturer promises that this pillow won’t go flat under any circumstances. 
  • The Shredded Visco Elastic Memory Foam used here does not have any noticeable odors.
  • The Cotton Cover Provided is Machine-Washable..

05. Deluxe Comfort Orthopedic Ear Guard Pillow 

          Deluxe Comfort Better Sleep Ear Guard Pillow Accessory, 8' x 5' x 3' -...

This pillow’s biggest draw is the depression in its surface that supports the head, regardless of whether you are sleeping on your back or on your sides.

The spikes along the surface are interesting. Some people love them but others do not appreciate them. That being said, the foam is orthopedic-grade. In other words, it is designed specifically to cater to people with ear-related ailments.

The support it provides will prevent pressure from being exerted on the ear. 

Deluxe Comfort Orthopedic Guard Pillow Highlights:

  • The Orthopedic-Grade foam protects the ear from a buildup of pressure.
  • The pillow is supposed to support the neck.
  • While back sleepers can use it, the pillow was designed with side sleepers in mind..

06. Bluestone Contour Pillow

          Contour Pillow Great for Sleeping on your Side for Neck, Shoulder, and Back...

You have probably seen u-shaped pillows like this one before. They are nothing new. People use them to maintain their posture as they sleep, keeping the neck and the back protected from unnecessary strain.

However, this pillow from "Bluestone" stands out because it has a pocket along its surface for your ear. You can take it with you wherever you go because it is so compact in its design. In other words, you can use it in your bed, in your car and even on a plane. 

"Bluestone" encourages you to make sure that every pillow of this kind that you buy has their logo. This is the only way you can guarantee that you have purchased a genuine Contour pillow that was thoroughly tested to ensure that it can deliver the results promises.

Bluestone Contour Pillow Highlights:

  • The pillow is made from a polyester blend that is hypoallergenic..
  • The cover is cotton. It has a zipper.
  • The shape of the pillow is supposed to keep your head and neck in the right position throughout the night.
  • You can carry the cushion with you when you travel..

07. Deluxe Comfort MicroBead Cloud Pillow

          Deluxe Comfort MicroBead Cloud Pillow - Feels Like Sleeping on a Cloud -...

The average pillow is designed to be as soft as possible so that it doesn’t apply unnecessary pressure to your face.

This cushion is worth noting because it isn’t merely soft and squishy. The product’s internal chamber is stuffed with millions of microbeads that are filled with air. They will contour the surface of the pillow, adapting it to the shape of your face.

The result is a pillow that literally cradles your entire head like a cloud. The beads will maintain their shape and form at all times. They do not break down.

In addition to this pillow, are you looking for different types of microbead pillows? Check out our article on the best microbead pillows.

Deluxe Comfort MicroBead Cloud Pillow Highlights:

  • The cushion is able to keep your head cool and comfortable because the microbeads permit air to flow easily through them.
  • The true power of the cushion lies in its malleability. The beads contour the pillow’s surface to match the dimensions of your head..
  • Your head and neck are supposed to receive ample support.
  • This product is smaller than the average pillow..

08. Nature’s Guest Adjustable Support Pillow

          Nature's Guest Cervical Pillow, Contour Orthopedic Support and Cervical...

"Nature’s Guest", the people who made this pillow, understands that people spend a third of their entire lives sleeping. So they have made it their mission in life to produce the most beautiful and the most comfortable pillows on the market.

This particular item deserves some attention because it hasn’t just been praised by consumers. Chiropractors and Orthopedic doctors love it because it has a contour at the center which supports the neck and the back.

They have recommended it to back sleepers, side sleepers, and people who switch back and forth between the two positions because it has a gusseted edge design.

You won’t even notice the change in your position as you shift from back to side sleeping. Your sleeping experience will be restful and uninterrupted. 

Moreover, If you want to read books or watch TV from the comfort of your bed, you can use backrest pillows on your bed.

Nature’s Guest Adjustable Support Pillow Highlights:

  • The dual zipper design gives the user complete control over the amount of filling in the pillow. The firmness can be adjusted to suit your needs.
  • The cotton fabric used is completely natural. It has a 233 thread count. It is also hypoallergenic.
  • You can return the pillow in thirty days if it fails to meet your expectations.

09. Remedy Microbead Pillow

          Remedy, White Microbead Pillow for Sleeping and Travel

This pillow is cheap, so you get what you pay for. The microbeads that are used as stuffing allow the cushion’s surface to contour in an effort to match the shape of your head and face.

As a result, you don’t feel as much pressure pushing against your face or your ears, depending on whether you sleep on your back or your side.

The support provided by the beads also keeps your neck and shoulders properly positioned and aligned. This eliminates potential discomfort which, in turn, allows you to sleep uninterrupted and restfully throughout the night.

That being said, you will find quite a few customers complaining that the beads in their pillows leaked out.

besides ear pain pillow, if you are suffering from hip pain, you have to use Top hip pain pillows.

Remedy Microbead Pillow Highlights:

  • The Microbeads in the cushion are soft and cool. They allow air to flow easily through them. 
  • The malleability provided by the microbeads gives your neck ample support.
  • The pillow is small.

10. Dreamhood Down and Feather Pillow

          Dreamhood Feather and Down Pillow for Sleeping, Skin-Friendly Bed Pillow 2...

This pillow looks flat and bland when you first receive it. But once you take it out of its package, it immediately explodes, revealing its fluffy, comfortable form.

Manufacturers are always making products that cater to side sleepers and back sleepers. But this one is concerned with the needs of stomach sleepers, which is why it is made from 100 percent cotton.

The stuffing is primarily feather but there’s also a bit of down. The cotton gives the cushion its cool and stylish aesthetic. 

The feathers and the down create a blend that is as firm as it is soft. The manufacturer describes the pillow as having moderate density, neither too soft nor too firm.

Dreamhood Down and Feather Pillow Highlights:

  • The cushion is stuffed with feathers (90 percent) and Down (10 percent).
  • The moderate density of the pillow supports stomach sleepers..
  • There is a thirty-day return and replacement policy attached..

Final Verdict

Strangely enough, when it comes to the pillow for your ear pain, the most expensive items are not necessarily the best. And even if they are, you don’t have to empty your bank account to secure an appropriate pillow for ears that have just been pierced or which are aching because of some infection.

With such items, the functions and features are all that matter. You can get a decent pillow with ear cutouts and soft, cool, fluffy material at a competitive price. If you prioritize the features, you can’t go wrong with your selection of the ear pain pillows.

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