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Top 10 Best Pillows for Hip Pain Reviews 2020

Pillows for Hip Pain are not a luxury, not anymore. Joint pain as a whole is very disruptive. But hip pain is particularly problematic because it can keep you awake all night. The ailment can be attributed to one of several causes, and it can also be fought using an equally diverse number of solutions; though pillows are particularly effective.

The pillows for hip pain can stop the pain and keep it away, but only if you can find the best pillows for hip pain. After all, pillows for hip pain are not all the same, and you must match your condition to the right pillow if you want the best results.

Knowing all the attributes that an effective pillow for hip pain should have might not help you identify the right product for your condition. There are so many attractive pillows for hip pain on the market and no one will blame you for feeling a bit overwhelmed by the notion of selecting just one from the masses. But you don’t have to make that decision on your own.In fact, you don’t have to make the decision at all.

If you just want a decent pillow to bring relief to your hips, just make your choice from the list below. Of course, if you do not have the time to read through the lengthy reviews laid out below, then you can just turn your attention to the table.

It has all the information you require to make an accurate, informed decision.





ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow for Sciatica Relief, Back Pain, Leg Pain,...

01. ComfiLife Orthopedic Pillow

Ergonomically designed pillow Made with  premium quality memory foam & Breathable zippered cover

LANGRIA Leg Pillow

02. LANGRIA Memory Foam Leg Pillows

it is  made from high-quality antibacterial memory foam and has a soft plush cover

Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers - Sciatica Pain Relief - Back Pain, Leg Pain,...

03. NATUMAX Knee Pillow

ergonomically designed memory foam pillow with Breathable zippered cover

Leg Elevation Pillow with Foam Top - Leg Rest Relieves Back, Hip and Knee...

04.  Abco tec Leg Elevation Pillow

 made with premium foam material & covered by breathable and washable pillow cover

Cushy Form Wedge Pillows - 8 Inch Leg Pillows for Sleeping, Post-Surgery,...

05. Cushy Foam Elevating Leg Rest Pillow

polyurethane and memory foam filled pillow with removable, washable and breathable cover

pillow for hip pain

pillow for hip pain

06. Pillow Capital U-Shaped Full body Pillow

It is poly filled and covered by extra soft percale cotton

Back Pain Relief Memory Foam Pillow - Half Moon Bolster Knee Pillow for...

07. BeautifulLife Bolster memory foam pillow

Made of 100% Visco-elastic hypo-allergenic memory foam covered by cotton cover

[Upgrade] Lumbar Pillow for Sleeping, Memory Foam Bed Back Support Cushion,...

08. Easy life Lumbar Support Cushion

 Made of Slow Rebound Memory Foam and 100% Cotton Pillowcase 

Contour Legacy Leg & Knee Foam Support Pillow - Soothing Pain Relief for...

09. Contour Legacy Leg Pillow

It is designed with ventilated air holes in the memory foam 

Back Support Systems Knee-T Leg Pillow Patented | Medical Grade High...

10. Back Support Systems Knee-T Leg Pillow

 Ergonomically designed by Doctors and made of Durable medical grade foam

 Top 10 Best Pillows for Hip Pain Reviews

1. ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow

ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow for Sciatica Relief, Back Pain, Leg Pain,...

The ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee pillow has over six thousand customer reviews, which gives you an idea of the intensity of the interest it has attracted. People are raving about the product’s capacity to bring pain relief.

One customer was actually disappointed when they first got it because it barely kept their knees apart and the pain from their sciatica showed no signs of improvement. They were all but ready to send the pillow back. But then they decided to give it another shot and, to their amazement, they slept peacefully throughout the night.

This testimony actually matches statements by the manufacturers of the ComfiLife pillow who have assured their customers that the pillow works but it takes a while to deliver the required results.

One customer said that ‘the thickness is perfect’ and ‘the pillow doesn’t feel like it is crushing the leg/knee on the bottom’. This customer felt like the pillow kept their knees perfectly aligned with their spine.

Another customer found that ‘The material did not make my legs sweat’, ‘It has a removable washable cover’ and ‘the customer service After-Sale was top notch’. You need to hear that sort of high praise before you buy an orthopedic knee pillow.

Comfort: The pillow is made from 100 percent durable memory foam that fits perfectly between and beneath the knees. Memory foam is normally problematic because it retains too much heat.

But the material used here has been lauded for its heat and weight responsive nature. It will change its firmness and temperature depending on your particular needs, growing softer in warm conditions and firmer when the temperature drops.

If your temperature is ideal, then the memory foam will be equally ideal. This responsiveness applies to the weight as well. If you use it properly, the pillow will fight hip pain, knee pain, and pregnancy-related sciatica, to mention but a few.

Moreover, At 9.8 inches x 7.9 inches x 6.3 inches and 12 ounces, the pillow fits a variety of body sizes.

Style and Durability: This pillow looks like most orthopedic knee pillows. It has curves on either side that allow the product to fit comfortably between your legs and knees. The objective is to reduce the pressure on your lower back whilst also keeping your head, neck, and spine aligned.

When utilized properly, the pillow will improve circulation. It will also enable you to sleep peacefully even in the presence of debilitating conditions like sciatica. The cover is polyester. The material is breathable and it will keep the pillow from getting too warm. It has a zipper that enables you to pull the cover free of the pillow if you need to wash it.

The memory foam has a high density which makes it strong and durable; it can contend with overweight individuals without breaking down.


  • The pillow is made from memory foam which molds to fit the shape of the body. 
  • The memory foam is heat and weight responsive.
  • The cover is soft and breathable.
  • The cover is easy to clean. You can wash it with a machine
  • There is a money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.


  • It can take days for your body to adjust to this pillow.
  • The cover has a small zipper which makes it hard to remove.

2. LANGRIA Memory Foam Pillow

LANGRIA Leg Pillow

‘When this pillow arrived, I wasn’t very impressed. However, after using it for just one night, the difference is incredible’. This is what one customer said, and he wasn’t the only one to approach the product with skepticism.

Another customer who was six feet tall and 200 pounds was ‘not expecting to get much use from it’. So he was ‘surprised to find that it works very well for me. It takes the pressure off my knees and the lower back’.

You have one consumer whose wife found it impossible to get comfortable in bed because of her severe rheumatoid arthritis. But then she got the ‘knee foam spacer’ and found that she was quite ‘refreshed’ following her first night with the pillow.

Clearly, whoever designed this pillow made it look far too thin, and yet that hasn’t prevented it from exceeding all expectations.

Comfort: This pillow is made from memory foam that conforms to the shape of the body. This allows the product to keep the spine, hips, and pelvis perfectly aligned, bringing relief to the lower back and the hips.

People who suffer from pain in the joints will also find relief. They will sleep peacefully and restfully because the pillow helps them attain the most comfortable position. The manufacturers provide a plush cover that feels soft against the skin.

Additionally,  At 9.8 inches x 5.9 inches x 7.0 inches and 10.4 ounces, the pillow is lightweight. It also fits a variety of body shapes and sizes.

Style and Durability: The pillow is multi-functional. You can fold it and then place it between your legs, or unfold it to use the separate sections to keep your knees and calves elevated. The cushion has a CertiPUR-US certificate which proves that the material from which it is made is completely organic.

It doesn’t have any harmful chemicals, and neither does it negatively affect the environment. The memory foam core is durable, capable of withstanding any stress the human body exerts.

The same can be said for the super-soft plush cover which is removable and machine washable. Just don’t use bleach. You should also keep the tumble dryer on low.


  • The navy blue soft plush cover adds to the comfort of the pillow. It is also removable and machine washable.
  • By folding or unfolding the pillow, you can use it to keep your knees separate or to elevate them
  • The pillow is made from high-quality memory foam that conforms to the shape of the body.
  • When used properly, the pillow will align the spine and the hips, and also improve blood circulation.
  • The product is eco-friendly.


  • When you first unwrap this knee pillow, you will notice a chemical odor.

3. NATUMAX Knee Pillow

Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers - Sciatica Pain Relief - Back Pain, Leg Pain,...

‘I bought this pillow for my wife’, said one customer, ‘Because she was having back pain and joint pain. She was thoroughly surprised to find that this pillow came with earplugs and a sleep mask.’

Another one said that ‘This pillow is exactly as described. It has a strap on it to keep it attached to one leg for people who tend to roll over a lot.’ He wasn’t the only one to credit the pillow for its strap.

And yet it would be a mistake to presume that the strap is the pillow’s only offering. A kindle customer said that the pillow was ‘Not unlike my precious teddy bear as a child, and I won’t go to bed without it’.

Those who used the product to fight lower back and knee pain were equally impressed.

Comfort: This pillow is made with memory foam, a material that will change to fit the shape and the contours of the person using it. You are supposed to place the pillow between your legs.

When utilized properly, the pillow will relieve aches and pains by not only aligning the hips, knees, and spine but also improve blood circulation. The memory foam is designed to get firmer in cold temperatures and softer in warm temperatures.

However, you will get the best results when you use the pillow in room temperature. The weight matters. The heavier you are, the less support the memory foam will provide.

The zippered cover provided is breathable, so you can rely on it to keep the pillow cool.

Style and Durability: When you buy this pillow, you also get a sleep mask and earplugs for added comfort. The item was made with side sleepers in mind. It has a strap that will keep it in place between your legs even when you change position in the middle of the night.

The memory foam is definitely durable and the people that have used the pillow say that it doesn’t flatten regardless of how frequently you use it. It retains its firmness in most situations.

But the memory foam definitely becomes less effective the heavier you are. Fortunately, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee attached to the pillow. You also get an 18-month warranty.

So even if the pillow fails to meet your expectations, you can always return it for a refund.


  • The ergonomic design of this pillow will keep your knees, hips, and spine aligned.
  • You can trust the product to fight back pain, leg pain, joint pain, and hip pain. It also works on sciatica.
  • The pillow can be placed in multiple positions around the knee.
  • The cover is zippered, breathable, and machine washable.
  • You get a strap that keeps the pillow in place even when you twist and turn in the middle of the night.


  • As the weight exerted on it increases, the pillow becomes less supportive.

4. Abco Tech Leg Elevation Pillow

Leg Elevation Pillow with Foam Top - Leg Rest Relieves Back, Hip and Knee...

At 24 inches x 21 inches x 8 inches (and 5 pounds), this pillow is smaller than you think. In fact, for some people, that is one of its defining traits. One consumer who is 5’8” said that she has short legs and yet they still hung over the edge.

Another customer, this one 6’4”, also complained about the same issue. And these two were not the only ones who thought that the height of the pillow was decent but the length was problematic.

Then again, a customer who was struggling to get through the days and weeks that followed their surgery found the pillow to be ‘extremely helpful’. They had nothing negative to say about its measurements.

A sizeable number of reviewers thought that the gradual incline of the pillow was perfect. They also love the material.                                 

Comfort: This pillow is designed to elevate your legs. In doing so, it will relieve pain in the hips, knees, and legs. People who just had surgery can use it to eliminate the stress exerted on the pressure points in their legs.

It is also an effective solution to swelling because it improves blood circulation. And yet, you don’t have to be physically incapacitated to enjoy the pillow. By keeping your spine, back and hips aligned, the pillow will help even healthy men and women achieve optimal comfort. You no longer have to worry about varicose veins, edema and the like.

Style and Durability: The comfort offered by this product can be imputed to the memory foam which conforms to the shape of the body. This, in turn, ensures that your body is supported in all the right ways.

The pillow has a gentle incline. It will maintain its shape even when significant weight is exerted on it because the memory foam is quite durable. The cover is non-slip, so you can trust the pillow to stay in place regardless of the surface upon which you are using it.


  • The pillow is made from high-density memory foam that conforms to the contours of the body.
  • The premium memory foam won’t collapse even when exposed to significant body weight.
  •  The wedge shape of the pillow will improve blood circulation, combat swelling in the knees, and relieve the pressure that is normally exerted on the hips and legs.
  • The pillow will force you to maintain a healthy sleeping posture.


  • The pillow has a horrible chemical smell when you first unwrap it.
  • Some people think that the pillow is a little too short.

5. Cushy Form Post-Surgery Elevation Leg Pillow

Cushy Form Wedge Pillows - 8 Inch Leg Pillows for Sleeping, Post-Surgery,...

You are going to find people who think that, with an 8-inch elevation, this wedge pillow is far too large. Then again, consider a customer who is 5’5” and yet he found the product to be quite ‘invaluable for keeping my legs comfortably elevated’.

This is a customer who uses the pillow when he sleeps on his couch, and yet he can still find perfect comfort. According to another consumer, the pillow is ‘well made, not hard like a rock, just supportive’ which is exactly what you need from every orthopedic pillow.

The people who made the pillow have marketed it towards post-surgery patients because of the amazing support it offers. One consumer who has eight hip replacements on their resume and who was born with a bad heart has testified to the fact that the pillow is soft but also strong and resilient, so much so that it doesn’t flatten whenever she rests her legs on it for long periods of time.

This is a consumer that must keep her legs above her heart, and every other pillow she tried was far too hard. But she was able to find solace with the Cushy Form elevation pillow.

Comfort: As with most wedge pillows, this one is designed to keep your legs elevated regardless of whether you have an injury, you are recovering from surgery or you spend so much time on your feet that you just need a moment to take the pressure off your knees, shins, and ankles.

The 8-inch elevation seems extreme but you need it to improve your blood circulation. This is how the item fights varicose veins. It will prevent blood stagnation.

Style and Durability: The attributes of this pillow can be imputed to the memory foam. The manufacturer used the best polyurethane and memory foam, the kind with a high density to ensure that it won’t flatten even when exposed to significant weight.

The product looks like most wedge pillows. It boasts a relatively triangular shape and you can get it in a pristine white color. The cover provided is breathable, which you will appreciate since memory foam has a tendency to retain heat.

The breathable cover will make sure that the pillow doesn’t feel too warm against your skin. It is also machine washable, so hygiene isn’t a problem.


  • This product comes with a 100 percent money-back guarantee. 
  • The cover is breathable and machine washable.
  • The memory foam is of a high density. It can contend with the pressure your legs apply without flattening. It will also conform to the shape of your legs.
  • When used effectively, the pillow will improve blood circulation and reduce the discomfort that swollen feet cause.


  •  At 24 inches x 21 inches x 8 inches with an 8-inch elevation, some people believe that this pillow is too large, especially consumers with smaller body frames.

6. Pillow Capital U-Shaped Full Body Pillow

Pillow Capital Full Body Pregnancy Pillow – U Shaped Surgery Recovery...

‘I am not pregnant’, one consumer commented, ‘But my back hurts so badly in the morning,” she added before saying that she was nervous about using this pillow because she thought it would flatten. Not only did it retain its shape but she slept soundly.

Another consumer, Lara, praised the pillow for helping her attain perfect comfort while watching television and doing her homework from her bed. Lara wasn’t pregnant either.

Stephen Parsons thought that ‘it might be too small’. But then he opened it and discovered a ‘huge, soft pillow’. Even though it is marketed towards pregnant women, do not be too quick to count this pillow out just because you’re not pregnant.

Comfort: This pillow is quite large. The manufacturers admit that you don’t have to be pregnant to use it. Everyone from ordinary, healthy men and women to people recovering from surgical operations will appreciate it.

You can fit snugly in between its arms. You can wedge it under your legs or seat with it as you watch television. It will cuddle you, support your back after you’ve given birth and keep your child in place during breastfeeding

At 55-inches, the pillow is large enough to support your entire body. That being said, it only occupies half a queen-size bed. So do not presume that it is too large.

Style and Durability: This maternity pillow can adequately contend with sciatica, back pain, fibromyalgia and the like because it is so large and fluffy. They used percale cotton to make it. Percale cotton is extra soft.

The double stitching will prevent the pillow from coming apart, allowing you to use it for longer periods of time. The fill level can be manipulated; in other words, you can control the firmness of the item

The cover provided is not only hypoallergenic and but quite cool.


  • This U-Shaped pillow is extra soft and extra-large.
  •  It is compatible with all genders and body types. It can also combat all kinds of physical ailments.
  • The double stitching enhances the durability of the pillow.
  •  The pillow has a zipper that allows you to control the fill level.
  • The cover is hypoallergenic.
  • The manufacturers offer a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee.


  • Changing positions is a little difficult
  •  Some customers have complained that the pillow is lumpy.

7. Beautiful Life Memory Foam Pillow

Back Pain Relief Memory Foam Pillow - Half Moon Bolster Knee Pillow for...

This pillow works everywhere. You can use it in your bed, on your couch, even on the floor. One consumer called it ‘Not Soft, Very Firm.’ They used it primarily to keep their knees apart.

Another fellow thought that the pillow had ‘Firm yet soft foam’. They bought it for lumbar support to be used in their travel trailer and they never regretted it. Maria C. Cruz initially regretted her purchase because this pillow was so lumpy and flat when she took it out of its package.

But then she gave it an extra minute and it popped up. She put it to good use and immediately found that it ‘Holds its shape all night’ which is what you want from a decent orthopedic pillow.

Comfort: Chiropractors, physical therapists, and trainers have recommended this pillow because it will support the legs, ankles, lower back, knees and the hips. It is compatible with both side sleepers and stomach sleepers.

So you are guaranteed optimal comfort regardless of the position you maintain in bed.

Style and Durability: The pillow is a half-moon bolster. It is made from visco-elastic memory foam that will keep your hips and spine perfectly aligned. You will find that it is much easier to relax regardless of whether you are sleeping or sitting.

That is another notable aspect of the pillow. It can be used in a variety of positions. You can place it beneath your ankles to improve circulation, lean back on it when sitting on a sofa or even keep it between your knees.

Some customers have been known to rely on the pillow for lumbar support while driving.

The memory foam is not only hypoallergenic but it is strong enough to provide firm support throughout the night without flattening. The people who made it designed the item with long term use in mind.


  • This product comes with a 100 percent Money-Back Guarantee. 
  • Thevisco-elastic foam from which it is made is soft, supportive and hypoallergenic.
  • The pillow can be used to support the body in a variety of positions.
  •  It will align your hips and spine whilst also improving circulation in the legs.
  • You can use the pillow to prop your head up while you watch television.


  • Some customers have accused the manufactures of using regular foam rather than memory foam.
  • The manufacturers claim that the pillow’s cover is simply organic cotton. But it is actually cotton blended with polyester.

8. Easy Life 185 Multi-functional Sleeping Pillow

[Upgrade] Lumbar Pillow for Sleeping, Memory Foam Bed Back Support Cushion,...

Edward looked at a number of waist pillows before coming across this one. It didn’t take him long to fall for it because it was such a ‘Wonderful memory Foam Pillow’. He loved the ‘Removable Cover’ and the fact that ‘The comfort it brings is astounding.’

An amazon consumer who suffers from sciatica pain praised the pillow for enabling them to sleep on their back and their side with very little discomfort. Kimberly Vandeway doesn’t believe that she can sleep without it now.

She loves the fact that it has just the right amount of thickness and width.

Comfort: Depending on the size you get (23.5 inches x 9 inches x 1.96 inches or 24 inches x 11.5 inches x 2.3 inches), this pillow will fit comfortably between your waist and the mattress.

This will enable it to align your hips and your spine. The pillow will also relieve the pressure exerted on your lower back, allowing you to have a peaceful, restful night in bed.

The manufacturer claims that the product can go so far as to improve circulation and keep acid down. It will also support the knees and elevate the upper body. Basically, it performs very many functions.

Style and Durability: The capabilities of the pillow can be attributed to the memory foam from which it is made. The material is capable of deforming when the human body applies pressure to it and then returning to its original shape. So you don’t have to worry about the product flattening over time.

It is designed to deliver soft, comfortable but firm support. The luxurious cooling aloe cover is breathable and removable. It has moisture-wicking abilities that will keep you dry at night.

Looking for more options? check out this article on best bed rest pillows.


  •  This pillow can be used by women both during and after pregnancy.
  • It is compatible with people who sleep on their stomach, back, and side.
  • The pillow will also provide lumbar support when you sit. It can equally be used to elevate the ankles and space the knees.
  • The memory foam used in its creation is durable.
  • The item has a 100 percent money-back guarantee attached to it.
  • The 100 percent cotton pillowcase provided is washable.


  • Some customers claim that the pillow eventually loses its shape if it is used by overweight individuals.
  • Some customers have also complained that the pillow isn’t thick enough to provide proper lumbar support.

9. Contour Legacy Leg Pillow

Contour Legacy Leg & Knee Foam Support Pillow - Soothing Pain Relief for...

‘I have been using Contour Living Pillows since my knee replacement in 2001, and I have found them all to be good.’ This compliment came from a loyal ‘Contour’ customer. Another client who had also struggled to recover from hip replacement surgery said that there was ‘Nothing to dislike about this pillow.’

The pillow doesn’t necessarily have the largest number of reviews on the internet. But the majority of people that have reviewed the product have nothing but good things to say. You even have a customer who spent many years using the Tempedic Knee Pillow.

And yet, once they discovered Contour’s work, they fell in love with their pillow because it is ‘Very soft and retains its shape’.

Comfort: Most people put too much pressure on their knees and hips whenever they sleep on their sides because they don’t maintain a straight posture. Contour made this pillow to solve that problem.

Designed to be placed between the knees, the pillow will support both the knees and the legs at the same time, making sure that the spine and every other pressure point is properly aligned.

Contour uses a design that you won’t find other pillows mimicking to reduce the pain that comes from maintaining a poor posture.

Style and Durability: This product has a curious design. First of all, it has a crescent shape that makes it compatible with men and women of varying sizes. It has soft curves that will keep the pillow in place between your legs without relying on straps that normally restrict circulation.

The memory foam is not only soft but also ventilated. There are holes that allow air to circulate through, keeping you cool throughout the night. The curved clearance is purposed towards accommodating the pelvic region.

The edges are tapered while the center is concave. This structure ensures that the pillow cradles your thighs and knees whilst also giving you the freedom to shift and change position without too many complications.

On the other hand, if you are suffering from your ear pain, you should buy the best pillows for ear pain.


  • This pillow simultaneously supports the knees and the legs, keeping the body properly aligned and relieving pain in the hips, knees, and the back.
  • The ventilated memory foam will keep you cool.
  • The tapered edges permit more mobility than most other pillows.
  • The bottom area is curved, enabling the pillow to comfortably fit your body.
  • You get a soft quilted cover that is removable and machine washable


  • Some customers who attempted to send this pillow back to the manufacturer were charged financially.
  • The pillow doesn’t always stay in place when you fall asleep

10. Back Support Systems T-Leg Pillow.

Back Support Systems Knee-T Leg Pillow Patented | Medical Grade High...

The pillow is compatible with people that have herniated discs, arthritis, sciatica and other physical ailments that cause pain. When utilized properly, the pillow will bring relief.

This is an expensive pillow. And Jackie H thought as much when she first stumbled across it. She had tried other pillows but none of them would keep her legs from applying pressure to the screws in her kneecap and femur bone every time her knees touched.

But then she bought the T-Leg Pillow and found it to be ‘Perfect’. The curve in its design is exactly what she needed to correct her sleeping problems.

Another customer who had two replacement procedures on the right knee and three spinal surgeries thinks that the pillow is ‘Very Soft and Comfortable’. So clearly, even in severe conditions, this pillow can be trusted to bring relief.

You even have a consumer who had to walk with a cane because of his lower back pain. But then he bought and used this pillow for several weeks, and his back pain went away.

Comfort: This pillow was designed for use by people who need to keep their knees apart when they sleep at night. It will relieve pain from sciatica and aches emanating from the lower back. Customers with arthritis, herniated discs and the like have achieved comfort in bed by depending on the attributes of this pillow. The cotton cover provided is soft and breathable.

Style and Durability: The manufacturer claims that thousands of doctors have prescribed this pillow. If that is true, then the product is clearly doing something right. The pillow uses a patented design and premium foam to provide long-lasting comfort.

The item doesn’t just support the legs and the knees. It keeps them in a neutral position whilst also aligning the hips and the spine. The product comes with a strap that will keep it in place.

You need to look at the chart provided by the manufacturer to make sure that you get a pillow of the right size. The chart takes your height, weight, and the width of your hips into account.


  • This product comes with a strap that keeps it in place 
  • The item has a 100 percent money-back guarantee associated with it. The ten-year warranty attached eliminates risk.
  • The pillow is environmentally friendly. It is made using Certi-Pur Certified Foam.
  • The cotton blend cover provided is hypoallergenic, removable, and washable.
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  • The pillow is quite expensive
  • The strap is elastic. If you ever have a rough night in bed, you will notice that the strap does quite a bit of sliding around. 

Hip Pain Pillow FAQs

01. Why Hip Pain?

Pain in the hips can come from any number of sources, for instance:

1). Disease

There are diseases that cause pain in the hips. Arthritis is common in aging individuals, though some young people have been known to catch it. The pain that comes from arthritis is worst at night.

Bursitis happens when certain sacks in the joints become inflamed. Even though the pain the illness causes is sharp in the beginning, it eventually becomes a dull ache which slowly reaches out to the areas in the vicinity of your joints.

Tendonitis affects the tendons surrounding the hip bone and it will make the hip less flexible because of the swelling it causes. Sciatica, which inflames the sciatic nerves, only causes numbness in the day time. The situation becomes intensely painful at night.

2). Sleep

 A poor sleeping posture is going to bring harm to your hip. If you maintain that posture, the pain it causes in your hips will persist. Poor postures include positions that involve sleeping on your stomach, crossing your legs, and resting your arm under your head, to mention but a few.

3). Mattress

If a mattress is too hard, too soft, or too old and worn out, it will wreak havoc on your body, especially if you keep sleeping on it for weeks, months and years.

4). Pregnancy

People do not realize this but pregnancy can cause hip pain. It does this by exerting pressure on your hips and spine. If you don’t take countermeasures, such as wearing the right shoes during the day time, the pain in your hips could become disruptive.

5). Injury

This one is obvious. If you fall and you hurt your hip, knee or any area in that vicinity, you are going to experience pain. You might break a bone or cause a fracture or inflame a tendon. Either way, pain in the hips is the expected outcome.

In such situations, even if you don’t think your injury deserves medical treatment; if your pain starts getting worse and if you find that you cannot perform your daily activities, you are encouraged to visit a doctor.

02. How to Remove Hip Pain?

If the pain in your hips has grown to a point where you can barely function, consider using the following methods to find relief:

1). Rest

Sometimes, the only way to combat the pain in your hips is to rest. Take the pressure off your legs. Give your body a break. Given enough time, it will heal itself. Doctors recommend rest to active individuals who start to experience hip pain.

2). Ice

Illnesses like arthritis that cause inflammation will respond positively to ice. Apply an ice pack to the place where the pain is greatest, tie it in place with a towel and wait fifteen minutes. Use the ice pack four times a day.

3). Heat

Ice is effective against pain caused by inflammation. But if you don’t have illnesses like bursitis, then your hip might respond positively to some heat. Take a warm bath. It will soothe your joints.

4). Exercise

There are certain exercise regiments that are designed to soothe and strengthen the hip muscles. You need to seek out a trainer or some sort of guide in this area. Otherwise, you could do more harm than good. The key is to work the muscles in the hip area without exerting undue stress.

5). Swimming.

You don’t have to swim per se. Water activities like aerobics have been known to aid in the recovery of the hip muscles without causing damage. But again, you need to seek out guidance.

6). Weight

Illnesses like arthritis will respond positively to weight loss. This is because they come about when the cartilage in the joints wears out as a result of excess weight. So losing weight can combat hip pain by fighting the diseases that cause it.

7). Restraint

Avoid all activities that exert pressure on the hip. This includes running, Pilates, extreme yoga regiments, and squats.

8). Bed

Nurture proper sleeping habits. Get a firm, supportive but comfortable bed. Stretch safely before going to sleep. You must learn to lie down on your bed without contorting your body in a manner that harms your joints and muscles.

03. Why You Need A Hip Pain Pillow?

As was mentioned above, the pillow for hip pain is not a luxury. In fact, the right pillow can combat hip pain and also prevent pain from manifesting in the first place.

And it does that by:

1). Keeping the neck, spine, knees, legs, and shoulders appropriately aligned.

2). Relieving tension in the muscles in the lower back

3). Combating illnesses like sciatica by forcing the sleeper to maintain the proper posture.

4). Keeping the lower section of the body elevated.

5). Keeping the blood flowing optimally throughout the legs and the rest of the body.

The best pillows for hip pain are very versatile in the functions they perform.

04. Types of Hip Pain Pillow

Hip pain pillows are not all the same. And if you want to get relief from the pain in your hips, you need to make sure that you locate and acquire the right type of pillow. They typically include:

1). Knee Pillow

These are some of the most common pillows you will find. As their name suggests, they are designed to be placed between the knees. By clenching them in that position with your legs, you are keeping your hips and spine aligned.

2). Full Body

This pillow is shaped like a ‘C’. Pregnant women love it because it supports everything from the head, neck, and shoulders to the back, and even the knees. The pillow is appropriate for all sleeping positions.

3). Bolster

Unlike the knee pillow which goes between the knees, the bolster pillow has to be positioned under the knees. You can also use it for lumbar support. It will keep the knees and the spine aligned, not to mention relieving pressure from certain critical points.

These three are the primary types of hip pain pillows that you will encounter on the market along with wedge pillows. Though, you will also find variations such as the strap on knee pillow and the long knee pillow.

05. How to Choose a Hip Pain Pillow?

You can’t just go out and buy the first pillow for hip pain that you find. Even if it is the right type, you have to consider other attributes the most important of which is the firmness.

There is no standard firmness for hip pain pillows. You need to find one that works for you. The right pillow shouldn’t be too firm or too soft. Find a happy medium for your knees, legs, and hips.

When it comes to the material, memory foam is the most popular because it conforms to the contours of your body, making sure that you get the most optimal support. But memory foam has been known to overheat. Though, that isn’t a problem if you can get your hands on one of the pricier memory foam pillows.

Preference still matters here, and so does your particular illness. Some diseases work best with water. Others require a feather pillow. You have to think about your budget before making this decision.

Some professionals argue that the material isn’t as important as physical parameters like the thickness, and they are not wrong. A memory foam pillow is obviously the best choice. But you can still get an effective feather pillow if it has the right thickness to keep your legs and hips sufficiently supported.

Do not forget to account for durability and weight. Overweight patients are going to require thicker pillows that can support their weight without breaking down. Thinner people do not require excess thickness.

You can’t really make this decision on your own, not unless you have the technical knowledge required to make sense of your illness, physical parameters and the exact pillow you will need to bring relief to your hips.

Get a medical professional who can help you match your condition to the right pillow. Otherwise, you might end up with a pillow that will make your situation worse.

06. How to Sleep with Hip Pain?

If you have hip pain, then getting proper rest at night can present a challenge. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make your situation less distressing. For instance:

1). Sleep on your side, preferably favoring the side that doesn’t hurt. Make sure you keep the leg causing all the pain elevated on a pillow. You should also bend your legs, pulling your knees towards your chest.

2). If you are not a side sleeper, try lying on your back with a nice pillow positioned at the small of your back. Pregnant women do this because it takes the pressure off their hips.

3). If the pillow under your back is uncomfortable, place it under your thighs. This will also relieve the pressure.

4). Get a better mattress. Make sure that it is firm enough to support your shoulders and align your legs, hips, and spine. It should also be soft enough to deliver comfort. No one wants a mattress that is too hard. You will never fall asleep.


Hip pain can have a debilitating effect on your life. But there are ways to manage it. If you have consulted a medical professional and you have religiously adhered to every treatment they have prescribed but the pain refuses to abate, consider giving orthopedic hip pain pillows a shot.

Sometimes, your hips are just fine. Sometimes, they just need time to react to the relevant treatment. But until that happens, until the healing process completes, the pillow for hip pain will help you keep the pain at bay.

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