Top 7 Best Pocket Blankets Reviews 2020

Everyone needs a pocket blanket. It doesn’t matter whether you are going on a picnic, camping, visiting the beach or simply hiking. Pocket blankets are a must even if you have other blankets.

These items are basically blankets but they can fit in your pocket. Yes, you heard that right. They are blankets that can fit in your pocket. That is what makes them astounding.

They are large enough to accommodate multiple people once you unfold them. And yet they can collapse into shapes so small that you can just stuff them into your pocket.

For that reason, you don’t really lose anything by keeping one of these items on you at all times. Even if you don’t like camping or going for picnics or visiting the beach, you never know when you will require a safe, dry surface to lay across the ground for you and your friends to sit.

In case you did not know, the best pocket blankets are water, sand, and tear-resistant. So, they will protect you from moisture, sharp rocks, sharp sticks and any other item that might make sitting a challenge. You can’t go wrong with a pocket blanket. It is one of those emergency tools that everyone should keep on them at all times.

What is a Pocket Blanket?

Pocket Blanket

Pocket Blanket

Pocket Blankets are sheets made from water-resistant fabric that act as portable blankets. They are called pocket blankets because they are small enough to fit in your pocket.

Why You Need a Pocket Blanket?

Some people might be wondering why they should waste money on a pocket blanket when they could just as easily take a lighter, summer blanket with them when they go camping. Pocket blankets have a number of attributes that make them such an important tool for adventures.

1). Weight

Pocket blankets are far lighter than any ordinary blanket.The average blanket is at least one pound in weight. The weight of a pocket blanket is measured in ounces. As such, you can take it with you wherever you go.

2). Storage

Pocket blankets are not only designed to insulate you from the ground. Some of them feature pockets that you can use to store smaller items such as keys and phones.

3). Water

The best pocket blankets have a decent level of resistance to water. Some are waterproof. But most are merely resistant. However, that is perfectly acceptable for most campers that are primarily interested in protecting their clothing from the morning dew on the grass.

4). Durability

Pocket blankets are normally made from material like nylon and polyester that are strong and long-lasting. They are supposed to be puncture and tear-resistant. This way, you can lay them out on rough surfaces and sit on them without worrying that they might rip open.

Pocket Blanket Buying Guide

If you need a pocket blanket for your next adventure outside, you should keep the following factors in mind:

1). Material

Camping is a rough activity. People normally use blankets whenever they need to sit on harsh surfaces. For this reason, you need to focus on pocket blankets made from strong material that is tear-resistant.

You need to know that a sharp stick or rock won’t pierce your pocket blanket. This is why nylon is popular. It has a reputation for being puncture and tear-resistant. The same goes for polyester.

2). Size

The size of the blanket is going to depend on the purpose you have in mind. If you need a blanket to sit on, look for a size that can accommodate you and everyone else with whom you will share the blanket.

If you want to use the blanket for a picnic, find a size that can accommodate all the food-related items it will support. The size should fit the purpose.

3). Portability

All pocket blankets are light. So, portability isn’t really an issue. That being said, some blankets are more portable than others. They can be folded into smaller shapes and sizes and stuffed into narrower corners and crevices than others.

The best blankets are ridiculously large, capable of accommodating a multitude of individuals, and yet you can still fold them into the smallest of sizes. This is what you should aim for, a blanket that is large when unfolded but small when folded.

4). Water

There is a difference between water resistance and waterproof. A waterproof blanket will keep water out at all times. A water-resistant blanket will keep most water out but some of it will leak through if the volume exceeds its parameters.

Look at the description of the blanket to figure out whether it is waterproof or water-resistant. Most people think that they are the same thing but that isn’t true.

5). Anchors

Because pocket blankets are so light, the wind can just as easily lift them off the ground and blow them away. This is why the best blankets in this category are expected to have inbuilt anchors of some sort that will keep them grounded.

You should also consider the price. The best blankets have features that justify their price tag. For the most part, you should only focus on blankets you can afford. However, you should never buy excessively cheap pocket blankets because they will disappoint you.

If you think you understand the points above and you are ready to start looking for your own pocket blanket, consider the products below. These are the best blankets of this kind on the market. One of them is bound to suit your needs.

While you are encouraged to read our reviews, you can save some time by simply looking through the comparison table below. It has all the information you need to make the right selection.

Top 7 Best Pocket Blanket Reviews

1. Matador Pocket Blanket 2.0

Matador Pocket Blanket 2.0 New Version, Picnic, Beach, Hiking, Camping....

At 3.8 ounces, this is a compact, lightweight blanket that can be used for camping, hiking or on the beach. It has stakes to secure it in place and decent resistance to water and tearing.

The fact that it is so thin is a problem because it becomes quite difficult to fold in windy weather. However, it is large enough to justify the inconvenience. People use the product all the time whenever they require some sort of mat.

And it is much easier to take out than it is to put back. As its name suggests, the blanket can actually fit in your pocket. So, portability isn’t an issue. Don’t expect it to protect you from all moisture.

It is resistant to water. It is not waterproof. Keep that in mind before trusting it in wet conditions. You also shouldn’t expect it to keep you warm on extremely cold nights.


The manufacturer used a ripstop nylon non-breathable material. Like a windbreaker, it is supposed to trap your body heat, keeping you warm where necessary.

Because it is thin, your pets might rip it apart. It is not quite as tear-resistant as some suggest


One of the product’s biggest attractions is the inbuilt metal ground stakes which are rustproof. They are perfect for windy conditions because they act as corner weights.

The top has a special finish that will prevent the blanket from sticking to your skin. As far as portability is concerned, the product has an easy-to-pack pattern and integrated storage pouch that is supposed to simplify storage. Though the thin build counteracts this advantage.


1). Inbuilt metal ground stakes

2). Water-resistant

3). Easy to transport


1). Not waterproof

2). Too thin

3). Difficult to fold and pack

2. Matador Mini-Pocket Blanket

Matador Mini Pocket Blanket, Ultralight Hiking Picnic Blanket/Beach Blanket

This blanket is perfect for individuals that are always taking unplanned trips, especially if they are going to the beach, hiking, for a picnic, a concert, etc. Like most pocket blankets, this one is small enough to fit in your pocket.

You are also free to hang it on a chain. It stands at 44 inches x 28 inches once you finally unfold it. There is plenty of space to keep one person comfortable. If you intend to venture into damp and wet conditions, the blanket has a decent amount of resistance to water and punctures.

In the right conditions, it will keep you clean and dry. You should know that there is no way to stake it down. Additionally, it isn’t quite as large and thick as some people would like. It is unlikely to keep you insulated from the ground.


The blanket is made from ripstop nylon and polyester. People have compared it to the material of a parachute or a tent. You can lie on it but it isn’t big enough to cover you in a satisfactory manner.


The blanket won’t keep you warm. It will simply act as a barrier between you and the ground. You are also unlikely to find comfort by covering yourself with it. The sheet will keep water out but the stitching will let it pass.

As such, the product is water-resistant rather than being waterproof. It features a pattern that makes it easy to pack. It also has an attached storage pouch that will simplify transportation. There is enough space for one person or two people sitting beside one another.


1). Easy to pack pattern

2). Integrated storage pouch

3). Water-resistant fabric


1). No way to stake the blanket down

2). Not waterproof

3). Too small and thin

3. Tough Outdoors Pocket Blanket

Beach & Picnic Pocket Blanket - Sandproof & Waterproof Camping & Hiking...

If you are tired of carrying heavy and clunky blankets whenever you venture into the wildness, this pocket blanket is as portable as they come, weighing only 4.8 ounces. It can fit comfortably in your pocket.

And once you take it out, you can sit on it even in wet conditions, creating a barrier between you and the ground. Most people think that blankets only exist to cover you.

But this acts as a storage device. It has a pocket that you can use to store some of your smaller valuables such as smartphones and sunscreen.

It isn’t that difficult to clean. You can use your hands or throw it in a machine. It must be air-dried. Don’t use a dryer. You should know that it is very thin. You can feel everything beneath you when you sit on the blanket and this can create discomfort.


It is unclear as to what the blanket is made from. Like most pocket blankets, this one is thin and water-resistant. As such, it probably uses some form of nylon and polyester.


The blanket cannot keep the water out in all situations but it offers enough resistance to keep you dry in most situations. The storage pockets are much appreciated because they allow users to keep their smaller valuables out of sight.

If your location is plagued by wind, the blanket comes with corner weights that will keep it in place. The manufacturer says that the product is puncture-proof. As such, you don’t have to worry about sharp objects like keys leaving marks and cuts on its surface.


1). Easy to clean

2). Corner weights

3). Storage Pockets


1). Too thin. You can feel everything on the ground beneath you

4. Outdoor Picnic Blanket by HZJOYUE

HZJOYUE Foldable Beach Blanket (71' x 55') -Compact, Lightweight Sand Proof...

This multi-functional blanket will come in handy in a variety of situations. You can use it at the beach, during camping, hiking, etc. It is versatile in its uses because it is small, lightweight, and easy to carry.

You can fold it and stuff in a small pouch that can fit in your pocket with ease. It has a mechanism that allows you to hook it onto a bag, simplifying transportation.

While you can throw the blanket in a machine or use your hands, you can also just shake it until all the debris and dust falls away. Because of the nature of its makeup, any stains you encounter can be wiped away with ease. Though, you should know that the corner straps are somewhat weak. The loops have been known to snap.


The blanket uses a synthetic material comparable to what you find in parachutes. It is water-resistant but not waterproof. If the ground below is very wet, you will probably get damp.


Besides its resistance to water, the blanket is sand proof. It comes with a pouch for easier storage and it is large enough to hold four people. You should expect four free stakes to anchor the blanket and four corner pockets.


1). Easy to clean

2). Sand proof and water-resistant

3). Four free stakes


1). Not waterproof

2). The loops used with the stakes are weak

5. Aurum Brand Outdoor Beach Mat

Aurum Brand Outdoor Beach Mat | Compact Pocket Blanket | 55' by 71' |...

Designed to resist every element that might bring you discomfort, this blanket is meant to last a long time despite extensive use. The material is thin but it is strong and durable. At 55 inches x 71 inches, it is large enough to fit four sitting adults.

It will keep you dry in wet conditions and cool in warm conditions because the material can reflect the heat of the sun. This is the sort of blanket that you can trust at the beach or on a camping trip. It is light and compact, so you can take it with you wherever you go.


The blanket is made from heavy-duty ripstop nylon which is a tough, long-lasting material that is expected to resist punctures and tears.


The blanket is large enough to serve the needs of multiple people. It is easy to wash but it dries fast. Not only is it water-resistant but it has unique properties that prevent it from heating up. This makes it perfect for people that must hike through sunny regions.

The material is so thin that you can fold it with ease before storing it in your pocket. However, the fact that it is so thin also means that you can feel any hard and rocky surfaces below.

You get a storage bag with a carabiner clip for storage purposes. You also get a small zipper pocket to store your keys and phone.


1). Heavy-duty

2). Large enough to accommodate four people

3). Fast drying


1). Very thin

6. Smart R&R Pocket Blanket

Smart R&R Pocket Blanket – Lightweight, Durable, Compact, Water...

Pocket blankets are supposed to be lightweight and portable. This one is no different. It is designed for adventurous customers that are always venturing into the wild.

Even if you have an ordinary camping blanket, you are still encouraged to take one of these with you for emergencies. You never know when you might want to sit on a wet patch of ground.

The blanket is just as effective for picnics or any other activity that requires a surface that can insulate you from the ground. While the blanket can fit in your pocket, it comes with a small pouch that you can use for storage.

In most cases, you can trust it to protect you from harsh weather conditions. However, the product comes with a 1-year warranty.


The blanket is made from durable nylon fabric that is resistant to water and tearing.


As was mentioned above, the blanket serves a number of purposes. You can use it as a camping blanket, a picnic mat or a yoga mat. Beach bums rely on products like this all the time.

It stands at 4 inches x 3 inches when you fold it. And since it only weighs 4.5 ounces, it is quite easy to store and carry in your pocket or bag. Once it is unfolded, the blanket stands at 53 inches x 44 inches which is decent.

The manufacturer designed it to be waterproof, weather-resistant, and tear-resistant. This will prevent sharp twigs and pebbles from puncturing it when you lay it out on the ground.

The satin finish is supposed to prevent the item’s surface from sticking to your skin. The four 8-inch weighted corners will keep it anchored. You also get carry loops and a header with pockets. It only takes ten seconds to retrieve and set it up.


1). Multi-functional

2). Easy to carry and store

3). Four 8-inch weighted corners and header with pockets


1). No ground stakes

7. MoMo Outdoors Pocket Blanket

MoMo Outdoors Pocket Blanket – 55″x60″ Waterproof Beach Blanket –...

If you are going to the beach, a music festival or sporting event, and you need a blanket, this product has you covered. It is the perfect accessory for such situations because it is so easy to store, carry, and retrieve.

It doesn’t take long to pull it out and lay it out on the ground. You can have a picnic blanket ready to go in mere seconds. And yet it is so light, weighing mere ounces; it barely registers when you fold it and hold it in the palm of your hand.

It will separate you from the dirt on the ground, keep you safe from harm whenever you sit on rocky surfaces, protect you from the coarseness of the sand on the beach and keep the wind at bay at a campsite.

You can use it as a wind stopper or a rainfly. It serves so many purposes.


The item is made from 100 percent puncture-resistant ripstop Nylon which, as its name suggests, is strong enough to resist punctures caused by sticks, sharp stones and the like.


The blanket is compact. You can set it up in less than a minute if you know what you’re doing. It is large enough to accommodate three people sitting comfortably on it. It comes with inbuilt metal ground stakes that anchor it, preventing the blanket from being blown away by a strong wind.

The fabric from which it is made is waterproof and sand proof. It is also quite easy to clean.


1). Inbuilt metal ground stakes

2). Can accommodate three people

3). Waterproof, sand proof, and puncture-resistant


If all you’ve ever wanted was a portable blanket you could take with you wherever you went without the item becoming an inconvenience, you cannot go wrong with the pocket blankets above.

They feature every attribute you want in a pocket blanket, including portability, ease of washing, and resistance to water, sand, punctures and the like. While they are unlikely to keep you warm, the blankets above can be trusted to keep water and dirt away, creating the perfect barrier between your body and the ground.

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