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7 Best Pregnancy Body Pillow in 2021 – A Guide for a Peaceful Recline During Pregnancy

Are you suffering from sleepless nights trying to adjust your body along with the baby bump on the bed? Pregnancy is a phase during which the mother should follow a healthy lifestyle including good food and peaceful uninterrupted sleeping cycles. However, the rapid changes the body goes through during this phase makes it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. Are you a to-be-mom going through a similar phase or a to-be-dad finding a solution for your partner? Well, your search ends here because the solution to your problem is a pregnancy pillow.

A pregnancy pillow is one of the most popular and medically recommended solutions for pregnant women. Its benefits are not only restricted to make sleeping easier for the would-be mother but also provide relief by easing common aches and pains in the body. A pregnancy pillow unlike regular pillows is specially designed for accommodating the belly bump precisely during sleeping or taking rest. However, the usage of a pregnancy pillow might last till pregnancy and beyond.

Pregnancy Pillow

During the phase of pregnancy, the body takes on more weight than usual. This extra weight can be really painful, especially on the lower back and the legs. Moreover, the restlessness that comes with pregnancy can also result in disturbed patterns of sleep. Nonetheless, the would-be mother needs to maintain a sleeping position that does not harm the baby. The one-stop solution for all these issues is a maternity pillow.

A pregnancy pillow will certainly enhance the quality of sleep. Moreover, the maternity pillow is available in different shapes, sizes, and fillings. The buyer gets to choose from a variety of options. Moreover, for experienced mothers, it is important to reconsider their choice as the second pregnancy might pose new challenges.

This guide explains it all. Starting from the why to the when and what of pregnancy pillows, the buyer is provided a complete understanding of the maternity pillows so that they can go in for the perfect purchase. So do not be worried about buying the best pregnancy pillow. Go through the guide and you will know the perfect answer to all your pregnancy woes.

7 Best Pregnancy Pillow – Everything You Need to Know

Some buyers might question the necessity of a pregnancy pillow and justify the answer with the usage of a normal pillow, which according to them might sound just fine! However, a pregnancy pillow is not just any cushion. It is precisely designed to support the changing shape and contour of the body and also provide relief to the pressure points of the body. The maternity pillow supports the different sleeping positions that a mother would be in throughout the night.

The pillow also keeps the mother from assuming sleeping positions that would be harmful or uncomfortable for the baby bump. Thus, to understand the need for these magical sleep pillows let us dig deep into the why of pregnancy pillows.

Why do we need pregnancy pillows?

Pregnancy is one of the most vulnerable phases that a woman can go through during her lifetime. A stressed body, an anxious mind, and unprecedented changes in the body can make it difficult. In these times she must get proper rest and sleep. Full body pregnancy pillow serves the best for such a need. Here are some valid reasons, which make it necessary for a good night’s sleep.

  • Body Condition – Pregnancy is associated with several body conditions like hormonal imbalance, heartburn, and stress. Constant anticipation about labor pain and the entire experience also leads to restlessness. A to-be-mother might also not be able to find the right sleeping position with the baby bump, which is irksome. The best pregnancy pillow becomes very useful to ease such a condition. The pillow certainly can help with full-body support and enhance sleep.
  • Assuage the aches and pains – One of the major changes that the body goes through during pregnancy is that it takes on extra weight. This weight puts much pressure on the lower portion of the body including the legs and hips leading to severe back pain. It is important to allow the body to rest by sleeping peacefully. A body pregnancy pillow does just that by providing comfort and support to these pressure points and alleviating the pain.
  • Enhanced Blood Circulation – Side sleeping is a recommended sleeping posture because it results in better blood circulation in the body. However, side sleeping would be a difficult task for pregnant women because of the baby bump. The best pregnancy pillows with their soft cupping cushions are ideal for side sleeping with a bump and facilitate better circulation of blood in the mother’s body.
  • Better Sleep Cycles – A safe and secured pregnancy is the priority and it can be achieved with proper rest and good sleep. The best pregnancy pillows execute just that with their soft front and back support.
  • Pregnancy and Beyond –A pregnancy pillow can be used even after delivery for holding the baby better during breastfeeding. Moreover, the best pregnancy pillows come with therapeutic benefits and can prove to be useful even beyond pregnancy.
  • Sleep position – With a pregnancy pillow it will not be difficult to adjust to the growing changes in the body while sleeping. The pillow helps to maintain the body posture at the time of sleep by keeping the back portion of the body along with the neck and hips in alignment. Moreover, rolling onto one’s back while sleeping or being a stomach sleeper can harm the baby. Best pregnancy pillows prevent such sleep positions.

How does a body pregnancy pillow work?

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A body pregnancy pillow is specifically engineered to provide support to the body by relieving the pain at the stress points. The body pillow aims to ease you up and envelope you with its soft texture. The three main areas of the body that gets support from the body pillow are behind the back, under the belly, and in between the two legs. The AngQi Pregnancy Pillow with a Jersey Cover is one of the best examples of a pregnancy pillow.

When can you start using a pregnancy pillow?

The best time to start using a pregnancy pillow is when you feel uncomfortable at night especially while changing positions during sleep. Moreover, after 20 weeks of pregnancy, the expectant mother starts developing a bump, which increases her body weight causing pain and discomfort. The best time to start using a maternity pillow is at that time.

What are the different types of pregnancy pillows?

There are different types of pregnancy pillows. Each type has its functions and benefits and provides support to some particular areas of the body. Buyers should understand here that the selection of the perfect maternity pillow is relative and there is no single pillow that serves it all. Buyers need to be mindful of their needs while making the selection. The broad categories of the body pillow can be listed down as follows.

1. Full-Length Pregnancy Pillows

A full-length pregnancy pillow is an ideal option for side sleepers. It does not feature full-body support and is more or less like a normal pillow only longer in size. It offers support to the stomach, arms, and legs when embraced. It also helps to keep the back in alignment when the pillow is placed in between the knees. A full-length pregnancy pillow provides support to only one side of the body. Flexible and straight full-length pillows are the two types available.

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A straight full-length pillow is made up of materials that cannot be molded or shaped accordingly. However, flexible full-length pillows are made up of soft filling that makes them more prone to flex and bend according to the comfort of the user. The INSEN Full Length Pillow can be referred to take a look at these pillows.

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2. Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

A full-body pregnancy pillow spoons the entire body and provides support on multiple sides. A full-body pillow is one of the most popular choices because of the quotient of comfort that it can offer. They are generally used during the second trimester of pregnancy. Essentially, there are two types of full-body pillow – the C-shaped pregnancy pillow and the U-shaped pillow.

Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

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The C-shaped pregnancy pillow provides support to the back or the stomach depending on the part with which you need help. Moreover, a C-shaped pillow is placed between the knees keeping the hips and leg parallel. It also supports the neck by keeping it aligned with the back. The C shape helps in easing back pain as well. The buyers might take a look at the INSEN Pregnancy Pillow to get a better understanding of the C shaped pillows

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The U-shaped pillow on the other hand provides support to the entire body. It is an ideal pregnancy pillow for those who are sleep on their back as it keeps them from rolling over. Moreover, women who switch sides during sleep will also find the U shape comfortable. The design of a U shape has also enabled the pillow to be placed in between the knees and keep the hips and leg parallel. It keeps the entire body in alignment. It also helps with front and back pain. The Momcozy Pregnancy Pillow appears like a perfect example.

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3. Wedge Pillow

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A wedge pillow is one of the cheapest and long-lasting solutions for pregnancy woes. It is available in variable shapes of a triangle and circle. A wedge pillow has multiple functions and can be used even after delivery. It can be placed exactly below the area of the body that needs support. For instance, one can just place it under the stomach while resting or sleeping. Moreover, wedge pillows take up very little space and are a much cooler option. The OCCObaby Pregnancy Pillow is a perfect example of a wedge pillow and also comes with a travel bag.

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4. Bean Pillow

A bean pillow comes in the shape of a bean and is used for supporting a specific part of the body. Unlike a wedge, a bean pillow is compact and portable. It is ideal to be carried for traveling. However, it is not as comfortable as a wedge pillow.

5. Inflatable Pregnancy Pillow

An inflatable pregnancy pillow works similarly to that of an air mattress. It can be inflated according to the comfort level of the user. Moreover, a back sleeper can have the time of her life as inflatable pillows permit resting on the stomach by accommodating the bump inside the hole which prevents putting any pressure on the unborn baby.

Now, that you know about the different types of pregnancy pillows available, let us go through the factors that are essential to consider before buying a pregnancy pillow. The list of factors provided here will give the buyer an all-around view of the product. Moreover, he or she will be able to determine the exact type and quality of pregnancy pillow needed.

How to choose the best pregnancy pillow?

Choosing the best pregnancy pillow depends on the consideration of several facts. Given here is the best-compiled list of factors to go through before you dive in for the perfect purchase. With all the options and features that the various pregnancy pillows have to offer choosing, the correct one might seem like a strenuous task. Well, not anymore. The following points will certainly help you in your pillow-finding quest.

1. Pillow Size

One of the foremost considerations before buying the pillow would be determining the size of the pillow that you are looking for. The buyer should be mindful of the fact that the size of a pregnancy pillow can range from the standard size of a wedge pillow to the huge size of a U-shaped one. One of the best methods to find out about the size you need is by contemplating these necessary questions.

  • What is the size of the bed in which you sleep?
  • Do you sleep alone or with others?
  • Are you looking for a portable pillow?
  • Do you have enough room to keep the pillow when you are not using it?

2. Pillow Shape

The next crucial factor that the buyers should look out for is the shape of the pillow. A pregnancy pillow might come in a long shape to provide one-sided support. It might also come in a C shape or a U shape and has to be tucked between the knees to get support.

Here, it must be mentioned that a C-shaped pillow supports either the back or the stomach depending on the need of the user whereas a U-shaped pillow provides support to the entire structure. Women who switch sides in sleep should opt for a U-shaped pillow. Next, wedge pillows support specific parts like cradling the bump or supporting the lower back. Thus, the buyer must decide the type of support she needs before making the purchase.

3. Pillow Filling

The filling of the pillow is a crucial factor as it determines the softness of the pillow and the degree of comfort that it can provide. There are a variety of fillings that the pregnancy pillows come with. We have attempted to list out the fillings for the convenience of the buyers.

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  • Polyester fiber or Styrofoam – The polyester filling of the pillow is one of the cheaper and lightweight options. However, it is not a breathable fiber and tends to trap heat and dust. Styrofoam on the other hand gives the pillow a very soft edge. However, they are not recommended for extensive use. Buyers can take a look at the Meiz Pregnancy Pillow for a better understanding.
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  • Memory Foam – The memory foam adjusts according to the changing contours and is advisable for relieving aches and pains. A memory foam filling is one of the most popular options.
  • Micro-beads – Micro-beads are lightweight and feel like sand. They have a soft texture and can provide comfort.
  • Buckwheat – One of the best pregnancy pillow fillings is buckwheat filled in a cotton bag. It is organic and does not capture heat and dust. It also has greater durability.
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  • Air – It is one of the most common fillings and is used in inflated pregnancy pillows. It is often preferred by travelers and stomach sleepers. HOLO The Original Inflatable Pregnancy Pillow seems like the perfect example.
  • Therapeutic pillow –The therapeutic pillow is the one recommended by experts. It has a polyester pouch, which is filled with water and can provide immediate relief to the head, neck, and upper back region.
  • Organic filling – Filled with Eco-friendly materials like kapok, cotton, and wool, these pillows have no chemical content and are ideal for women suffering from dust allergies. However, they are not at all durable.

4. Pillow Fabric

The buyer should make it a point to check whether the pillow cover is machine washable or not. Some pillows come with the option of a removable cover and some do not. It is much important to keep the pillow clean during pregnancy to keep the mother and child safe from any kind of allergy or infection.

5. Sleep posture and Trimester

This is another important factor that needs to be considered before going in for the perfect purchase. The sleeping posture along with the trimester the mother is going through can make a difference in the type of pregnancy pillows preferred.

The first trimester marks the beginning of the struggle. By the time, the second trimester begins the stomach sleepers should consider sleeping on their left as that is the ideal side for circulation according to the National Sleep Foundation. The third-trimester barges in with increased weight and a lot of pain. Thus, the buyer should make an informed decision about the choice.

6. Price

The pregnancy pillow comes within an affordable range. However, if you are looking for high-end products then they might be a bit expensive.


What is the life expectancy of the best pregnancy pillow?

The life expectancy of any product depends on the way it is handled after use. Pregnancy pillows lose their durability with time. Moreover, they can also catch dust and bacteria if not washed and dried properly after use. It is highly recommended to get a pillow that has a machine washable cover. Nonetheless, pregnancy pillows can also be used after delivery and is a great help for the mother during breastfeeding her baby.

Why normal pillows do not work during pregnancy?

Normal pillows do not possess the durability and the weight-taking ability of the bump. They tend to lose shape too fast and cannot provide relief to the pressure points. Moreover, with the sleeping posture that a pregnant woman might pose for a good night’s sleep, it is difficult to manage with a normal pillow as it keeps slipping. This can be irksome for an expectant mother. Thus, it is advisable to go for a maternity pillow instead of the regular one.

What are the different ways to sleep well during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, one should drink a lot of fluid. Including exercise and Yoga in the daily routine will also help in blood circulation. Moreover, eating simple and small meals before going to bed with a customized pregnancy pillow will certainly result in improved sleep patterns.


These are all the pointers, factors, and features that the buyer should be mindful of while purchasing a pregnancy pillow. The best pregnancy pillows will tend to support your growth and ease the pain during the final trimester period. There are various pillows, which come in different shapes and sizes and support different parts of the body.

The buyer should be able to analyze not only her need but also the other associated factors like space, filling, and fabric. For instance, the U-shaped pillow might appear very comfortable but takes up a lot of space and is difficult to clean. A wedge pillow on the other hand takes less space and is easily washable. However, unlike a U-shaped pregnancy pillow, a wedge does not provide support to the full body.

This guide will help take you through all the obvious questions and let you emerge at the right choice of the best pregnancy pillows. Wishing you all the best for your purchase. Happy buying!

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