Top 7 Best Quilt Batting Reviews 2020

Many of you have probably never heard of batting. This is because you are new to quilting and you haven’t yet encountered the term. That is perfectly fine. This is as good a time as any to become acquainted with batting.

Batting is a sheet of material that is placed between the top and bottom layers of the fabric used in a quilt. It is inserted to define the quilt, not to mention providing loft and texture.

Most importantly, batting makes the quilt warm. It acts as a layer of insulation. It comes in various sizes and weights. Made from silk, cotton, bamboo, polyester, wool, and the like, you can get it in several levels of loft and thickness as well.

Batting is not only used in quilting. People can apply it to bags, pillows, pot holders, etc. It is a versatile material that you should quickly acquire if you want to dip your toes into quilting. The best quilt batting will enhance your quilt projects.

What is Quilt Batting?

This is the filling found in quilts. It is the material that makes them warm and heavy. It can be made from cotton, polyester, wool and bamboo fibers. You cannot see the batting but it will affect the look and feel of the quilt.

Why You Need Quilt Batting?

You don’t have to use batting. People think that quilts are synonymous with batting. They think that you can’t have one without the other. However, that isn’t true. You can make summer quilts that do not have batting of any kind.

That being said, plenty of people use quilt batting because it is beneficial. They like the fact that it performs functions such as the following:

1). Warmth

Batting is responsible for the warmth you find in a quilt. It traps heat, making the quilt cozier than it might have been without the batting. This, in turn, makes the quilt more comfortable. The breathability and levels of warmth delivered will depend on the type of material used to make the batting.

2). Aesthetic

The batting is going to impact the look of the quilt. To be more specific, it will give the quilt dimension and definition. Whether it is flat or puffy, stiff or flexible will depend on the type of batting and what you want.

3). Feel

The batting is going to give your quilt that attractive crinkly texture and loft for which quilt batting is known. This adds to the comfort it delivers and its visual appearance.

If you have never used batting before but you would like to start now because you appreciate the benefits it will bring to your projects, the list below has the best quilt batting on the market. So, you might as well start with one of these products.

One of them is bound to suit your needs. Read through the reviews and see if any of these items appeal to you. If you don’t have the time, use the comparison table.

It has all the information you require to make an educated decision.

Top 7 Best Quilt Batting Reviews

1. Warm Company Batting 2391 Natural Cotton batting

Warm Company Batting 2391 72-Inch by 90-Inch Warm and Natural Cotton...

This is warm and cozy batting that seems a little thin at the start. But it doesn’t take you long to realize that the thin construction makes it easier to work with. Available in natural creamy colors, you should expect some slight shrinkage but not so much that it affects your enjoyment of the product.

The thickness is even throughout which isn’t always the case with products of this kind. The product is completely safe and natural, and it washes well.

Don’t let its wrinkled appearance fool you when it first arrives. You can blame the creases on the fact that it was folded. Once you stretch or iron it, the batting will quickly smooth out.


The batting is supposed to be 100 percent USA-grown cotton that has been punched with hundreds of needles through a thin base material to prevent tearing, shifting and the like.

But the batting is actually 87.5 percent cotton. The other 12.5 percent is a synthetic polymer. In other words, the batting isn’t quite as natural as it wants people to think.


This batting is suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Standing at 90 inches x 72 inches, it doesn’t require pre-washing. The manufacturer is proud of the fact that they only use the cleanest natural cotton that has been washed thoroughly to remove all the harsh chemicals.

This cotton is safer and more environmentally friendly. The mechanical process used to treat it removes elements like seeds and stem remnants that might harm your quilt.

+Washing and Care

Wash and dry the finished product in a machine with cold water. The manufacturer encourages consumers to expect up to 3 percent shrinkage as a result of the first wash.

Warm water will cause 5 percent shrinkage, delivering the antique puckered look that people like.


1). Ideal for indoor and outdoor use

2). Machine washable

3). Soft, warm and easy to work with


1). Wrinkled and creased on arrival

2). Not pure cotton

2. WARM COMPANY Warm and Natural Cotton Batting by the Yard

WARM COMPANY (2131) Warm and Natural Cotton Batting by The Yard, 90-Inch by...

It is less wasteful to get batting like this in a large roll. Yes, it is thin but that only makes it easier to work with. Washing is easy. You should also know that it causes the sort of slight shrinkage that benefits the quilt, giving it an attractive texture. It will give your quilt that old fashioned aesthetic that so many people love.

It is warm and not quite as bulky as you might expect.


This 30-pound batting is made from 100 percent US-grown cotton that is punched with several hundred needles through a thin base material, preventing tearing, shifting and migrating

Though, it is worth noting that only 87 percent of the material is cotton. The other 12 percent is synthetic polymer fibers.


The batting won’t separate, bunch or beard. Ideal for both indoors and outdoors, no glue was used to hold the fibers together which is why the quilting needle can pass through the batting with ease.

Washing and Care

The batting is machine washable after quilting.


1). Thin and easy to work with

2). The needle slides easily through the batting because the fibers are not held together with glue

3). No need to pre-wash


1). Has synthetic components

3. Mountain Mist Polyester Quilt Batting

Mountain Mist Polyester Quilt Batting, Craft 36-inch-by-45-inch

This is another US-made batting. This one is made from wholly synthetic material. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially since many of the people that have used the batting say that it is quite easy to work with. Lightweight and easy to maneuver, the batting is versatile, proving useful in a variety of indoor and outdoor scenarios.

Don’t expect a high-end material. That being said, you can trust the batting to get the job done.


The product is made from 100 percent polyester. It has a medium loft ranging from ¼ inches-3/8 inches.


The batting is incredibly soft. It also immediately draws your eye. You can blame this on the exclusive glazene finish. Not only is it fascinating to look at but it will prevent migration of the fibers.

Some people think it’s too thin. Others will tell you that it is easy to handle and needle, and it drapes beautifully. You can quilt or tie it up to 5 inches apart.


1). Medium loft

2). Easy to handle and needle

3). Drapes beautifully.


1). Synthetic

2). Too thin for some people

4. Angel Crafts and Sewing Cotton Batting for Quilts

Angel Crafts and Sewing Cotton Batting for Quilts: Purely Natural All...

This sturdy batting is versatile, compatible with all season quilting. Easy to handle and clean, it will help you create the sort of quilt you will spend years admiring. It has a low loft that will contribute to your quilt’s distinct antique look.

And it delivers on the promises of the manufacturer regardless of whether you are quilting by hand or machine. Because it is made from natural components, the batting is quite soft.

You don’t have to use sprays and pins to keep it in place. It tends to lay flat. The thin and lightweight build works in your favor because it makes the batting easier to work with, not harder.

And in case you were wondering, the thickness is perfectly consistent. There are no lumps or bumps to throw you off. Considering the material from which it is made, you would expect the batting to have a chemical smell on arrival. But it doesn’t.

As such, you are free to start using it from the moment it arrives. There is no need to first wash it. It is definitely too thin for projects like bed quilts. It is also quite stretchy. Keep that in mind before proceeding.


The batting is made from 100 percent natural cotton. It is a low loft fabric roll for upholstery, quilting, pillows, and the like.


You can use this all-season microwave-safe batting for a warm blanket wrap. It works best with lightweight projects. Because it is thin, it is also easy to needle by hand or machine.

No pre-shrinking is required. It won’t separate, bunch, or shift. You can stitch up to 8 inches apart.

Washing and Care

The batting is machine washable


1). Won’t separate, bunch, or migrate

2). No pre-shrinking required

3). Microwave safe

4). Easy to needle by hand or machine


1). Too thin for heavy projects

2). Stretchy

5. Quilters Dream Natural Cotton White Select Batting

Quilters Dream Natural Cotton White Select Batting (93in x 72in) Twin

This is natural US-made batting made from organic material. You can get it in various weights and styles ranging from ‘select + Deluxe Bundle’ to ‘Twin + Double Bundle’. You can get batting that is as thin or heavy as your project requires.

Ironing isn’t necessary but you can still lightly iron your batting if that is what you want. In most cases, it is enough to simply place it in a dryer on a low heat setting for a few minutes. It is always quite beautiful when it comes out.

While it is white, the nature of the fiber won’t allow the colors to look quite as stark as some people might prefer. Some customers have called it off-white. Ultimately, it is adequate.


This product is made from 100 percent cotton, a safe, natural, environmentally friendly material that is easy to work with.


This batting is a quilter’s dream. It is made with the finest cotton from the US. This gives you an idea of the quality of the material. The fabric has been punched with needles.

The product has a solid construction that does not permit shifting or lumping. Boasting a thermal value of ‘R=3.8’ which is quite high, it is warm in the winter and moisture-wicking in the summer, keeping you cool and dry.

Washing and Care

The batting is machine washable. Use cold water. You can tumble dry it on a low heat setting.


1). 100 percent Cotton

2). Easy to wash

3). Made in a manner that prevents shifting and lumping

6. Warm Company 90 Inch x 96 Inch warm and White Batting

Warm Company 90-Inch by 96-Inch Warm & White Cotton Batting

This full-size batting is compatible with both indoor and outdoor use. Designed to resist shifting, tearing and the like, the product isn’t completely natural. Rather, it features synthetic fibers that add to its durability and versatility.

You should know that it doesn’t have much of a loft. The thickness is 1/8 inches. You must fold it several times before proceeding with your work. The batting is more of a natural color than true white.

You might actually see specks if you look closely enough. However, the color will accentuate the white background you are using rather than making it look dull.


The manufacturer calls the material 100 percent cotton grown in the US. But it has a thin base that consists of polymer fibers. Keep that in mind before buying the batting.


This is convenient batting that won’t bunch or beard. You don’t have to worry about tearing, shifting, migrating or creeping through the fabric because the cotton is punched with hundreds of needles through a thin base material.

The fibers are held together without glue. As a result, the needle will glide through the batting with ease as you quilt. Not only is pre-washing not necessary but you can quilt up to 10 inches apart.

Washing and Care

The batting is machine washable.


1). Fit for indoor and outdoor use

2). No need to pre-wash

3). Machine washable


1). There is no loft to the batting

7. Fairfield SNTY4505 Soft and Toasty Natural Cotton Batting

Fairfield SNTY4505 Soft and Toasty Natural 100-Percent Cotton Batting, Low...

This batting is sold by the yard, in a four-pack, three-pack, and a two-pack. It will give your quilts that crinkly texture everyone wants when they leave the dryer. Even though it is made from organic material, it has some synthetic components that augment the strength, allowing people to use the batting for quilts that will see a lot of wear.

Because of the material from which it is made, the batting is microwaveable. This adds to its convenience. You should know that it is thin, boasting a 3/16-inch lift. But the material is nice and warm, perfect for the summer.


The batting is made from 100 percent cotton. But it has a light scrim of polyester that holds it together, making the batting stronger. It is part of the reason why washing is so easy.


The batting has less than 3 percent shrinkage. It sews smoothly, perfect for appliques. No pre-soaking is necessary. It will resist shifting, gathering and bearding. The package you get has a 5-yard bolt 45 inches wide.

Washing and Care

Machine washable


1). Microwaveable

2). No pre-soaking required

3). 100 percent cotton


1). Thin


The products above speak for themselves. They are mostly organic, featuring cotton which is a soft, breathable, natural material. But they also use polyester which enhances their strength and holds their shape.

They are machine washable, they don’t require pre-soaking or washing and they prevent shifting, migrating, bearding, bunching and the like. In other words, they meet every expectation you might have for the best quilt batting.

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