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Top 12 Best Silk Sheets Reviews 2020

What do people say about silk sheets? They say that silk sheets are annoyingly slippery but that is only true if you have a habit of confusing silk with cheap satin. No one has ever fallen out of bed because of silk sheets. People also say that silk sheets are hard to maintain because they require dry cleaning. But there are plenty of high-quality silk sheets that are machine washable. Best silk sheets won’t shrink or catch your skin. All these are myths that people have spent far too much time believing. 

What are Silk Sheets?

Silk sheets are made from fabric sourced from silkworms that are fed a diet constituting mulberry leaves. Silk thread is eventually extracted from their cocoons and processed to create Charmeuse, Lilysilk and other types of silk fabric. The best silk sheets are not just stylish and aesthetically appealing. They are also soft and smooth, designed to deliver the most comfortable sleep possible.

Why you should choose Silk Sheets?

No rational human being would ever reject a set of silk sheets. They are the sort of gift that tends to steal your breath away but only if you got them for free. If you have to buy them using your hard-earned money, no one would fault you for choosing to go with a cheaper alternative. After all, Silk Sheets are very expensive.

Is the price tag worth it? Does it make rational sense to spend hundreds of dollars on a single set of silk sheets? Surprisingly enough, the answer is a resounding "Yes". Silk Sheets are expensive because they are made from an organic material that takes a lot of time and effort to produce. 

Additionally, the  silk sheets are also worth every penny you spend, warm in the winter, cool in the summer, dry and great for your sleep. Silk sheets act as a second skin. Once you buy a set, you won’t want to lie under any other material.

Their hefty price tags are a reflection of the quality you can expect to enjoy. And if you ever decide to purchase your own set of sheets, then one of these, the best silk sheets on the market, is bound to suit your needs:

 Best Silk Sheets Comparison Tables





1. Orose 4Pcs Charmeuse Mulberry Silk Bed Sheet Set

  • Seamless Deep Pocket 
  • grade (6a) long strand 100% natural mulberry silk
  • 19 Momme, 400 Thread Count

Warranty & Support-please contact the manufacturer 

2. THXSILK 19mm Silk Fitted Sheet

  • 100%  pure natural long stranded Mulberry silk.
  • 19 Momme, 400 thread count 
  • Elastic Band Design and16 inches Deep Pocket 
  • OEKO-Tex Standard 100 Certified

You can return the product within 30 days on receipt but without any damage,wash or alter

3. ZIMASILK 4 Pcs 100% Mulberry Silk Bed Sheet Set

  • 100% Mulberry Silk 
  • 19 Momme For Both Side ,
  • 600 thread count,

Contact the Manufacturer

4. ZIMASILK 100% Mulberry Silk Fitted Sheet

  • 100% mulberry silk sheets with 16" deep pocket
  • 19 Momme in both side
  • 600 thread count 
  • OEKO Certified

01 year After sale  guarantee

5. THXSILK 22 Momme Silk Sheet Set 4 Pcs, Silk Bed Sheets

  • pure long-strand mulberry silk 
  •  natural 22 momme 
  • Oeko-Tex certification

Contact the Manufacturer

6. THXSILK Silk Sheet Set 4 Pcs, 19 Momme Silk Bed Sheets

  • 100% long strand silk 
  • 400 thread count
  • It can fit mattresses up to 16 

30-days return option with 10% restocking charge

7. ilySilk 4Pcs Silk Bed Sheets Flat Sheet 

  • 6A Grade Mulberry Silk
  • 19 momme hand made sheets
  • Oeko-tex 100 certified 

 You get 45 days to return

8. LilySilk 3 Piece Queen 100 Silk Fitted Sheets

  • Hand-made Silk
  •  19 momme mulberry silk
  • Pure natural mulberry silk

 returns or exchanges within 45 days

9. ElleSilk Pure Silk Flat Sheet

  • Premium Natural Long Strand Silk Grade (6a) 
  • Protect your sheets  
  • hypoallergenic, breathable and luxuriously soft

Contact the Manufacturer

No products found.

10. ElleSilk Silk Fitted Sheet, 22 Momme, 100% Mulberry Silk

  •  (6a) Long Strand 100% Natural Mulberry Silk, 
  • 22 Momme, 600 TC
  • Stylish & Luxurious
  • Care your skin Smooth, durable

Contact the Manufacturer

11. King Silk Sheet Set 

  • Mulberry Charmeuse Silk, 
  • 22 Momme & 900 TC
  • hypo-allergenic
  • temperature regulation 
  • OEKO-TEX Certified

Contact the Manufacturer

12. Lova Home Silk Sheet Set 4Pcs for Full Bed


  • 19 Momme Mulberry Silk (100%)
  • thread count of 600
  • regulating temperature 
  •  breathable and smooth
  •  Oeko-tex 100 certified

Contact the Manufacturer

12 Best Silk Sheets Reviews

01. Orose Charmeuse Mulberry Silk Sheets

Orose 4Pcs Charmeuse Mulberry Silk Bed Sheet Set ,Seamless, Deep Pocket...

The most fascinating review of these sheets came from a consumer who couldn’t understand how the product could retain so much of his heat while remaining cool against his skin as he moved his legs underneath. It made no sense but he loved the sheets none the less.

 Another consumer hated the fact that the elastic had a tendency to stretch out after a few days. But that one failing did nothing to subtract from the beauty and comfort the silk sheets brought to the table.

No doubt some people will disparage the product for its hefty price tag but most consumers seem to agree that the sheets provide plenty of value for your money.

Comfort Levels: "Orose’" used long stand (6A, 19 Momme) mulberry silk (100 percent) to make these sheets. This explains their ability to reduce temperature irregularities whilst also keeping you dry throughout the night. Silk can naturally regulate temperature. It also absorbs moisture.

So you can trust pure mulberry silk sheets like these to bring both those attributes to bear. You will feel warm in the winter and cool in the summer.And it doesn’t really matter whether you’re a hot or cold sleeper. With a 400 thread count, you are guaranteed several hours of clean, dry, comfortable sleep.

Sizes and Color: You can get these sheets in Full, Twin, King, Queen, and Cal King sizes. That should prove sufficient for any mattress you have. The elastic corners will keep the sheets glued to the mattress.

You can get these sheets in peacock blue, Grey, Chocolate, Ivory, White, and Pink. According to consumers, the colors you get are just as rich as those you see in the pictures.

Style and Durability: This is 19 momme silk. So long as you care for the sheets and follow the washing instructions, they will retain their luster, color, and strength for a very long time.

 You don’t have to worry about loose threads or shrinkage. The sheets are seamless, made from extra wide fabric and boasting elastic corners.

You can see the advanced craftsmanship that went into making them in their soft texture and lightweight build. Moreover, these sheets are very easy to maintain. You are encouraged to hand wash these sheets using a neutral detergent.

Use warm or cold water and rub gently after soaking the sheets for a few minutes. That being said, the manufacturer has assured consumers that the sheets are machine washable in cold water. After washing the sheets dry them in the sun, not in a dryer.


  • The sheets are soft and smooth against the skin.
  •  They will reduce temperature irregularities by absorbing the moisture you produce as you sleep.
  • They have elastic corners that will glue them to the mattress.
  • You can get these sheets in a variety of sizes and colors.
  • They are easy to maintain. You can either machine wash or hand wash them.


  • The sheets are quite expensive 

02. THXSILK Bed Silk Fitted Sheets

THXSILK 19mm Silk Fitted Sheet, 1 Fitted Sheet ONLY, High End Collection...

Every consumer you talk to seems to agree that these "THXSILK Bed Silk Fitted Sheets" are real silk. That doesn’t sound like much of a revelation, not when it is associated with a product classified under the 'silk sheet' category.

And yet many of the consumers who used these sheets expressed surprise that the product they got was just as soft and smooth and comforting as real silk. This suggests that not every product advertised as silk on the internet is what it claims to be.

A lot more consumers than expected also complemented 'Taihu Snow', the manufacturer. One consumer was shocked when he reached out to them and they responded quickly and accurately. Such attentive customer support is so rare these days.

Comfort levels: The first thing you should realize is that these sheets are made from pure Mulberry Silk (19 momme). The second thing you should know is that the sheets have an OEKO-Tex Standard 100 Certificate.

In other words, they are completely organic products free of harmful chemicals. Most people associate comfortable sheets with soft and smooth sensations, and they are not wrong. However, comfort is also associated with positive experiences.

And these sheets are definitely concerned with delivering the most positive experience possible. They are made from purely organic fabric which is unlikely to stimulate any of your allergic or asthmatic ailments. You will know absolute peace and harmony.

Sizes and Color:




39 inches x 75 inches + 16 inches

Twin XL 

39 inches x 80 inches + 16 inches


54 inches x 75 inches + 16 inches


60 inches x 80 inches + 16 inches


76 inches x 80 inches + 16 inches

Cal King

72 inches x 84 inches + 16 inches

The colors advertised on the manufacturer’s website are pretty much what you will get. They include Champagne, Spalding Grey, Dark Magenta, White, Red, Metallic Gold, Purple, and Charm Pink.

Style and Durability: These sheets are professionally made, boasting elastic edges that will fit mattresses of up to 16 inches in depth. You don’t have to worry about the product shifting or slipping off the mattress while you sleep.

The 400 thread count delivers the sort of durability you require from a product this soft and delicate. Of course, proper maintenance matters. You can’t expect the sheets to stand the test of time if you permit your cat to walk all over their surface, for instance. As with most natural fabrics, if you care for the sheets, they won’t let you down.

When you see how pretty their colors are, no one will push you to wash them carefully and appropriately.

The sheets can be hand washed in low-temperature water using neutral detergents. They can also be machine washed in lukewarm water using a gentle cycle.

When it comes to drying, you are encouraged to use the sun, though the dryer is also fine if you keep the heat setting on cool.Don’t expose the sheets to the sun for too long.

You have thirty days to return the sheets after you receive them. Make sure the sheets haven’t been used or altered. You must also send the original packaging. If you exceed the first thirty days, the manufacturer will charge you a ten percent restocking fee.


  • The sheets can regulate temperature. This allows them to keep both hot and cold sleepers comfortable no matter the season.
  • The sheets are very soft, smooth, and breathable. This enables them to protect the skin.
  • The elastic edges will glue the sheets to the mattress.
  • The product is designed to wick moisture away, keeping you perfectly dry.
  • The sheets are hypoallergenic.


  • You will get 1 Fitted Sheet ONLY

03. ZIMASILK Mulberry Silk Bed Sheets

ZIMASILK 4 Pcs 100% Mulberry Silk Sheets Queen ,All Side 19 Momme Silk...

If appearance is your only concern, then the appealing look of these sheets will automatically justify their considerable price tag.

But this product does so much more. The 600 thread count guarantees strength and durability whilst also giving the sheets unrivaled softness. The mulberry silk will protect your skin and prevent your hair from becoming knotted.

Comfort levels: The sheets are made from 19 Momme Mulberry silk.19 Momme is the smoothest silk on the market. So it will produce an exquisite sensation whenever it touches your skin.

Size and Color: The sheets are available in Queen Size. When you buy the set, you will get this following items:



01 Flat Sheets 

91-inch x 102-inch

01 fitted sheets

60-inch x 80-in x h+16-inch 

02 Queen cases for your pillows

20-inch x 33-in x h+2-inch

You can get these sheets in Silver Grey, White, Taupe, and Light Plum.

Style and Durability:You can trust the 19 Momme silk to make your sheets resistant to ripping and shrinking. They will maintain their shape and tensile strength for a long time. As with most silk sheets, their refractive surface makes this item quite beautiful to behold.

Place the sheets in a mesh washing bag before inserting them into the machine. Do not wash them frequently. And when it comes to drying, avoid exposing them to direct sunlight.Position them in a shade where the air can remove the moisture.


  • The sheets are made from the most lustrous silk around. So they are very soft.
  • The product has enhanced breathability that improves comfort.
  • The Momme silk makes the sheets resistant to shrinking and ripping.
  • They will reduce facial wrinkles and also keep hair from knotting.
  • The set comes with pillowcases that are wrapped in an attractive package.


  • The sheets are a little slippery. Some consumers have complained that their pillows and silk blankets fall off from time to time.

04. ZIMASILK Mulberry Silk Fitted Sheets

ZIMASILK 100% Mulberry Silk Fitted Sheet,Seamless with Deep Pocket,Both...

You would be hard-pressed to find a single negative comment about these sheets. One man said that he purchased a set because he did not want this daughter to have so many tangles in her hair, and the sheets delivered on that front.

Various other consumers were content to describe the product as 'Nice', 'Soft', and 'Pretty'. Consumer feedback can’t get more succinct or informative than that.

Comfort Levels: The sheets were made using pure mulberry 19 momme silk. They are not only incredibly soft and smooth but also cool and breathable, enhancing the health of your skin and hair.

If you understand silk sheets, then you should know that 19 momme mulberry silk is practically unrivaled in its texture. 

The 600 thread count merely adds to the equation, making certain that you enjoy the most luxurious sleeping experience possible.

Sizes and Color: You can get these sheets in King Size (78 inches x 80 inches + 16 inches) and Queen Size. There are multiple colors to choose from, including Light Blue, Light Grey, and Natural White

Style and Durability: You should know that these sheets have an OEKO certificate. This means that they are completely natural which, in turn, tells you that they are made from pure organic silk whose fibers make some of the strongest fabrics on the market.In other words, if you treat these sheets well, they will last for years.

As with most silk sheets, this item has a nice sheen, though some people might take issue with the decorative limitations the dark and muted colors bring to the table.

The sheets are machine washable. Use a mesh washing bag. Do not expose them to the sun. Prolonged exposure will ruin the colors. You should also limit the number of times you wash the sheets.These sheets have a One Year After Sale Guarantee


  • The sheets are completely organic, made from pure mulberry silk.  
  • They have elastic all around that enables them to hold onto your mattress.
  • The product is normally shipped in an attractive Gift Box package.
  • The fabric from which the sheets are made is soft and breathable, designed to prevent wrinkles even while enhancing sleep.
  • The sheets have high tensile strength. If treated properly, they will last a long time.


  • The sheets are delicate. They require a lot of care. You can’t even expose them to the sun. They must be dried in a shade.

05. THXSILK 22 Momme Silk Ultra Soft Mulberry  Sheet Set 

THXSILK 22 Momme Silk Sheet Set 4 Pcs, Silk Bed Sheets, Luxury Bedding Sets...

These sheets do not have to work that hard to convince you that they deserve every penny you have to spend to get them.

After all, they are made from natural 22 momme silk which is as strong as it is beautiful to behold. And don’t forget the fact that the manufacturer also sends you a pair of pillow shams on top of the fitted sheet and the flat sheet.​

Hot and cold sleepers will be glad to learn that these sheets reduce hot and cold irregularities as you sleep. This comes from their moisture-wicking attributes.

Comfort Levels: These sheets are made from pure long-strand mulberry 22 momme silk. This is silk that came from the Tai Lake Basin whose fertile soils produce some of the finest mulberry leaves in the world.

This speaks to the quality of the fabric from which these sheets are made. These are 22 momme mulberry silk sheets with a 600 thread count. They will remove cold and hot irregularities, wick moisture away, and care for your skin.

They don’t even have chemical components, so asthma and allergy patients have nothing to worry about. Do not blame these sheets if you can’t sleep at night because they have been designed to deliver every form of comfort you could possibly desire.

Sizes and Color: You can get the sheets in Full, Queen, King, and Cal King Sizes. The same applies to the pillow shams. This range should adequately fit any mattress of any size that you might possess.

 'Taihu Snow' is well known for its diversity. So naturally, they offer these sheets in all manner of vibrant colors. You can get them in Silver Blue, White, Magenta, Charcoal Grey, and Light Coffee to mention but a few.

Style and Durability: When you get the sheets, you will notice that the fabric has an OEKO-Tex Standard Certificate which proves that the fabric was produced using only natural, environmentally friendly methods.

You will also notice the elastic edge which can fit mattresses of up to 16 inches, the rich, vibrant sheen, and colors strong enough to augment any bedroom’s decor.

The 600 thread count means that the sheets will survive for years without fading significantly if you properly maintain them. The two pillow shams are stunning to look at, especially with their envelope enclosures at the back and the flange on all four sides.

The sheets will survive longest if you wash them by hand. But a machine wash is also fine if you use a gentle cycle, 30-degree water, and special detergent. Avoid direct sunlight when drying. The setting in the dryer should be kept on 'cool'.

 Do not keep the sheets in the dryer for too long. More importantly, make sure the sheets are a little damp when you iron them. Keep the setting on cool while ironing.

You have to contact the manufacturer to determine their return and exchange policies with regards to this product.


  • The sheets are completely natural. No chemicals were used in their manufacture.
  • The organic makeup will prevent the sheets from eliciting allergic or asthmatic attacks.
  • The sheets are amazingly soft, smooth, comfortable.
  • Their breathability enables these sheets to protect your skin and hair.


  • Costly

06. THXSILK 19 Momme Mulberry Silk Sheets

THXSILK Silk Sheet Set 4 Pcs, 19 Momme Silk Bed Sheets, Luxury Bedding Sets...

You wouldn’t be faulted for presuming that all the best silk sheets are made from 19 Momme Silk. After all, these sheets, also made from 19 Momme silk, are so gorgeous. Crafted with ingredients from Tai Lake Basin, the sheets are gift wrapped in a cute little package. The seamless design and the bordered pillow shams immediately set THXSILK apart.You are guaranteed comfortable, restful sleep free of allergies.

Comfort Levels: The sheets are made from 19 Momme Mulberry silk nurtured in the mild climate of the Tai Lake Basin and processed in a clean, modern factory.The sheets are designed to wick moisture away. So they will keep you warm and dry in all seasons.

Sizes and Color:  You can get these sheets in Full, Queen, King, and Cal King Size. The Sheets are available in Red, Magenta, Metallic Gold, Vanilla, Black, and Slate Blue.

Style and Durability: The sheets are not only soft but beautiful to look at, devoid of hanging threads or defects. The 400 thread count will ensure that the sheets maintain their integrity even after multiple washes.

The sheets can be machine (gentle cycle) and hand washed. Use lukewarm water and mild detergents.Do not dry the product in direct sunlight. Whenever you utilize the dryer, use the cool setting. Ironing should only be done when the sheets still have some moisture.

You must return the product within 30-days to get a refund. Otherwise, the manufacturer will charge you a 10 percent restocking fee.


  • The sheets are smooth and breathable.
  • They can regulate temperature, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • The product is hypoallergenic. It doesn’t have any harmful chemicals that might stimulate asthma patients.
  • The sheets are designed to wick sweat away, keeping you continuously dry.
  • The sheets are supposed to improve the health of one’s skin.
  • The Pillowcases are soft and fluffy.


  • The product comes in a plastic wrapper that leaves an order on the sheets. They might require more than one wash to eliminate this smell.

07 . LilySilk Sheets

LilySilk 4Pcs Silk Bedding Sheets Flat Sheet Fitted Sheet Oxford...

Lilysilk sheets are made from a material that comes from the cocoons of the hardest working silkworms in the world. They are expensive because it takes so many worms so much time to produce silk in quantities sufficient enough to make silk sheets.

By investing in LilySilk, you are guaranteed the best colors in the largest variety and unrivaled sleeping experience.Additionally, The silk in these sheets contains most of the same amino acids as your skin. So it feels like a second protective skin.

Comfort Levels: This product is made from 100 percent 6A Grade Mulberry Silk.The core ingredient of this product is designed to regulate temperature, eliminate moisture and augment the health of your skin. So the sheets are the most comfortable they could possibly be.

Sizes and Color: The sheets come in Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King Size.You can get these sheets in over ten colors, including White, Light Plum, Dark Teal, Taupe, and Ivory.

Style and Durability: These sheets look like one large piece of fabric. You won’t see any seams and that will allow you to enjoy the depth of the sheen that is often associated with silk.

 As with most silk products, the durability of the sheets will depend on their maintenance. If you fail to wash and dry them properly, the sheets will ultimately break down.

The sheets can be machine washed in cold water (30 degrees centigrade). Keep the cycle gentle and put out to dry. The iron should be kept on a cool setting. Dry cleaning is fine.

Contact the manufacturer for more information. Most likely, you will have 45 days to return your sheets to get a refund.


  • The sheets regulate temperature better than cotton.
  • They are also softer and more beautiful than sheets made from other types of fabric.
  • The breathability of the product will keep you comfortable in all seasons
  • The high thread count keeps the sheets durable whilst also fighting wrinkles in your skin.
  • If properly maintained, the colors will not fade.


  • The sheets are a little too slippery for some people.

08. Lilysilk Premium Fitted Sheets

LilySilk 3 Piece Queen 100 Silk Fitted Sheets Set Light Plum, 2 Terse...

'These sheets are fantastic'. That is all one consumer said. He had no other words to describe his love and adoration for this product, and there is no need to say more. 'Fantastic’ tells you all you need to know. Of course, he also added that the sheets are cool and they helped him sleep better.

But that is merely a bonus. He couldn’t wait to recommend the item to his fellow consumers.Isn’t that enough to convince you that Lilysilk has made a bedding item worthy of your time, money, and attention? The silk from which they are made is strong and durable, used to make long-lasting fabric.

In addition to that,This sheets regulate temperature. They will keep you warm and cool where necessary, eliminating temperature irregularities. 

Comfort Levels: The Mulberry silk from which these sheets were made came from the Bombyx Mori Silkworm. It takes 2500 worms of this kind to produce a pound of raw silk in two months. The workers who handle it have years of experience.

 So not only is the 19 momme mulberry silk used here the highest quality, the most advanced techniques are used to weave it into the fabric from which these sheets are made.

What do you expect from 19 momme mulberry silk other than the utmost comfort? The elastic edge will keep the sheets from shifting and falling away as you sleep. The breathability will ensure that you stay perfectly warm and dry throughout the night. The smooth surface of the sheets is not only pleasant but protective.

Sizes and Color: The sheets can be purchased in King, Queen, Twin, Full, and Cal King sizes. You also get a 20 inches x 33 inches terse pillowcase. You have more than ten color options including Light Plum and Silver Gray

Style and Durability: The silk from which these sheets are made is incredibly durable. But this is often true for organic bedding items, though the way you care for your sheets also matters.

For instance, if you wash them too aggressively, they will definitely fall apart. This is also true if you allow animals to trample all over them. The colors are just as vibrant as the pictures show, and so is the sleek sheen. The sheets are perfect for any bedroom’s decor.

You can wash these sheets either by hand or with a machine in cool water (30 degrees Centigrade). Use a gentle cycle and dry naturally. Keep the iron cool.

'Lilysilk’ typically permits returns and exchanges within 45 days. But you should contact them to confirm their policy regarding these sheets.


  • These sheets have an elastic band that will fix them to the mattress.
  • Their surface has a beautiful sheen.
  • They have vibrant colors that won’t fade even after multiple washes.
  • The sheets are breathable. This allows them to prevent wrinkles.


  •  The sheets are quite expensive

9. ElleSilk 22 Momme Silk Bed Sheets

ElleSilk 100% Silk Flat Sheet, Silk Bed Sheets, 22 Momme, The Highest Grade...

If you think 19 Momme silk makes the best silk sheets, ElleSilk is here to disabuse you of that notion. Their sheets are made from 22 Momme silk and they are amazing.The increased thread count will protect your skin, enhance your sleep, and create a breathable layer around your body that will make every second you spend in your bed a dream.

Comfort Levels: These sheets are made from 100 percent Mulberry 22 Momme Silk. Because you get 20% more silk from 22-Momme, the breathability is heightened, and so is the softness, the wicking, and the temperature regulation capabilities. So you are guaranteed optimal comfort.

Sizes and Color: You can get these sheets in 66-inchx96-inch Twin, 81-inchx96-inch Full/Double, and 91-inchx102-inch Queen Sizes.You can get these sheets in silver, black, royal blue, and ivory, to mention but a few.

Style and Durability: The 600 Thread Count (Grade 6A Long Strand) gives the sheets a denser weave that enhances their durability. You can machine wash the sheets without worrying that they might tear or fade.When it comes to style, the sheets have a premium silky sheen that should acclimate to most bedroom decors.

The sheets are machine washable. The water should be 30 degrees centigrade and the detergent mild.

You need to Contact the Manufacturer for information on potential returns.


  • The sheets are soft, seamless, and breathable.  
  • They are hypoallergenic.
  • They have a dense weave that makes them very durable.
  • They retain heat better than cotton and polyester but they can still keep you cool on hot days.
  • The sheets are free of chemicals that harm human skin and ruin health.


  • The sheets are so smooth and silky that some people might find it a little difficult to keep in one place as they sleep.

10. ElleSilk  Fitted Silk Bed Sheet 

No products found.

No products found.

'ElleSilk' has spent years making the finest silk sheets in the business. They expect you to trust their reputation when you buy these sheets. The people who actually spent money on the product were not disappointed. One fellow called them the best sheets he had ever owned while another couldn’t believe how well they fit.

Comfort Levels: These sheets are made from 6A Grade, Long Strand Mulberry Silk (100 percent). They have a 600 thread count.The fibers from which the sheets are made are designed to wick away moisture, keeping you dry.

These sheets perform a number of functions. First, they are hypoallergenic and that allows you to sleep peacefully without worrying too much about allergic reactions. Secondly, the sheets absorb moisture, so you will sleep without interruption even if you sweat profusely.

Thirdly, the sheets are completely organic. So you don’t have to worry about the health of your skin suffering as a result of toxic components. All these elements come together to deliver a relaxing, serene sleeping experience

Sizes and Color: You can get these sheets in Twin, Full/Double, Queen, and Cal King sizes. The variety of colors available here is decent. You can get the sheets in Ivory, Black, and Charcoal Grey to mention but a few.

Style and Durability: These sheets have that classic silk sheen. They are lightweight and seamless, crafted from very wide fabric. They will drape comfortably over your mattress.

The elastic edges provided will keep the sheets from shifting about as you sleep. The natural silk fiber is strong enough to keep the sheets from ripping, fading or coming apart so long as you wash them properly.

The sheets can be washed in a machine so long as you use 30-degree water, mild detergent, and a gentle cycle.You should talk to the manufacturer for additional information in this area.


  • The Sheets are completely natural. They have no toxic components.  
  • The sheets have an elastic edge that will keep them fixed to your mattress.
  • The product’s hypoallergenic attributes will protect asthma patients.


  • These sheets require a little more care than ordinary sheets. For instance, prolonged exposure to the sun will destroy them.

No products found.

11. Mulberry Park Silks King Silk Sheets

Mulberry Park 100% Pure King Silk Sheet Set 4 Pcs - 22 Momme 6A Mulberry...

What can you expect from these King Silk Sheets? Well, the Charmeuse Silk will keep you warm on cold nights and cool on hot days. The amino acids in the silk will also protect and even improve your skin. If that wasn’t enough, the sheets are hypoallergenic. So you need not worry about allergies.

Comfort Levels: This product was concocted using Charmeuse Silk (22 Momme Mulberry). That is as powerful as any other ingredient used in any other set of silk sheets. The 900 thread count will ensure that these sheets deliver the softest sensation you have ever encountered. The amino acids in the silk will also make the sheets feel like a second protective skin.

Sizes and Color: You can get these sheets in King (17-inch Pocket), Queen (17-inch Pocket), Twin (15-inch Pocket), and Full (15-inch pocket) sizes.You can get these sheets in Gunmetal, Pink, White, Blue, and Ivory.

Style and Durability: This product is available in a dazzling array of colors. And because it is made from pure silk, it carries that classic sheen everyone loves.The high thread count will keep it in pristine condition if you properly care for the sheets.

The sheets are hand and machine washable. Use cold water, a gentle cycle, delicate detergent and a mesh laundry bag for machine washing.Keep the dryer on the lowest setting. DO not dry for too long. Keep the iron cool or warm.


  •  The high thread count delivers the sort of softness that encourages rejuvenating sleep.
  • The sheets are beautiful and elegant.s
  • They regulate temperature
  • Their breathability makes them appropriate for all seasons.
  • The amino acids in the silk will protect your skin and your hair.
  • The sheets are easy to care for.


  • The price tag is quite high.
  •  The sheets have been known to catch on rough heels.

12. Lova Home Pure Mulberry Sheets

LOVA HOME Silk Sheet Set 4Pcs for Full Bed|100% Pure Mulberry Silk Sheets...

You can trust these Lova Home sheets because they are made from the highest grade 19 Momme silk around. That means you are assured great sleep, optimal breathability and comfort no matter the season.

Comfort Levels: The sheets are made from 19 Momme Mulberry Silk (100%).The sheets have a thread count of 600 (Grade 6A Long Strand). That makes them soft against the skin, free of harmful chemicals and boasting a depth of 16 inches that should prove adequate for any mattress.

Sizes and Color: The sheets come in Full, Queen, King, and California King Size. You can get these sheets in Light Blue and Silver Grey. No artificial colorants are used.

Style and Durability:The silver grey color is rich and gorgeous. The silk fiber used here lasts a very long time if the sheets are properly maintained. They do not require frequent washing. The sheets can be hand and machine washed.

Water should be 30 degrees centigrade. The cycle must be gentle and the detergent delicate. Do not dry in direct sunlight. Use the cool setting in the dryer.

Need more bedding products for your bed, check out our latest guide on best chenille bedspreads.


  • The sheets are highly breathable. That allows them to keep you cool, dry and warm in all weather conditions.  
  • The sheets are safe. They do not feature any harmful chemicals.
  •  No artificial colorants are used.
  • The silk used here has amino acids which protect skin and hair.
  •  The sheets are hypoallergenic.


  • The Sheets are slippery.

 what else we should know about the silk sheets

01. What should consider for buying a Silk Sheet

01.Choose the silk weight:

The silk sheets are of different weight. But people think that all the silk sheet are the same. It is not true. The weight of the silk depends on its momme weight. The higher momme weight is an indication of heavy and thick silk. On the other hand, A 22 momme weight silk definitely costlier than lower momme weight silk.

However, if you need budget-friendly silk sheets but do not want to consider the quality, then you can buy 19 momme weight silk sheets.

02.Match the color:

A consumer writes a fantastic review in the amazon product review section of silk sheets. she was searching for few colorful bed-sheets that can match with the colors of her bed, sofa, carpet and wall. when she found the silk sheets, she amazed by looking that there are 12 different colors of a silk bed sheet.

If you are used to sleep in a dim light, you should choose the light color of silk sheets. Because, deep colored sheet may reflect the light in the night which can hamper your sleep.

02. How I Measure the Silk Quality?

There are quite a few tests that you can use to determine whether or not you are dealing with true silk:

1). If you rub the silk, it should feel warm. This doesn’t happen with artificial silk.

2). Look at the price. Sometimes you cannot visually differentiate artificial silk from real silk. However, the price reveals a lot. Real Silk is several times more expensive than its artificial counterpart. So if the silk you want to buy is a little too cheap, you have every reason to be suspicious.

3). Silk looks amazing. It has a luster and a smoothness that is difficult to fake. Even its surface will vary in color depending on the angle at which the light hits it.

4). The texture of silk will differ depending on whether it was woven by hand, machine or if it is synthetic. Handwoven silk has natural imperfections. Machine woven silk is practically perfect, and so is synthetic silk.

5). If you apply fire to real silk, it will burn with an invisible flame that extinguishes the moment the heat source is removed. The ash is black and brittle. Silk also smells like burnt hair. Synthetic hair is closer to plastic in smell when it burns.

6). Do not forget to consider the Momme Weight and Thread Count. But these variables only apply once you know that you have genuine silk on your hands and you simply desire to measure its quality.

Momme speaks to the weight of the silk. Thread Count refers to the number of silk threads in a square inch. Momme Weight and Thread Count will tell you how fine, coarse, or luxurious you can expect the silk fabric to be

03). Silk Quilt VS Down Quilt

Silk and Down Quilts are unrivaled in the comfort and durability they both offer. The best silk quilts are made from the highest quality mulberry silk which is soft, and warm and ventilated, perfect for any season.

But Down Quilts are filled with the clusters you find on the stomachs of geese and ducks. They look like feathers but they have no quills and they are incredibly soft and fluffy despite the fact that they can provide optimal protection from both heat and cold.

Everyone has a bias. And that bias might push some people to support silk quilts whilst also encouraging others to throw their weight behind down quilts. The only way to objectively judge between the two is to consider their attributes:

1). Materials
You cannot definitely prove that silk is better than down or vice versa, not when it comes to quilts. Yes, silk is durable. It takes a long time to shrink or wear out, and it boasts incredible insulation.

But Down is amazingly soft and fluffy. Down quilts are not known for shedding or fraying. And their ability to keep you warm or cool will vary depending on the thickness of the filling.

2). Comfort
Both Silk and Down are soft and smooth and, thus, highly comfortable. It could be argued that Down is far softer and fluffier than silk. But Silk is more lightweight and breathable.
It also adapts to the seasons whereas Down Quilts are best utilized against the cold.

3). Features
Both quilts are hypoallergenic and resistant to mold, mildew, mites and the like. But Silk is more resistant. 

By considering the three factors above, you cannot help but conclude that silk quilts are superior. Down Quilts are great. But they are heavy. So they are not as breathable and they are more likely to attract and nurture bacteria.

 If you live in the coldest place on earth, a down quilt should be your only rational option. But if you live in a location where the climate keeps changing, you are better off buying a silk quilt. It will adapt to the seasons.

04). Is There Any Summer and Winter Silk Sheets? 

Silk is supposed to be breathable and temperature regulating. For that reason, most people see no reason to change their sheets as the seasons alternate. And they are not wrong.

The right silk sheets will keep you comfortable throughout the year. That being said, if you are looking to maximize your comfort, a change of silk sheets could do that for you. For instance, in the winter, you need heavier silk sheets that are more effective at retaining heat.

But in the summer, those heat retention capabilities will complicate matters. They will make you warmer than is necessary.

In that case, you are better off investing in a lighter set of sheets that permit air to flow more efficiently through them.

Keep the Momme weight in mind. The higher the Momme weight, the thicker the sheets, the warmer they will be. But on the whole, there is really no such thing as summer or winter silk sheets, at least not in any formal capacity.

If you are searching for other types of sheets, read our another review on best eucalyptus sheets.

05). Silk Is A Delicate Fabric and It Won’t Last Long. Is This True?? 

You can’t argue with this statement, not completely. On the one hand, there was a time when silk was actually used in parachutes. This tells you how strong silk can sometimes be.

On the other hand, if you let your cat stroll all over your silk sheets, they won’t last. Silk fiber is strong. And heavyweight silk fabric will prove this to you with ease. However, most people who mention the fragility of silk are normally referring to bedding items such as sheets and comforters. Such fabric is lightweight.

So it cannot survive rough treatment. That being said, if you wash and maintain your bedding appropriately, even your sheets could last several years.

06). What Type of Silk Sheet Is Best For Hair? 

Most people you talk to will tell you that Mulberry Silk is the finest silk in the world. For this reason, it makes the best pillowcases, the kind that will rejuvenate the skin and the hair.

Mulberry silk is hypoallergenic, so it is unlikely to attract any negative reactions from your body. The soft, smooth texture eliminates friction between the sheets and your hair. This is on top of helping you retain moisture and reducing frizz.

Some people might argue that all these attributes apply to Charmeuse silk. But Charmeuse and Mulberry are technically the same.

07).Pure Silk VS Blended Silk

 Silk is strong, durable and lustrous. Sourced from the cocoons of silkworms, the substance is completely natural. This makes it environmentally friendly to produce and use. That isn’t even taking into account the fact that it is soft, as smooth as cashmere, durable and capable of regulating temperature.

Silk is so beneficial and appealing that some of the most expensive sheets, comforters, and duvets on the market today are made from pure silk. That raises a question: if silk in its purest form is so powerful, why do people use blended silk?

Yes, pure silk comforters, sheets, and duvets are everywhere, but there are just as many blended silk products on the market. What is the point of blending a fabric as powerful as silk with other material? The answer is quite simple.

Silk is amazing but it isn’t perfect. And by using the right techniques, you can make silk even more powerful by combining it with other fabrics. For instance, Silk is durable.

But Silk Cotton Twill is even stronger, not to mention more lustrous and supple. Manufacturers have been known to create an added shimmer in the appearance of pajamas by infusing silk fabric with bamboo pulp.

When Silk and Linen are combined, they produce a distinctly soothing fabric with a tailored look. You cannot definitively say that pure silk is better than blended silk or vice versa. It all comes down to circumstances. There are instances where pure silk is preferable. But you also have cases in which silk is blended with a material that actually makes it better.

09).What Is Silk Alternatives?

People have been using silk to make clothing and bedding for centuries. However, over the years, concerns have been raised about the process used to make silk.

It has been suggested that silk might not be quite as sustainable as some people think. For this reason, a lot of people have spent a lot of time creating alternatives, fabrics, and fibers that can mirror or mimic the properties of silk but which can be made without silkworms.

The most interesting among these is spider silk which, despite its name, is actually made from yeast and water with a little sugar. No actual spiders are involved.

Spider silk brings the strength and flexibility of ordinary silk which is why people have gone so far as to use it in bulletproof vests. Other alternatives include Rayon, Nylon, Cactus Silk, Sabra Silk, Ahimsa Silk, Polyester, and Ceiba tree filaments, to mention but a few. Rayon is especially popular because it is cheap and easy to access.

Some people think that silk sheets and satin sheets are the same but it is not true. Silk is super soft and highly-priced fabric but satin is cheap fabric. Additionally, the fabric texture of the satin fabric is not as smooth as silk. So, Silk sheets vs Satin debates are popular among people who are searching for pure silk sheets.

10). Do Silk Worms Die in the Making of Silk?

Silk comes from worms. When the necessary moth pupas are acquired, they are fed a diet consisting of mulberry leaves. Over time, the pupa will create a cocoon. If you know your biology, you probably understand that pupas hide away in these cocoons until they become moths.

However, silk comes from the cocoons of worms, not the worms themselves. Once the cocoon has been made, manufacturers treat it using a process that involves exposing the cocoon to substances like boiling water and hot air.

This kills the pupa inside. So, in simple terms, the making of silk kills the worms. And because silk fiber is so thin, you have to kill hundreds of thousands of worms to produce enough fabric to make bedding items like sheets and comforters.

11).Do Vegans Wear Silk?

Vegans do not wear silk. They generally avoid any clothing item that required the exploitation of another living creature to be made. Some vegans will argue that worms are not sentient creatures.

 As such, their exploitation doesn’t count. However, they are in the minority. Vegans that wear silk fabric tend to prioritize products made from Ahimsa Silk which also comes from worms.

However, the people who make Ahimsa Silk wait for the worm to emerge before using the cocoon. It takes a lot of skill and experience to work with Ahimsa Silk.

12). What is Silk Crepe?

When you talk mention 'Crepe' in relation to fabric, you are referring to a type of weaving rather than a material. Silk Crepe is silk fabric made with highly twisted yarns. Fabric made from silk crepe has a crinkled texture.

13).  Are Bamboo Sheets Better than Silk Sheets?

Bamboo Sheets and Silk Sheets are both popular because of their incredible attributes. But while they are similar in so many ways, there is an argument to be made that Bamboo sheets are superior.

 Silk Sheets are breathable and they have moisture-wicking properties that allow them to keep you either cool or warm depending on the temperature in your vicinity. But if the climate is too hot, silk sheets will trap a little more heat than is necessary, making you uncomfortable. Bamboo sheets, on the other hand, are always cool and comfortable because their ventilation capabilities are stronger.

Silk sheets are too delicate. They require so much work to maintain. Bamboo sheets do not require special care. Overall, you could say that bamboo has all the benefits of silk but none of the drawbacks.

14).  How To Remove Ink Stains From Silk Sheets?

Start by dabbing at the ink stain with a sponge or blotting paper to stop the ink from spreading.Once this is done, you have to soak the item. Make sure the water is cold. Wait fifteen minutes.

Take the sheet out, spread it out on a large towel and then dab at the ink stain again.You could also simply place a sponge on the stain and wait. Be sure to weigh the sponge down with an object.

 The goal here is to give the sponge time to absorb even more ink.Soak the sheet again and repeat this process. Eventually, the stain will disappear. Some people will encourage you to experiment with a mild cleaner, hair spray, toothpaste, or rubbing alcohol..

15).History of Silk

For the longest time, only China dabbled in silk. Scholars have traced the commercial use of the fiber back to the 27th Century BC. Women did all the work in this industry.

Silk was a luxury item that only the privileged of society were allowed to enjoy. And silk cultivation would have remained in China if it wasn’t for the commercial ways that opened up between the country and the Mediterranean Sea.

Over time, the Silk Road brought Silk to the rest of the world. 300 CE found the Japanese cultivating silk.

The Koreans and the Indians learned to cultivate silkworm from the Chinese. The Byzantines entered the trade when two monks smuggled silkworm eggs from Central Asia and delivered them to the Emperor Justinian.

Even China eventually saw the rationale in relaxing the rules it had exerted on the use of Silk, permitting even the lower classes of society to wear its products.

It should be noted that clothing was not the first priority for the Chinese when they first cultivated silk. They initially made paper. The value silk eventually gained can be attributed to the decision the government made to pay some of its officials with it. 

By the time the industrial revolution came around, the silk industry had already spread throughout East and Western Europe. The City of Lyon in France became Europe’s Silk Trade capital in the 1500s.

While other industries thrived in the wake of the industrial revolution, the silk trade remained largely unchanged because silk starts out as a thread. So it couldn’t actually benefit from spinning and sewing innovations in any noticeable manner.

The Silk industry in Europe only faltered in the mid-1800s when a silkworm disease caused silk prices to spike. The fashion trends in Europe changed to minimize the use of silk and Japan eventually took over as the biggest Silk Juggernaut in the world.

WWII dethroned them and allowed China to take back the crown. Today, China produces more silk than any other country on earth. 


There are too many myths surrounding silk and most of them are blatantly wrong. The silk sheets above are definitely a hefty investment but every penny you spend is worth the value you will get.

The good silk sheets are like a cloud, caressing you with their soft surface, protecting your skin, warming you in the winter whilst also keeping you cool in the summer, and even absorbing your sweat.

They are designed to produce the perfect sleeping environment, one that is cool, dry, and optimally comfortable.

However,  many people avoid silk sheets because of their hefty price tags. And they are not wrong. The good silk sheets are very expensive.

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