Best Sleep Mask Travel Kit with Memory Foam Pillow Review

Best Sleep Mask

If you are suddenly found that sleeping pillow is not enough for sleep during the travel, need sleep mask too- then here comes Best Sleep Mask travel kit with memory foam pillow to rescue! Yes, it is combo packs which contain with a sleep mask and perfect pillow for your peaceful sleep during the travel. Its assure you to stay comfortable and cool on anywhere you go for travel. Its unique upright sleep system utilizes soft, breathable fabrics.

Also, its memory foam gives amazing comfort and flexibility while you are sleeping. So here we are going to discover all the facts about the sleep mask travel kit with memory foam pillow and why it’s ideal for you as a travel partner.

Best Sleep Mask with Memory Foam Pillow that Prevents Head Bobbing and Blocks Light ​for Better Sleep During Air Travel and road trips

GOSLEEP Travel Pillow & Sleep Mask, Memory Foam, Super Soft Head & Neck...

The sleep mask made with soft, comfortable and breathable cotton which helps you sleep peacefully. It is very light weight like a soft paper so you don’t feel an extra weight on your face. It can easily carry in the travel kit so you don’t have to worry to lose it or keep it anywhere.

Smart carrying case

The sleep mask travel kit with memory foam pillow comes with a smart long durable carrying case so that you can easily carry these two useful travel essentials for your journey. This carrying case offers you to have a pillow and sleeping mask with a very affordable price. So easy to use and easy to carry this combo pack will best for you as your travel companion.

Stay comfy and cool

Sleep Mask Travel Kit

The sleep mask travel kit pillow helps you to stay cool and comfortable always. You can use this on your automobile, airplane, bus, train or anywhere you wish. It will make you trip so relax and help you stay in a long sleep without any trouble. You can use it a very long time it will serve you always as like it as before.

At a glance

  • Easily sleep with upright position,
  • Comes with an adjustable elastic cord the sleep mask. Made with memory foam Inside and outside with a soft and breathable cover,
  • Easily usable in car, bus, train, airplane or anywhere you want,
  • Help sleep and relax for a long time,
  • Easy to use, easy to wipe out for cleaning,
  • Light weight and easy to carry/long durable,
  • Affordable price,
  • 2 piece travel kit with a smart carrying case.


  • Very soft and easy to carry,
  • Helps to get relaxed easily,
  • Its adjustable cords allow to the mask remain its position so you can take nap without any trouble,
  • Very light in weight,
  • The unique combo travel kit allows you to carry allow sleeping mask and the pillow,
  • Made of memory foam which provides extra comfort,
  • The cover of the sleeping mask made with soft breathable fabric so you can sleep more easily.


  • Not suitable for machine wash,
  • The pillow is medium in size, so it’s not maybe comfortable for everybody.


    Que- What it’s made by?

    Ans- It’s made of rayon, nylon, polyester and spandex.

    Que- Is it machine washable?

    Ans- No.

    Que- Is it light in weight?

    Ans- Yes, just 9.6 ounces!

    This travel kit is a great product for those who love to travel and want relax during the journey. You can use it anywhere anytime. It allows you take a nice long nap with its adjustable elastic coded sleeping mask and soft, fluffy pillow. So enjoy your travel with this sleep mask travel kit and take your journey to a new level.

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