Top 10 Best Comforter For Toddlers Reviews 2020

Toddlers are basically tiny human beings. They need everything an adult person requires. That includes a firm mattress, a warm comforter, and soft sheets. However, unlike adult human beings, toddlers are far more delicate.

As such, you can’t just throw them under any random comforter you come across. Toddlers die all the time from bedding items that were so heavy they suffocated them. Those that don’t die have been known to suffer terrible allergic reactions to the chemicals found in some high-end comforters.

This is why you have to put a lot of thought into the comforter you choose to buy for your toddler. The best comforters must tick a number of boxes. They must be safe. They shouldn’t have dangerous dyes and toxins that could poison the toddler.

This is why so many parents prioritize comforters made from organic materials. They know that such fabrics are made using processes that do not include hazardous components.

But a toddler’s comforter can’t just be safe. Toddlers have sensitive skin. So, you cannot afford to cover them with rough and scratchy material. The best comforter for toddlers should have a high thread count that can guarantee a soft and smooth surface.

Once that is settled, you must also consider the breathability. The comforter should protect the child against the cold. But it can’t be so heavy that it smothers them. It should also feature fabrics and filling that are breathable enough to keep the toddler ventilated.

Those are quite a number of considerations to keep in mind, especially when you add factors like budget and maintenance to the equation. This is why so many parents struggle to find appropriate comforters for their toddlers.

If you don’t have the time to scan every store on the internet in search of the best comforter for toddlers, consider the list below. The comforters below are among the best in their price range.

And one of them is bound to meet your needs and those of your toddler. Rather than taking a risk with a random comforter, make your selection from one of these items.

If you have no interest in reading all the reviews below, use the comparison table. It will tell you everything you need to know to make the best decision

Top 10 Best Toddler Comforter Reviews

1. Tadpoles Toddler Comforter

Tadpoles Toddler Comforter, Box Pattern/White

If you love down bedding but you cannot trust down comforters to look after your toddler, this down alternative product has you covered. The manufacturer spared no expense in its creation because they know that parents wouldn’t want a product that was made by cutting corners.

They understand that parents want a safe and reliable comforter that will swaddle their little one, keeping them warm without exposing them to the troubles associated with feather filling. You can get it in multiple colors and stitch patterns.


The comforter is made from 100 percent microfiber polyester. That is just the shell and it is quite soft. The down alternative fiberfill has a 200 GSM.

Style and Comfort

The fact that the comforter is available in so many colors matters. Your toddler won’t care but you will. You shouldn’t have a problem finding a comforter whose stitch patterns match the décor of your toddler’s room.

The shell is a soft, brushed fabric. The square stitch patterns are designed to keep the fill in place, preventing it from shifting about and becoming uneven.

At 1.7 pounds, it is a thin, lightweight item that will keep the child warm without smothering them. Though, some consumers thought it was too warm. Others loved the fact that the colors did not fade after washing. But they complained that some threads and strands came loose.

Washing and Care

The comforter can be washed and dried with a machine.


1). Lightweight

2). Easy to wash

3). Soft, brushed shell


1). Too warm for some

2. AmazonBasics Kid’s Comforter Set

Amazon Basics Kid's Comforter Set - Soft, Easy-Wash Microfiber - Twin,...

This is a fun comforter that is available in Twin and Full/Queen Sizes. While it is the perfect fit for your child’s room, you can use it in a guest room, for sleepers and so much more.

The product is quite versatile. You can blame this on its strong, durable build. It is not only easy to wash but it will survive all the stress that a child exerts on a comforter.

That includes rough play, spills, and potty accidents. You can wash and dry the comforter without ruining its colors or soft surface. It is available in enough child-friendly designs to make your kid’s bedtime a fun experience.


At 3.66 pounds, this is a lightweight blanket that is still quite warm. Naturally, you are going to require a heavier bedding item when cold weather finally comes around. But this comforter will serve you without a problem in the other seasons.

It is made from 100 percent polyester which is a strong material. The fabric was made in an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory. This tells you that it is safe for human use and the environment.

Style and Comfort

The comforter has an ultra-soft microfiber shell. The filling is also polyester. They work in tandem to deliver a product that will keep your child comfortable for most of the year.

While it is warm, the comforter is also breathable, designed to keep your young ones properly ventilated in hot weather. The colors are an interesting bonus. They are bright and playful and they will fit your décor, tickling your child’s imagination.

You should know that the colors are not as rich and vibrant as the pictures suggest but they are still attractive. The comforter is fade-resistant.

Washing and Care

The comforter can be washed and dried with a machine.


1). Warm and breathable

2). Fade-resistant

3). Ultra-soft and light


1). Not warm enough for the winter

3. Lightweight All-Season Toddler Goose Down Comforter

Lightweight All Season Baby/Toddler White Goose Down Comforter Duvet Insert...

This is a light, extremely soft comforter that uses natural fabrics and filling to keep your toddler warm. The lightweight construction is important because toddlers are not supposed to sleep under heavy bedding items.

It makes turning over very difficult for them, especially if they are really young. But this one only weighs 1.2 pounds. Toddler comforters don’t get any lighter than that.

The size and shape are a little off. The small toddler-sized versions of the comforter are too small. They don’t fully cover the crib and the shape isn’t that functional.

But the strengths of the bedding item outweigh its weaknesses.


The comforter has a shell that is 100 percent cotton. The filling is natural white goose down. The cotton shell is strong enough to ensure that the filling doesn’t leak.

Style and Comfort

The color and design options are quite limited. But the comforter exceeds expectations in all other areas.

The cotton shell has a thread count of 500 which is responsible for the soft sensation the comforter delivers.

The shell and filling were made without feathers or chemicals. So, they are completely safe for human use. The fill power is 750 which is also significant, giving the product a fluffy construction.

Not only is it soft and skin-friendly but the duvet is silent and free of static. The cotton will store enough heat to keep your child warm in the winter. On the other hand, the fabric and filling are breathable enough to keep him or her cool in the summer.

You get eight loops that will secure the comforter to its cover. The box stitching will prevent the down from shifting.

Washing and Care

The product can be washed by hand at low temperature or in a machine with a gentle cycle. It can be dried by air or machine.


1). Box stitching will keep filling from shifting

2). Soft and quiet

3). Warm and breathable


1). The shape and size are off

2). Color options are limited

4. C&L Baby Crib Comforter

Baby Crib Comforter/Duvet/Blanket All Season 100% Natural White Goose Down...

This is a soft, warm, plush comforter. At 1.3 pounds, it is lightweight, capable of keeping your child cool and comfortable in the summer even without an air conditioner.

It makes some noise but the sounds are minuscule. They are unlikely to disrupt your child’s sleep. Even though the color options are limited, the product still looks beautiful, far better than its tame price tag suggests.

It will dissuade you from buying more expensive options.


For the moment, no one knows for certain what the product is made of. Neither can anyone determine whether or not the material is synthetic or organic. This same mystery surrounds the filling.

All anyone can say is that the fabric is soft and the filling is the perfect build, neither too thin nor too thick.

Style and Comfort

This comforter is expected to serve your needs for at least three seasons in a year. It is lightweight enough to keep you cool in the summer. However, the material can also trap pockets of air, using them to keep you warm.

The manufacturer has plans to provide a winter version for the comforter that will protect you once the temperatures dip.

You should know that some of the sizes are a little small.

Washing and Care

You should contact the manufacturer for more accurate washing and care instructions.


1). Soft and Fluffy

2). Suitable for all seasons except winter


1). Noisy

5. NTBAY Microfiber Toddler Quilt

NTBAY Down Alternative Toddler Comforter, Lightweight and Warm Solid Color...

This is an ultra-soft toddler quilt that will keep your child cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You can use it in the crib, for travel, in the stroller, and for your pets where necessary.

It is strong enough to survive extensive washing which is why it is so easy to maintain. And if it fails to meet your expectations, the manufacturer offers a 90-Day Return and Replacement Policy.

But the chances that you will return it are low. At 1.2 pounds, the comforter is quite light. But that won’t stop it from keeping your child warm in cold conditions. Some people have complained that the stitching did not hold up, not after several washes.

But these sound like isolated cases.


The comforter is made from high-quality microfiber. The filling is thermal fiber. Together, the shell and the filling create an ultra-soft and fluffy comforter that is not stuffy.

Style and Comfort

The manufacturer chose to infuse these comforters with design concepts of nature and abstract art. This is why they look so elegant. The rounded edge makes them beautiful whilst also augmenting their durability.

Washing and Care

The comforter can be washed and tumble dried in a machine. Use low-temperature water and a gentle cycle. Keep the iron cool.


1). Easy to maintain

2). High-quality microfiber and thermal fiberfill

3). Ultra-soft


1). The stitching did not hold up in some cases

6. Cambria Baby Organic Cotton Baby and Toddler Quilt

Cambria Baby Organic Cotton Baby Quilt. Thick Comforter Blanket with...

This lightweight comforter is organic, though it features synthetic filling. It was designed to keep your little one warm and cozy at all times. Suitable for both boys and girls, the comforter is quite versatile.

You can use it anywhere and everywhere, not only in your toddler’s bed but their stroller and car seat, not to mention picnics. You can even use it as a throw blanket.

The product is appealing to parents because it doesn’t have any harmful chemicals and toxic dyes. It is completely safe for your child. You don’t have to worry about the baby contracting deadly illnesses.

It has a GOTS certificate which proves that it is truly organic, manufactured in a safe, environmentally friendly manner.

It is a little short and it has a smell when it first arrives, at least in some cases. But the thick, soft, fluffy construction is adequate compensation for this weakness.


The product has a shell that is 100 percent cotton. The filling is thick thermal polyester.

Style and Comfort

The top and bottom layers of the GOTS Certified cotton have been combed and ring-spun to ensure that they are extra soft. At 1.6 pounds, the comforter is light. However, the polyester fill gives it an amazing loft. The fill will also keep your child warm on cold nights.

The comforter features sun, moon, star, and cloud patterns that will keep your child entertained. You can tuck them in as they count the stars and trace the cloud shapes.

Washing and Care

The comforter can be washed and dried in a machine


1). 100 percent GOTS Certified Cotton

2). No harmful chemicals and toxic dyes

3). Lightweight but fluffy


1). A little short

2). Some comforters smell on arrival

7. Rose Feather Toddler/Travel/Crib Duvet

Toddler/Travel/Crib Goose Down Comforter Duvet/ Blanket...

This is a multi-functional duvet made from the finest materials. The shell and filling are completely organic. As such, they are perfectly safe for your baby. The manufacturer is quite confident in its product.

They encourage all dissatisfied customers to reach out to them. They don’t have any satisfaction guarantees or refund policies in place. But they promise to make customized comforters for any customer whose comforter was the wrong size.


The product has a shell made from 100 percent organic cotton; it is down-proof. The filling, which is 100 percent goose down, is unlikely to leak. The fill weight is 750. It is responsible for the soft and fluffy construction of the comforter.

Style and Comfort

The shell is cotton that doesn’t harbor any dangerous chemical components. This explains its hypoallergenic properties. With a thread count of 800, the shell is incredibly soft.

The box stitching will keep the fill in place, preventing it from shifting. The product’s biggest draw is its multi-functional design. You can use it on a plane, in the bedroom, car seat, nursery, for picnics, etc.

The manufacturer made it for kids two years old and above. The goose down fill is commendable because it naturally stores heat. So, it can be trusted to keep the cold away from your child.

But the cotton shell is breathable and that will prevent the filling from overwhelming the toddler with heat.

Washing and Care

The comforter can be washed and dried in a machine.


1). 100 percent organic cotton and goose down

2). Hypoallergenic and breathable

3). Box stitching will keep the goose down from shifting

8. Just for Baby White Down Comforter

Just for Baby White Down Comforter White Crib

At 1.5 pounds, this is a lightweight crib comforter with a strong organic shell, a lofty construction, and hypoallergenic qualities. It will keep your child warm on cold nights and cool on warm nights. It is smaller than some people would like, so much so that it is likely to fall away from toddlers that move around in their sleep.

You don’t have enough fabric left over to tuck the comforter under the mattress. It isn’t the thickest bedding item but it doesn’t have to be. The filling traps enough body heat to ensure that your child stays warm when it counts.


The comforter has a cotton shell. The filling is soft down. The cotton is down-proof.

Style and Comfort

The product’s biggest advantage is the 550-fill power which gives the comforter considerable loft. The 300-thread count is nothing to scoff at either. It allows the cotton shell to deliver the sort of soft and luxurious sensation your toddler will appreciate.

Not only is the comforter hypoallergenic but it uses a baffle channel construction that will prevent the fill from shifting unnecessarily.

Washing and Care

The comforter is machine washable


1). Hypoallergenic

2). 100 percent organic cotton and down

3). Baffle channel construction


1). Not big enough

9. Blush Pink Baby Down Alternative Comforter

Blush Pink Baby Down Alternative Comforter/Blanket for Crib Bedding

Don’t trust the pictures you see of these comforters. The colors are a little off. They are not an accurate representation of the real thing. Some customers have also complained that the down starts to leak once you wash the comforter.

However, the comforter is not only soft but well sewn. The weaknesses appear to outweigh its strengths. For instance, it has been suggested by some that the product isn’t long enough.

But plenty of children love it. Even if they are not accurate, the colors are still adorable. They do not fade and neither does the shell become less soft, not even in the face of multiple washes.


The comforter is made from brushed microfiber. You can get it in pink. Some consumers are bound to take offense with the limited color options.

Style and Comfort

The microfiber shell is strong. The strands are not only small but woven very tightly. This is supposed to augment the product’s durability. However, as was mentioned, there have been complaints about the down fill leaking.

The manufacturer uses box stitching to keep the fill in place. The blend of microfiber and down gives the comforter hypoallergenic properties.

Washing and Care

The bedding item can be washed and dried in a machine


1). Hypoallergenic

2). Box stitching

3). Machine washable


1). The colors in the pictures are not accurate

2). Limited color options

10. Tadpoles 2 Piece Toddler Gathered Duvet Set

Tadpoles 2 Piece Toddler Gathered Duvet Set Cover, Pink

This product is a set that consists of a removable comforter cover and a toddler pillowcase. They have been designed to match the average toddler pillow and comforter.

For their tame price tag, these are surprisingly beautiful products, the perfect addition to your toddler’s room. You should know that the manufacturer has chosen to attach images of a comforter to this product’s description even though they are actually selling the comforter cover.

This has attracted quite a few complaints from people who feel like they were tricked into buying a cover when they wanted a toddler comforter. You have to investigate the manufacturer’s descriptions closely and carefully to realize that the product is a cover rather than a duvet.

The colors are also not as striking as the pictures suggest. Along with being somewhat thin, the comforter cover isn’t what people expected. But those that chose to use it, all the same, will tell you that it is nice, soft, and visually appealing.


The cover is made from 100 percent microfiber polyester which is a synthetic material. Polyester has a reputation for retaining heat. But it isn’t known for being breathable.

Style and Comfort

The comforter cover is only available in pink and white. The pintuck-stitched shell is as strong as it is pretty. The microfiber polyester is super soft. The comforter cover has button closures but no ties.

Washing and Care

The products can be washed and dried in a machine.


1). Pretty pintuck-stitched shell

2). Super soft

3). Machine washable


1). Only available in pink and white

2). No ties

Toddler Comforter-FAQs

When Can a Toddler Use a Comforter?

A baby can start sleeping under a comforter at 18 months. But the comforter should be light.

What Size is a Toddler Comforter?

The average toddler blanket, duvet, quilt, or comforter is 40 inches x 60 inches; though some are as large as 44 inches x 60 inches. For the most part, you are encouraged to select a comforter whose size fits the measurements of your toddler.

What Size is a Crib Comforter and Twin Comforter?

A crib comforter is 46 x 52 inches. A twin comforter is 86 x 88 inches.


You want the best for your toddlers, especially where comforters are concerned. These items make direct contact with your child’s skin. They also cover them, which means that they have the power to suffocate them.

To keep your toddler safe and comfortable, you need a comforter that is light enough to drape over them without exerting too much force. You also need a comforter that is soft to the touch, soothing against their skin, thick enough to keep them warm but also breathable enough to keep their delicate bodies ventilated.

The comforters above tick all these boxes. Many of the products are made from organic material that is soft, breathable, insulating, and also easy to wash. Considering the messes that babies have been known to make, that last element matters a lot.

You cannot go wrong with any of the comforters on this list.

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