Top 5 Best Turkish Blankets Reviews 2020

When people are shopping for blankets, they always prioritize the traditional variety, thick heavy items that are meant to keep them warm in bed. But what if you don’t want to lie in bed?

What if you want to sit on your couch on a cold evening? Are you willing to drag your heavy blanket all the way to the living room? Will you do the same the next time you decide to have tea on your porch in the early hours of the morning?

Traditional bedroom blankets have a particular purpose that they serve. But if you want a more versatile tool, get yourself a Turkish blanket.

The best Turkish blankets are soft items. They are warm but also breathable, incapable of stifling you with the heat on a summer night. They are lighter than you might expect and quite thin.

As such, you can take them with you wherever you go, not just to your living room or porch but to your office, car, plane, anywhere you want.

Some people use them as yoga mats. Others take them out on picnics. Turkish blankets are multi-purposed products that are beautiful to look at, available in distinct colors but also easy to wash and maintain.

They are the perfect bedding item for anyone that wants a blanket that they won’t necessarily use in their bed.

What are Turkish Blankets?

Turkish blankets are blankets made from Turkish cotton. Turkish cotton is special because it has long fibers that produce soft, thin and absorbent fabrics.

Why You Should Buy Turkish Blankets?

Turkish blankets attract a lot of attention because they are made from Turkish cotton. This makes them advantageous for a number of reasons including:

1). Thin

Turkish blankets tend to feature a thin construction. This probably sounds like a bad thing but it will actually work in your favor. Because they are made from cotton, Turkish blankets are breathable.

Their thin build makes them even more breathable. This will enable you to use them in warm weather without overheating.

2). Weight

Turkish blankets are quite light. This doesn’t make them any less effective. Because they are made from cotton, they can still store enough body heat to keep you warm.

However, their lightweight build makes them versatile and flexible. You can take them with you wherever you go, using them in any situation that requires a blanket.

3). Maintenance

Turkish blankets are easy to maintain. The best among them can be washed using ordinary means. The same is true for drying. As such, you need not worry about inconvenient washing and drying processes.

4). Comfort

Turkish blankets are incredibly comfortable. Their surface is soft and smooth. They are warm enough to cater to your needs in the summer without overwhelming you with heat. IN the winter, you can use them in bed to strengthen other blankets.

What should You Consider While Buying the Best Turkish Blankets?

How can you identify and select the best Turkish blanket? While there is no way for you to guarantee that every blanket you buy is truly the best, you can increase your chances of landing a decent Turkish blanket by keeping the following in mind:

1). Material

Because you are looking for the best Turkish Blankets, you might assume that all the blankets you encounter in this category are the same with regards to the material they use.

But that isn’t true. The percentage of Turkish cotton matters. The best blankets are made from 100 percent Turkish cotton. You need to look at the label to ensure that you are dealing with pure Turkish cotton.

A blanket with a lower quantity of Turkish cotton is unlikely to deliver all the functions and attributes you expect from a decent Turkish blanket.

2). Design

Blankets are supposed to keep you warm. However, because Turkish blankets are typically thin and lightweight, meant for use in a variety of settings, including the living room, you must pay close attention to the design.

Find a blanket that you are not ashamed to leave on your couch for every visitor to see. Pay attention to the colors and patterns. Ensure that the design fits your home’s décor.

3). Construction

The construction of the Turkish Blanket you select will depend on the purpose you have in mind. Some people prefer light and thin blankets they can travel with. Others want thicker, heavier blankets that can keep them warm on a cold day.

Consider the thickness, size, and weight of a blanket before you buy it. Ensure that its construction matches your needs.

4). Maintenance

Find a Turkish blanket that is easy to wash and maintain. Turkish blankets are quite beautiful. Look for a product you can wash and dry in a machine but which won’t fade as a result of the washing and drying.

Avoid products that shed excessively or those that have a reputation for unraveling when they are washed in a machine.

5). Price

How much money are you willing to spend on your Turkish Blankets? As with all products, you can find Turkish blankets in a variety of financial brackets. Some blankets are cheap whilst others are quite expensive.

Find a product whose price tag is justified by its features. You are discouraged from seeking out the cheapest blankets the market has to offer. These are unlikely to satisfy your needs.

Now that you know how to differentiate between good and bad blankets, are you ready to start looking for your own Turkish Blanket? That question will scare some of you.

After all, even if you know what to look for in a good blanket, there are too many products of this kind on the market. It will take a lot of time and many mistakes to finally identify the best Turkish blankets.

If you want to take the simpler route, consider our list. We have done the difficult work of sifting through all the significant options to finally locate the best models the industry has to offer.

You can save a lot of time by choosing one of the items below. The reviews we have written will help you understand the offerings of each product before you make a decision.

Though, if you want to simplify things even further, you can just use the comparison table we have provided. It has all the basic information you need to understand the individual blankets before making a purchase.





The Loomia Sophie Turkish Cotton Boho Farmhouse Throw Blanket (Extra Large...

01. THE LOOMIA Sophie Turkish Cotton Boho Throw Blanket 

  • 100% Turkish Cotton
  •  soft and cozy
  • luxury look  
  • breathable   

Stonewashed Turkish Throw Blanket in Denim Grey Blue, Soft, Cozy and...

02. InfuseZen Stonewashed Turkish Throw Blanket

  • 100% Turkish cotton 
  • thin and lightweight

Turkish Throw Blanket Made from 100% Turkish Cotton, Large Lightweight...

03. InfuseZen Houndstooth Turkish Throw Blanket 

  • 100% Turkish Cottonr
  • Large and lightweight
  • warm and soft

04. QoupQuru Turkish Cotton Waffle Weave Bed Blanket

  • 100% Turkish Cotton 
  • soft and cozy
  • long lasting and warm

MOTINI 100% Cotton Multi-Colored Striped Throw Blankets Chevron Soft Woven...

05. MOTINI Turkish Cotton Decorative Blankets 

  • 100% Turkish Ecologically Grown Cotton
  • lightweight and super soft 

Top 5 Best Turkish Blankets Reviews

1. THE LOOMIA Sophie Turkish Cotton Boho Throw Blanket

The Loomia Sophie Turkish Cotton Boho Farmhouse Throw Blanket (Extra Large...

This blanket is a strange combination of simplicity and elegance. It is versatile, designed for use in your bed, on the couch, at the beach, a picnic, basically, any location that suits your interests.

Even though some call it a summer blanket, it is just as effective on colder days. If you throw it over your shoulders, it will keep you warm. It has a beautiful design with bold textures.

And at 2.8 pounds, it is quite light; though, this is to be expected from a throw blanket. You should know that it has a slight smell on arrival. But you can eliminate it by simply washing the blanket. Some customers have complained about shedding, though this complaint isn’t universal.


The blanket is made from 100 percent Turkish cotton. This is why it is so soft and comfortable. The fabric creates a cozy, breathable environment.

Style and Comfort

The product has tassels on all sides which give it a traditional look. But it also features a wonderful herringbone pattern with a cream base and black stripes that give it a modern appearance.

You can use the item all year round because it is warm and breathable, capable of keeping the cold out without overwhelming you with heat.

Washing and Care

You should wash the blanket in a machine with warm water and a gentle cycle. Tumble dry it on a low heat setting. Don’t use bleach or fabric softeners.


1). 100 percent Turkish Cotton

2). It has a wonderful herringbone pattern

3). You can use it all year round


1). Smells on arrival

2). Has been known to shed

2. InfuseZen Stonewashed Turkish Throw Blanket

Stonewashed Turkish Throw Blanket in Denim Grey Blue, Soft, Cozy and...

This is a thin and lightweight throw blanket available in a few fair colors. Made from organic material and perfectly safe for human use, the blanket is multi-purposed. You can obviously use it in bed, though you cannot rely on it to keep you warm, not on its own.

It can also work as a yoga mat, a picnic blanket, a beach blanket, etc. The thin build works in your favor because it allows you to use the product in the summer without worrying that you might overheat.

On the other hand, it can also act as an additional blanket in the winter. Again, you probably shouldn’t rely solely on the product. It should merely complement other blankets. At 1.23 pounds, it is light enough to perform this role.

Some people don’t like the fact that it is so thin. Others found that the colors in the pictures where not an accurate representation of the colors of the real blanket.


The blanket is made from 100 percent Turkish cotton.

Style and Comfort

The blanket was handwoven on looms. This explains the beauty and durability of the product. It was then washed with small round stones. This is responsible for the product’s soft surface and slightly worn look.

The blanket is perfect for home use or as a gift for other people. Though, you will find it rather difficult to give the blanket away once you use it.

Washing and Care

The blanket can be washed in a regular manner using cold water and a machine. The same goes for drying.


1). Handwoven on looms

2). Stonewashed to give it a soft, slightly worn look

3). Easy to clean


1). Too thin

2). The colors in the pictures are not always accurate

3. InfuseZen Houndstooth Turkish Throw Blanket

Turkish Throw Blanket Made from 100% Turkish Cotton, Large Lightweight...

This is a large and lightweight blanket that comes in dark colors. You can use it for yourself or to cuddle with other people. Decorative in nature but also warm, the item has a multitude of uses.

You can deploy it both inside and outside the home depending on your preferences. The blanket must be washed to remove all the fuzzies. It might take two or more washes to accomplish this task.

Annoying as this is, it is worth the effort to use a blanket that is so big, soft, and lightweight.


The blanket is made from 100 percent Turkish Cotton. Each blanket was handwoven in Turkey. This explains the somewhat hefty price tag. It took a lot of time and effort to make the blanket.

Style and Comfort

The product’s biggest draw is its size. At 89 inches x 80 inches, including the tassels, it is quite large, capable of accommodating multiple people under it. This is despite the fact that it is still a light throw blanket that only weighs 4 pounds.

You don’t have to use it in bed. You can just throw it on your couch. The black and grey colors are so beautiful that they encourage customers to use the blanket as a decorative tool more than anything else.

When winter comes, you can use it to strengthen your normal bedroom blanket.

Washing and Care

You can wash and dry the blanket with a machine


1). Large and lightweight

2). Stylish and perfect as a decorative item

3). Handwoven in Turkey


1). It takes multiple washes to remove the fuzzies

4. QoupQuru Turkish Cotton Waffle Weave Bed Blanket

This is a versatile blanket made from organic material of Turkish origin. Effective all year round, it is warm and cozy, available in Twin, Queen, and King Sizes. It comes in enough interesting colors to fit the decoration style of your bedroom or living room.

Even though it is described as a bed blanket, at 3.4 pounds, it is light enough to work as a throw blanket. In other words, depending on the size, you can take it with you wherever you go.

The confidence the manufacturer has in their product is such that they have attached a 100 percent money-back guarantee to the blanket. As such, if it fails to meet your expectations, you can just return it, no questions asked.

Though, you are unlikely to return it. It has the perfect build, neither too thick nor too thin. That being said, you should know that it leaves a lot of lint behind when it is first washed.


The blanket is made from 100 percent Turkish cotton.

Style and Comfort

You can use this blanket in the winter and the summer. It is effective in all seasons, capable of keeping you warm without making you too hot. It comes in 6 fashionable colors.

As was mentioned above, you can use it in the bedroom or living room. It has a nice waffle weave that gives it a stylish look.

Washing and Care

The product is machine washable. You are encouraged to wash it before using it for the first time. This will make it softer.


1). Easy to care for

2). Versatile and decorative

3). 100 percent Turkish cotton


1). Leaves a lot of lint on the first wash

5. MOTINI Turkish Cotton Decorative Blankets

MOTINI 100% Cotton Multi-Colored Striped Throw Blankets Chevron Soft Woven...

This blanket was made in India. Crafted from organic, ecologically made material, it is a beautiful product that will last for years. Featuring strong colors and an appealing design, the blanket creates a warm and relaxed atmosphere in each room where it is used.

The item is quite versatile, perfect for use in the bedroom, home office, living room or foyer. You can throw it over the couch to improve its appearance or leave it in the hands of guests.

It is light enough to carry from place to place with ease. It is also quite easy to clean and maintain. Some shedding might occur when it is first washed.


The blanket is made from 100 percent Turkish Cotton that will last for years. It is a great fabric for the summer because, in this case, it is so lightweight.

Style and Comfort

The blanket comes in a lovely, soft, red design. It has tangle-free tassels that give it a Nordic style, though some have described its aesthetic as ‘rustic farmhouse’. Either way, it is nice to look at. The design is elegant, classic, and timeless.

The blanket is eco-friendly and it improves the appearance of every room in which it is used.

Washing and Care

Wash the blanket in a machine using cold water. Tumble dry on a low heat setting. Don’t use bleach.


1). Super soft and lightweight

2). Long-lasting

3). Nordic or rustic farmhouse design

4). Cozy and decorative


The blankets above are made from pure Turkish cotton which is a strong, soft, durable material. These blankets possess all those properties. However, they also bring additional features to the table.

They are stylish, so much so that you might feel tempted to buy them for decorative purposes. The blankets are easy to wash and maintain. They are lightweight which makes them flexible and versatile, useful in a variety of situations.

This is on top of their affordable price tags. These are truly the best Turkish blankets on the market.

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