Top 6 Best Velvet Curtains in 2020

The curtains you have in a room attract attention more than anything else you have in it. However, curtains have more use than being just nice to look at. They give you privacy, whether you live in a home with a compound or in an apartment. They keep dust away from your home and furniture, which is great even if you like cleaning your house constantly.

Another benefit of curtains is, it keeps the heat and light of the sun out of your house. The light of the sun is good for a room environment but excessive sunlight may fade your furniture and carpet. Curtains filter most of the sunlight, elongating the lifespan of the contents of your room. They also give you the ability to regulate how much lighting you want in the house.

While normal curtains might serve the purpose, velvet curtains take this to a different level. Velvet curtains are thick and luscious to the touch. They are highly sophisticated and unique. Not many people have wizened to the benefits of velvet curtains. In this article, we will review several aspects that make velvet curtains stand out from the rest. Then, we will see 6 of the best velvet curtains out in the market so you can pick a set.

Advantages of Velvet Curtains

Temperature regulation: velvet curtains are thick with thousands of microfibers. Their thickness makes them conducive for the cold seasons. Their dense fibers insulate the room from outside cold air and moisture by trapping the warm air generated inside. These same fibers trap the inside cool air of your house from escaping during the warmer seasons. By this way this curtain can regulate your room temperature in all year round.

Privacy: velvet curtains are soundproof. Their thickness enhances the privacy of your conversations. They also keep the outside noise from reaching you. This way the velvet curtain ensures your privacy even if you live in a bustling place.

Aesthetic: velvet curtains come in a range of designs and colors. Even when a room looks ordinary, the velvet curtains can change its look from ordinary to luxurious. They give a touch of sophistication at a budget.

Customizable: velvet curtains are extremely customizable. You can buy any design you want or have them stitched into your desired design. This way you can have a room that matches your expectations.

Long-lasting: The Velvet curtains are durable but you need to take extra care for that. By taking proper care, you can use the same curtains for years.

Top 6 Best Velvet Curtains Reviews

1. Cherry Home Super Soft Blackout Velvet Curtains

Cherry Home Super Soft Luxury Velvet Set of 2 Warm Yellow Blackout Velvet...


  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Technique: Weave technology

These velvet curtains from Cherry Home are made from high-quality polyester. Polyester is good at temperature regulation, retaining the cool air from the AC during the warm summer months, and alternately preventing warm air from the radiator from escaping to the outside during cold winter months.

The polyester features 280gsm of thick velvet. It uses weave technology to give it a smooth, luxurious touch. Cherry Home makes these curtains in a variety of dark colors like gold, royal blue, dark green, christmas red, black, yellow, brown, fuchcia, grey, lavender, moss green, navy, orange, etc, that can be the perfect addition to any room.

If you are looking for blackout curtains, then these will serve the purpose. They block up to 99% of light and 80% of UV rays. This way you get all the best light without the harmful UV from the sun. The heavy velvet also soundproofs your home, keeping noise where it belongs, outside. This is a useful feature if you live close to a busy road.

These carpets can fit any standard curtain rods. If you use a grommet, the inside diameter is 1.6 inches. You can easily keep them in their original condition by cleaning them gently using a soft brush. If they stain, use a non-chlorine bleach to get the stains out.


  • Rich colors add luxury to any room
  • Polyester is durable and weatherproof
  • Thickness and lighting treatment keeps light out
  • Good temperature control
  • Soundproof
  • Easy to clean to enhance durability


  • Not completely lightproof especially for lighter colors
  • Thickness may make the house too hot in the summer

2. Dreaming Casa Velvet Curtains

Dreaming Casa Teal Green Velvet Curtains for Living Room Thermal Insulated...


  • Material: Velvet
  • Color: Teal green, green, black, blue, royal blue, light blue, burgundy, camel, amber gold, coffee, rose, purple.

Dreaming Casa’s curtains feature a soft velvet material that is smooth to the touch. The material is a tripe weave microfiber. It is also a blackout fabric. It keeps out up to 90% of the light from outside. Moreover, The blackout material of 'Dreaming Casa’s Velvet curtain' can also keeps out harmful UV rays out of your house.

The thickness of the curtains acts as an insulator against the cold from outside when it is raining or snowing. The thickness also means that the curtains are soundproof. It keeps your conversations private and also keeps outside noise from reaching you.

These curtains feature high thread fabric. This gives them a luxurious look, which is a pretty deal considering that they are not expensive. They come with stainless steel curtain rings that will fit up to 2.5 inches of the curtain rod. You can pick between back tab installation or rod pocket installation depending on how your window is set up.


  • High thread count for a luxurious look and feel
  • Blackout up to 90% of sunlight and 100% UV rays
  • Noise and soundproof.
  • Multiple installation methods


  • Can be an inch or two shorter than advertised
  • Not fully blackout material

3. Melodieux Luxury Pom Pom Velvet Curtains

Melodieux Luxury Pom Poms Velvet Curtains for Bedroom Living Room Thermal...


  • Velvet material
  • Machine washable
  • Package: tieback ropes

The velvet curtains from 'Melodieux' take the prestige aesthetic further by adding pompoms along the side hems. They are easy to install, coming with a 3-inch rod pocket that fits any standard curtain rod. They also have a 1-inch hem at the top to give more versatility in installation.

These curtains come in a 3-color variety: antique green, grey, royal blue, red, dusty pink and coffee. This way you have more options to pick from depending on the aesthetic you want to achieve in your home. The more sets you get, the more gathers the curtains will have when hung up.

The premium quality soft velvet fabric is used for these curtains. The thick thread is 280 GSM of velvet. The material is soft and smooth to the touch. This gives even the humblest of rooms a luxurious and prestigious look, even a small room with bare pain.

While the thick material keeps out light, this feature is enhanced by an energy-saving barrier. This maintains your room temperature at a constant depending on the temperature of the radiator or the air conditioner. The insulation is long-lasting to ensure longer use.


  • Energy-saving insulation to regulate temperature
  • Thickness keeps out light
  • Multiple colors to suit anyone’s taste
  • Luxurious material enhances the prestige of any room


  • Pompoms may fall off after a while
  • Color received might be different than that in pictures.

4. Nicetown Velvet Curtains

NICETOWN Grey Velvet Curtains 84 inches, Sound Reducing Heavy Matt Solid...


  • Matter appearance
  • Adjustable length
  • Velvet material
  • Machine washable

These velvet curtains by Nicetown are designed to fit any size of window. They come in a standard length of 84 inches. However, if this is too short for your window, you can adjust it up to 3 inches more by using rings and hooks in spacing of up to 6 inches.

Now to the material, These curtains are made from smooth velvet material that enhances their sophistication. They are designed for multiple hanging styles, including hanging with hooks and rings as well as through the curtain rods.

You can use these curtains to dim the light coming from the outside. This way you can create a dim ambiance in your house, especially if you want to watch a movie or sleep. If you want to completely blackout light from the outside, you can enhance the dimming capabilities by stitching Nicetown liners to the velvet curtains.

The thickness of the curtains also acts as a sound barrier, keeping outside noise away from the inside of your house. The curtains have deep color tones that last through years of washing. They can be cleaned using a washing machine and can even be ironed using the right temperature settings.


  • Adjustable length to suit any window size
  • Dimming capabilities to set room ambiance
  • Deep color tones to enhance room sophistication
  • Good for soundproofing
  • Machine washable and can be ironed


  • Real-life color may be lighter than presented in pictures
  • Not completely soundproof

5. HCILY Blackout Velvet Curtains

HCILY Blackout Velvet Curtains Navy 96 INCH Thermal Insulated for Bedroom 2...


  • Polyester material
  • Semi-fiber technology
  • Triple weave blackout material
  • Machine washable and tumble dry capabilities
  • Can be steamed or ironed

HCILY Blackout curtains promise up to 99% of light blackout. This means that the curtains will block most of the outside light from getting into the room they are hung in. This way you can comfortably sleep even when it is light and adjust the lighting in order to enjoy programs on TV.

In addition to the blackout capabilities, HCILY Blackout Curtains feature ultraviolet semi-fiber technology. This keeps out the harmful UV rays of the sun from penetrating into your home. The darker the curtains, the better they work at keeping out light.

The design of the HCILY Blackout Curtains is high-quality. The polyester with the faux velvet is smooth and cut evenly so that no fibers stick out. They can be fitted over any curtain rods and will enhance the appearance of any room.

Weaving with triple weave technology, not only helps in blocking out light, it also enhances insulation. The fabric of these curtains assists the AC by trapping moisture and enhancing the coolness of the room during the summer months. It also prevents warm air from escaping during the colder months.


  • Elegant construction for a sophisticated look
  • Darker colors keep out up to 99% of light
  • Triple weave technology enhances heat insulation
  • Machine washable using cold water
  • Can be ironed or steamed to remove creases


  • Color may be lighter than pictured

6. StangH Sunlight Block Velvet Curtains

Nursery Sunlight Blush Velvet Curtains - Elegant Interior Decoration Large...


  • Smooth velvet material
  • Sunlight and UV ray blocking
  • Heat insulation
  • Machine washable
  • Dry cleaner friendly
  • Can be steamed or ironed

These 96 inch long curtains feature a plush and deep-toned velvet material. They are smooth and silky to the touch, giving any room a touch of elegance and sophistication. The color tones are well-blended and last even with multiple washing.

As the name suggests, these curtains have light blocking capabilities. They create a cozy ambiance to your home whether it is bright out due to sunlight or street lights. You can comfortably watch TV or sleep even when it is bright out. When it comes to UV rays, these curtains block them out so as to protect you from harm.

The curtains are also equipped with insulation capabilities in order to regulate temperature levels in your home. Temperature control is important in protecting your furniture from fading, from dampness and any artwork you have from being damaged by the sun or the cold.

It is easy to take care of these curtains. You can brush them with a soft bristled brush or a cloth using water and a mild soap. You can machine wash them and dry clean them. To get rid of any creases, you can just steam or quickly iron them. This way you get longer lasting curtains that enhance the aesthetic of your room and home in general.


  • Long enough to fit any size of windows
  • High-quality material maintains color and texture even with washing
  • Regulate the temperature in which they are hung in
  • Block out sunlight and harmful UV rays
  • Easy to maintain by wiping, machine washing and dry cleaning or ironing


  • May not be efficient at blocking out light without a lining
  • May be an inch or two shorter

In Conclusion

Velvet curtains are a must-have addition to your home. They can turn any type of décor into a classy, timeless look with a lot of sophistication. This is a price worth paying considering that you do not have to break the bank to get your hands on velvet curtains.

In addition to being luxurious, velvet curtains are also thick, providing better blackout capabilities compared to other types of curtains. Velvet curtains keep the light out of the room, whether you want to watch TV during the day or sleep better at night when the streetlights are on.

Velvet curtains regulate temperature with their in-built insulation capabilities. They effectively keep cool air in when it is hot and keep warm air from escaping when it is cold out. They perfectly complement the work of your AC and radiator in all seasons.

Velvet curtains are a worthy purchase with long-lasting capabilities that will serve you for a long time. They are easy to maintain so you can keep them clean and free of dust. You can also keep them looking brand new using techniques like steaming and ironing to remove creases.

All the curtains reviewed here are the perfect balance between usefulness and cost. They come in many colors to suit your décor and taste. They are all highly recommended by buyers. So why not join this bandwagon and get yourself a set of classy velvet curtains?

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