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Top 15 Best Wool Comforters Reviews 2020

Are you having trouble sleeping? Switch to wool. Mankind has spent centuries making clothes, pillows, and mattresses out of wool. And now we have wool comforters.

So what makes them so special? First of all, studies show that people who use wool enjoy a more restful sleep. Their heart rates are lower and they encounter fewer disturbances during the night.

This has been imputed to the thermo-regulating properties of wool, the fact that it can control the temperature of the sleeper depending on how hot or cold the weather might be. Hot sleepers that struggle with night sweats are especially encouraged to buy wool comforters because the moisture-wicking properties of the bedding items will keep them dry throughout the night.

If that wasn’t enough, you also have the hypoallergenic properties and the natural fire resistance that wool brings to the table.

Along with the eco-friendly and cruel-free nature of wool, it isn’t that hard to understand why people might want to add wool comforters to their bedrooms.

If you count yourself among those that want to buy their own wool comforters, this list was made for you. It is designed to help you identify and select the best wool comforters for your needs.

If you desperately want a best  wool comforter but you don’t want to read through all the reviews below, use the comparison table. It has all the information you require to make the best possible selection.







Sleep & Beyond  Organic Merino Wool Comforter

Sleep & Beyond 102 by 90-Inch Organic Merino Wool Comforter, King, Ivory

  • Organic Cotton Jacquard
  • 300 Thread Count
  • Available in All Sizes


Holly Lamb Organics Wool  Comforter

Holy Lamb Organics Wool Comfortor (King Comforter - Perfect Comfort)

  • Premium Eco-Wool batting 
  • Super soft Pure Cotton cover
  • 3 distinct temperature weights
  • Available in All Sizes
  • Hand made


100% Peruvian Alpaca Wool Fill Duvet Comforter 

Down Alternative Duvet Comforter 100% Peruvian Alpaca Wool Fill -...

  • 100% cotton Casing
  • 400 thread count
  • Queen/King Size


Australian Wool Comforter Duvet Insert

Premium 100% Austrialia Wool Extra Weight Comforter Duvet Insert King

  • Wool and Wool Blend Comforter
  • 300 thread count
  • Size-90" x 92"


Alpaca Duvet - Hypoallergenic Wool Comforter

Alpaca Duvet - Hypoallergenic Comforter / Down Alternative - 100% Alpaca...

  • 100% Alpaca Wool Filling
  • 100% Pima Cotton Casing
  • No chemical additives
  • repels bed bugs and other pests


​Woolino Luxurious Australian Washable Wool Comforter

Woolino Luxurious Australian Washable Wool Comforter, Mid-Weight Wool Fill...

  • 100% Wool Filling
  • 100% Cotton Shell
  • Year round use
  • 300 thread count
  • OEKO tex certified


Sleep Philosophy Wonder Wool Comforter

Sleep Philosophy Wonder 300 Thread Count TC Cotton Sateen Cloud Pattern...

  • wool/polyester mixed Comforter
  • 300 thread count
  • Twin/King/Queen


Sleep and Beyond  Washable Wool Comforter

Sleep and Beyond myComforter Light, Washable Wool Comforter Year-Round...

  • Encased in cotton sateen
  • 233 thread count
  • Size-Full/Queen


 Century Home  Pure Wool Filled Comforter

No products found.

  • 100% cotton Shell
  • 260 thread count
  • Size-Queen
No products found.


 Fresh Ideas Australian Wool Filled Comforter 

Fresh Ideas Wool Filled Cotton Comforter Size: King

  • 100% cotton Shell
  • Size-Full/Queen and King

Top 15 Best Wool Comforters Reviews

1. Sleep and Beyond Organic Merino Wool Comforter

Sleep & Beyond 102 by 90-Inch Organic Merino Wool Comforter, King, Ivory

This comforter sheds slightly but that is a small price to pay for all the other benefits it delivers. The product doesn’t bunch or pill and you can sleep under it for most months of the year regardless of the season.

The cover is sateen. It is tightly woven and smooth to the touch. Some people are bound to take offense with the weight. But others will appreciate it because that gentle pressure helps them fall asleep.


This product features organic merino wool which has temperature regulating properties. The cover is nice organic cotton jacquard. The price tag is quite steep. But the product has been USDA and WOOLMARK certified, proving that it is truly organic.

Organic bedding products are rarely cheap.

Style and Comfort

This is a decent looking comforter. It isn’t amazing but you can’t call it ugly either. Available in King, Twin, Crib, and Full/Queen Sizes, this product’s biggest draw is the wool and wool blend.

As was mentioned above, wool is temperature regulating. It will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The cotton sateen fabric is nice and strong, boasting a thread count of 300 which speaks to its durability.

Washing and Care

This comforter should be spot cleaned. You can also air it in the sun to keep the product fresh. Otherwise, keep it in a duvet cover.


  • 100% Organic wool comforter. It made of fine and certified merino wool to keep you comfortable and warm all night long
  • Wool is temperature regulating.
  • Sateen is smooth.
  • It is 100% organic cotton Jacquard.
  • It keeps you warm all night long despite the changes in the weather.


  • Sheds.
  • Slightly warmer and heavier than some people would like.

2. Holy Lamb Organics Wool Comforter

Holy Lamb Organics Wool Comfortor (King Comforter - Perfect Comfort)

If you thought the previous item was expensive, this one costs even more. But the materials are the highest quality and the stitching is meticulous. So you get what you pay for.

At 12 pounds, the comforter is heavy. Some people like that. It makes them feel like they are being hugged. Others prefer a lighter, less oppressive product.

If you choose to return it, there is a 10 percent restocking fee.


Available in Twin, Full/Queen, and King Sizes, the comforter is made from organic cotton fabric that is known for its soft texture and durability. The filling is premium Eco-Wool that gives the comforter its heft.

Because the materials are organic, the comforter is perfectly safe for human use. It doesn’t contain any components that might bring harm to the user.

Style and Comfort

You can get the comforter in three weighs depending on your location. There is cool comfort, perfect comfort, and extra warmth. Perfect comfort is the most balanced of the three, providing the appropriate amount of protection against both heat and cold.

The comforter features a hand stitch around the entire parameter. It is also hand-tufted in the middle. This is what keeps the wool in place. The thread is cotton.

Washing and Care

The item is machine washable. Use a gentle cycle.


  • Machine washable.
  • 100 percent organic wool and cotton.
  • Three temperature weights.


  • Expensive.
  • 10 percent restocking fee.

3. Alpaca Wool Fill Down Alternative Duvet Comforter 100% Peruvian 

Down Alternative Duvet Comforter 100% Peruvian Alpaca Wool Fill -...

This duvet comforter is the best in the market owing to its price and quality. It is 100% Alpaca Wool duvet comforter only outer cover is made by cotton. The inner part is fully made of perfect Alpaca wool.

 This Alpaca wool is very soft, luxurious, silky natural fiber besides its extended durability.  It has hollow follicles that help in temperature regulation and hence, reduce sweating at night as you enjoy your sleep.  


It is made of 100% Alpaca wool booth inside and outside giving you comfort all night long.

Style and Comfort

The Alpaca wool is fiber lanolin, and it is certified as hypo allergic giving you nasal comfort as you sleep. Don’t worry about the night discomforts from the experience you had from the other comforters.

As we discussed above, alphaca wool is a natural fiber so it is hypoallergenic. And it is one of the highly rated organic wool comforters that can help you to reduce night sweats and nasal congestion. And this product has a good customer reviews.

Additionally, it has a beautiful shape and white color which can beautify your bed.

Washing and Care

The manufacturer suggest to use a  machine washable duvet cover to protect duvet and wash regularly. 


  • It regulates the temperature by giving room for extra moisture to escape through its follicles.
  • It is clinically certified as a hypo allergic giving you comfort as you enjoy the sleep without any nasal discomfort..
  • It is very soft for your skin.


  • It is made in Peru; hence shipping fee can make the product price a bit higher.
  • You must need washing machine to wash it.

4. Woolino Luxurious Australian Washable Wool Comforter

Woolino Luxurious Australian Washable Wool Comforter, Mid-Weight Wool Fill...

This comforter is designed to deliver the best sleep possible which is why it features an appropriate weight, temperature regulating and moisture-wicking properties. It can keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter which is what most people want.

They want to know that they can use the same comforter throughout the year. This product promises just that. It is hypoallergenic and resistant to static, dust mites, mold, and mildew.

It will regulate the customer’s temperature while they sleep, making certain that they receive the right amount of ventilation and warmth depending on the time of year.


The product uses 100 percent wool for its filling and 100 percent cotton for its shell. The OEKO-TEX 100 certificate proves that no harmful components were used in the making of the comforter.

The premium merino wool is safe and non-toxic.

Style and Comfort

Available in Twin, Queen, King, and Crib Sizes, the wool fill is 85 Oz which is decent. The comforter isn’t too light but it isn’t too heavy either. You get a balanced weight.

The cover has a sateen weave that is responsible for the comforter’s attractive sheen and soft texture. The thread count is 300 which is also decent, ensuring that the comforter is strong enough to survive a thorough wash.

The manufacturer provides corner ties that will keep the comforter secure within a duvet cover.

Washing and Care

The comforter is machine washable.


  • Machine washable.
  • Hypoallergenic and resistant to static, dust mites, and mold.
  • Soft sateen cotton shell.


  • Some customers have criticized the comforter for being noisy.

5. Alpaca Wool Filling Duvet Comforter

Alpaca Duvet - Hypoallergenic Comforter / Down Alternative - 100% Alpaca...

This comforter is also quite expensive. But as with the previous item, this product’s price tag is easily justified by its features. The comforter was designed to act as the perfect alternative to down.

Not only is Alpaca wool rarer than cashmere but it is completely cruelty-free. Alpacas have to be sheared regardless of whether or not you need their wool for comforters.

As such, no Alpacas are inconvenienced in the making of this product. Shipped in a reusable plastic bag with a zipper and handle, it is somewhat heavy (11 pounds) but not to the point of overwhelming customers with heat.


The comforter is 100 percent pure Alpaca wool, or at least the filling is pure Alpaca wool. The cover is pure Peruvian Pima cotton.

Style and Comfort

The comforter has a sateen weave that gives the cover the smooth, beautiful sheen for which it is known. The thread count is 588 and it is free of bleach, dyes, pesticides or chemicals of any kind.

It feels really soft against the skin. The wool gives the comforter its thermal properties, making it one of the coziest bedding items you will ever encounter. There is no shedding, dust or dander to worry about.

The quilting prevents shifting and makes fluffing and flipping unnecessary. The item is resistant to bed bugs, fleas, and other pests. The hypoallergenic properties will appeal to people who have allergies.

Washing and Care

The manufacturer encourages dry cleaning.


  • The plastic bag is reusable.
  • 100 percent pure Alpaca Wool and 100 percent Pure Pima Cotton.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Eco-friendly.


  •  Requires dry cleaning.
  • Expensive.

6. Down Under Australian Washable Wool Comforter

DOWN UNDER Bedding King Size Premium Australian Washable Sheepskin Wool...

This is a nice affordable wool comforter. People expect it to smell when they first receive it but it doesn’t. It is also thicker and silkier than they expect for a product with such a friendly price tag.

At 9 pounds, it isn’t that heavy. But it has enough heft for people who prefer comforters with a little bit of weight to them.


Available in King and Queen Sizes, the product is filled with 100 percent Australian Sheep wool. The cover is pure cotton. In other words, the product is completely organic which makes it safe for use.

Style and Comfort

The wool has temperature regulating properties that will allow the comforter to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. You no longer have to worry about sleeping hot at night.

Neither do you have to worry about the comforter shifting in its cover. There are corner ties that will secure the comforter to the cover.

Washing and Care

Wash the comforter at a Laundromat with a commercial size machine.


  • 100 percent Cotton and 100 percent Australian Sheep Wool.
  • Corner ties.
  • Affordable.


  • Requires a commercial Size Machine.
  • A little heavy for some people.

7. Australian Wool Extra Weight Comforter Duvet Insert King

Premium 100% Austrialia Wool Extra Weight Comforter Duvet Insert King

It has extra weight for those who need enough warmth, especially during winter.  It is 104 by 92-inches.  The shell is 300 thread count cotton.   It is made in Australia and made of 100% premium wool from Australia.  

It is white hence dispels the pets like dust mites and bedbugs. It is also easy to keep clean all the time.   It is machine washable as it needs cold water, tumble dry low.

The Duvet comforter is very soft for your skin; its breathability is beyond comparison.  The size is overwhelming for anyone who desires to sleep soundly without any distraction from sweating,  unregulated temperature and dust mites.

 It comes in three sizes to choose from. Based on the weight and size.  The comforter is also ideal for those with guest houses as it is washable and remains intact despite the many times you may wash it. Another thing is that it does not empty your pockets. Upgrade today and fill the comfort of your sleep.

Easy to wash in the machine with cold water and tumble dry low. These instructions are apparent for anyone who knows how to use the washing machine.

It is one of the most reviewed wool comforters. According to the customer review, It is not a heavy weight comforter and It's weight is as same as normal down comforter. Additionally, you will not get any types of odor from this types of comforter. You will get optimum level of comfort throughout all season.


  • It is white hence needs a lot of cleanliness and resist against dust mites and bedbugs.
  • It is 100% premium wool
  • Has some extra weight at an affordable price
  •  It is very affordable compared to the other comforters with the same qualities.


  • Cannot be hand washed
  • Can be expensive owing to the shipping fee from Australia

8. Sleep Philosophy Wonder Wool down Alternative Comforter King White

Sleep Philosophy Wonder 300 Thread Count TC Cotton Sateen Cloud Pattern...

This alternative comforter is made of entirely cotton wool.  It comes as a single comforter as it can cover up to the king-sized bed.  It is 104 by 90 inches and can be washed easily using the washing machine.  It is imported from abroad owing to its good quality.

It is one of the newest wool comforters in the market with a very good out looking, warmth, and comfort. According to the statements of few user's, this comforter is little bit Heavier than normal ones but It is best for cold night. 


  • Can cover the enormous bed as it measures 104 by 90- inches.
  • It is made of 100% cotton wool fillings.
  • It easily washed by the washing machine.
  • Comfortable and very affordable.
  • Last longer while maintaining the quality and color.


  • You can not wash it by hand.
  • You have to careful while using this comforter as it's made by 100% cotton wool.

9. Sleep and Beyond my Comforter Light, Washable Wool Comforter

Sleep and Beyond myComforter Light, Washable Wool Comforter Year-Round...

It is best used during the warm season. It is eco-friendly as it is hypoallergic, well disinfected against dust mites and bedbugs.  It regulates the body temperature by wicking moisture ensuring the body gets to the sleeping mood faster.

You can easily breathe through the fiber. It is a perfect insulator for our bodies just as the wool does for the sheep. It is packed in eco-friendly packaging and is long lasting when properly cared for. It is lightweight hence fit even for your children.  The wool is very smooth and is not poky as the others do.

Additionally, It is a lightweight comforter but has a good insulation and warm. It is one of the top grade comforter for warmest region.

This comforter keeps you warm in the cold night and cozy in the warmest day. It capture your body temperature very fast and keep you warm all over the night. 

Do you have any allergic problem? Do you need a eco and budget  friendly comforter, then you are in the right place. This comforter is the best alternative of synthetic filled product. Normally natural down comforter is not hypoallergenic but this wool comforter is hypoallergenic.

Although this comforter is new in the market,already it has achieved customer satisfaction. But, You need to buy a duvet cover  to cover this comforter.


  • Good for warmer seasons and a good insulator.
  • It is packed in eco-friendly packaging.
  • Suitable for all bed sizes especially the queen and king sizes.
  • The wool remains well distributed even when it fades the color


  • May Not be good during winter

10. Century Home C601-030 Natural Home Wool mark Certified Pure Wool Filled Comforter

No products found.

 This pure Wool Filled Comforter, Queen is 100% cotton. It is imported from abroad because of its high quality it is ideal for all season both cold and warm season.

  It is breathable to control humidity and regulate body temperature.  It has 260 thread counts and has 300 gsm Premium Australian wool.

All the comforter of century home is certified by Australian wool mark quality certification body.

 It is made form natural wool fabric. If you want a hypoallergenic comforter, this might be the perfect wool comforter for you.  Additionally, It is breathable, humidity and moisture controlled comforter.  


  • It is ideal for any season.
  • It is breathable hence regulate both humidity and the body temperature.
  • 100% cotton wool with 260 threads count.
  • Does not fade the original color.


  • Has less number of thread counts compared to the other comforters.

No products found.

11. Fresh Ideas Australian Wool Filled Cotton Comforter

Fresh Ideas Wool Filled Cotton Comforter Size: King

 It has 100% cotton shell from Australia together with comforter wool. It is available for both queen and king-size beds.  

This comforter is purely made of cotton wool.  It is also hypo allergic; hence you enjoy the comfort of your sleep without any nasal reaction. It wicks off moisture hence control the body temperature.    It is designed to hold fillings in place.

The wool remains intact even after several times of washing and it is made from 100% cotton wool


  • It is hypo allergic.
  • It regulates moisture and body temperature.
  • Available for king and queen-sized beds.
  • The comforter remains in good condition for ages.


  • All the size is not available.

12. 100% All Natural, Made In the U.S.A. - King Wool Filled Comforter

No products found.

It is filled with 100% natural wool. It is hypo-allergic and hence repels all the pests including dust mites and bedbugs if any. The wool regulates your body temperature keeps you comfortable in all the seasons.

 It also wicks of extra moisture leaving you dry all night long. The comforter wool is 100% natural wool batts and is washable biodegradable covered in 100 % natural cotton.

Natural Made in America from the Frankenmuth, Michigan wool mill. Need more USA product, read out our another article on best pillows made in USA.


  • Are hypo allergic repealing dust mites.
  • It regulates moisture by expelling extra moisture.
  • The wool regulates body temperature giving you a comfortable sleep.
  •  Is ideal for all the seasons.


  • Cannot last long when poorly cared for.

No products found.

13. Organic Comfort Market 100% Natural Wool Comforter. Woolmark & Oeko Certified. (Queen)

No products found.

It is washable and is ever soft and cozy giving you comfortable night rest. It can cover both the queen and king size bed. It is white thus maintaining your bedroom hygiene.  This comforter is certified by the quality assurance institutions globally.

Like the Independent international organizations, WOOLMARK, TEX, and OEKO.   Therefore, the wool used is very pure up to the international levels.

It is thermoregulatory; hence it helps you regulate the body temperature allowing your skin to breathe thus suitable for the people fond of sweating at night.  

It is also suitable for allergic people as it is hypoallergic.   The comforter wool is not poky, does not overheat, and the fillings do not pile in one corner, they stay well distributed.

No products found.

14. Organic Textiles Washable Natural Wool Comforter

Washable Natural Wool Comforter Extra Large King

At 10 pounds, this is a heavy comforter but it is, none the less, suitable for the summer. The price tag will turn some people off. This isn’t the most expensive comforter on the market but it isn’t the cheapest either.

And yet the features it brings to the table go a long way in justifying its cost, including an Eco-friendly construction with a cover and filling that are easy to wash.


The filling is wool. Wool is heavy but it also has temperature regulating properties which is why the manufacturer expects you to use this comforter all year round. The cover is 100 percent cotton. This means that the entire product is completely organic.

Style and Comfort

Not only are the materials organic but the manufacturer doesn’t use any flame retardants or toxic chemicals. So the product is completely safe for human use, hypoallergenic and unlikely to elicit allergic reactions in people.

The cover has a thread count of 350 which makes it adequately durable and soft. The sateen weave gives the comforter an attractive sheen and a smooth texture. The cotton and wool work in tandem to wick moisture away, keeping the user cool and dry throughout the night.

You can get it in Twin, Queen, and King Sizes.

Washing and Care

The comforter is machine washable.


  • Breathable and hypoallergenic.
  •  Eco-friendly, devoid of flame retardants and toxic chemicals.
  • Machine washable.


  • Expensive.

15. OrganicTextiles Australian Natural Wool Filled Comforter

OrganicTextiles All-Natural Australian Wool Filled Bed Comforter (Queen...

This is natural Australian wool. It is very pure and therefore you sleep feeling comfortable all night as it has the best fiber with 350   thread count sateen cotton. It has no harmful chemical as it is not carcinogenic.

 It naturally regulates your temperature as it wicks moisture away and keeps you cool.  It is Hypo allergic bedding as it resists against dust mites, mildew, and mold. It can even withstand fire. It is easily washed in the machine. No special care required. It has a corner tie that easily anchors on to the duvet and helps you keep your bed organized.

It is also machine washable and environment-friendly comforter. You have to arrange cold water for washing this comforter. Choose a delicate cycle and mild detergent.

Firstly, If you want to get the most healthy environment for sleeping, this comforter is highly suggested for you. Secondly, The 350 thread count and heavy filling make this comforter slightly heavier than the normal comforter.

Thirdly, If you expect a cool night free from any types of moisture, this comforter ensures this benefit to you. And finally, to get a good number of benefit from a comforter, you have to increase your budget.

Final verdict:

Wool comforter is very comfortable but The problem is finding this best organic wool comforters from the many outlets or even the online malls.  Try and check and you will be overwhelmed with the noise outside there.

So, Don’t look further and dispel off all the noises by buying one or several comforters from the above list . Take your time, and you will be amazed at the quality and how affordable the prices are.

If you do not like wool bedding, you should check our best silk comforter instead. 

Best Wool Duvets and Comforters Buying Guide

A lot more people than you realize struggle with overheating every single night. Overheating can be blamed on the build-up of moisture on the skin which traps heat. This is why wool duvets and comforters are so important during certain seasons of the year.

Wool fibers are designed to regulate temperature by absorbing moisture and then allowing it to evaporate. This allows you to remain cool and dry throughout the night.

Wool duvets and comforters are not just breathable. They are also organic, fire-resistant and hypoallergenic.

And now that you know why you need to get your own duvet, you are probably wondering how you can go about choosing the wool duvet comforter on the market.

After all, you have quite a few models to consider these days. Then again, selecting the right wool duvet and comforter shouldn’t present much of a challenge if you can keep the following factors in mind:

1). Wool

You need to think about the type of wool in your comforter or duvet because it will determine the price you have to pay. Naturally, you will be tempted to seek out wool of the finest grade for your duvet or comforter, possibly even merino wool.

But that mindset doesn’t actually make as much sense as you think. Wool of the finest grade is only essential when you are dealing with clothing that has to keep rubbing against your skin.

The wool used by a comforter or duvet is found on the inside. You’re not going to come into direct contact with it. For that reason, you don’t need to spend exorbitant sums on comforters and duvets with Merino wool. Medium grade wool will do just fine.

2). Fill Power

A wool duvet or comforter should have wool filling. That much should be obvious. And once you know that your duvet or comforter of choice has wool on the inside, you must take a moment to determine just how much wool was used.

This is the fill power. The quantity of wool used to fill a comforter or duvet matters because it will determine the weight. Wool is supposed to regulate temperature so that you can use it all year round.

That being said, heavier duvets and comforters will do a better job of keeping you warm in the winter than lighter wool duvets and comforters. The reverse is also true. So you need to think about the weather conditions you have to face in your area.

This will allow you to find a wool duvet or comforter whose weight can adequately meet your needs. With the duvet, you have to consider the tog rating which is a unit that measures the warmth offered.

There are different tog ratings for children and adults. You can also base your choice of tog rating on the climate. Comforters have a similar warmth rating.

3). Cover

The wool that makes up a duvet or comforter is on the inside. It is contained within an external cover. The fabric from which this cover is made is just as important as the filling. You need to think about the type of fabric and the thread count.

The best wool duvets and comforters have cotton covers. Cotton isn’t just strong and durable. It is also warm and soft, and it accentuates the attributes of the wool filling on the inside.

Additional factors that are worth considering include the size and design. But if you can get fill power and the quality of the cover right, you won’t go wrong in your choice of a wool duvet or comforter.

Types of Wool Fabric

Most people are surprised to learn that there are many types of wool in existence. So, if you are into woolen items, you should take time to learn more about different types of wool so that you make the best choices as you shop for woolen garments. For instance, many people assume that wool comes from sheep only, but that is not true. Wool can come from various other sources. Here is a look at various types of wool in existence. 

1. Sheep’s Wool

This is the wool most people know about. On clothes, it is labeled as wool. This kind of wool can feel a little itchy as it has a scaly exterior. It can also shrink if not handled properly. However, sheep’s wool offers excellent insulation, which makes it great for cold weather.

2. Merino Wool

Merino wool also comes from sheep. However, this wool is much finer, and it is less likely to shrink. The wool also offers great insulation from the cold. 

3. Cheviot

The wool is gotten from Cheviot sheep, which are raised in Cheviot Hills in England. The wool has a shaggy appearance, and it is used on medium and heavy woolen fabrics. 

4. Lambswool

This is also sheep’s wool, but it is gotten from sheep when they are young and only several months old. This wool is especially soft and smooth, and it does not wrinkle as easily. The wool is also expensive, as it is rare since a sheep can only provide it once in its lifetime. 

5. Alpaca

This wool comes from alpacas. The wool is soft and silky, and also very durable. It has many similarities to regular sheep’s wool but is less itchy. Some forms of alpaca wool are used in knitted clothing, while the other type is used in clothes like suits.

6. Cashmere

This wool comes not from sheep, but from goats. It is generally considered the most expensive kind of wool. The wool is very strong, light, less itchy and more durable than sheep’s wool. Clothes made from this wool can be worn during winter and also during summer. 

7. Vicuna Wool

This is regarded as the most expensive type of wool there is. It is gotten from vicuna, and a jacket made from this wool can cost over $20,000!

8. Angora

This wool comes from the Angora rabbit. The wool is very lightweight and fluffy. However, it offers incredible heat insulation and is usually warmer than regular wool. However, the wool is very delicate and usually needs to be blended with other types of wool for added strength. 

9. Mohair

This wool comes from Angora goat, and it is soft and shiny. Mohair offers great insulation against heat, and it does not wrinkle very easily. 

10. Shetland Wool

This is a type of sheep’s wool obtained from sheep found in Scotland. The wool offers great heat insulation, and it makes good quality fabrics as well. The wool is a little rough as well, but it is very good for winter clothing. 

11. Border Leicester Wool

This kind of wool is named after the place where the sheep that provide this kind of wool are reared. The wool is very durable, and it is usually used to make coats and dresses. 

12. Lincoln Wool

Lincoln wool is a high-quality type of woolen fabric that makes suits and other kinds of garments. The wool is expensive, and it stands out for its great appearance. 

13. Organic Wool

Many chemicals are used to treat wool or rear the sheep that produce the wool, and this can have an impact on the wool’s texture, quality and so forth. But there is organic wool which is obtained from sheep that have been raised without the use of any such contamination. Therefore, this wool is less likely to cause allergenic reactions or have carcinogenic products in it. Organic wool is used for making other wool product like wool pillow, wool mattress toppers etc.

Wool FAQs

How long does wool comforter last?

Generally, this depends on whether it has a cover or not. With a cover, the comforter can last for 15 to 25 years, even with regular cleaning. Otherwise, without a cover, the comforter might wear out much sooner. 

How to use wool comforter?

Using a wool comforter is pretty easy to use. You just have to cover yourself with the comforter as you sleep on your bed. It should provide you with some warmth if it is cold and help you relax as you sleep. You have to use it with other beddings as well, such as bed sheets. 

Do you need duvet cover for wool comforter?

Yes, covering your wool comforter with a duvet cover is a great idea. You should use an organic cotton duvet cover as it is soft and offers better temperature regulation. A duvet cover also reduces the need to wash the wool comforter more regularly, and it also ensures that the comforter lasts much longer. With a cover, the woolen comforter can last for up to 25 years, and without it, it can wear out in less than 15 years.

Is wool-filled comforter warm?

Yes, wool-filled comforters are warm, but when it is cool. Wool is a natural thermal regulator. That means it keeps you warm when it is cold, and keeps you cool when it is warm. So yes, a wool-filled comforter can keep you warm. 

Why does wool duvet make me sweat?

There is no reason you should sweat when using a wool duvet, since it is such a great natural thermal regulator. So, other other reasons besides the duvet itself could be to blame. A wool duvet only makes you warm when it is cold, and it does not make you warm when it is already warm. Wool is also still quite breathable. That is why there is a possibility that something else is causing you to sweat when using a woolen duvet, for instance, night sweats, high room temperature, menopause, sleep apnea, medication and so forth. Otherwise, you can always push it aside if you feel too warm and that might offer some relief. 

How to process wool fabric? 

Various processes are required to turn wool into fabric. After the wool is sheared off the animal, it is scoured, carded, and combed before being span into a yarn. The yarn is then woven using a loom into a fabric, which is then use to make woolen garments. 

Is wool good for health?

In general wool is good for your health, and it promotes the health of your skin and body. It also helps you relax and rest after a long day, and promotes better sleep. So, wool is good for your health. However, if you are allergenic, you can always go with organic wool products to avoid any possible reactions. 

Are there any disadvantages of the wool comforter?

In general wool comforters have little downsides when it comes to making comforters. They are warm, comfortable and pampering, which is what most people desire in these sorts of beddings. However, many woolen comforters are white in color, and they can stain easily, which can make cleaning them a bit of a challenge. 


As popular as wool is as clothing material, few people know much about it. The truth is that there are various types of wool, and above are some common types you should know about. As you will realize, not all types of wool come from sheep. Rabbits, goats, and even alpacas can be sources of wool. Generally, each type of wool has special qualities.

Some wools are very expensive, while others are more affordable. Similarly, some forms of wool can be a little itchy and more prone to shrinking. However, other types can be quite durable, and some types of wool can even be worn during winters and summer. 

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