Top 12 Best Wool Pillows Reviews 2020

We all experience sleepless nights from time to time. Sometimes you succeed in dozing off but your sleep is fraught with so much discomfort that you do not feel rested whatsoever in the morning.

Sometimes you need a good doctor to put you right. Other times, you just need a change of pillow, especially if your sleepless nights and miserable mornings are caused by allergic reactions, bad odors, discomforting warmth and the like.

You have probably noticed the hype that wool pillows attract and you probably think that it is exaggerated. But that isn’t the case. We have experimented with the best wool pillows.  And we have found that they can actually transform the quality of your sleep. you can  use this "Quick Navigation" to go to the review of a specific product.

Moreover, you spend at least six hours of any given day in bed. That means your head spends at least six hours every day lying against your pillow. If that is the case, then your choice of the pillow should be considered just as carefully as your choice of mattress. And the wool pillow is one of the best natural pillows that can enhance the quality of your sleep.  In this article, you will get 12 best wool pillows reviews and pros and cons as well.

The wool pillow can provide enormous benefits to its users. It is somehow soft and firm at the same time, comfortable but also supportive. You also have the covers which have a soothing texture that enables them to augment the temperature regulating attributes of the wool. Moreover, The wool pillows are very breathable as well as hypoallergenic. The natural attributes of wool allow them to keep you either warm or cool depending on the weather conditions in your area. And the organic wool has bristles that resist dust mites, bacteria, mold, and fungus.

All those dust mites and the mildew and the bad odors that pillows attract after extensive use tend to go out the window once you switch to wool. We have seen them in action. Other customers have also seen them in action. The wool pillows are every bit as enticing as the hype claims. If you have a very short time, you can choose anyone from the below comparison table.







 LIFEKIND Certified Organic wool Pillow

Lifekind Certified Organic Pure Wool Pillow - Full Loft (Standard)

Certified Organic Pure Wool


 Sleep And Beyond Washable Wool pillow

Sleep & Beyond 20 by 36-Inch Washable Wool Pillow, King, Natural

100% Shropshire Wool with Natural Cotton cover


 WOOLROOM Classic Wool Pillow

WOOLROOM Classic Wool Pillow Queen, Medium-Firm, Natural Filled Sleeping...

British Wool Pillow


 Mother Sheep Organics Wool Pillow

Organic Wool Toddler and Kids Pillow, Travel Pillow, 14x19

100% organic wool filling with cotton exterior


Organic Textiles Wool Filled Pillow

100% Organic Cotton Covered Wool Filled Pillow Standard/Classic Size

100% Natural Australian Wool filled with cotton cover


White Lotus Home Buckwheat Wool Pillow

White Lotus Home OBWWSP01 100% Buckwheat and Wool (Buckwool) Sleep Pillow...

 Organic Buckwheat and wool pillow and Organic twill outer case


Century Home Signature Collection Wool Fleece Pillow Protector

Century Home Signature Collection Woolmark Certified Pure Wool Fleece...

100 Percent Australian wool


 Holy Lamb Organics Woolly Down Pillow

Holy Lamb Organics Woolly 'Down' Pillow

medium filled wool pillow


Rejuvenation Organic Hulls and natural wool Pillow

Rejuvenation Pillow with Organic Millet Hulls and Natural Wool

Organic Cotton Sateen cover and pure wool and millet hulls filled


Decorative pillow with Wool Pillow Cases

MIULEE Pack of 2 Decorative New Luxury Series Style Cream White Faux Fur...

wool throw pillow covers


El Paso Designs Throw Pillow Covers

El Paso Designs Throw Pillow Covers 18 X 18- Hand Woven Wool in Southwest,...

Decorative Pillow Cases in Wool

 Top 12 best wool pillows reviews

1. LIFEKIND Certified Organic wool Pillow

Lifekind Certified Organic Pure Wool Pillow - Full Loft (Standard)

‘LifeKind’, the manufacturer, makes organic bedding items for adults, children, and animals. So, this pillow is just one in a long line of naturally made bedding products. You can trust it with your health because ‘LifeKind’ was founded by Walt Bader, a man that struggled with chemical sensitivity from an early age.

He spent his life paying close attention to the labels of every product he used to ensure that he wasn’t exposed to any dangerous components. To protect others from living such fearful lives, he decided to make pillows like this that are not only organic but perfectly safe for human use regardless of the allergies you suffer from.

This explains why the product is GOTS Certified.

Used Material: The pillow is filled with pure wool that has been certified to prove that it was organically processed. The manufacturer used an exclusive ozone sterilization method to prepare it. The shell is also cotton, boasting a GOTS certificate which proves that it is environmentally friendly.

Comfort Levels: You can get the pillow in models ranging from Full to Light to Medium. As such, whether you want a firm pillow that provides perfect support for your head and neck or a softer pillow that cradles you, this manufacturer has you covered. It is a simple matter of selecting the right level of firmness.

Sizes and Color: The pillow is available in Standard Sizes. As was mentioned above, the firmness will vary. For instance, you can get the pillow in standard size with light loft, full loft, or standard size with a medium loft.

For the moment, it looks like you can only get the pillow in standard size with full loft in ivory color.

Style and Durability: This is wool. The fibers are strong, capable of lasting a long time even in the face of extensive washing and use. As far as style is concerned, the color options are limited. But the few colors you get are compatible with numerous bedroom styles of decoration.

Washing and Care: Put a cover around the pillow to protect it from dirt. You can wash the cover if it gets dirty. The pillow itself cannot be washed. The organic wool will become flat and hard. You will also find it difficult to fully dry the pillow.

You can only spot clean it.

Warranty and Guarantee: You should contact the manufacturer to receive more accurate information about their warranty and guarantee policies.


  • GOTS Certified organic cotton.
  • Available in various firmness levels.
  • Eco-friendly.


  • Cannot be washed

2. Sleep and Beyond Washable Wool Pillow 

Sleep & Beyond 20 by 36-Inch Washable Wool Pillow, King, Natural

What do you want from your pillow? If you’re like most people, then you want a pillow that is soft to the touch, smooth and comforting against your head.

This Sleep and Beyond Wool Pillow is definitely soft. And it is smooth. But it is also firm, providing support for the head and the neck. One consumer actually said that the Sleep & Beyond wool pillow cured her husband’s snoring.

Another noted that the product grew more comfortable with the passing of time. The natural wool of this  wool Pillow will regulate your temperature, keeping you either cool or warm depending on the season. You won’t find many other bedding items that are this strong and reliable. 

Used Material:  The "Sleep and Beyond" wool pillow is made from pure Natural Cotton Percale. It is also filled with pure Shropshire Wool. This will deliver every attribute people associate with wool such as breathability, warmth, and resistance to dust mites and mold.

Comfort Levels: If you have allergies, you will love this wool pillow because it is hypoallergenic. If you hate dust mite, then, as mentioned above, you will also appreciate the resistance the pillow offers. This organic wool pillow will also combat mold and mildew. This means that it will keep away every factor that could possibly bring distress to your health while you sleep.

Style and Durability: The filling in this wool pillow is arranged in layers in one roll rather than peanut-sized balls. But the results are the same. The pillow will hold its shape even after days, weeks, and months of washes and usage. You can blame that on the hand-tufted design. The lack of sufficient color options might rub some people the wrong way, especially if their bedrooms feature a distinct style.

Sizes and color: You can get this pillow in Queen and King Size. Unfortunately, the pillow is only available in a natural color. But this is what you can expect from most natural bedding products.

Washing and Care Instructions: If you must clean the wool pillow, use a gentle cycle with cold water. After that, the pillow must be air-dried. To extend its lifespan, try to keep the pillow in a case. Without proper care, the product’s natural fibers will begin to shrink.

Warranty and Guarantee: We are recommending this pillow as there seems to be a Five Year Manufacturer Warranty attached to this pillow. But you should contact the manufacturer to confirm the details.


  • This wool pillow is made from natural components (cotton percale and Shropshire wool). As such, it is free of hazardous chemicals.  
  • The pillow is machine washable.
  • It is designed to support the head and the neck.
  • The Shropshire wool used to fill the pillow doesn’t require frequent cleaning.


  • The color options are limited
  • The pillow is expensive.

3. WOOLROOM Classic Wool Pillow

WOOLROOM Classic Wool Pillow Queen, Medium-Firm, Natural Filled Sleeping...

This is a plump pillow, available in various sizes, that is designed to maintain your posture so that you can sleep comfortably. The temperature regulating properties are incredibly important because most of the body’s heat escapes through the head.

As such, if you want to remain cool, your head should be rested on a breathable pillow. This is the only way to prevent your body from overheating and sweating too much.

This pillow can be trusted to manage the heat and moisture your body produces. It will ensure that your sleep goes an interrupted throughout the night.

Used Material: This is a completely organic product that is filled with 100 percent British Wool Balls that have been graded by British Wool Merchants. The cover is cotton with a thread count of 200. It has been carefully quilted to prevent the fibers from migrating.

Comfort Levels: As was mentioned above, the pillow is well-filled and plump. This will keep your body in the proper sleeping posture. A good sleeping posture will prevent you from waking up with stiff and aching joints.

The pillow is breathable and sustainable. It will regulate your temperature, preventing you from overheating. And if you end up sweating, the fibers are designed to keep you comfortable by managing your body’s moisture.

Sizes and Colors: You can get the pillow in Queen, King, and Standard sizes. Your color options are mostly limited to white.

Style and Durability: While you don’t have much in the way of color options, the white shell is versatile, capable of fitting into most bedroom decoration styles. Additionally, you can change the color of the pillow by purchasing a case whose appearance fits your preferences.

Because these are wool fibers, they are flexible which makes them durable. This, in turn, will augment the longevity of the pillow.

Washing and Care: The pillow must be dry cleaned. You shouldn’t clean it too frequently.

Warranty and Guarantee: You should contact the manufacturer for more details regarding their warranty and guarantee policies.


  • Natural and sustainable. 
  • Breathable and temperature regulating.
  • It will maintain a good sleeping posture. 
  • The pillow is naturally fire-resistant. 


  • Limited Color Options
  •  Requires dry cleaning

4. Mother Sheep Organics Wool Pillow

Organic Wool Toddler and Kids Pillow, Travel Pillow, 14x19

This Mother Sheep Organics wool pillow is advertised as a wool pillow designed for the people aged between 5-16 years. And yet one adult said that they bought it, used it and found that it helped them combat the headaches his previous pillows had caused.

That alone should give you an idea of the impeccable quality of this Mother Sheep Organics product. It exceeds even its own expectations.

This wool pillow has a GOTS Certificate which proves that it was manufactured and processed in a responsible, environmentally friendly manner.

Additionally, The organic make-up of the pillow makes it resistant to dust mites, bacteria, and allergies. Your child will sleep peacefully and securely. So, You should thy this pillow for.

Used Material:  "Mother Sheep Organics Wool pillow " is 100% pure wool pillow. It is pure organic wool both inside and outside. So it brings with it all the breathability, moisture control, and temperature regulation you normally associate with wool.

Comfort Levels: Any pillow that can wick moisture away whilst also keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer is bound to deliver optimal comfort.

But this "Mother Sheep Wool pillow" goes the extra mile and converts the wool into pearl-sized balls which add an incredible fluffiness. That explains the support the consumer above highlighted which banished their headaches and allowed them to sleep peacefully.

Sizes and color: This is a small pillow (18 inches x 13 inches x 3 inches). But you can still use larger pillowcases on it. Besides, Like wool comforter, this is also an organic product. So, obviously, all you can get is a single natural color with a few vague variations in the shade. 

Style and Durability: Do not expect a luxurious item with sophisticated texture and aesthetic. This wool pillow looks alright but it won’t add any notable elegance to your bedroom.

The pillow is praised more for its functionality than its appearance. On the other hand, the GOTS Certified material from which it is made will keep the pillow together for years, especially if you make use of the thick pillowcase provided.

Washing and Care Instructions: This organic wool pillow isn’t meant to be washed, not the organic wool core. If you think the pillow needs cleaning, air it out every so often. But the cover can be washed in cold water. Be sure to air dry it. And don’t forget to use it. The cover will protect the pillow.

Warranty and Guarantee: The pillow comes with a three-year warranty.


  • The pillow provides support for both the head and the neck. 
  • The pearl shape of the filling gives the pillow a very fluffy build.
  • The cover provided is strong, thick, and just as comfortable. 
  • The pillow is naturally fire-resistant. 


  • The pillow has a mild odor when you first unwrap it. Some people might find that annoying.

5. Organic Textiles Wool Filled Pillow

100% Organic Cotton Covered Wool Filled Pillow Standard/Classic Size

A decent wool pillow must be soft and comfortable but also firm and supportive. This pillow from Organic Textiles is soft, comfortable, firm, and supportive. It is also completely organic, made using processes that are as responsible as they are environmentally friendly.

You can trust it to keep you safe from allergies, dust mites, bacteria, and even fire without relying on synthetic components. If you need a  pillow that will adapt to meet all your temperature requirements, then you should go for this wool pillow.

Used Material: The pillow is made from 100 percent Natural Wool sourced from Australia. The people who farm the sheep from which it is acquired are not permitted to use hormones, antibiotics, pesticides or any other harsh chemicals. It is for this reason that the pillow has earned a GOTS Certificate.

Comfort Levels: Anyone can buy a fluffy, significantly comfortable pillow online. But Organic Textiles takes things a step further by giving you the power to manipulate the comfort levels of this wool pillow.

Remember all that natural wool mentioned above, the one that is used to fill this pillow? Well, you can unzip the pillow to either add more of the filling or remove some of it to adjust the loft size. In doing so, you can basically make the pillow as soft and fluffy or as firm as you desire. You rarely see this option in other organic wool pillows.

Sizes and color: You can get the Organic Textiles Wool Filled Pillow in King, Queen, and Standard Size. The pillow is white. But white fits most bedroom decors.

Style and Durability: Yes, the pillow is made from wool and that makes it warm and soft. But Organic Textiles also provides a cover made from pure organic cotton. This cover is strong and durable, and it will keep your pillow in perfect shape for years.The color limitation is a problem but a creative mind can create a workaround.

Washing and Care Instructions: Wash the pillow in a machine with Woolite, cold water, and a delicate cycle. Dry it on a low setting. Once you are done, stretch it out.

Warranty and Guarantee: Reach out to the manufacturer-"Organic Textile". They can provide you more concrete information on this issue.


  • The pillow is resistant to mildew, mold, bacteria, and mites. 
  • It wicks moisture away whilst also protecting sensitive skin.
  • Not only is the product fire-resistant but there are no toxic chemicals or synthetic components.
  • You can adjust the comfort levels of the pillow.


  • after extensive use, the pillow becomes somewhat lumpy

6. White Lotus Home Buckwheat Wool Pillow

White Lotus Home OBWWSP01 100% Buckwheat and Wool (Buckwool) Sleep Pillow...

The Organic Textiles pillow explored above has a lot of attributes working in its favor. But some consumers have expressed uncertainty about it because of its association with China primarily because of the country’s tendency to infuse its fabrics with harsh chemicals. That might explain why this "White Lotus buckwheat wool pillow" enjoys so much attention.

 The product is made using buckwheat hulls that are sourced from the United States. When used properly, the pillow will adapt to the shape of your body, providing sufficient support to your head, neck, and shoulders.

But the buckwheat hulls should be hard and uncomfortable. However, they are encased in pure organic cotton that makes the pillow soft but also quite firm and supportive.

So, If you need such type of pillow which is organic and soft but firm and supportive, then this pillow is best for you.

Used Material: The buckwheat hulls have already been mentioned above but they are just one part of the equation. The other part is 100 percent virgin lamb’s wool. The combination is a little odd but it works wonders. 

Comfort Levels: The buckwheat/wool combination mentioned above isn’t arbitrary. The buckwheat side of the product is a little hard and it provides a molded-feel that individuals who prefer firm, supportive pillows will appreciate.

 However, if you prefer soft bedding, you can simply flip the pillow over. The other side is quite fluffy. Put together, the buckwheat/wool blend creates an item that will combat everything from neck pain to insomnia.

Sizes and color: You can get this wool pillow in 12 x 16 Travel, 20 x 26 Standard, 20x30 Queen, 20x36 King, and 16x19. On the other hand. If you have grown to hate organic pillows for their natural colors, this one won’t improve your mood. It is also available in Natural, so do with it what you will.

Style and Durability: Side sleepers seem to love this pillow. The buckwheat hull isn’t just firm. It conforms to the body’s shape whilst also allowing air to circulate.

Its aesthetic is nothing special, so don’t expect it to spruce up the appearance of your bedroom. People whose sweat normally destroys pillows will still love this one because it is designed to wick away moisture without losing its shape and form.

Washing and Care Instructions: For the moment, the manufacturer seems to suggest that you air out their pillow from time to time. For more detailed instructions, contact White Lotus. They are happy to answer all your questions.

Warranty and Guarantee: You have 120 days to return or exchange anything you buy from "White Lotus", which fails to meet your expectations.


  • The pillow is completely organic, made from pure Buckwheat hulls and wool. 
  • An organic twill outer case is provided.
  • The pillow can combat insomnia, backaches, and neck pain.
  • AIt is designed to conform to the body’s shape.


  • There is no zipper to permit consumers to refill the hulls
  • Some consumers thought the pillow was a little too hard.

7. Century Home Signature Collection Wool Fleece Pillow Protector

Century Home Signature Collection Woolmark Certified Pure Wool Fleece...

Buckwheat pillows tend to enjoy a positive reception. But if yours isn’t performing as expected, if you think the buckwheat hulls rustle too loudly or the pillow is harder than you anticipated, then it might be time to invest in a protector such as this one. The buckwheat pillow, in particular, will benefit greatly from this protector because the product adds an extra soft layer.

Used Material: "The Century Home Pillow Protector" is made from pure Australian wool which is made responsibly and designed to augment the temperature regulating attributes of a pillow.

Comfort Levels: The cover is supposed to naturally keep you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold, and it is supposed to do this without the aid of synthetic materials and chemicals. So if your buckwheat pillow was already quite soft and relaxing, this protector will make it even more comfortable.

Sizes and color: You can get the protector in 20 inches x 26 inches standard, 20 inches x 36 inches King, and 20 inches x 36 inches Queen. If you expected more diversity, you’re out of luck. The protector comes in white. Luckily, the same restriction applies to Buckwheat pillows.

Style and Durability: As mentioned above, the limited color options of the protector are a perfect match for the limited color options of an organic buckwheat wool pillow.The moisture-wicking attributes of the Australian wool will allow the protector to survive the wear and tear that human sweat and oils typically exert. Expect it to last for years even in the face of multiple washes. 

Washing and Care Instructions: The pillow protector can be washed and dried by machine.

Warranty and Guarantee:  The pillow protector has a five-year warranty.


  • The product is made from 100 percent wool.
  •  The protector is machine washable. It will also survive in the dryer.
  •  The protector acts as a natural thermostat, keeping you either cool or warm depending on your environment.
  • The protector was designed to last for years and years.


  • The protector is only wool on one side.

8. Holy Lamb Organics Woolly Down Pillow

Holy Lamb Organics Woolly 'Down' Pillow

This "Holy Lamb Organics Woolly Down Pillow" is completely malleable. You can sleep on it, sit on it or even hug it. The filling can be adjusted to meet whatever specifications you might have in mind. This is despite the fact that it is completely organic.

Used Material: The pillow is pure wool, including the cover. As such, it is warm where necessary, cool when required and more than capable of keeping you dry throughout the night.

Comfort Levels: The malleability of this woolly down pillow is its most important attribute. Once you lie on it, the pillow will conform to the shape of your head and neck, enabling it to maximize the support it gives you. But even if it fails to support you as required, you can just take and put back as much of the filling as is necessary to achieve the comfort you desire.

However, If you need specific pillows for resting your back while reading books on your bed, you should browse our another article on best bed rest pillows.

Sizes and color: You can only get the pillow in Standard, King, and Queen Size but that should be sufficient for most consumers if not all. The cover provided should fit accordingly. For the moment, it looks like you can get this pillow in red. Red is a vibrant, dynamic color that gives you a lot of options.

Style and Durability: Do not expect this pillow’s appearance to blow you away. As mentioned above, organic pillows rarely impress aesthetically. But as with most other organic pillows, you can trust this one to stand the test of time.However, Wool is known for its durability.

Washing and Care Instructions:Wash the pillow in cold water and sun-dry.

Warranty and Guarantee: Talk to the customer support staff at Holy Lamb Organics. They will tell you what you need to know.


  • The pillow is made from 100 percent wool. As such, it is completely free of noxious chemicals. 
  • The product was designed to support the head and the neck
  • Your purchase includes an organic cover with a zipper
  • By manipulating the filling, you can adjust the comfort levels of this pillow.


  • Some consumers think the pillow is a little lumpy for a medium fill.

9. Rejuvenation Organic Hulls and natural wool Pillow

Rejuvenation Pillow with Organic Millet Hulls and Natural Wool

One customer actually called this product stiff, and that is the last thing you expect to hear about a wool pillow. But that comment begins to make sense when you listen to another reviewer who said that "this was the first pillow to help me get a decent night’s rest".

The customer in question has herniated disks in the neck and lower back. Another customer thought that it took too long to grow accustomed to the pillow but that it also helped them sleep without headaches or congestion. This isn’t your average pillow. It is designed to do more than simply deliver comfort.

Used Material: The "Rejuvenation Organic Hulls and natural wool Pillow" has wool and millet hull fillings that are held together by an organic cotton sateen cover.

Comfort Levels: It takes time to grow accustomed to this wool pillow. It has wool which is soft but also millet hulls. If your physical ailments keep you awake at night, the firm support of the hulls will bring you peace.

The design of the pillow will align your neck, head, spine, keeping you fully asleep. But if you want a soft and fluffy pillow reminiscent of those products that are 100 percent wool, then the millet hulls in this bedding item might be too hard and physically distressing for your liking. But If you have hip pain, you should read out our article the best pillows for hip pain.

Sizes and color: This product stands at 20 inches x 14 inches x 4.5 inches. Expect a pillow height ranging from 4 inches to 6 inches. As with most organic pillows, this one is only available in a natural color that many find soothing.

Style and Durability: This pillow has a strange design. It is square in its shape but that allows you to adjust it to suit your needs. The supportive attributes of the pillow can be attributed to the dual-chamber structure.

The millet hulls are the foundation and they are quite hard. But the top batting is wool and it is quite soft. So you can make adjustments depending on whether you want the soft woolly side or the hard side with the millet hulls. The organic cotton cover is quite durable. So you can trust it to keep the wool and millet hulls together without ripping open.

Washing and Care Instructions: Pillows with hulls shouldn’t be washed with a machine. The hulls should be poured out and allowed to dry in the sun. You can then proceed to wash the cover as needed.

Warranty and Guarantee: This product can be returned within thirty days if it is defective. The pillow must be intact with all its tags.


  • The Pillow is completely organic, made from cotton, wool, and hulls.
  • The dual-chamber design will align the neck, head, and spine.
  • The natural wool in the pillow is quite soft, keeping the head and neck properly cradled.
  • The pillow comes with a natural, pleasant smell.


  • It takes time to grow accustomed to this pillow.

10. Holy Lamb Organics Wool Bed Pillow

Holy Lamb Organics Wool Bed Pillow - Standard - Medium Fill

It looks like your experience with this "Holy Lamb Organics Wool Bed Pillow" will depend on the size and the fill you get. On the one hand, you have a customer who called it "Comfortable and Neck Friendly".

Another customer who had clearly never used wool pillows before said that they were never going back. Clearly, the wool exceeded their expectations. But you also have a consumer who wasn’t that impressed by the pillow.

 It was perfectly soft but it kept going flat because the wool filling kept spreading out. However, the customer realized that they made a mistake when they failed to order the thickest pillow Holy Lamb Organics had in stock. A full fill model would have solved all their problems.

Used Material: The exterior is cotton fabric. But the interior is wool.

Comfort Levels: In many ways, this is a standard wool pillow. The cotton fabric on the outside is soft to the touch and the wool filling on the inside produces a bouncy feeling. You won’t necessarily feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud but you have nothing to complain about either.

Sizes and color: You can get these pillows in standard, king and queen sizes. With king and queen sizes, you only get Regular Fill. Light, Regular, and Extra Fill options are only available for the standard pillow size. "Fill" in this case refers to the thickness of the pillow. You would expect a conventional wool pillow to have more color options. But you can only buy this one in ivory which isn’t bad either.

Style and Durability: If you have ever purchased a wool pillow, then you know exactly what to expect with this one. The cotton fabric on top has a 300 Thread Count which explains its soft, durable texture.

 The most interesting aspect of this item is the thickness options the manufacturer has on offer. You basically have the power to choose the level of comfort and support you want. 

Washing and Care Instructions: You can’t wash this pillow. Keep it in a cover to extend its life. You can only use spot cleaning in situations where it gets dirty and stained.

Warranty and Guarantee: Like most manufacturers, this one has a return policy. They will only give you a refund if the item they sent you is defective and only if you contact them within ten days.

In such a scenario, they will even pay for shipping. But if you are merely dissatisfied with your product, you can return it within thirty days but you have to pay for shipping. You should contact the manufacturer for more information. 


  • There is no smell
  • The cotton casing is soft
  • The Eco-Wool Batting creates a bouncy sensation
  • You have a number of thickness options


  • The pillow traps too much heat.
  •  It isn’t washable.

11. MULEE Decorative Faux Fur Throw Pillow with Super Soft Wool Pillow Cases 

MIULEE Pack of 2 Decorative New Luxury Series Style Cream White Faux Fur...

“Super Cute,” “The Material isn’t Cheap Like I expected it to be,”  “So Lush and Soft,” These are the words that consumers used to describe these throw pillow covers. Such complements are normally reserved for luxurious wooly pillow covers.

And you would be forgiven for presuming that these are true wool cases. But they are the furthest thing from organic wool and that is what makes them so amazing. The items have a friendly price tag and yet they look so expensive. 

Used Material: The two pillowcases you will find in your package are made from Grade A Polyester. But they look so similar to real wool that they will even fool a trained eye.

Comfort Levels:  Yes, this is polyester. But the fabric is the highest quality, designed to mimic the wool.  As a result, the covers have a soft and luxurious texture. They won’t just make your old pillows look amazing. They will make the pillows warm and inviting, like a cloud caressing your skin.

Sizes and color: These two pillowcases are 18 inches by 18 inches. The covers are available in an elegant cream white color. The zipper has a similar color. This allows it to blend so effectively into the background that it is practically invisible. Additional options include black, grayish-white, blue, chocolate, and dusty pink.

Style and Durability: Even though this isn’t real wool, it won’t irritate your skin. As mentioned above, the subtle beauty of the color is such that it will inject elegance into the ugliest pillows you have.

The cream-white color is perfect for any consumer who wants to light up their sitting room, bedroom or car.The zipper is hidden, so it won’t disrupt the pillow’s smooth design. Do not expect inserts. They are not provided.

Washing and Care Instructions: You can keep the cases clean by washing them in a machine with cold water and a gentle cycle. To protect the texture, avoid bleach. The covers shouldn’t be ironed either. Just tumble dry them.

Warranty and Guarantee: The manufacturer has so much confidence in their product that they have attached a Ninety-Day No Questions Asked Warranty to the pillowcases.

However, Some people like microbead pillows more than organic wool pillows. If you want to know the reason behind it, Check out our article on the best microbead pillows.


  • The cases are made from polyester but they look like real wool.
  • The Polyester used here is the highest quality.
  • The Warranty is favorable and attractive
  •  The cases are beautiful. You can also get them in a number of colors.
  • The zipper is hidden.


  • The covers shed a lot. 

12. El Paso Designs Decorative Throw Pillow Cases in Wool.


El Paso Designs Throw Pillow Covers 18 X 18- Hand Woven Wool in Southwest,...

So many people have praised the MULEE Pillow Covers above for successfully mimicking polyester. The people who used these El Paso Pillow covers called them “durable,”  “beautiful,”  “Rich and Authentic,”  and “Vibrant,”  However, the El Paso pillow covers are made from actual wool. This isn’t another effective replica. El Paso is offering genuine wool in fancy exotic designs.

Used Material: These pillows are made from pure wool. Before you get too excited, though, they are actually woven over a polyester tarp.

Comfort Levels: Everyone that has used these pillow covers has nothing to say about comfort. They have a lot to say about the appearance of the products, not to mention their strength, and that is to be expected.

These pillowcases are decorative in nature. But no notable mention is made of the comfort they deliver. This doesn’t mean that they are not comfortable. It simply suggests that they do not stand out in this area.

Sizes and color: These decorative covers are 18 inches x 18 inches.There are no solid colors here. El Paso’s pillowcases have a number of vivid Native American and Mexican designs and patterns. The options available include Yiska, La Jolla, Yuma, Tampico, Silver Cloud, and Black Flower.

Style and Durability: Again, it is worth reiterating the fact that these pillowcases are decorative in nature. So, you should expect them to bring a rich, rustic, enchanting, almost historical element to your decor. You will appreciate the fact that the wool is woven over polyester. This gives the items incredible durability and strength.

Washing and Care Instructions: This is wool, so you shouldn’t wash the covers with a machine. While you could probably wash the items by hand without harming them, you are better off consulting the manufacturer for more detailed washing and care instructions.

Warranty and Guarantee: You should contact the manufacturers to gain a better understanding of their warranty and guarantee policies.

On the other hand, If need more ideas on pillows, you may read Best Copper pillows reviews.


  •  These covers are made from a sturdy canvas that will stand the test of time.  
  • The Designs are bright and exotic. The covers work just as effectively as decorative items.
  • Their build makes these products fire and stain resistant, not to mention hypoallergenic.
  • The pillow covers are handwoven and eco-friendly. 
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  • The Texture is a little rough. Some people found them to be quite scratchy. 

Wool Pillows FAQs

01. What To Look For While Buying Wool Pillows?

The factors you have to consider when selecting a pillow generally remain the same regardless of the material involved. They include:

1). Comfort

Comfort varies with each individual and it is determined by the softness and firmness of a pillow. Some people want their pillows soft. Others want them firm. A decent pillow will provide the perfect balance between those two variables. Wool is soft, so you would expect wool pillows to be soft. But there are pillows marketed as wool when, in fact, they are filled with a blend of wool, feathers and other material that bring extra firmness to the pillow.

2). Support

The level of support a pillow provides will determine your comfort. Pillows can offer firm, medium, or soft support. You can get wool pillows in all those categories.But they might not have pure 100 percent wool in their filling.

3). Position

Your body proportions and the way you sleep will determine the type of pillow you purchase. For instance, small people need low profile pillows that can support their narrow shoulders.High pillows, on the other hand, were made for people with large frames. People who sleep flat on their stomachs need soft and flat pillows whereas anyone who sleeps on their back should purchase a medium-firm pillow.

Most pillows have the standard rectangular shape which is compatible with most sleepers. But you can also get v-shaped pillows that are designed to provide additional support to pregnant women, people who suffer from ailments like arthritis and side sleepers. Again, you can find wool pillows that match any body size or sleeping position.

4). Fill Weight

This speaks to the weight of the pillow and it is a personal consideration. Some people enjoy lightweight pillows that they can reshape as the need arises. Others prefer the opposite.

5). Fabric

Some pillows have wool filling and wool fabric on top. Wool is breathable, so you can’t complain. Some pillows have wool filling but the fabric holding it together is silk, cotton, polyester or some other material. Carefully consider the overall makeup of the pillow, not just the filling but the fabric and the cover because they will affect the quality of your sleep.

 Bedding experts would also encourage you to consider the type of wool. You will notice that some pillow tags have labels like 'Mohair', 'Angora', and 'Cashmere'. Different types of wool bring different properties to the table. They have different measurements when it comes to fiber diameter and uniformity.

6). Flexibility

The  wool pillows should have adjustable firmness. In other words, they should have a mechanism that allows you to either take out or insert more filling. This way, you can control the tension of the pillow. You can make it as soft and plump or as firm and hard as you desire.

Such control gives you far more options.

02. How Long Do Wool Pillows Last?

 You are encouraged to replace pillows every so often because they spend a lot of time touching your face and hair. So they absorb quite a bit of dead skin and sweat, not to mention body oils.
Pillows made from synthetic material are especially problematic because they tend to attract mold and dust mites, which is why you have to replace them every six months or so.
But wool is more breathable and, thus, less friendly to bacteria and fungus. As such, you can use wool pillows for two, possibly even three years before they have to be replaced. 

03. Do You Need Wool Pillow Protector?

Pillows are exposed to sweat and oil from the face and the hair and this encourages the manifestation of mold, bacteria and dust mites. Wool pillows are resistant to those elements but they are not invincible. If you keep exposing them to your body’s excretions, they will wear out, losing their properties. For this reason, you are encouraged to cover them with a protector.

Wool protectors are just as effective at regulating temperature as wool pillows. They are durable and absorbent. They will protect your pillow from sweat, body oils and every other element that would normally bring harm to the pillow.

The average wool pillow should be replaced every 2-3 years. But yours could last even longer if you protect it with a wool cover.

04. Do Wool Pillows Smell?

Wool comes from sheep and sheep smell. Their odor comes from the dirt and the lanolin in the wool. However, the wool in your pillow does not smell because the lanolin and the dirt are washed out during the scouring process.
Some wool pillows smell when you first unpack them. But even that faint odor disappears once the pillow is exposed to air for a few hours.

05.  How Do You Fluff a Wool Pillow?

You can always give your pillow a shake to redistribute the filling. If that doesn’t work, wash it in a machine with some detergent and cold water. Put it in the dryer with a few tennis balls and wait thirty minutes. Washing your pillow will definitely help but the dryer is the one that will do the work of fluffing. You don’t have to wash the pillow before fluffing it with the dryer and some tennis balls.

06. How Wool Pillow is Made?

To make wool pillows, you need sheep. They must be diligently grazed and watered. Once their wool grows to sufficient levels, it is sheared off on plywood boards—this keeps the wool clean. Once the wool has been separated from the sheep, it is cleaned. You don’t need harsh chemicals. Biodegradable soap and hot water will do. Professionals call this scouring, and once it is done, the wool is introduced to a picker.

This is a machine that opens up the wool locks. Then another machine called a Carder comes into play. They use it to comb and then layer the wool locks into batts that are normally kept in rolls. This batting is what tailors eventually stuff into covers of fabric like cotton. And once the covers are sewn together, you have a wool pillow.

07. Why Does Wool Not Stink?

The items you use on your bed will eventually develop a stink because they keep absorbing moisture and oil from your body. This encourages bacteria to build up and thrive and that, in turn, generates an unpleasant smell.

Wool Pillows are naturally resistant to bacteria. And any moisture they absorb evaporates quickly. So they do not develop mold, mildew or any other substances that attract bad odors.

08.  Wool VS Merino Wool

Wool comes from animals like sheep and goats. You can categorize wool based on the type of animal from which it emanates. For instance, Merino wool is sourced from Merino Sheep, a species from Australia and New Zealand’s mountainous regions. 

You find Merino wool in clothing items associated with rigorous outdoor activities like hiking because it is gentler, more flexible, and also more durable.

09.  Does Wool Repel Water?

Everyone knows that wool is very absorbent, capable of drinking up to 30% of its weight in moisture. But wool also has an outer layer that repels water. This doesn’t contradict claims that wool is absorbent.

It would be more accurate to say that the fabric absorbs humidity. 

10.  Benefits of using wool as a bedding materials?

It is hypoallergenic . If you don’t have allergies and the weather in your area is relatively mild, you will still appreciate to buy best wool pillows because they are not only naturally sourced and, thus, environmentally friendly but also fire resistant 


Wool gets a bad rap. It isn’t completely safe. There are plenty of people who suffer from allergic reactions as a result of their contact with wool. But such individuals just happen to be allergic to wool.

In most other circumstances, wool pillows are perfectly safe. In fact, they are better than safe. They are warm and cool and dry, and in some cases, you can even adjust their filling to improve comfort levels.


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