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Panel Bed vs Sleigh Bed: Pros and Cons

Decisions, decisions. That’s how it’s bound to go when you need to buy home furniture. Unfortunately, the decision is not as simple as choosing a daybed or a futon. The panel bed and sleigh bed are completely different, especially if you consider their frames. Furthermore, these beds differ in a number of ways while still […]

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  • 17 hours ago

Futon vs Murphy bed:Which one is best for you?

Every home needs at least one bed and one sofa. But decent square footage costs too much money these days. That might explain why studio apartments are on the rise. But if you have ever lived in a studio apartment, then you know that every inch of space matters. And if you want to cook and […]

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  • yesterday

Trundle Bed VS Daybed: What is the difference?

Is there a definitive winner in the Trundle Bed VS Daybed debate? Both beds are popular because of their convenience. But is either option better than the other? Does it even matter which type of bed you choose?. I think people have different needs and choices. And both of these beds have some specific feature to […]

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  • Updated a couple of days ago

The Benefits of Bamboo Pillow-pros and cons

What are the benefits of a bamboo pillow? It is a common question arise in the mind of the buyer of a bamboo pillow. Undoubtedly, we can not describe the benefits of a bamboo pillow in a single word. So keep reading until the last word of the article to learn in details about the […]

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  • Updated 6 days ago

How Do You Turn A Regular Bed Into A Platform Bed?

Converting a regular bed to  a platform bed  is an easy task if you know how to do it. The platform bed is very useful for all types of people. And it decorates your room beautifully. In case you have a regular bed, you are in luck since you can turn it into a platform bed. […]

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  • Updated 5 days ago

Top 10 Pros and Cons of Platform Beds

It is convenient to sleep or take rest on a bed that is a little bit high from the ground. A platform bed has reconciled the need of a raised platform for taking rest or having a good night’s sleep.A platform bed is used to support both your mattress and your body on it so […]

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  • Updated 5 days ago

Build Your Own Bed Frame with a Table Saw

If you are one of those people that like everything to be perfect, and you have an image of the perfect bed for your bedroom, but you can’t find it anywhere, then it might take time for you to gather your tools and some materials and build your dream bed. One the best beginner carpentry projects […]

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  • Updated last month
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