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Why You Need a Duvet Cover?-Top 4 Reasons

Times changed and so we are. Welcome to our store and look through the biggest range of duvet covers in one place. Novali is a shop where you can look for your desired duvet covers in all sizes. Browse for Novali and order your duvet cover at your doorstep. As duvets covers save your bed […]

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  • Updated 7 months ago

What to look for in a memory foam mattress

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “mattress”? Sleep, rest, comfort, coziness or all of the above? Yes, a mattress is a foundation on which your rest and relaxation depend. Whether it is a cozy corner that you have created for yourself or in a corner to […]

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  • Updated 9 months ago

How To Store Mattresses in Storage Unit

Mattresses are important, and not just because people spend a significant portion of their lives sleeping on them. Americans alone spend billions of dollars every year on mattresses. So clearly, these items are important financial investments. In that regard, you cannot afford to mishandle your mattress during storage. 05 Steps to Store Mattresses in a Storage Unit? People […]

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  • Updated 11 months ago