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Bunk bed vs Loft bed:what is the difference?

Families are complicated things. On the one hand, they can bring a lot of joy into your life.On the other hand, they require a lot of time, money, and effort. And this is especially true when it comes to furnishing your home.

Have you ever stopped to wonder why the bunk bed VS loft bed argument is still going today? People argue about beds a lot more than they do about kitchens or even bathrooms because space is such an issue.

Beds take up so much space, and space cost so much money that most conversations about bedroom decor these days typically devolve into arguments about the best choice of bed. 

A good bed doesn’t just deliver comfort. It should also fit into your home’s overall style whilst also saving on space.That begs the question. Between the Bunk Bed and the Loft bed, which one achieves all those objectives and more?

 Bunk Beds VS Loft Beds: But Aren’t They The Same?

A lot of people do not understand the basic difference of these two beds. Because, as far as they are concerned, these are the exact same thing.

In fact, there is a Wikipedia page that classifies loft beds as a type of bunk bed. But is this true? 

Well, first and foremost, bunk beds and loft beds are not the same. They definitely share a few features.However, while a bunk bed is primarily a bed, a loft bed is a bed fused with an additional furniture unit.

Loft beds and bunk beds do not perform the exact same functions. And for that reason, it definitely matters which one you choose.

What is a Bunk Bed?

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Most people know what these are. A bunk bed is basically two beds stacked one on top of the other.

The average bunk bed has the following attributes:

  1. There are four posts or poles at the corners that hold the entire unit together.
  2. You normally have a ladder or a staircase that provides access to the top bunk.
  3. Bunks have a railing that keeps the person at the top from rolling over and falling out in their sleep.
  4. Most bunk beds are twin beds.
  5. The Mattresses of the average bunk bed lie directly on a board. There are no box springs.

What Are the Types of Bunk Beds?

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There are four primary types of bunk beds, though if you look hard enough, you might find more:


The standard bunk bed has two mattresses of the same size stacked vertically over one another.

Twin Over Full 

 Here, you still have two mattresses stacked one over the other, but the mattress at the top is twin-size while the one at the bottom is full-size.

Full Over Full 

 This one is exactly what it sounds like. You have the same wider size bed at the top and the bottom.


 This one is also what it sounds like. The bottom bunk is positioned at a right angle to the top bunk, making an L-shape.

Why Bunk Beds are the Best?

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Here are some of the factors that make bunk beds so attractive:


The best bunk beds have storage components in the bottom bunk that can be used to store blankets, sheets, and the like.


Buying a bunk bed will cost you less than buying two separate beds. This is despite the fact that bunk beds are basically two beds rolled into one.


Bunk Beds save so much space. You are basically storing two whole beds in the same space that one bed would normally consume.

This is why bunk beds are so popular in dorm rooms and studio apartments.

Why Bunk Beds are the Worst?

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Bunk beds are a little dangerous. Even with proper railing, a child could still fall out of the top bunk, incurring serious injuries in the process.


Keeping the top bunk of a bunk bed organized is very difficult. You have to climb a staircase just to make your bed and that might prove hazardous for small children.

The Ceiling

Some people do not like the fact that bunk beds place the sleeper at the top so close to the ceiling. In some cases, you have people who don’t even have the space to sleep on their sides because the ceiling is so close.

Who Needs Bunk Beds?

Bunk Beds are ideal for three kinds of situations:

Saving on Space

If you live in a small home or apartment, or if you have a guest room and you want to furnish it with a few beds without overcrowding it, then you should invest in some bunk beds.

Housing Many people

If you have to host multiple people overnight, bunk beds are your best bet. There is no rationale in packing multiple bedrooms with multiple ordinary beds just because you have multiple visitors invading your home in any given night.

Even if you have the money, why turn multiple rooms into bedrooms for your visitors when just one room with a couple of bunk beds can accommodate a multitude of sleeping bodies.

Large Families

Some people buy bunk beds because they want to accommodate visitors in comfortable quarters without consuming too much space.

Other people are more concerned with housing their families. Children, in particular, will appreciate bunk beds.

Rather than having different rooms for all your children, consider restricting them to a single room that they can share with one or two bunk beds, depending on their numbers.

This isn’t just a matter of saving on money and space. Children love bunk beds because they inject a sense of adventure and closeness into the sleeping process.

What are Loft Beds?

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Loft beds are often confused with bunk beds because, like bunk beds, they have a top bunk.

However, you will distinguish a loft bed from a bunk bed the moment you see it because you will notice that it doesn’t have a bottom bed.

Loft beds normally have an open space beneath the top bunk that can be occupied by another piece of furniture, such as a desk.

Why Loft Beds Are The Best?

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If Loft beds have never appealed to you, here’s why you should give them a shot:


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This is one of the most alluring aspects of these models. Loft beds allow you to sleep in the air. But unlike a bunk bed, you don’t have to worry about the wastefulness of having a bottom bunk that no one is using.

Free Space

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The space beneath the top bunk of a loft bed is typically occupied by a desk and chair. But that isn’t mandatory.

That empty space is available for you to utilize it as you see fit. Can you imagine all the additional options that are suddenly y available for a studio apartment owner?

You can make a gaming area, a library, a studying nook, whatever you see fit.


In many cases, the top bunk of a loft bed is not as high as the top bunk of a bunk bed. As such, it is much safer for even small kids to sleep in. There is less of a worry about the sleeper falling out and getting injured.


Loft beds avail more options for customization. Your loft bed can take any shape you want, deliver any amenity you desire.

Can you imagine a loft bed with a slide sloping down from the top bunk? You have the freedom to experiment with creative features.

Why Loft Beds Are the Worst?

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Loft beds seem like a godsend but they have quite a number of weaknesses, such as:

Sleeping Options

With a Loft bed, you only get one sleeping space. This is as opposed to a bunk bed that gives you at least two sleeping spaces.


One is less likely to incur injuries with loft beds. But injuries are still an ever-present risk because the sleeper is elevated off the ground.

A child who wakes from a bad dream in the middle of the night could still go tumbling down the stairs.


Some people hate the fact that, to get to bed, they must climb a flight of stairs. Adults with weak knees and the elderly will find his issue especially problematic.


As with bunk beds, making your loft bed is a pretty complicated process, one that requires caution, otherwise, you risk tumbling down the stairs.

Who Needs Loft Beds?

Loft beds are appropriate for people who want to save on space by juggling functionality.

However, they are not that effective if you want to save on space by housing multiple individuals in the same unit.

At the end of the day, you only have a single bed with which to work.

Loft beds are appealing for people who are occupying any given space on their own but such individuals need to combine furniture, storage, and sleeping space.

You could always throw multiple loft beds into a single room to house multiple people.

That would be far more rational than buying multiple beds and multiple desks and multiple chairs.

Which one is Better? Bunk bed or loft bed

This is one of those situations where there is no right answer. Consider this:

Both models save on space but only the bunk bed offers an additional sleeping area. A loft bed will require you to buy a second bed if you have to share your bedroom with someone else.

Bunk Beds come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and formats but that is also true for loft beds. You can customize bunk and loft beds to suit your needs.

Both bunk and loft beds are best suited for younger, smaller people. Larger adults will find the railing stifling and restrictive and the lack of box springs painful.

Both beds can be furnished with additional storage space. However, the loft bed is far more versatile in this arena because it has an entire unoccupied area beneath the top bed.

When it comes to functionality, the loft bed does so much. A bunk bed is just a bed. A loft bed can be both a bed and a desk. A bunk bed will force you to spend even more money on a desk.And a desk takes up even more space.


Neither bed is superior. Your choice of a bed will depend on your need. If you want to cram the most people in the smallest space possible, then a bunk bed is your best bet because it gives you multiple sleeping spaces.

But if you simply require multiple functions squeezed into a single unit, then a loft bed will do.

You can even have a bunk bed and a loft bed in the same room. Just take a moment to consider your needs so that you can choose a type of bed that most effectively services you.

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