Can Dust Mites Live In Memory Foam Pillows and Mattress

Can Dust Mites Live In Memory Foam Pillows and Mattress?

The most common question that comes your mind when you are planning to buy a new mattress is, “Can dust mites live in memory foam pillows and mattress?” we all know the fact that dust mite survive by eating human skin cells. Dust mites eat dead skin cells and not live ones. 

For instance, if you shed around 20000 to 30000 skin cells per hour and you are in bed for about 7 hours each day then, you will shed 140000 to 210000 skin cells every day. That is in fact a heap of food for dust mites. Let us quickly dive into the topic about dust mites and what it can do to your mattress and pillows.

What are Dust Mites?

Dust mites usually live off the dust in your house and that’s why they called dust mites. Most of the dust comprises of one million dead skin cells that you shed every day. The dead skin cells accumulate on your bed and carpets which are main source of surface dust on your furniture. Basically this dust mite eat your dead skin cells that you every day.

Why don’t you just let the dust mites get on your mattress and pillows to consume all of your dust? It is not possible because dust mites can cause allergy it is a nuisance to you. The common misconception is that dust mites are insects. 

Dust mites are arachnids and not insects. They are very tiny and belongs spider family. Dust mites can cover your body when you sleep and you can also breathe them in. To put it in a nutshell, dust mites can live anywhere you sleep including your pillows and memory foam mattresses.

Dust mites and memory foam

Memory foam called as miracle foam that was developed by astronauts in NASA to protect the G forces wanted to escape from the gravity of the earth. It is a common belief that dust mites will not be able to live on memory foam. But it is not true because dust mites can live almost on all places where you shed your dead skin cells. Keep in mind that open cell foam is pronto more dust mites as it is lying on the surface of your pillow or mattress which will directly affect you.

There is also something called as innerspring mattresses which allow other life forms to proliferate in the available space on your mattresses like bed bugs. Dust mites usually eat, poop and breed on the surface of your mattresses which is really not good for your pillows and mattresses. 

The main problem is that you may not be troubled by dust mites but your mattresses and pillows will get affected by them. It is very important to take care of your memory for mattress and pillows from dust mites as these arachnids can damage them.

What are the major health problems caused by dust mites?

Dust mites cause allergic reactions like wheezing, sneezing, coughing, inflammation, runny nose, itchiness and sore red eyes. The excretion of dust mites causes these allergic reactions which can affect your health very badly. Keep in mind that your body can react in a negative way and can even affect your immune system. 

We all know the fact that our immune system can generate antibodies in order to fight germs but does mice can be injurious to your health and also to the antibodies generated by your immune system. Dust mites can also cause other health issues apart from the ones mentioned above, that can develop into serious disease like redness, puffiness other effects on your immune system.

Some of the major health problems that people face are respiratory conditions and breathing difficulties because of dust mites. The excretion of dust mite are very dangerous to your health it can cause swelling on your larynx and throat which can lead to difficulty in breathing similar to that of asthma attack. Ensure not to underestimate the power of dust mites because they have the power to deteriorate your health particularly if you have respiratory health conditions.

Ways to avoid dust mites

Memory foam is generally resistant to dust mites because of its burrow with fluffy materials like fiberfill. The density of the memory foam also plays a major role in providing little room for the dust mites to survive. Mostly does my stay on the surface of the memory foam instead of getting inside of the mattress. There are few ways to prevent dust mites which are mentioned below

  • Mite proof cover 

We all know the fact that memory foam cannot be washed it may deteriorate or disintegrate from moisture which can actually allow mites to breed. One of the easiest way to prevent dust mites is to cover your mattress with a mite proof covering which will not allow the might get inside of the foam. This might prove covers a washable and it can be maintained easily. The mite proof covers made of fabric that is woven so tight and hard in nature that will prevent the mites to get through.

  • Vacuum cleaner

Mite free maintenance is quite easy if you follow certain procedures. Make use of a vacuum cleaner in order to clean your memory foam which collects moisture and debris. Instead of placing on the debris area which is set with an air filter you can make use of a vacuum cleaner which is much easier to prevent dust mites.

  • Bedding replacement

Bedding replacement is an ideal solution that can be followed in order to eliminate dust mites on inhospitable fiber materials. By replacing the bed you will be able to fight against that dust mites, especially if you have down pillows, down comforters and feather mattresses. Innerspring mattresses that are conventional in nature are the worst place which provides all possible grounds for dust mites to breed. It is better to buy a memory foam or rubber latex mattresses in order to prevent dust mites. Silk filled mattresses are ideal especially for warmer climates while wool comforters are recommended for cooler places which can avoid the spread of dust mites.

  • Steam clean 

The usage of vacuum cleaner you can reduce the potential risk of exacerbating allergic symptoms that can seriously affect your health. It is also recommended to wash your mite proof cover with hot water which instantly kills dust mites. You can also steam clean your clothing closet, mattresses and pillows which kill the dust mites that are so happy resting on your mattresses. 

Hot water has the ability to destroy the germs as well as dust mites. By washing your mite proof with hot water at regular intervals, you will be able to prevent dust mites from thriving on your memory foam mattress and pillows. Steam clean is a hygienic practice that can be followed on a regular basis to make your pillows and mattresses smell fresh without any wrinkles.

  • Humidity levels

Ensure to keep your bedroom free from dust because it can cut down uses of getting dust mites on your memory form mattresses or pillows. The humidity of your room must be kept low for which you can also make use of an air conditioner or dehumidifier. By doing so, dust mites will not be able to survive and breed. 

Dust mites survive and breed only on areas having high level of humidity. It is highly recommendable to have an air conditioner in order to reduce the possibility of the spread of dust mites on your memory foam mattresses and pillows. By following the above mentioned ways you can prevent dust mites from thriving on your pillows and memory foam mattresses.

  • House cleaning

House cleaning is a very important part for preventing dust mite population. The important tools that you need to control dust mites are steamer, vacuum cleaner and air purifier. It is not only hygienic to keep your house clean but also helps to prevent dust mites that can cause respiratory health problems. You can also use a vapour steam cleaner on your mattresses which can clear out dust mite feces. Vacuum cleaner will pick up my there are there on the surface and keeps your mattresses and pillows clean.

To put it in a nutshell, dust mites can thrive on your memory foam mattresses and pillows and it is true that they even survive on latex foams. We all know the fact that dust mites are not very easy to clean and it involves a complicated process. So it is better to maintain your mattress and pillows properly in order to avoid dust mites. Dust mites can cause serious respiratory health issues if you are a person who is hypoallergenic to dusts. Dust mites can live on and in your memory foam mattresses and pillows. It is always recommended to cover your mattress surface with a removable or washable mattress cover which will certainly help allergies.

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