The journey can make you more comfortable if you take this Care Apparel Industries memory foam Car neck pillow. It is a cozy warm and useful neck pillow which supports your neck, shoulder, and head. You can use it anywhere anytime. Here we are going to present all the basic information about Care Apparel Industries memory foam car neck pillow after a strong research.

Care Apparel Industries Memory Foam Car Neck Pillow With Headrest Strap -...


Pillow with plush side

You may found travel pillow which pretty good for travel. But this one is different. It made with memory foam which makes more comfortable with other normal foam pillows. But its unique plush side makes even better for cozy and warm feeling. So taking a quick nap is now quicker and comfortable from before.

Special dotted side

This Care Apparel Industries memory foam car neck pillow contains with two dotted sides which quite different from its upper and lower portion. It’s not for show. It gives the pillow a cooling breathable effect. So you can relax without sweating in weather especially spring or summer.

Use for all inside and out

It’s a multipurpose pillow which offers you the head neck and lumbar support both inside and out. You can use it for traveling car, bus, train, airplane or anything. Also, your can use it in your home, office or garden. It will always give you a soothing, comfortable and healthy feeling everywhere you need.

At a glance

  • Made with hypoallergic memory foam,
  • Provide a good support of head, neck and lumber,
  • Plush side design,
  • Very firm and deep,
  • Dotted side for reduces the heat,
  • Easy to clean,
  • Usable for everywhere,
  • Easily can relax or sleep,
  • Long durable product.
Care Apparel Industries Memory Foam Car Neck Pillow With Headrest Strap -...
17 Reviews
Care Apparel Industries Memory Foam Car Neck Pillow With Headrest Strap -...
  • The Memory Foam Car Neck Pillow will add comfort to car and airplane travel
  • Top Quality, soft velour neck roll pillow will fill the gap between the headrest...
  • An adjustable Velcro strap keeps the pillow in place
  • Pillow will maintain its shape and will not flatten out over time
  • Proudly made in the USA

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  • It’s very comfortable to use and healthy also,
  • Made with hypoallergenic foam so no worries of allergic persons,
  • Breathable cooling effect so best to long time use,
  • It can be used easily wherever you want,
  • Work perfectly neck, head, and lumber support,
  • It uniquely designed with plush side so you will get extra comfort when you're relaxing.


  • It’s not machine washable, only wipe out for cleaning.


Que- What is the size of it?

Ans- 18 x 6 x 6 inches.

Que- Is it machine washable?

Ans- No.

Que- Does it can be used on my wheelchair?

Ans- Absolutely.

Overall, this travel pillow can provide you the best ever comfortable which you never had before. It can be used for your travel or your office or just in the home. It provides you a proper support of your neck and head so you can relax for a long time. So explore a new dimension of comfort with Care Apparel Industries memory foam car neck pillow.

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