Contour Memory Foam Sleep Innovations Pillow Reviews

The Contour memory foam Sleep Innovations Pillow is specially made for the support your neck, shoulder, and back to get rid of any pain or stiffness. It’s not like other memory foam pillow that is soft, thick but not too firm. It will keep your head up from the bed just enough, so your neck and back can be in proper align. Info is that it comes in two other sizes. So you can choose the better size as you like. Moreover, this pillow is very durable, and low maintenance requires.

In the reviews, we will show you all the information about how to use  contours memory foam sleep innovations pillow after research about many neck pillows.

Comfortable to use the contour memory foam Sleep Innovations Pillow

The sleep innovations contours memory foam pillow is very soft and comfortable to use. When you keep your head on this contoured pillow, it automatically adjusts the firmness. Not let sink your head or not gives any uncomfortable feeling. So any age or any weight of people can use it very efficiently. Moreover, it is lightweight and easily foldable. So if you need you can, you can roll and take while traveling.

Keep Align Your Body

This pillow is made for providing the best support when you are sleeping. It's wavy design support both head and neck so the back can have proper support and comfort. When you are suffering from any pain to your neck, shoulder, and back it can be worse if they are not in proper height on the bed or lay on a thick but not too high portion. On that case, the sleep innovations contour memory foam pillow can serve you perfectly. If you are starting to use this neck pillow, you will see the result from the very beginning.

Relief from Pain

When it is a matter of acute neck pain, other traditional pillows cannot serve better that a neck pillow can. You may try everything to recover from pain. But if you stick with your regular sleeping pillow it might hard to recover from neck pain. So find something suitable that support your head, neck, and back. This Sleep Innovations Pillow is made for providing proper support and recovery from pain. So you can try this very useful but still low in price compared than any other neck pillow.

At a Glance

    • Soft and easy adjustable
    • Therapeutic designed contour pillow
    • Made with SureTemp memory foam
    • Help to relax neck and shoulder muscles
    • Relieves neck and shoulder pain
    • Keep your head to back in proper alignment
    • Easley foldable
    • Long durable
    • Easy cleanable
    • Weight- 2.2 lbs
    • Made in the USA

Things We Like

    • Promotes proper sleeping postures and help you to sleep well.
    • It’s soft, comfortable but not like other fluffy pillows where your head may sink.
    • Help you to relief from pain and stiffness.
    • Comes with machine washable pillow cover.
    • Support all sleep positions.
    • Helps to keep your body in proper alignment.

Things We Didn't Like

    • The odor of the pillows can stay for 72 hrs.
    • So before use, it keeps it in fresh air out of the room or can wipe it out with Lysol or Febreze.


Que- Is this pillow good for back and side sleepers?

Ans- Yes.

Que- Some say this pillow is not thick enough, is it?

Ans- It is thick but not that firm. Too much firm pillow is not deal with neck pain.

Que- Is it an imported product?

Ans-The foam of the pillow made in the USA, cover made from China, filled and finished the USA as per the inside notice again.

Although, a different type of people have an unusual sleeping habit and fond of using a different kind of sleeping pillows. But these practices can't always help when there is a problem of health. So you have to know what is right for you especially when you are suffering from sleeping disorder by neck pain. Hence. Find something supportive and good for your neck, head, and body. Find something, like the Contour Memory Foam Sleep Innovations Pillow, and you can sleep well.

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