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Top 10 Best Copper Pillows Reviews 2020

Copper is good for the body. The idea of inserting the metal into a pillow sounds ridiculous but it actually makes sense. After all, copper is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial.

In other words, it can combat all those elements that either ruin pillows or make them unbearable once they have soaked up so much of your sweat and body oils. The copper pillows bring all those properties to the table. However, in this article, we have covered complete reviews of 10 best copper pillows that can help you to choose the perfect copper pillows for you.

Of course, no one would rebuke you if you decided that you wanted a copper pillow but you had no idea where to find one. After all, copper pillows are relatively new. As such, most people do not know where to start looking for them.

Fortunately, you have the option of using the list below. It reveals the very best copper pillows on the market. Regardless of your tastes, one of these pillows is bound to appeal to you.

And if you do not have the time to browse through the individual reviews, you can just use the table below. It provides a brief but accurate picture of the top copper infused pillows available.






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1. Sleep Innovations Copper Rest Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow

  •  Hypoallergenic Cover
  • Anti-microbial Foam
  • superior neck support
  • Regulate sleep temperature
5 year warranty No products found.

SHEEX Luxury Copper Pillowcases, Set of 2, Breathable PRO+Ionic Copper...

2. SHEEX Luxury Copper Pillowcases

  • breathable fabric
  • moisture wicking properties
  • promote healthy skin rejuvenation
  • easy wash and dry
warranty included Check on

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3. Copper Fresh Gel Memory Foam Pillow

  • Copper-Woven Cover
  • Antimicrobial  & Cool – Foam
  •  support for head and neck
  • machine-washable cover

two-year limited warranty

No products found.

Essence of Copper Two Pack Pillows

4. Essence of Copper   Pillows

  •  recycled polyester fiber fill
  • 250 GSM copper-infused cover
  •  hypoallergenic
  • Suitable for all sleeping position

Contact manufacturer

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BioPEDIC Copper Pillowcase & Pillow, Jumbo, Taupe, 2 Piece

5. BioPEDIC Copper  Pillow and Pillowcase

  •  Soft & silky
  • improve your skin
  • antimicrobial fiber-fill
  • support your head, neck, shoulders

Contact the manufacturer

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No products found.

6. Copper Fresh  Contour  Copper-Infused Gel Memory foam pillow

  • Antimicrobial
  • Inhibit iodor-causing bacteria
  •  support for pressure point relief and good for head and neck
  • machine-washable cover

Two year warranty

No products found.

SensorPEDIC Classic Gusset Copper Infused Bed Memory Foam Pillow, Standard,...

7. SensorPEDIC Copper Infused Memory Foam Pillow,

  •  Provide pressure-relieving support
  • Super-soft cover
  • breathable cover
  • medium firmness

Contact the manufacturer

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No products found.

8. CopperRest Gel Memory Foam Pillow

  •  soft copper cover
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Ideal for all types of sleeper
  • antimicrobial copper fibers

Contact the manufacturer

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Layla Sleep Kapok Pillows | Cooling Capabilities | Natural Fill |...

9. Layla Copper infused Sleep Pillow

  •  woven with copper fiberr
  • anti-bacterial
  • super soft and airy
  • free from pesticides and harmful chemicals

Contact the manufacturer

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No products found.

10. Copper Fresh Adjustable Down-Alternative Pillow

  • Good for  for all sleeping position
  •  Three Firmness Levels-adjustability
  •  temperature regulator

2-year warranty

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Top 10 Best Copper pillows Reviews

1. Sleep Innovations CopperRest Pillow

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This pillow is comfortable. You can tell because ‘comfort’ is the one aspect of the pillow that so many of the customers have chosen to elevate. Julie McDonald is the most fascinating case because she had just purchased some ‘MyPillows’. But they were so uncomfortable that she returned them after a few days.

She did not buy this ‘CopperRest’ pillow. Rather. She got one as a gift and she ‘Liked it so much that I ordered 4 more’. Endorsements do not get any more positive than that.

Dominic’s story is heartbreaking. He spent two years trying to find a comfortable pillow. But every pillow he tried brought him pain of one sort or another. So he couldn’t sing the praises of this pillow loudly enough when he got it and it transformed his sleeping lifestyle.

‘I’m finally happy with a pillow,’ Dominic said. Craig Snowberger was more interested in the fact that the pillow ‘does not bunch up and keeps its shape night after night.’ There is all-round satisfaction from customers.

Comfort: A customer said that people who like full and fluffy pillows won’t like this one because it doesn’t dramatically elevate the neck. But that doesn’t make this pillow uncomfortable.

It compensates for its lack of a fluffy build by providing memory foam that will evolve to meet the needs of your body, making sure that your position in bed is healthy and your neck is supported. Moreover, you can see more bed rest pillows from here.

Style and Durability: At 28 inches x 18 inches x 5.8 inches, this is a moderately sized pillow. At 3.9 pounds, it is also quite light. So you will find that it is easy to carry and handle. It has a height of 5.8 inches which dispels worries that it might be too flat.

The strength of the product lies in its features, not thickness. Yes, it has memory foam that conforms to the contours of your body. But even more impressive is the copper pillow cover that has copper woven into its fabric.

This gives the pillow its elegant design. The copper also makes the pillow antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. So not only is the pillow appropriate for people who suffer from allergies but it will maintain its freshness for long periods of time. People who have used it also say that it keeps its shape even in the face of frequent use.

You will rise from this pillow feeling cool, calm, and rested. And it comes with a 5 year warranty.


1). The cooling gel transfers heat away from your body, keeping you at the right temperature while you sleep.

2). The copper in the cover will keep the pillow fresh for a very long time.

3). People with asthma and allergies can use the pillow without suffering any negative health consequences.

4). The memory foam will give your neck adequate support.


1). The pillow isn’t quite as fluffy and full as some people would like.

2). It also lacks the firmness that certain customers expect from pillows.

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2. SHEEX Luxury Copper Pillowcase

SHEEX Luxury Copper Pillowcases, Set of 2, Breathable PRO+Ionic Copper...

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The most notable attribute of these pillowcases is their beauty. Chuck, a customer, loved the color, saying that ‘The Green color is better than the pictures, quality is good.’

John M, another customer, also loved the color. But he was equally impressed by the material, calling it, ‘Great.’ This is another popular attribute of the covers. ‘Feels so nice against your skin.’ Mary Phillips added.

Her opinion was echoed by another consumer who was actually surprised by the softness, saying ‘Happy to rest my neck and head all night and let the copper work its benefits’. So now you know that these pillowcases are soft and they look good. What else do you need? Isn’t that all anyone requires from a pillowcase?

Comfort: The customers who called these pillowcases soft did not exaggerate. This product has succeeded in surprising so many consumers because its fabric is polyester mixed with copper.

This has created a breathable structure, providing natural ventilation that will keep you cool and dry throughout the night. So even if you sweat a lot, these pillowcases will maintain your comfort.

Style and Durability: The pillowcases are polyester infused with copper. But they also have spandex in the fabric. However, that shouldn’t worry you. This combination is designed to wick moisture away from your body. It will also allow the pillowcases to survive multiple washes without fading or shrinking.

If that wasn’t enough, the PRO+IONI Fabric rejuvenates skin by decreasing the oxidants stored in the body. This adds to the breathability of the fabric and the smooth texture it delivers which is supposed to give you restorative sleep.

You can get the pillowcases in a multitude of colors. So you don’t have to worry about these items fitting into the décor of your bedroom.


1). The Sleep-fit technology will keep you comfortable, providing restorative sleep.

2). The pillowcases come in several colors.

3). The polyester/copper/spandex combination can wick moisture away. It is also incredibly soft to the touch.

4). The product is resistant to wrinkles.


1). These pillowcases require some effort to maintain. Most detergents will stain them.

2). They are very thin.

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3. CopperFresh Copper Infused Gel Memory Foam Pillow

No products found.

No products found.

The pillow’s most prominent feature is its soft, fluffy build. Dean B thought that it was ‘very comfortable and supportive, and has improved my quality of sleep immensely.’

Another customer complained that the pillow was ‘too soft and fluffy’. So, clearly, it is a question of preference, what you like or don’t like. It isn’t a matter of the quality of the pillow.

After all, Lynda Braun, a happy client, also thought that the product was soft and fluffy. But she said that ‘I am very pleased with the pillows I purchased’. The soft, fluffy construction worked for her.

You would think that everyone would want a soft and fluffy pillow but that isn’t the case.

Comfort: You would think that a soft and fluffy pillow would irk people with physical maladies. But a customer called Angel46 suggested that people with chronic neck pain would find this pillow helpful.

As with most copper pillows, this one uses an infusion of copper to stay fresh, making sure that people with allergies and other respiratory illnesses can use it without suffering any health consequences.

If respiratory illnesses are not an issue for you, you will still appreciate the memory foam which is designed to cradle your head and neck. In other words, the pillow will keep your body in the sort of posture that you require to maintain your physical health while you sleep.

You are also more likely to feel rested when you wake up.

Style and Durability: At 25 inches x 19 inches x 5.5 inches and 3.6 pounds, this is a lightweight, appropriately sized pillow. Its core material is memory foam. That is good because memory foam is highly durable. It also provides optimal support for the body.

But the copper infused into the cover is the real star because it will combat bacteria and germs. This will enable the pillow to remain fresh regardless of all the sweating you do as you sleep.

Speaking of sweating, the memory foam has a cooling gel that is designed to transfer heat away from your body. So you are less likely to sweat in the first place.


1). This pillow is good for the environment. It is CertiPUR-US Certified.

2). You get a two-year limited warranty.

3). The pillow will relax your muscles, allowing you to sleep peacefully.

4). Memory foam is strong. It will keep the pillow from going flat. This is on top of keeping your spine aligned and relieving the pressure from your joints.


1). According to some customers, the pillow isn’t firm enough.

2). Compared to firmer copper pillows, this one is a little pricey.

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4. Essence of Copper Pillows

Essence of Copper Two Pack Pillows

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You won’t find that many people raving about this pillow because it hasn’t been discovered by customers. You can’t help but conclude that the pillow is very efficient because all the customers who bought it are equally efficient in their testimonials.

Papo simply called it a ‘Good Pillow’ and nothing else. Pen Name, another customer, was also content to say that ‘Love These Pillows! They seem to be holding up well!’

‘Comfy’ Abby Cummings also said, very succinct. In other words, this pillow is concerned with simply doing its job and nothing else. There are no bells and whistles. Maybe that is why it hasn’t drawn as much attention before now.

Comfort: The consensus is that this is a full and fluffy pillow. So if you like full and fluffy pillows, you will love the way this one lets you sink into its depths. At least one person complained that this pillow wasn’t firm enough.

But he was also happy to recommend the item to other people. You can trust it to keep you cool on warm nights. You can also trust it to remain fresh.

Style and Durability: At 28 inches x 20 inches x 10 inches and 6 pounds, this is definitely a full, fluffy pillow. It is also relatively heavy. There is no memory foam. Instead, you must make do with 33 recycled polyester fiberfill.

But that shouldn’t put you off because, as every customer above said, this pillow is still perfectly soft and comfortable. The people who have used it also say that it doesn’t go flat. The cover is 250 GSM copper-infused. That means it will keep bacteria and fungi away, maintaining the pillow’s freshness at all times.


1). The pillow has a high loft that explains the testimonials regarding its soft and fluffy build.

2). The copper-infused fabric of the cover will keep fungi, bacteria, and bad smells away.

3). The pillow is hypoallergenic.

4). The pillow is cheap.


1). According to some consumers, the loft fill is so high that it can give you neck pain. But only a select few customers seem to struggle with this issue.

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5. BioPEDIC Copper Pillowcase and Pillow

BioPEDIC Copper Pillowcase & Pillow, Jumbo, Taupe, 2 Piece

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Most customers don’t care about the technical aspects of the pillows and cases they buy. They only care about the experience that their bedding items deliver. Overall, the experiences that customers have encountered with this set have been positive.

If you hate products that exaggerate their abilities, you will sympathize with a customer who bought this pillow for the comfort it would bring but who did not believe that it would make her look younger like the promotions said.

Except that, in this case, she actually woke up one day to find that the lines around her eyes were changing. She isn’t the only one. SoknotYoung Sxyjas, another customer, bought this pillow and found that she was no longer waking up with wrinkles.

Chuck wasn’t as interested in the skin rejuvenating attributes of the pillow. But that did not stop him from complimenting the product and its case for being ‘Super Smooth and Comfy.’

Zam Guy simply called it ‘The best copper pillowcase on earth.’ Clearly, this fiberfill pillow, with its case, is something special.

Comfort: This is a great combination. The case is soft and smooth, and it is appropriately sized. Everyone seems to think that the pillow is simply okay when it is on its own. They only compliment it for being comfortable when it is paired with the case.

So clearly, these two items are supposed to work as a set. Then again, you do have one customer who called the pillow small but supportive.

Style and Durability: This pillowcase only comes in that copper/tan color. As such, if you are enthusiastic about style and décor, you might have to rework your entire bedroom, especially if you are determined to use these items.

The pillow is 20 inches x 28 inches x 5 inches and 3.7 pounds. So it is generally light and easy to handle. The case is soft satin. Its capabilities are augmented by the copper that has been infused into the fabric.

The copper ions will improve the health of your skin, fighting lines and giving you a youthful glow. If visual beauty doesn’t pique your interest, you might appreciate the support the fiber-fill pillow will give to your head, neck, and shoulders.

Do not forget about the antimicrobial and hypoallergenic aspects of the copper-infused threads. These ensure that the pillow stays fresh. They also make certain that you do not encounter poor smells or skin diseases associated with bacteria and fungi.


1). The copper-infused threads of the cover will augment the health of your skin.

2). The pillowcase is satin which is soft to the touch.

3). The hypoallergenic and antimicrobial properties of the set are good for your health.

4). The comfort the pillow provides will make it easier for you to fall asleep.

5). The cover is machine washable.


1). Some customers have complained that the pillow is too soft and lofty.

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6. CopperFresh Advanced Contour copper infused Pillow

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Many of the pillows you find on the market are primarily concerned with providing a soft and comfortable surface. But this one uses a litany of features to provide the sort of support that makes sleep restful.

And the customers say as much. Consider one buyer who said that ‘This is so good it helps me sleep.’

Ann, another buyer, thought that the pillow was too thick, so much so that it pushed her head up in an awkward angle. But she still had nothing but good things to say about it.

Ching Chun Speece wasn’t the only customer to complain about the smell. IN fact, for them, it was so bad that it killed their interest in the product. But Sharon Blodgett did not even mention this issue. ‘No more stiff necks and no more interrupted sleep.’ She said.

The issue of the odor comes up again and again but the reception surrounding the pillow is still overwhelmingly positive.

Comfort: This pillow is made from memory foam. By now, you should know what to expect. If your priority is proper support for the neck and shoulders, this pillow has you covered.

The memory foam will adapt to the shape of your body, allowing you to sleep peacefully even if you struggle with certain physical ailments

Keep an eye out for the neck bolster. It will cradle your head and neck, ensuring that your spine is properly aligned. If that isn’t enough, there is a curved shoulder cradle that keeps the pillow in place. This is what prevents disturbances while you sleep.

Style and Durability:  This pillow doesn’t look ordinary. You have the neck bolster and shoulder cradle whose presence immediately sets the design apart. The color (beige) is nothing special. It should fit in with most decoration styles.

You can also remove the cover and wash it. You need to watch out for the copper-infused gel. This is what generally draws the heat away from your head. It is also responsible for keeping you ventilated.

The foam allows air to circulate with ease. So you can sleep in an environment that is cool, relaxing, and supportive. The pillow is designed with a higher profile that relaxes your muscles and fills the space between the neck and shoulders. Believe it or not, your body needs this configuration to fully relax.

At 22 inches x 16 inches x 5 inches and 3.35 pounds, the product is small. Whether or not this appeals to you depends on your taste. Moreover, The manufacturer offers 2- years warranty.


1). The memory foam conforms to the contours of the body.

2). The copper-infused structure of the pillow will cool your head whilst also fighting bacteria and bad smells.

3) The cover is removable and machine-washable.

4). The pillow is eco-friendly.


1). The pillow comes with a smell that takes a while to dissipate.

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7. SensorPEDIC Classic Gusset Copper Infused Pillow

SensorPEDIC Classic Gusset Copper Infused Bed Memory Foam Pillow, Standard,...

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With only three reviews on Amazon, no one would fault you for approaching this pillow with some skepticism. After all, even Katlynn Valente, a stay at home mother from Grand Haven MI, thought it was a little thin.

But things are not that bad. For instance, for all her negativity, Katlynn ultimately admitted that the pillow was comfortable despite its mediocre thickness. Another customer called it a ‘Nice Pillow’, though he also admitted that it was small.

According to the third customer, this was the one pillow which gave them the support they needed after they had spent so many years tossing and turning in bed. As was said above, things are not that bad.

Comfort: This pillow was made for people who want a bedding item that is both supportive and comfortable. The memory foam is responsible for the support. Regardless of whether you sleep on your stomach, side, or back, the copper-infused memory foam used here will relieve the pressure in your muscles and joints.

You are also assured a cool sleeping environment courtesy of the iCOOL technology which is designed to provide proper ventilation.

Style and Durability: The cover is pure Nylon which is neither amazing nor terrible. If nylon doesn’t sound like the most luxurious of materials, you still have no reason to worry. The iCOOL technology system that is used in the pillow is supposed to improve airflow.

So any discomfort the nylon causes is negligible. Your head will remain cool throughout the night. The copper in the memory foam will improve blood circulation even as it combats inflammation in the joints.

At 22 inches x 14 inches x 4.5 inches and 2.8 pounds, the pillow is quite small and light. It delivers medium firmness.


1). The pillow is appropriate for all sleeping positions.

2). The cover is made from a circular-knit fabric that is breathable.

3). The copper-infused memory foam will relieve pressure in the muscles and joints.

4). The iCOOL technology will keep you cool throughout the night.


1). The pillow is a little too thin for some customers.

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8. CopperRest Memory Foam Pillow

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‘This pillow provides the absolute best sleep I’ve ever had’ a retired fellow from South Texas said. He accepted that the price tag was a little steep but he concluded that the value delivered by the pillow was worth every penny he spent.

A father bought this pillow because his daughter, who had MS, started sleeping well when she bought one for herself. The father, who was forced awake every morning by headaches, couldn’t believe the miracles the pillow produced. It only took one night for the headaches to disappear.

A customer who bought the pillow for her mother said that ‘She is obsessed with it’. Every other customer review surrounding this pillow mentions the fact that it improves sleep. What else could you possibly desire from your pillow?

Comfort:  If you are the sort of person that keeps changing positions throughout the night, you will love this pillow which was made with back, side, and stomach sleepers in mind. There is no need to question the comfort.

However,  At 26 inches x 16 inches x 5 inches and 6.19 pound, the CopperRest Memory Foam Pillow is large enough and thick enough to cradle your head, neck, and shoulders. The memory foam, which is made in the US, will conform to the shape of your body, making sure that all the right pressure points are supported.

Style and Durability: This pillow’s biggest draw is the memory foam which conforms to the body’s contours. But you can’t ignore the cooling gel that comes with the foam, purposed to draw the heat away, keeping you cool throughout the night.

The soft plush cover has copper fibers that give the pillow antimicrobial properties. This enables the product to remain fresh at all times, keeping bad odors at bay.


1). The copper is permanently woven into the fibers of the cover. It can’t be washed out.

2). The cooling gel will keep your head at the perfect temperature.

3). The memory foam used in the pillow is very supportive.

4). The pillow is hypoallergenic.


1). The pillow comes with a bad smell.

2). The price is relatively high.

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9. Layla Sleep copper infused Pillow

Layla Sleep Kapok Pillows | Cooling Capabilities | Natural Fill |...

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There are athletes in this world that saw a vast improvement in their overall performance once they started interacting with copper. The science behind the impact of copper is still unclear.

But that hasn’t stopped the customers who bought this copper-infused pillow from experiencing its benefits. ‘I love this pillow’ one woman said, ‘It’s like your head is being held securely, but so gently that you’re just floating in soft fluffy sleep clouds.’

‘I’ve used this pillow for a few weeks now,’ Another customer who once described himself as a flopping stomach sleeper said, ‘Every time l lay my head down to sleep, I wake up the next morning in the exact same position.’

It might also fascinate you to hear from this one customer who was able to overcome their back and neck pain because of this pillow. They now ‘Sleep like a baby’.

The Layla Sleep Pillow is definitely not like other pillows. One look at it will tell you as much.

Comfort: This pillow was made for people who want their bedding items thick and fluffy. Many of the pillows you encounter on the market today sacrifice their thickness in favor of providing a more extensive suite of features.

This pillow is definitely interested in enhancing your sleeping experience using a complex suite of features. But at 17 inches x 9.3 inches x 9 inches and 5.77 pounds, it is also very thick, so much so that some customers have complained that it is too thick.

If the manufacturer’s claims are to be believed, the pillow is a whole ten inches thick. If you can only find comfort on sufficiently fluffy surfaces, then this pillow was made for you.

Style and Durability:  This product is filled with memory foam mixed with fibers from the Kapok tree. Kapok fibers are a lot like down. They are just as soft and airy, and that allows the memory foam to provide premium support and comfort all at the same time.

The Kapok fibers are completely natural, which is why this pillow has a CertiPUR-US Certificate. Even though Kapok fibers are present, the memory foam still does its work of conforming to the shape of your body.

However, the presence of the kapok fibers gives the pillow hypoallergenic properties. The copper that was mentioned before is infused into the cover. It is responsible for keeping bacteria and viruses away. This, in turn, keeps the pillow crisp and fresh throughout the night.


1). The manufacturer offers a 120-night trial

2). The Kapok fibers they use protect against bacteria and viruses.

3). The memory foam is supportive.

4). The pillow is hypoallergenic.


1). According to the manufacturer, it will take your body two weeks to get used to this pillow.

2). You cannot adjust the thickness of the pillow. This is a problem for customers who think that the pillow is too thick.

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10. CopperFresh Adjustable Down Alternative Pillow

No products found.

No products found.

All the reviews surrounding this pillow suggest that it is quite versatile. After all, you have one customer who loves it because ‘I have a rotated vertebra in my neck and have so many problems finding a pillow that I can use so I don’t wake up in pain. I finally found one. This is an amazing pillow’.

So that is one customer who appreciates the product for its medical benefits. But you also have another customer, a stomach sleeper who loves this pillow because it is the first model that has enabled them to sleep peacefully throughout the night. In other words, it caters to their sleeping position.

A third customer is also sleeping more soundly because of this pillow. In his case, he loves how firm the pillow can get when it is adjusted.

Comfort: This is the pillow you buy if you want a cool and clean sleeping environment. That sounds like a strange boast to make but the manufacturer of this pillow definitely emphasizes temperature regulation and hygiene.

Even if you sweat a lot, and even if your body produces a lot of oils at night, the product uses copper fibers that will fight the bacteria that are normally produced as a result, making sure that your pillow never develops any bad smells.

The copper will also keep fungal threats away, keeping your head protected from any elements that might try to harm it.

Style and Durability: On the surface, this pillow doesn’t look like much. But once you take a deeper look, you will notice that it has zippers on either side that will enable the pillow to expand, giving you access to one of three fill options.

In other words, you can adjust the thickness, an attribute that the other CopperFresh pillows above do not have. The temperature regulating aspect that was mentioned before comes from the copper-infused cover that will draw heat away from your head while you sleep.

You can now see how the product can deliver a cool, clean sleeping environment, perfect for a restful night in bed.

If you are searching for other types of pillows, you should read out our another article on best wool pillows.


1). The pillow comes with a 2-year warranty.

2). The product comes with three unique firmness options.

3). The copper-infused cover will draw heat away from your head.

4). The copper fibers are permanently woven into the cover. You can’t wash them out.

No products found.

 Copper Infused Pillow Buying Guide

Copper-infused pillows and cases are gaining ground these days, primarily because people have begun to discover all the benefits they bring to the table. If you are determined to get a copper pillow for yourself, keep the following in mind:

1). Money

Everything comes down to money. With bedding items, the higher the quality, the more money you have to pay. Copper pillows are no different. Because they use copper fibers to fight bacteria and germs, copper pillows tend to attract hefty price tags.

Some of the most popular copper pillows cost hundreds of dollars. But you don’t have to spend that much money to get a decent pillow.

In truth, if your objective is to enjoy the benefits of copper, you can get a decent pillow that will satisfy your needs for $30 or less. Just make sure that the copper-infused into the pillow is permanent.

This is all you need from your pillow. All the other additional features that attract the heavy price tags are not necessarily going to improve the copper benefits that you want.

2). Material

The material is the most important aspect of any pillow because it will determine the level of comfort you will achieve. Most people will recommend memory foam because of the way it cradles the body.

But memory foam can get quite expensive. It has also been known to trap heat. Of course, you can solve this problem by getting memory foam with cooling gel. But this will also raise the price of your pillow.

Latex is another material to consider. It is expensive but durable, supportive, and breathable. Bamboo is the most sustainable of the bunch. If your goal is to save money, though, you can get by with Polyurethane foam. It has a high density but it is made using many harmful chemicals.

3). Cover

Copper fibers are normally infused into the cover of your pillow. But the material from which the cover is made matters. The fact that it has been infused with copper isn’t enough.

You still have to consider the thread count because it determines the softness and durability. The fabric of the cover will also determine its breathability. Memory foam that doesn’t have cooling gel will benefit from a breathable cover.

4). Measurements

The measurements of a pillow are very important. The anti-bacterial attributes of copper won’t mean anything if your pillow is so small and flat that it causes back and neck pain.

The copper pillow should be wide enough to support your head, neck, and shoulders. The thickness should also cradle your head comfortably whilst also keeping the neck and spine properly aligned.

You need to find the right balance between thickness, firmness, and comfort. The copper pillows normally solve this problem by providing zippers that enable you to make adjustments to the firmness of the pillow.

5). Warranty

This doesn’t require much explanation. Copper pillows are expensive. As such, a good copper pillow should have some sort of warranty or guarantee. This will give you peace of mind when you buy it.

Also, you should know that the copper pillows have the longest warranties. The reverse is also true. The shortest warranties are typically attached to pillows of the lowest quality. Their manufactures know that they won’t last long, hence the short duration of the warranty.

Copper pillow FAQs

Why Copper Pillow and Pillowcase, is there a risk?

Copper fibers in pillows are not just a fad. Research has shown that copper has particles that will combat bacteria and reduce wrinkles and fine lines on the face.

Some customers have attested to using copper to fight acne and restore damaged skin tissue. When you lie against a copper pillow at night, the copper ions from the copper fibers transfer to your skin.

This is what causes renewal and rejuvenation. This is also the reason why people are starting to buy copper pillows in larger numbers than before. For the moment, no one has discovered any risks associated with copper-infused pillows and pillowcases.


Copper pillows sound like a risky investment. After all, they are relatively new and retailers normally sell them for quite a hefty fee. However, copper pillows are also highly beneficial.

Their advantages are not mere speculation. You can find scientific research online proving that copper has anti-microbial properties. And while they are expensive, you can also find cheaper versions of the best copper pillows on the market, products that lack the bells and whistles of their more expensive counterparts but which you can still use to enjoy the benefits of copper.

You just have to find a copper-infused pillow made from the right material and also boasting the sort of fill power that appeals to your body.

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