Daydreamer Neck Pillow Reviews 2019

Daydreamer Neck Pillow

Exhausted with your old blow up neck pillows? Want to get an easy adjustable perfect neck pillow for your long travel then, Daydreamer Neck Pillow has come to answer your questions. It is very easy to use and assure you 100% comfort for your long travels. Its ergonomic design supports your neck and head properly and gives feels spa-like relaxation. We are going to show you all the good and bad side of this pillows after a strong research.

Daydreamer Neck Pillow will give you Relax with Full Comfort

Now you can travel with a maximum comfort with this inflatable Neck Pillow. It provides so many features which you will not find anywhere else. In the past time, you may worry for head nodding or crooked necks. But now the daydreamer Pillow will leave this problem behind. Find yourself in a fully relaxing and comfort. Its innovative design allows you raise the neck support to hold your neck straight and maintain the right neck alignment so you will never experience any uncomfortable journey while you are traveling.

Easy Inflation Experience

Easy Inflation

You may never hear of any travel pillow which inflates with just a button. This pillow  inflates by pressing repeatedly on the push button until it flattens in your desired position. So, no more putting dirty valves in your mouth while you are want to adjust its density.

Easy to carry anywhere

Easy to carry

The Neck Pillow features luxuriously soft, micro-velvet fabric. It is extremely lightweight like the air. When you are going somewhere, simply press the air valve for removing the air, fold pack it on its packsack. Finally, clip the packsack’s carabiner clip to your purse, bag or luggage and go for your next journey.

At a glance

  • Design with exclusive organic design
  • Lightweight so easy to carry anywhere
  • With removal washable cover
  • Contain with carabiner clip
  • Made for easily adjust the air
  • Comes with a push button for inflating
  • Maintain proper alignment
  • Small in size
  • Cover made with micro- velvet fabric


  • Lightweight and small in size
  • So easy to carry everywhere
  • Very cheap in price
  • It makes your journey very comfortable


  • The size of the pillow may little small for the bigger person.
  • It will fully deflate easily if you hold the push button for a while.


Que- Is it light weight?

Ans- Yes, just 8.8 ounce.

Que- does it need any battery for working?

Ans- No. just the finger pump will require for pumping the air.

Que- Does it stops the head from dropping forward?

Ans- Yes.

This pillow is great for traveling, easy to carry element which gives you 100% satisfaction of day dreaming! This lightweight and small in size pillow will make your journey very comfortable. Best of luck.

Besides, another customer shares his experience after having this pillow. He was happy to use it but big concern about the pillow for him is the size.

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