Do air purifiers help with smoke

Do air purifiers help with smoke?

There are millions perhaps billions of people who smoke cigarettes all over the world. Only in the US, the number of smokers is about 35 million. Most of the countries implemented a law to force smokers to smoke outside a public place. A common question for smokers who smoke in their house on a daily basis is, "How can they get rid of second-hand smoke(smoke that is derived from burning of  tobacco, cigarette, weed, etc)." If you are a smoker or someone in your house is a smoker this is maybe a burning question for you to get rid of the smoke.

Especially if you have children in your house the bad effects of smoke can be injurious for them. Cigarette creates a bad smell that is sometimes an unpleasant thing for other members of your family. So, what should you use to get rid of that smelly and unpleasant cigarette smoke? Some people suggest getting an air purifier. If you are thinking of getting an air purifier, you might have a question can air purifiers really help you to reduce smoke? You will find out the answer in this post.

Is air purifier the best solution to help with smoke?

The answer is YES. Air purifiers use a super easy technology to remove smoke from your room. There are different kinds of purifiers are available in the market. Some use UV rays to purify your indoor air, Some uses  HEPA filter technology and some uses gas phase or PCO technology to reduce pollution from the air. We will give you a complete idea of different purifiers that will help you to choose the best air filter for you.

Gas-phase filter technology

This type of purifiers use activated carbon like materials to filter the polluted substance of the air. Activated carbons are used to filter the water also. So this kind of purifiers is a super effective way to filter the air. Especially, smoke is easily reduced by the gas phase filter technology. But the fact is they require a quick replacement. Because the carbon inside the is easily used up by filtering polluted air.

UV-Ray technology

 One of the most used and effective technology is UV - purifiers. This purification system is basically used on reducing bacteria and viruses from the air. They seem quite ineffective to reduce smoke from the air. This type of purifier is not recommended to reduce smoke.

PCO technology

Photocatalyst (PCO) technology is another state of the art technology to purify the air. But in case of smoke, its effectiveness is still low. Smoke also contains ashes but this kind of purifiers are still no good for cleaning smoke or ash from the air.

HEPA filter technology

High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) is still a proven technology that reduces 99.99% of the smoke from the home. It is very much effective and super available on the market. Using HEPA filters you can get rid of smoke and also from the micro ashes from the air.  We highly recommend using HEPA filters for the smoke problem.

PECO air purifiers

 This is the improved version of PCO air filters.  This kind of technology is also used to reduce pollution from hospitals. PECO air purifiers are useful to reduce both dust and smoke. People reported that PECO air purifiers are effective in reducing micro ashes too. These purifiers not only recommended by us but also users of this checked out its effectiveness and recommended.

Is getting rid of smoke really important for you?

In short, the answer is absolute yes. Nearly half a million people die each year because of Consumption of cigarettes in the US. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), passive smoking is also dangerous and the number of deaths is nearly 600000 all over the world. Especially children pregnant women and older people are more prone to affected by different diseases because of passive smoking.

Burning of tobacco derives more than 7000 harmful chemicals which are responsible for Bronchial diseases, lung cancer, eye irritation, coughing, low production of vitamin D, throat infection, asthma attacks, and many more deadly diseases. Passive smoke is responsible for premature birth, low birth weight and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome ( SIDS).

Pregnant women who are exposed to passive or direct smoking have a high chance to put herself and her baby at risk. Smells created by tobacco is harmful to people who are allergic. So, it is clear that you must get rid of the smoke to save yourself and also to save others near you.

How you can get rid of smoke?

There are several ways to effectively get rid of secondhand smoke. Some solutions are for short time effect and some are for permanent strategies to reduce smoke  The best practices are described in the below paragraphs.

Widening Window:  Sometimes the best way to reduce smoke can be simply opening the window of your home. It is advised to smoke near an open window if you are concerned about the smokes. Indoor smoking is obviously injurious for other non-smokers but putting the smoke outside the window is still an easy way to get rid of the smoke.

Air purifiers 

You can use air purifiers. The most prominent and effective way is to get an air purifier for your home. Smokes are really dangerous and can be a tricky thing to get rid of. But with the help of the state of the technology, it is an easy task nowadays.  According to homeairguide ,you should get an air purifier which is best for your need and get rid of smoke instantly.

Ceiling fan

Sometimes turning on the fan can be a solution. But the problem is many homes are air-conditioned. So, this may not apply to everyone. Moreover, turning on the fan may cause you to spread the smoke all over the room instead of reducing it.

Ventilator fan 

 A well-equipped ventilation system can be a permanent solution to get rid of smokes. But not all home is equipped with a ventilation system. As a result, it also not applied to everyone.

Air freshener

Using an air freshener can be an effective way to get rid of the smoke. Air fresheners spray fragrance which makes a positive impact to reduce the smokes. Different air fresheners have different types of fragrances that will give you a beautiful smell and completely wipe out the bad smells quickly.

Which Air purifier is the best option for you?


This question is probably the most common question you are wanting to know. But it has no absolute answer. Because different purifier has different effects. However, for an obvious answer, we will recommend you to go for a HEPA filter or a PECO filter. The user's recommendation is the best way to find out your exact air purifier. In that case, PECO  filters are ahead in the race.

But keep in mind that HEPA filters are effective in 99.9% of the case. So you can now have a clear idea about the best purifier for you, right?  We do not recommend PCO and Gas-passed filters because of their effectiveness in smokes. However, UV filters are never recommended for a smoke-free room.


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