Egyptian Bedding Goose Down Comforter Review

Egyptian Bedding 800 TC Hungarian Goose Down Comforter

Looking for something that can warm you well especially in winter? Moreover, it’s has a unique feature that was who searching for the comforter that made up of goose down. Here is a cause that Siberian goose is an endangered bird now.

Another key point of thinking is bird should not be used like that for the bedding products. That is why I like to have goose down.

Here is a popular one out of luxuries goose down comforter, which comes in a beautiful zippered package and affordable price. The Egyptian bedding goose down comforter is a symbol of softness and comfort.

This was soft and luxurious down comforter features 50 ounces fill weight and 750 fill power rating.

It specially designed with true baffle box construction and woven to 800 per square inch threads for stable and secure built.

This superior built keeps the comforter properly distributed of goose down. It's a perfect comforter for a peaceful sleep, especially while sleeping temperature below 65.

Why it’s different from others?

There are many kinds of comforter available in the market. They differ from many size, shape, density, and price. But basically, theses given below comforters are commonly found such as,

    • Warmth down comforter
    • Extra warmth down
    • Lightweight down comforter
    • Baby down comforter and much more.

The Egyptian bedding goose down comforter is lightweight down comforter. It is only 10 pounds, very soft and sleek. It won’t stifle like others. You can use it on extreme cold, cold and medium temperature, or as your like. Besides all of the great qualities of is affordable also.

Product Description:

Some special features of this comforter are as follows:

Discover the Ultimate Luxury

Yes, that is true. This comforter meant to be luxurious comfy. It is not so cold and not so hot. So you can use this all over the year. It especially made with goose feathers. That is not only special but also gives you the ultimate comfort you ever imagine.

The softness and warmness of the comforter are exactly what you desire. Like, you would found it on a high-class hotel room on their expensive high-quality comforter.

Hypoallergenic Comforter

This comforter is suitable for all your family members, especially, the younger people. If you have allergy issues or allergy on feathers, then you can consider this one. Because this comforter is entirely allergy free. As a result, anyone can use this comforter for a long time without getting any trouble.

Flow in the Air with Your Dream

Welcome, your sweet dreams with the comforter. It can give you the experience of airy lightness. It fills with 50 oz goose down and 750 fill powder. Therefore, your comforter becomes the lightest warm cover as anyone like. So you can sleep better, without having any feel of heaviness.

800 Thread Count

The comforter is woven with 800 thread count. That makes the comforter stable, unstable. Whenever other comforters created with 300 or 500 thread count,  it feels great too.

Baffle Box Design

Its exclusive baffled box design resists any shifting. Like, the feathers and the filled powder may displace by moving. This design ever let them move onto the edge and remain the quality as much as possible.

A Special Cotton Cover

This comforter crafted from special cotton. A cotton named Long Staple Giza cotton, which is grown in the Lush Nile River Valley. This type of cotton is incredibly soft, and luxuries so are often used for the royal families. And the Giza Cotton is used since the time of Pharaoh in Egypt. As a result, you will feel the heavenly softens day after day, night after night.


  • Filling with 750+ fill powder, 50 oz
  • 100% goose down feather.
  • Come with a beautiful and secure zipper package.
  • 100% allergy free.
  • 800+ thread count.
  • Pattern- solid.
  • True baffle box construction for avoiding any shifting in the comforter.
  • Cleaning process- dry cleaning only.
  • Original factory packaging.
  • Color- white.
  • Size- 106 x 90 inches (king).
  • Weight- 10.1 pounds.
  • Manufacturer- Egyptian Bedding.
  • Provides warmth all the year.


  • You have to go to a professional cleaner to wash it every time. Because it has the caution of wet cleaning.
  • After using of several years, the goose feather of the comforter may shift to the edge. But proper care can prevent this.
  • The thickness of the comforter may not preferable for every person.

Final Thought

For everyday use, you need to have a good quality comforter which can keep you warm. In this case, This comforter can give you most heavenly experience. It’s not too heavy, not too fussy to handle.

Moreover, you can experience the top quality comforter at a reasonable price. After all, using this comforter can give you an ultimate comfort . Finally, I can recommend you to have this especially when your room temperature is below 65.

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