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Best Inflatable Foot Rest Pillow Review-Flypal pillow

If you are a regular travelers by car, train, or airplane. If you feel some problems with your foot rest during traveling time. If you feel pains on pressure points that tend to develop from sleeping in an upright position for long hours. Then you come to a right place. The Inflatable foot rest Travel pillows prove to be an indispensable sleep accessory which is easy to carry and will remove your foot rest related problems as well. Based on our market surveys, we have found that Flypal are producing best Inflatable foot rest pillow for traveling, Home rest or office work.

 Flypal Inflatable Foot Rest Pillow Review

The inflatable pillows come in a packing that is folded in a small bag allowing them to be easily fit in a small bag. Fly Pal’s inflatable pillows are perfect travel companions. These pillows can be used to keep a warmth comfort to back or neck, allow stretching legs and helping in sitting for a long time by giving rest to the feet. Their use during long travel helps to maintain body blood circulation and protect from the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

FLYPAL Inflatable Foot Rest for Air Travel, U.S Patented 2 in 1 Design,...

Typically, the square-shaped pillows are available in two different sizes, which can comfortable adjusted in three different heights and sizes to comfort your foot, legs, and back portion. As the traveling needs are increasing, people are more inclined to look for accessories which can enhance the comfort level. The inflatable pillows are like a wish come true for such travelers.

  key features 

  • Adjustable size and square shape are perfect for multipurpose use.
  • The pillows are fit to use for all age groups. The kids can comfortably make them their bed and sleep while the adults and older people can use them to give rest to their foot.
  • The inflatable pillows have the Velcro fastening, which provides an easy to attach or detach them easily.
  • The pillows are environment-friendly and maintain hygiene.
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How to place foot on Flypal foot rest pillow

How to place foot on Flypal foot rest pillow

It’s vital to know the worth of a product. Who can give better review other than the users? Fly Pal’s inflatable pillows are available on Amazon, and many people have reviewed the product some of the reviews are:

How to use flypal foot rest pillow

How to use flypal foot rest pillow

  • The inflatable pillows are a superb innovation for travelers.
  • They are the best travel companions.
  • Some people have liked them so much that after buying they are planning extended trips taking their family members along.
  • At the same time, some people feel awkward to blow them in public.

To take the overall review, we can consider these pillows to be our best buddies during a long journey. We can recline and sit in a relaxing portion using these pillows. The reasonable cost and simplicity to purchase online are the add-ons for the super comfy pillows and cushions.

Pros and Cons of Flypal Inflatable foot Rest Pillow


  • The two sizeable travel cushions can be used in multiple ways to make sure that you sit in the right posture giving rest to your body
  • Highly hygienic and dust free pillows are easily washable.
  • The Velcro strips are an easy way to attach or detach these pillows
  • Easy inflation just in 2 minutes with the help of a comprehensive air valve of high quality. Also, the deflation takes a few seconds.
  • Superbly designed with a leak-proof design, The flocked PVC material used is of top quality.


  • The sharp object might harm the pillows
  • The over inflation (ideally more than 90%) can cause harm to the pillows
  • The pillows are not used during the takeoffs and landing off flights.
  • Some people don’t like blowing them in public places


This pillow have enormous benefits for your foot on travel, home and office. So you can easily fo for by this.

What to look when buying a travel pillow?

The airplane seats and other modes of transport often feature seats which are not reclining providing minimal leg space, and little to no cushioning for the head and neck. These discomforts with the realities of jet lag leave traveler’s especially older people with disembark feeling strained and achy.

The travel pillows are among the smart solutions which help to overcome this discomfort, but there are a variety of pillows available in the market. Let’s explore some of the essential characteristics of the travel pillows:

Inflatable Pillows

Inflatable pillows are the oldest stuff available in the market. They are to blow with the mouth as per the inflation level you require. The height of the pillows is adjusted to fit in the space available. Fly Pal’s inflatable pillows are ergonomically designed to suit the requirements of a child to an adult or older person.

 Material Used

The softness of the pillow is a significant concern. If the pillow is hard, then you can’t use them for sensitive areas such as the neck. So, if you are looking for a travel pillow, ensure the softness and use of suitable fabric such as flocked PVC material.

 Shape and Size

The square shape of the pillows and cushions are the most comfortable. One can easily lean on them. They are used as a bed while sleeping during long trips.

Compatibility to portability

Inflatable pillows hardly take space after the deflation; you can carry them easily. Some people have health issues; they often bring them to the office to give rest to their foot. Fly pal’s pillows come with a dust cover to protect them from catching dust from the ground.


Now that you have come to know the benefits of carrying an inflatable pillow, make your trips enjoyable by having an everlasting fun. To summarize, Flay Pal’s top quality and durable pillows and cushions are worth buying as:

  • They provide relief from body aches and allow you to sit in a relaxed posture so that you remain fresh during long journeys.
  • Not only during traveling, you can use them in daily routine in your office or home if you have health issues such as foot swelling, back or head ache.
  • The kids can use them as a bed while sleeping during journey.

At last, we can say that they prove to be a great travel companion for the all age group people. To learn in details you can visit

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